15 Pics Of Anna Faris Showing More Than We Can Handle

We all just love Anna Faris, especially back in the day when she was turning out one dumb comedy after another. One thing's for sure: this girl is funny! Which is probably what drew Chris Pratt to her in the first place, they're both so funny, and together, it must be like a regular comedy routine.

She's most known for her roles in comedies such as Just Friends and Scary Movie, and we can’t forget The House Bunny. But there's more to this girl than just a bunch of good comedy. Not only is she incredibly hot, but she also goes so much deeper than that. You might be surprised to know this little hottie had a hard time getting a date back in high school. She does have that whole unconventional beauty thing going on, but there’s no doubt about it: Faris is a stunner. We have a hard time believing that she ever had a problem getting a date.

Pratt and Faris fell in love over the love of bugs. Yes, that’s right -- those bugs that are pinned into a frame and sold in stores. They both had a collection and were shocked to find that out on their first date. Not that any of that matters now, but it shows a quirky side to Faris that we never really saw before. We know that Faris is a beauty, and we're about to prove that fact. If you want to see the hottest photos of Faris, then you'll want to keep on reading.

15 The House Bunny

Doesn’t she look like she rules the roost in this outfit? She’s wearing a tiny shirt and a pair of panties; it’s pretty much Christmas morning for any guy out there. She looks like she might be cheering about something. We don’t care what it is; she looks incredible in this photo. Faris has always had an amazing body, and she doesn’t mind showing it off either. Faris loves comedy, and she feels that it's helped her grow as a person. “One of the things that comedy has given me over the years is a really good ability to laugh at myself and to not take things that don't matter much too seriously. I feel that very little offends me anymore, and I'm really grateful for that because I think I was a pretty uptight little kid.” Uptight? We can barely picture it.

14 Dominatrix Please

Faris looks insanely hot in this photo, almost like she's about to dominate us all. We have to say that the girl looks incredible in black, especially a dominatrix outfit. She's always been thin with an incredible bust line. Just admit it: it’s the best photo you've ever seen. All actors have people in the industry that they look up to. In Faris’s case, she adored actress Blythe Danner. “Blythe Danner is somebody whose career I admire. She's a great actress and does good work but also has a life of her own. I love my job, but at the end of the day, I want to come home and watch a movie and drink a bottle of wine with my husband.” We would have to agree that Danner has one hell of a career and she's a great person to look up to.

13 Frilly Panties

Everything about this photo is incredible. Faris’s hair is practically glowing, and her body has never looked better. She has curves in all the right places, and her bottom looks divine in those frilly panties. Black high heels and a tiny outfit are all that she needs to look hot AF! We love everything about Faris. She's a funny girl who’s hot as well. Faris isn’t the only one who has a problem with the inequality in Hollywood, and she's made her opinion known. “You know, right now, they say -- I don't know who says this, but somebody told me -- there are three male roles to every female role. And I guess I'd work on evening that up. Making great roles for women. It's just such a huge challenge.” We all hope that Hollywood will change along with the rest of the world when it comes to treating everyone as equals.

12 In the Buff

Yes, that’s Anna Faris in the buff, and she's looking delectable. Her blonde hair is messy, and she’s sitting casually in nothing but a towel. We love the way that her body is posed here, and she's showing off her amazing body. You might not be aware of the fact that she has a thing for truck drivers. It’s a weird quirk of hers, but she enjoys making their day. We’re not sure why she has a fondness for them, but every time that she sees one, she likes to put a good word in for them. “Whenever she sees the sign, 'How's My Driving' on the back of a truck, she has a cute little habit of calling the 1-800 numbers to put in a good word for truckers. Adorable” (Guff). It actually shows what a kind person Faris is in her life.

11 Roller-skating Memories

We love this picture of Anna Faris because it shows a different side of her. Yes, she's always been hot, but here, there’s a strength to her, and the look on her face says, “Are you looking at me?” This funny girl has the capability of being a badass as well. Faris has certainly had her ups and downs in the industry. Although she's doing well, her career isn’t what it used to be. “The hardest thing in my industry is longevity, getting your next job. It's hard to get the first job, but it's so much harder to get the sixth or seventh as a woman.” We hope that she'll be able to revive her career like so many other actors have done in the past. One thing is for sure: this actress is one hell of a great talent.

10 We Love a Black Bra

Even fully clothed, Anna Faris is one of the sexiest women out there. Here she is seductively posed in a pair of shorts and a simple white t-shirt. We see her black bra showing through the t-shirt, and it makes guys all over the world start imaging what she would look like naked. Her body is thin, but still, she has curves in all the right places. She looks like she’s ready to pounce in this picture, and it’s just perfect. She's admitted before that she feels like she isn’t a very good lover. Now, that’s something that we find hard to believe. Faris exudes sexuality, so how could she not be a great lover? “I'm not a very good lover. I'm so nervous about my sexuality.” She said it, but we believe that we all have insecurities that make us feel a little inadequate. This girl has always been on fire.

9 A Girl with Confidence

The best part of this picture is the confidence that Faris has. She exudes it in this photo. The way her body is placed, her hair, her smile -- everything about this photo says that Faris knows what she’s doing, and she has the world by the balls. There are times throughout her career, though, that she wished that she could do something other than the funny girl routine. Instead, that was the only type of roles that Hollywood was giving her, and it bummed her out. “I was never the class clown or anything like that. When I was growing up and doing theatre in Seattle I was always doing very dramatic work. Now, I can't get a dramatic role to save my life!” We would've liked to have seen her in something else because it’s nice to see actors in different roles. It’s not too late for her; we could still see her in something dramatic.

8 The Yellow Bikini

Here, we see Faris on set in a sexy yellow bikini. We might finally get to see Faris in an interesting role, though it might still be in a comedy. She looks incredible in the bikini, showing off her serious abs. This past June, she was on the set of Overboard, a remake of the 1987 movie that starred Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. It’s a great movie, and we can’t wait to see the remake. Not everyone in the acting business makes money, but in the case of Faris, she made it big, and so, the money keeps rolling in. She also has a TV show titled Mom that's done quite well. “I never imagined being able to make money from acting -- and now I can.” She knows what she’s doing, and it looks like Overboard may be a big hit.

7 Her Sexy Shape

The great thing about this photo is that with her black and red dress, it shows off her perfect body. The dress is just hugging her body in all the right ways. Her long blonde hair is blowing in the wind, and she looks like she could be a cover model. She has an amazing body and has proven to us all that she can be hot AF wearing anything. This funny girl likes to prank her mother on occasion, and she does it in an interesting way. “Every few months, Faris will send her mom a fun vintage postcard of a risque pinup girl with a note on the back like 'Hey mom — trying to make it as an actress in LA — met this great photographer, and he says I’m going to be a star!'” She does it because she likes to think about how embarrassed her mom gets when the mailman drops off her postcards.

6 The Hot Girl

Wow! That’s all we can say about this sexy photo. She's clearly at a photo shoot, and she's looking like she knows she could have any guy that she wants. We just see a hint of her bottom, and it’s the kind of photo that could drive men crazy all over the world. After the whole confession about the bugs, we always assumed that Faris was a little unusual, but this fun fact might take the cake. “When she was about 8 years old, she wore gloves for three months straight, so she wouldn’t be framed if she happened to leave her fingerprints anywhere near a crime scene. What 8-year-old thinks like that” (Guff)? What on earth? Sometimes, kids get the craziest of ideas; her parents must've had a field day with this one. This girl is not only funny, but she has her quirks as well.

5 In the Back of a Limo

We’re sure that you all wish that you were in the back of a limo with the beautiful Anna Faris. Yes, she actually had black hair at one time, and doesn’t it make her look completely different? We couldn’t agree more. Faris looks a hell of a lot better as a blonde, but we can’t discredit that this picture does have some appealing qualities. Faris is wearing a button-down over top of her bikini, and she's showing off that killer body. It’s hard to believe that at one point, people didn’t think that Faris was funny; after seeing her in all those comedies, it came as a shock to some people. When she got the news that she was going to be in Scary Movie, she called up her roommate to tell her the good news. Her roommate said to her, “That’s so weird that you were cast because you are not funny.” Hard to believe, right?

4 The Backless Number

There's just something about backless dresses that are so sexy. Faris is back in the limo again with that dark hair, and we're just loving her little black dress. Faris is great with seductive looks. Considering she's admitted to being insecure, it goes to show that she can be a great actress when she needs to be. There are many fans of Anna Faris, and some of them are pretty big names. Bill Murray worked with Faris in Lost in Translation, and he absolutely adored her. He liked her so much that he asked Sofia Coppola multiple times why she couldn’t have more scenes that included the actress. You don’t get a better compliment than that one. It certainly can’t hurt your career to have Murray in your corner. We love the fact that he was so taken by her that he tried to get her more scenes.

3 That GQ Style

Anna Faris had the opportunity to be on the cover of GQ Magazine, and she was a total smoke show. In a tight one piece, Faris has never looked sexier. We have sexy cleavage and a badass stare that would turn any guy on. We just can’t get enough of Faris. She actually auditioned for the role of Clare in Six Feet Under. She really wanted the role, but the creator thought she was too funny for the part. We guess that’s sort of a compliment, but he was laughing throughout her audition. He just didn’t think she was the right fit for the role. Anyone who's watched Six Feet Under can understand that, but it might have been a role that would've allowed the actress to branch out a little bit. But being a comedic actress sure doesn’t hurt either.

2 White Hot Bikini

Faris looks smoking hot in this beach photo. She's enjoying some time off while hitting the beach, and we can see how much she's enjoying the ocean. The white hot bikini is really showing off her tan, and we just love seeing Faris sporting a bikini. Whether she's having a casual day or a red carpet moment, Faris is always looking good. She's played in a lot of dumb comedies, and she's hilarious in them, but Faris says there’s a tradeoff to being that kind of character. She says that a lot of people will assume you really are that dumb. It’s just something that you have to accept when you take on those roles. “You have to be willing to accept the idea that people may think you're stupid.” Poor Anna... don’t people get it? It’s just a role!

1 The Little Black Dress

Wow! What a dress, with all those cutouts, it leaves very little to the imagination. She's one sexy actress. We love Anna in black because it shows off her pale skin and that amazing blonde hair. This dress provides her with some amazing cleavage as well, so thank you, Anna! She's having a red-carpet moment, and she looks stunning. Lost in Translation was great for her career overall. Remember her role on FRIENDS? She was the ditzy girl who carried Monica and Chandler’s twins. She was great in that role, and she can thank Lost in Translation for scoring that role. Matthew Perry saw her in the movie and thought she would be perfect for the role! We couldn’t agree more. It was one of the roles that were so fun for her to play. She can play dumb really well!

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