15 Pics Of Ariel Winter Trying To Be A Kardashian/Jenner

Her style continues to evolve, and everyone is loving it. The big question is: is she going to borrow from Caitlyn Jenner next?

Ariel Winter has made quite the transformation right before our eyes since we first met her getting overly excited over Cool Whip in a 2002 commercial. Most people, of course, know her as Alex Dunphy on Modern Family but she is very quickly carving a place in history as The Girl Who Totally Looks Like a Jenner.

Looking back on her early red carpets starting in 2009, we see a bright, smiling pre-teen dressed up in the finest poofy mall-wear, but that innocence wouldn't last long. A few short years later, she appeared polished at the 2014 Golden Globes rocking a slick hairdo and stunning sleeveless gown. By the time she reached her 18th birthday, she literally took it all off and threw on a sparkly bodysuit. Hello, new Ariel.

While she's been busy swapping floofy prepubescent tea party dresses for dark hair and short shorts, it seems she's adopted a bit of the Kardashian/Jenner je ne sais quoi. And by je ne sais quoi, we mean undeniable style.

Her style continues to evolve, and everyone is loving it. The big question is: is she going to borrow from Caitlyn Jenner next?

15 Ariel Goes Dark

After trying out fiery red hair, Ariel Winter decided to go dark. Very, very dark. It wasn't the first time for her, as she's said in the past that she first dyed her hair at the young age of seven in order to secure more acting roles.

The change immediately prompted comments that she was biting off Kylie Jenner but let's be real here, Kylie Jenner isn't the only person on the planet ever to dye her hair black. Still, you can't help but see why people thought she was channeling Kylie when you put the two side-by-side.

14 Channeling Kim Kardashian As Princess Jasmine


We all remember when Kim Kardashian stripped down for her iconic Princess Jasmine costume for Halloween 2009. Kim recycled the outfit in 2016, with her brother Rob saying that she did it so she could match daughter North West who was totally obsessed with Princess Jasmine. Sure, Kim, it must be that and not that you wanted to show off how hot you still are after two kids.

Early on in her transition from Winter to Kardashian, Ariel tried the look on for a Camp Ronald McDonald event in Los Angeles. Unlike Kim, she didn't mean for it to be so revealing. "I bought it online and I wasn't really aware," she later said.

13 Rocking The Dual Braids And Nude Top

Remember that time Kim Kardashian stepped out rocking big ole Dutch braid look? She liked it so much she kept doing it after she went from platinum blonde back to black, and boy did everyone try to copy it.

The style alone wasn't started by Kim Kardashian, but paired with an off-the-shoulder nude top, hint of midriff, and bronzed complexion, Ariel Winter was no doubt giving us shades of Kim in this getup. Who can blame her? You can't go wrong with a tight top that matches your glossy lip.

12 Literally Twins

You can't be too hard on Ariel for copying Kylie Jenner, considering so many of Kylie's fashion choices are just on point. Once again, however, it was not Ariel doing the copying.

Ariel loved the Xcite gown she wore to junior prom so much she decided to try out the strapless version for her next prom. Who can blame her, it's awesome. Despite how it appears in this snap, the lace overly gown was actually black, not blue.

And what's this? Kylie Jenner rocked a very similar style for New York Fashion Week 2016, though hers was a racier jumpsuit.

11 In This Bodysuit

Sometimes, Ariel Winter takes style cues from the Kardashians. Sometimes, like in this olive swimsuit, the Kardashians take cues from her. As we already know, both Ariel and the extended Kardashian family are huge fans of the booty shorts with exposed pockets look, but so have been teenage girls since basically forever.

Ariel was spotted at a Los Angeles pool party in August of 2016 in this House of CB suit and just a month later, Kourtney Kardashian was poolside in Miami wearing the same exact thing. Who wore it better?

You have to give Kourtney props: she's twice Ariel's age with three kids, it takes guts to slip into a racy cutout such as this.

10 Ariel's Kylie Jenner Bob

If you took a quick glance at these snaps not knowing one is Ariel Winter and the other is Kylie Jenner, you probably wouldn't have any idea they aren't the same person. We promise they are.

Ariel debuted her new look on Snapchat at Kayne West's Saint Pablo concert in L.A. in November of 2016, writing "I hate you all — short hair :)." Kayne West, huh? As in Kylie Jenner's brother-in-law Kanye West?

Still, you have to admit she certainly pulls it off.

9 In This White Bikini

The Kardashian sisters are huge fans of the white bathing suit, one of the most well-known examples being a very thrown-back, very tiny, white bikini adorned with beads Kim wore while on vacation with then-boyfriend and future-ex-husband Kris Humphries in Mexico back in 2011. Remember those days?

The Kardashians haven't trademarked the white bikini -- yet -- but Ariel Winter was certainly borrowing from their favorite look in this tiny white bikini adorned with gold accents.

Although, she might have done well to take a few notes from their poses, because this is just bad (we know it's candid, but still). Can we talk about the awkward pose that is this photo? The look, the hair, the down-on-all-fours-like-she's-waiting-for-something position... What is happening, Ariel?

8 Who Wore It Better: Ariel Or Kylie?

Wait, is that literally the same dress? You bet it is.

Kylie wore the shorter version of this Yousef Al-Jasmin dress at New York Fashion Week, saying how much she loved it because she's a curvy girl and it fits her so well. Perhaps that's what prompted Ariel to make the same choice for the Emmys, opting for the longer but still revealing gown version.

"This was actually the quickest decision," Ariel said about her choice. "I saw it, tried it on, and I was like, 'This is what I want to wear,' and that's that."

7 In A Super Familiar Choker Outfit

It would be totally unfair to leave Kendall Jenner out of the fun but fear not, Ariel's gotchu, Kendall.

Although the super smoky eye isn't quite Kendall's style, Ariel nailed the rest at a pre-Grammy party in early 2016. Although it appears to be a choker and separate top, the ensemble is actually a single dress with belly and back cutouts. So, not exactly like Kendall's black top, but pretty darn close.

With her darker complexion and on-point makeup on her perfectly round face, Ariel is also giving us Kylie's face. The best of both Jenners!

6 In Slimming Stripes

Giving us shades of Beetlejuice at a Variety Power of Young Hollywood party, Ariel's striped blazer and tailored pants also echoed not just one but two Kardashians: Kim and momager Kris.

You see, Kim Kardashian wore similar stripes at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. Just a few months later, her then 60-year-old mom Kris straight up jacked the outfit from Kim's closet and wore it to Paris fashion week.

Double the Kardashians, double the fun.

5 Serving Khloe Realness

As her style has evolved over the years, Ariel has shown over and over again that she is a huge fan of booty shorts. Whether you want to look or not, you best believe she'll be showing off her bottoms every chance she gets.

With slicked-back hair and aviator shades completing her look, this cute shorts-boots combo took a page right out of Khloe's style book. Thankfully she didn't try to copy Khloe's longstanding ombre hair. Nor did she go for high-waisted mom jeans cutoffs.

Still, she could totally pass as the long-lost Kardashian sister in this outfit.

4 Shorties And Boots

Shorties and boots, shorties and boots, Ariel loves her shorties and boots!

From the over-the-knee boots to the tattered shorties with the pockets peeking out, Ariel nailed the casual Kylie Jenner style on an outing in West Hollywood. All that was missing was the bob haircut. To be fair though, she was also channeling Ozzy Osbourne with that parted hair and reflective sunglasses. By the way, is she wearing sunglasses at night? Because that's just not cool, Ariel.

Kylie Jenner is herself a fan of the shorts and boots look, though she usually goes for ankle-high booties. Either way, they both look great, and high boots or ankle boots, we love our shorties and boots as much as they do!

3 Poolside In Yellow

My how Ariel Winter has grown up. Far from the dork she plays on Modern Family, she proved to everyone she's got flawless poolside style while on vacation in summer 2016. "Ready to #relax in the #spa #getaway #sister #trip," she captioned the image on Instagram. The swimsuit made the most of the very on trend crochet look that was all the rage, flattering her figure with delicate cutout work across her midriff.

That particular shade of yellow -- marigold, rather -- reminded us of another chronic Instagrammer who effortlessly pulled off that color: Kylie Jenner.

2 Almost There, Ariel

Although comparisons have been made between Ariel and Kylie over and over again after Ariel dyed her hair black, it seems she's even echoing Kylie's Instagram poses these days. Granted, Ariel hasn't quite started contouring her nose to extremes before each snap, but give her time.

From the pursed lips to the I-woke-up-like-this tousled hair, it's obvious Ariel is, much like Kylie, a seasoned Instagram pro. Looking as these 'grams side-by-side, you can clearly see why everyone is saying Ariel Winter is turning into Kylie Jenner. It almost looks like a subtle before and after of the same exact person.

1 Even Her Ride Looks Familiar

Alright, so, for all the style cues she takes from the Kardashian/Jenner empire, there's one look in particular that is undeniably oh-so-familiar: Ariel Winter behind the wheel of her custom Mercedes G-Wagon.

Ariel's isn't quite as impractical as the one Kylie Jenner got wrapped in velvet -- which, by the way, she put up for sale after logging just 5000 miles on it -- but maybe Ariel will be as indecisive as Kylie was with her own G-Wagon and give it a paint job or two in a matter of months.

Rather than opting for doing the entire thing in fire engine red just like Kylie, Ariel opted for slightly more subtle accents.

Be real though, if you had her money, you'd probably have a couple of these in your garage too.


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15 Pics Of Ariel Winter Trying To Be A Kardashian/Jenner