15 Pics Of Arianny Celeste That Prove She's The Hottest UFC Octagon Girl

If you look up the words “beautiful" or “sexy”, we're pretty sure a picture of Arianny Celeste will pop up next to it. There are many beautiful, gorgeous and sexy women in the world of MMA but there i

If you look up the words “beautiful" or “sexy”, we're pretty sure a picture of Arianny Celeste will pop up next to it. There are many beautiful, gorgeous and sexy women in the world of MMA but there is only one Arianny. She’s in a league of her own. Arianny Celeste is a UFC Octagon girl and model who first debuted with the UFC in 2006. A ring girl enters the ring or octagon in between rounds with a sign that indicates the number of the next round. Ring girls are common in kickboxing, boxing and MMA. There have been many gorgeous UFC octagon girls over the years. Many consider the beautiful Amber Nichole Miller as one of the original octagon girls. Currently two of the hottest octagon girls are Carly Baker and Brittney Palmer. However, none of them even come close to the sizzling hot Arianny Celeste.

When Arianny Celeste isn’t setting the octagon on fire she keeps herself busy with outside projects. She’s also done some modeling for many well-known magazines, such as Sports Illustrated, Maxim, FHM and Playboy. She was also a co-host on the TV series Overhaulin and hosted a web exclusive UFC series, UFC Ultimate Insider. She handled the hosting duties while Joe Rogan handled interviews. She is also the most dominant ring girl at the World MMA Awards. She has won the World MMA Award “Ring Girl of the Year” five times, which is a record that has yet to be broken. Arianny Celeste truly is one of the hottest and most beautiful women in the world.

15 UFC Octagon Girl

Arianny is usually seen wearing her UFC Octagon Girl uniform. Her UFC uniform composes of black shots and a top that leaves the rest to the imagination. She looks incredibly hot in her gear and is the best distraction between rounds. She is one of the most recognizable stars in the UFC. This has resulted in a little feud with another one of UFC's biggest stars, Ronda Rousey. The Octagon Ring Girl and UFC's biggest female draw have had a few unkind words for each other. In 2012, both Arianny and Ronda were featured in Maxim magazine's Hot 100 and Arianny placed higher than Ronda. This seemed to not sit well with the MMA bad girl. In an interview Ronda stated, “It would have been really funny if I’d beaten Arianny Celeste, because that would be like a triathlete coming along and beating the runners in a marathon.” Ronda went on to say, “Like, ‘Ha-ha, it’s your job to show your t******—I do that better than you!’ Maybe next year. She’s only getting older, and I’m reaching my prime.” Arianny mentioned that she was shocked by those comments and noted that she doesn’t really know Ronda. Arianny responded to Ronda by saying, "I don’t think she’s a good role model for women. I think that women should empower each other and give each other a little pat on the back."

14 Barley Covered

This picture it pretty self explanatory, like always Arianny leaves her fans drooling and speechless with this sexy and smoking hot picture. She is completely naked in this pic but is covered up strategically in certain areas. It leaves very little to the imagination. This pic actually includes two shots of her. First, we get the full body shot showing off her sexy legs and incredible body. We get a second closer shot of this incredible exotic beauty that just leaves fans wanting more. It's clear that Arianny was born to be a model and constantly proves she’s the hottest Octagon girl. She booked her first modeling gig when she was just four months old. Later, she began modeling on a more consistent basis starting when she was 16. She has appeared in several of the top magazines around the world and graced the covers several times. This smoking hot pic proves that she is the hottest octagon girl.

13 Summer Dress

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, Arianny is always smoking hot. She melts the snow in the winter and heats up the temperature in the summer. Arianny made her UFC debut in 2006 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. At the time UFC and MMA were finally finding mainstream acceptance and Arianny was right there to see it all unfold. As noted, she’s modeled for several magazines throughout her career. Maxim ranked her at number 23 on their Hot 100 list and named her The Hottest UFC Octagon Girl. She was also featured on the cover of Maxim that year. Additionally, Sports Illustrated named her Lady of the Day and Fighter’s Only Magazine named her Ring Girl of the Year. This beautiful pic of Arianny helps explain why several magazines consider her the hottest Octagon girl. She causally leans on a ladder while wearing a sexy and short little summer dress. It shows off her stunning legs and just a little bit of cleavage. It leaves the rest to the imagination.

12 Hot In Winter

There are several gorgeous UFC Octagon girls that could make you speechless and your heart beat fast. However, only Arianny can pose in the snow while being hotter than the sun. Arianny manages to look sexy and sizzling hot even when wearing a winter jacket and posing in the snow. The reason might be that she’s wearing very little clothes otherwise. This pic could make the meanest and toughest MMA fighters melt in her hands. In this gorgeous picture, she wears boots, a black lace bra and tiny green panties while wearing a winter jacket. The jacket is open, revealing her incredibly sexy body underneath. Don’t be surprised if at the next UFC event most people tune in to see her carry a sign while looking hotter than anyone in the UFC. There is a very good chance that after she took this picture the snow around her all melted because of the intense hotness coming off of her.

11 Beautiful Eyes

In this pic, Arianny looks beautiful in this sexy dress and proves that she’s the hottest UFC Octagon girl. However, she’s more than just a pretty face holding a sign. She’s actively involved in several charities and in her own community. She’s been involved with several charities and relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. She’s also involved with the American Cancer Society and Aid Still Required. Additionally, she’s an important and influential person in the Latino community. In this sexy picture, this exotic beauty shows just a little bit of her leg in this gorgeous pic. She manages to look beautiful in just about every outfit she wears. However, she truly knows how to rock a dress and proves that with this pic. Her curves fit perfectly into this dress and she shows the perfect amount of cleavage. However, be warned that you will get lost in her beautiful eyes. She truly is the hottest Octagon Girl in the world.

10 Arianny Is A Good Girl

After looking at this smoking hot picture of Arianny, you’ll never look at Christmas the same. In this picture, the gorgeous Arianny shows why she is the hottest UFC Octagon girl in the world. In 2009, high school senior and MMA fan Conner Cordova asked Arianny to be his date for his prom through a series of YouTube videos. It’s obvious why he asked but she only agreed to go if he could find a date for her friend. However, she was unable to attend because of her schedule. They tried to arrange a second date at his high school dance but that fell through as well. Arianny and Conner set up their own event, which also served as a fundraiser for the 2010 Haiti earthquake. It’s no surprise that Conner wanted Arianny to be his date. All eyes were certainly on him, well more like her, but still. In this sizzling pic she wears a red lace bra, panties and stockings. She also has a Santa hat that reads, “I’ve Been Good”.

9 Cheerleader

This picture proves that not only is Arianny the hottest UFC Octagon girl but if she wanted she could also be the hottest cheerleader. Not only is Arianny absolutely beautiful but also she is intelligent and talented. It might be a surprise to some but she can do more than just hold up a sign, although nobody is complaining. She was born in Las Vegas on November 11, 1985. Growing up she participated in dance, cheerleading and gymnastics. She noted that both cheerleading and gymnastics helped her take care of her body. After she graduated from high school she attended college at UNLV. She majored in fitness and nutrition. She often works on new ways to exercise and healthy recipes. She clearly did make the right choice with her modeling and ring girl career. In this pic, she poses against some lockers while wearing a red and green cheerleader outfit. Additionally, a foam finger is slowly lifting up her skirt but only gives us a peak and leaves the rest to the imagination.

8 Hanging Out At The Bar

Bars all over the world would be jam packed if each bar had the gorgeous Arianny posing on them. However, it’s possible that most would choose not to drink beer and would just stare at Arianny. This pic features Arianny wearing short jeans shorts showing off her stunning legs. She wears a black top that shows off an intense amount of cleavage. As always, she looks incredibly pretty and beautiful while leaving her fans drooling. Arianny has been able to turn being a UFC ring girl into a very lucrative career. When she first joined the UFC she actually had no idea about the sport of MMA. She simply booked a gig but later began to respect and love the sport. She now has a great passion for MMA and the UFC. She never realized that joining the UFC as an Octagon girl would launch her career and turn her into one of the most recognizable stars in MMA. This pic helps explain why the sizzling hot Arianny is so unforgettable.

7 Eggs and Bacon With A Side Of Gorgeous

Breakfast is a very important meal that should never be skipped. In fact, the best way to start the day is with a healthy and delicious breakfast. Arianny Celeste knows this very well and always starts the day with breakfast, she just happens to wear very little clothes and looks incredibly sexy while cooking. It could be a little dangerous to cook while wearing very little, so it should be left to the professionals like Arianny. In this picture, Arianny wears a sexy bra and panties while working hard in the kitchen. She looks incredibly beautiful and hot preparing her meal. In addition to being a ring girl, model and sexy cook she has also done some TV hosting. She co-hosted an automotive reality series, Overhaulin’, from 2013 to 2015. She also hosted the UFC web-only series, UFC Ultimate Insider.

6 Candy Cane

If you haven’t already fallen in love with Arianny Celeste, you certainly will after seeing this pic. This picture helps explain why Arianny is the hottest UFC Octagon girl. She’ll likely one day be considered a legendary UFC Octagon girl and for good reason. She has dominated the World MMA Award for Ring Girl of the Year, breaks the hearts of some of the toughest men alive and looks ridiculously beautiful all the time. This pic is possibly one of Arianny’s hottest. There is an intense amount of hotness going on in this pic. She wears only a Santa hat, red gloves and nothing else. She’s strategically covering herself up in certain areas but it leaves very little to the imagination. She holds a candy cane while shooting a kiss at the camera. Chances are you’re head over heels in love with Arianny. It’s clear that Arianny is one of the most beautiful women in the world of MMA.

5 Beautiful and Elegant

Obviously, Arianny looks smoking hot when wearing very little clothes such as a bikini or completely naked. However, she also looks incredibly beautiful when wearing a sexy white dress that fits her curves perfectly. It’s pretty obvious from this gorgeous pic why so many in MMA can’t help but fall in love with her. She’s had a few relationships with several UFC fighters. For a time she dated Josh Burkman but her most high profile UFC relationship was with Tiki Ghosn. They dated in 2010 presumably after Tiki returned to the UFC to serve as an assistant to Quinton Jackson on The Ultimate Fighter 10. However, the relationship didn’t last and rumors suggest she broke up with him. This was probably good news for anyone hoping to score a date with the beautiful Arianny. In this pic, she looks elegant and beautiful while sitting on a bench. She shows off her sexy legs while leaving the rest to the imagination. Her hair is tied back, which highlights her incredibly pretty face. It’s no surprise those in the UFC are battling each other for a chance to be with Arianny.

4 Scary and Sexy

It’s rare that a person can look incredibly sexy, beautiful and hot while at the same time looking slightly terrifying. It’s obvious from her incredible body that she puts a good amount of effort into working out. She focuses on nutrition and eating healthy but also offers some valuable working out tips. In an interview, she explained that it’s important to eat 30 minutes before working out and to never workout on an empty stomach. She also believes that just working out for one hour is better then spending hours at the gym. Most importantly, she feels that having fun while working out is the best form of exercise. She enjoys boxing and feels that is the best way for her to workout. In this pic, she appears to be a cowgirl zombie and manages to make it sexy. She wears a little jean skirt and top with a gun holster around her waist. She shows off her sexy body while holding a toy gun. She has a fake gunshot wound on her chest with the blood dripping down her top. The cherry on top are her incredible eyes, which are always beautiful but here she appears to be wearing scary contacts. Let's be honest though, nobody would complain about Arianny haunting their dreams.

3 Hot in Pink

Arianny is usually seen wearing her UFC ring girl uniform, which includes a tiny top and short black shorts. So it’s no surprise that she likes to dress up every chance she gets. In this pic, she attends a Maxim event where she wears a sexy pink dress showing off her beautiful legs that could make the toughest MMA fighter tap out. It’s not polite to stare but you can’t blame anyone for being mesmerized by this incredible beauty. She wears her hair tied back that highlights her incredibly pretty face. It’s no surprise that she can look unbelievably beautiful and hot in this sexy dress. It shows off her incredible body and the top seems like it might fall off at any minute. With her hair tied back it shows off her sexy neck and shoulders, it might seem odd but that’s how hot Arianny is.

2 Dream Girl

Arianny’s fans might think they know everything about this incredible exotic beauty. However, there might be a few things they don’t know about her. As noted, she enjoys working out on a regular basis but she doesn’t play any sports outside of boxing at the UFC Gym. She’s more of an outdoor gal and enjoys hiking as well as some swimming. She actually doesn’t like to diet and will eat whatever she likes but just in moderation. If anyone is ever lucky enough to score a date with her you should know that pizza is her favorite guilty pleasure. Her favorite healthy food to eat is sushi but she does admit to having a sweet tooth. Additionally, she is a huge fan of horror films and her favorite horror movie and book is The Shining. In this pic, Arianny looks stunning in this red dress that shows off an intense amount of cleavage that’ll leave her fans breathless. However, the true highlight of this picture is Arianny’s unbelievably beautiful eyes. Between pizza, The Shining and her gorgeous eyes, Arianny is the ultimate dream girl.

1 Simply Beautiful

Arianny Celeste is so gorgeous and hot that this picture could probably bring world peace and an end to all wars. As noted, Arianny is a five-time winner of the World MMA Awards Ring Girl of the Year. She is also the first Ring Girl of the Year winning in 2008. She has gone on to win four more times and only lost out to friend and rival Brittney Palmer. This picture helps explain how she can be so dominant at the World MMA awards. In this pic, she wears a gorgeous dress with a flower imprint. She shows off her sizzling hot legs that are perfectly shaped. She’s shaped like a coke bottle with all the perfect curves. She looks incredibly beautiful as she looks away from the camera showing just how hot she is. With her sexy curves, beautiful eyes and pretty looks it’s obvious why she’s the hottest UFC Octagon Girl.


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15 Pics Of Arianny Celeste That Prove She's The Hottest UFC Octagon Girl