15 Pics Of Casey Anthony Before And After The Trial

Can you believe it's been 9 years since the disappearance of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony? People from all over the world watched as her mother, Casey Anthony, was put on trial as those seeking justice sought after the criminal who ought to be held responsible for the little girl’s death once her lifeless remains were spotted in the woods near Anthony’s home.

Anthony was dubbed “America’s Most Hated Mom,” and after watching the lengthy trial play out on television, most folks believed that Anthony would be convicted and locked up for life. But her fate was quite the opposite. Anthony was shockingly set free, being declared not guilty of murder, manslaughter, or aggravated child abuse by the jury. The only thing she was charged with was lying to the police, and her jail time was already covered thanks to the time she sat waiting in the slammer before her trial was underway.

Now in her early 30s, Anthony allegedly resides in South Florida, and although she cannot live her life as an everyday sort of person given her public persona, she seems to be living it up, despite what's happened in the past. Whether or not she really had something to do with the disappearance or death of her young child will remain a mystery, but the jury made the call for the “hated” mom to be set free.

Here are 15 questionable photos of Anthony to give a glimpse into the life she seems to be leading now. You be the judge.

15 Smoking and Swigging

Looks like Anthony is “whooping it up” as she sucks on a thick cigar and washes down the lung-filling smoke with a big glass of booze of some sort. Is there really anything to say “cheers” about? Sure, she must go on and live her life, but ingesting toxins and killing brain cells is not the best way to live a good life. Then again, it seems like Anthony was always something of a partier, so why should she stop that sort of behavior after the verdict? She's got nothing to lose at this point, so a nice cigar and some whisky seem like the perfect mix for a woman who's now as free as a bird. There aren’t too many people concerned with her health anyway, some may argue.

14 Passed Out Passenger

Looks like someone had far too much to drink at the bar or club, and afterward, she's paying the price by passing out in the car on the way home. Thankfully, the heavy drinker was smart enough to get into the passenger seat rather than take a chance behind the wheel. She may try to convince us that she was merely taking an innocent cat nap, but we know better than that. Surely, the seatbelt is not supposed to get strapped across one’s face, but when you're passed out from overdoing it with the “adult beverages,” what’s the difference? Hopefully her driver wasn’t as wasted as Anthony was and both got home safely and, more importantly, didn't hit anyone else on the road home. This chick needs a 2-drink-maximum policy.

13 Bathroom Barf-fest

There's nothing like having a good friend to hunch over the public toilet with you as you puke your guts out after a night of doing shots at the local watering hole. Anthony is showing us that not only does she drink to excess but she cannot seem to hold her liquor very well. Both of these ladies (if that's what we’re calling them) are smiling broadly, but once they realize they're hovering over a nasty toilet bowl, their expressions will be sure to change quickly. Sitting on a public toilet is nasty enough – can you imagine what the floor surrounding it is like? This broad should hit up an AA meeting rather than head off to happy hour because there's nothing to be happy about when your night ends with your head being flushed down the toilet.

12 In the Cards

This outfit we see on Anthony looks to be a Halloween costume, but she's surely playing it up for the camera in her sexy card-dealer uniform. As she perfects her pose and “duck face,” Anthony seems to be headed off to a costume party ready to see what's in the cards for the evening. For someone with such a past, one would think that playing dress up is not entirely appropriate, no matter the occasion. If Anthony really wants to get spooked on Halloween, all she needs to do is rehash her past and take a long hard look in the mirror. Trick or treating is not the way a mom who lost her toddler should be spending her time. Next time, she should stay home and nosh on a bag of bite-sized chocolate bars.

11 Bud Light Bummer

Is poor little Ms. Anthony pouting like a baby because someone drank the last beer? Or maybe she's wishing that she hadn't consumed an entire six-pack all on her own because she's feeling bloated and dizzy. Nobody really knows what's going through Anthony’s mind, nor do we entirely want to, anyhow. But this sad face should've been on display in the courtroom, not on the dirty basement floor where she seems to be chugging back cheap beer and making silly faces for the camera. Perhaps, she should sober up and take a vacuum to that nasty rug she's sitting on. She may be frowning over beer, but the rest of the world is frowning that Anthony is seemingly making light of a tragic situation.

10 Peace Out

Where was that peace sign when your young daughter was in trouble, Casey? It looks like Anthony is out on the town once again, posing happily with fellas and living it up for the cameras to snap at. We can’t say exactly why Anthony is so darn happy, but since she's out and about, it's likely that she's already slugged back a couple of fruity cocktails. Is this guy in the baseball cap a friend of the infamous Anthony or just a dude interested in taking a pic with the freed mom? Either way, being snapped with Anthony is something that few would be proud of. But Anthony seems to enjoy the flash of the camera and smiles as if all is completely wonderful in the world.

9 Lewd and Chewed

Anthony looks pretty darn pleased with whatever snack it is that she's happily munching on. She probably has “the munchies” after a long night of binge drinking or engaging in something even more potent. The look in her wide-open eyes screams “drunk,” and that close-up snapshot is nothing to be impressed with. Nobody wants to see a close up of a person stuffing her hungry pie hole, so Anthony has taken her picture posing to a new low. Sure, that hot dog or whatever she's chewing on may be tasty, but must we see her actually ingesting it? The drive-thru may be convenient, but the food isn't very good for you. But does Anthony care much about her eating habits anyway? With all the drinking pics we see, it seems like a healthy diet is not her #1 concern.

8 Bobbed and Blonde

Gone with the old brunette hair and in with the new blonde ‘do. Anthony was perhaps looking for something of a physical change, so she cut her formerly longer hair into a chic bob and dyed it a highlighted blonde. Perhaps this was an ill-fated attempt to go incognito, but when she's posting selfie pics of herself on the web for all to see, it seems like showing off her new style was more of the motive. Some may say that Anthony actually looks better with her new stylish cut and flattering color, but what's with that silly face? It seems like Anthony is always seeking the spotlight no matter how she can find the means to do it. Some people never change their habits even if they change their style.

7 Dancing Drunk

More hard partying for the fun-loving Anthony who loves to drink lots of alcohol and dance like a rock star ‘till the wee hours of the night. Her low-cut cleavage-baring blue dress is perfect for a wild night out, and she seems to be the center of attention among the other party revelers. Surely, high-alcohol drinks are flowing, and the party music is pumping. Anthony seems to be having a grand old time as we can tell by her great big toothy smile and dance moves. Some may argue that she ought to be home mourning rather than dancing with friends, but this lively chick wants to hit the town and live it up like it’s 1999. At least she's mostly covered up, unlike the gal dancing behind her, belly exposed.

6 Bar Hopping

Paparazzi spotted Anthony and a friend leaving a local bar on a sunny afternoon and snapped their pic to prove that she's been up to more day drinking. Looks like her friend is holding the car keys, so that must mean that Anthony was slugging a few back during lunch. Sure, Anthony is allowed to go out in public and visit whichever establishments she wishes, but if she's trying to repair her reputation, why hit up a bar at 2 in the afternoon? If she wanted some lunch, there are plenty of other places to visit. Anthony may be wearing those sunglasses to hide her face from the crowds, but we all know who she is and what she's up to. Did she walk in a straight line to the car, or did her friend have to lead the way?

5 Loving or Lying?

Here, we see a more somber-looking Anthony at home looking at a touching photo of her late toddler daughter, Caylee. Whether she's truly feeling deeply sad or is just playing it up for the cameras is something we'll never be sure of, but this pic is certainly a far cry from the other ones we've seen of Anthony as she parties ‘till dawn with a slew of drunken friends. It's quite sad to see the innocent Caylee in her photo, and we wonder what her life would've been like now if she were still here with us. No matter if Anthony committed the crime or not, Caylee was her daughter, so she must feel regretful. Maybe Anthony will change her ways and become more mature as she reflects on her past life.

4 Back to Nature

Has Anthony traded in her bottles of booze for bridges and bushes? Have the dingy bar walls and smelly atmosphere inside the clubs become too gross for her, and she finally seeks a breath of fresh air and some natural sunlight? Whatever has motivated Anthony to get outdoors to appreciate nature’s beauty is surely a blessing, and let’s hope she's taking some steps to become a well-rounded individual, so she can shed that self-inflicted party-girl image. It looks like Anthony is interested in photography, so this time, she's not the one being photographed for once. She appears to be content and at peace, which is a good thing, so let’s hope that Anthony can move forward with her life and make a positive impact on the world for a change.

3 Mad Hatter

No matter the size of that wide-brimmed black hat, we can still see you underneath, Casey. And those giant dark sunglasses cannot hide your face either. Surely, the paparazzi follows your every waking move, and you'll need a better disguise if you want to step outdoors and go unnoticed. Or maybe Anthony really wants to be spotted, and the hat and glasses are part of a getup she has put on to garner attention. No matter her motives, that hat won’t do her any good if she's carrying it rather than wearing it atop her head, where it's supposed to be. For once, it seems like Anthony is sober, but maybe she just hasn't reached the nearest bar yet. Let’s hope they have room to hang her hat!

2 Speed-Walking Woman

A gal has got to work off all that beer weight somehow, so a brisk walk through the neighborhood is a good way to shed a few pounds and to get in better shape. Although Anthony is sporting a brimmed hat and dark glasses, we can still tell it's her. While she may be often seen swigging drinks and staying up late, she can still find a way to get out and about and do a little exercise during the daylight hours. It's all about balance, right? Perhaps, Anthony ought to find a walking buddy in case she's approached by someone who has it in for her or if the paparazzi comes too close. She may want to invest in a treadmill so she doesn’t get caught on camera as she works out, but then again, it seems like Anthony doesn’t mind being snapped doing her everyday things.

1 Buttoned Up and Bespectacled

We've grown used to seeing Anthony in her risqué party outfits, so this more conservative look comes as quite the surprise. Perhaps, Anthony is seeking to portray a more mature or sophisticated image, or it could be that it's laundry day, and this button down was all she had left in her closet that was clean. Her glasses do make her look more intelligent, but we all know that's just a myth… she simply cannot see all that well. Not saying she's not smart, but it won’t be the glasses that boost her IQ. Again, Anthony is spotted outside by the ever-present paparazzi as she goes about her daily routine in her neighborhood. Will they ever grow tired of snapping her pic? Only time will tell.

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