15 Pics Of Ana Cheri - The Hottest Fitness Model On Instagram

In a way, Ana Cheri is the perfect All-American woman.

From her Native American, Latina and white heritage to her dazzling smile and positive attitude, she is the dream girl you would love to bring home to Mom and Dad for Thanksgiving.

Especially if you have a big brother who gave you a hard time growing up. Because if you had Ana on your arm you would have won. Everything.

While some Insta-girls can be sexy but seem shady, Ana Cheri is the exact opposite. She seems like the good girl you always wanted who really was that sweet. And talking about ‘sweet’, there is nothing sweeter than those curves and golden skin that she has so kindly shown us everywhere from her own Instagram photos to Playboy.

Ana grew up in California with a whole bunch of sport playing brothers, and was basically every hot girl in a movie who started off as the cute tomboy and then blossomed into this sexy, feminine knockout.

Ana Cheri has nearly 10 million followers on Instagram and you can see that those nearly 10 million followers have great taste!

So here are 15 pictures of Ana who show the world why she really is the hottest fitness model on Instagram – we are sure that you will agree with us AND the 10 million followers who are hanging out for every new photo that she drops on us like a little present from Fitness Model Heaven.

Because there totally is such a place. Where else do you think she came from?

Here are 15 reasons she is the hottest.

15 Ana Rocks Simplicity

Everyone loves comfy sweat pants to lounge around the house in. You can sit and chill, stretch, nap, and then you can go check the mailbox without having to put clothes on. We all do it.

But do we look this good when we wear them? We can dream!

Ana Cheri is one woman we kind of hope a little is airbrushed because it makes us feel better – but I bet that she isn’t. The reason I think this is that if you look at her YouTube videos she looks. This. Good.

She looks this good working out, not working out – she seems to have no times for not looking good in her diary.

And I am pretty sure that no-one is complaining, least of all anyone who truly appreciates just how hardbodied the female form can get when you couple an attractive base with the grim determination to be exceptional.

14 Ana Likes Bikes

Ok, so we have already told you she USED to be a bit of a tomboy, maybe she still IS a bit of a tomboy! And what is better than a girl who likes bikes?

Ana looks like the kid of girl who would not just let you ride a motorbike – she would downright encourage it! She might even be up for a ride on the back – or maybe ride a bike like this 2013 Suzuki GSX-R750 herself!

Either way can you think of anyone you would rather hanging around your garage with? I’m pretty sure she would know what all the tools are AND be happy to pass them to you while you worked. She doesn’t seem to be the type to be upset by a little grease and dirt getting on her.

After all, she can always strip down and wash it off…

13 Ana Likes The Pool

via fabzz.com

I have a feeling we are going to have some more evidence that Ana Cheri likes the pool before this list is through.

But it is true, Ana is all about the bikini – and she should be! She has the ideal bikini-filling curves. I am pretty sure that the dude behind her is not complaining.

There is a lot to see in Las Vegas. Even if you aren’t much of a gambler, there is a lot to see around the place on any given day, and on this particular day I can just about guarantee that one of the biggest Las Vegas attractions was Ana Cheri in this Las Vegas Pool, just being herself in a little orange bikini.

We can see that there is one happy dude checking her out (I hope his wife doesn’t see this picture!) but I bet that if this was a bigger shot, you would see a lot more guys in his position along the edge of the pool.

12 Ana Likes To Play

via You Tube

Ana Cheri is a fitness model, and she works hard to get herself into such fantastic shape. What better way to test her own body than some playful arm wrestling?

You can see here how toned Ana’s physique is. Although she is not a girl with a lot of bulky muscle she is strong and it shows.

Ana and her (lucky) partner Ben Moreland have a gym called Be More Athletics where they put all this fitness knowledge and experience into action.

Ana has fitness workouts and regimes you can find on YouTube, and you can either follow along or just watch. It is totally up to you.

I bet you wish you could have an arm wrestle with Ana though – I wonder who would win? She looks pretty determined!

11 Ana Is The Ideal California Dream Girl

via 9five.com

Why is Ana the ideal California dream girl?

Well to begin with she looks like she belongs on the beach. And at the mall. And in a high end restaurant. And followed by the paparazzi. And pretty much everywhere in the sun that California has to offer.

Ana’s Instagram obviously has a lot of Ana in various bikini and one piece swimwear, but it also shows Ana dressed up as well as down – and face it, who wouldn’t love to take Ana for a date to Nobu in a cute little one piece. Maybe just a pair of shorts over the top.

This photo shows that Ana is hot with or without the backdrop of water, without the sand or surf or pool – not that we are complaining about these things, but it’s nice to see an Instagirl embracing fashion and dressing up.

Plus it makes it hotter when we see her dressing ‘down’. Sometimes it is nice to leave something to the imagination.

10 Ana Looks Great In The Kitchen

Now I am not at all suggesting that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, far from it. I am a terrible cook and no one ever wants me to be in a kitchen, and I am fine with that.

But you have to admit there is something attractive about the fantasy of coming home from work to a sexy, scantily clad partner of any gender in the kitchen, working up a sweat making a tasty meal just to please you.

I confess that I do not know what that pink stuff is in Ana's bowl, but I bet that it is delicious and mostly good for you – but also just a little bit naughty!

9 That Back Tho....

I know that Kim Kardashian is the reigning queen of the booty, and believe me, as a big booty’d white girl I have a great deal of gratitude for anyone who changed the zeitgeist to make my booty socially acceptable, but look at Ana!

That is one toned, proportional, sunkissed, derriere.

And Ana works hard to keep it that way.

If you want to maximize your maximus, Ana has You Tube fitness workouts for making you butt the best but it can be.

I don’t know if you can attain quite the level of bootyliciousness we see here, but at least you might enjoy watching Ana break a sweat to get the best assets possible so that we can all enjoy looking at them on Instagram.

Ana, booty queen, your hard work has sure paid off by the look of this photo!

8 Ana Is The Hottest Without Even Trying

This picture really speaks for itself.

Wearing nothing but an ordinary day outfit and a big smile, Ana looks like she stepped out of a movie set. With just some makeup and girl-next-door braids, Ana doesn't even need any bling to shine like a diamond!

While Ana is a Playboy Playmate and has posed nude many times, her nudity is both tasteful and shows off her healthy and fit body to its best advantage. It would be hard to be modest when you have so much going on in the body department, but Ana Cheri is followed by all her fans because she give out just enough sexiness to keep fans interested, while leaving something to the imagination.

Ana Cheri’s husband, Ben Moreland is a personal trainer and fitness model, so he is well aware of the pic his smokin’ wife posts and couldn’t be prouder. There hasn’t been any hint of scandal with these two, and from the look of both of them there is no reason why either of them would want to stray.

She looks like the perfect wife to us!

7 Ana Is All-American

via thehundreds.com

I think there is a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be an ‘All American’ girl. I think a lot of people get a bit hung up on the idea of a blonde, blue eyed, corn fed Midwestern farm girl. No doubt this is also an example of an ‘All American’ girl, but I think that Ana Cheri is also a prime example.

To begin with, she is a Cali girl, windswept and beautiful. She also has a uniquely American heritage of Native American, Latina and White roots. Not a mix of cultures that would probably occur outside of America.

Her uniquely American heritage, great looks, love of sports and positive attitude make her a perfect example of an All-American girl to my mind – as American as the flag she is proudly holding in this picture.


It seems like not so long ago that women were always being told to be weak and let a man carry 'that' for us – carry our books to school, carry our shopping, carry our weights – pfffft!

Carry your own weights, bro.

No one could say that Ana isn’t in peak physical condition at the age of 30. And only a man with serious delusions would say that at 125 pounds she was not the perfect size for her build, and yet there are those who think that the ideal woman is smaller and lighter than Ana.

Well there is nothing wrong with being small, but there is also nothing wrong with being strong and muscular.

Ana can dead-lift 205 pounds, can you?

Well can you do it looking this good?

Ana can!

5 Ana Is A Nerd

Ana may not be a nerd in real life, but she sure looks like exactly what a nerdy guy would order as the ideal fantasy woman if he could!

Still, anyone who is willing to pose in a Harry Potter t-shirt AND Harry Potter glasses is making a pretty convincing argument that they are into Harry Potter.

I wonder what house she would be sorted into? 10 points to which ever one was lucky enough to score her in their dorm!

I almost want to make a ‘wand’ joke here, but I know that would be highly inappropriate.

Still, it would be nice to imagine that if you went to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter at Universal Studios that you might run into Ana there, just chilling out in the Leaky Cauldron, maybe having a butterbeer or two.

We can only dream. Or cast made up spells.

4 Ana Is Hot AF In This Turquoise Dress

via elsiglodetorreon.com

I have always thought that some people look better naked than in clothes, and very often curvy (as in large breasted and full hipped) women dress in a way that does not do them justice.

The same cannot be said for Ana Cheri.

Dressed up to go out and pausing for a quick selfie to record the moment, Ana looks fine AF in a form fitting turquoise colored dress that sets off her golden skin and the highlights in her hair.

Sure, the dress is cut low and has a high slit in the skirt, but the long sleeves and Ana’s incredibly toned physique make it a simple yet sexy choice.

Maybe not for church, but for the club it would be perfection.

Also props to Ana for not over accessorizing with too much bling. You don’t need it when you look like that.

3 Ana Likes To Dress Up

"Luke, I am your ......fantasy?"

Wow, I'm sure a lot of us have seen Star Wars and never thought that underneath that scary breathy mask was such a sexy face! And how does she keep her hair... Never mind.

Obviously I am only joking about Ana Cheri ACTUALLY being Darth Vader, but I think these photos give a good indication that she has a fun personality that more than matches her attractiveness.

Basically a woman who looks that hot is going to get attention even if she has the personality of a bagel, but its good to see that Ana Cheri isn’t taking herself too seriously in front of the camera.

So in honor of Ana-as-Darth-Vader, may the Force be with you, as you check out all her different but equally sexy looks in this list, from the galaxy far, far away that this Cali girl calls her home.

2 Ana Looks Hotter Than Your Ex

via YouTube

Ok so everyone has an ex that you kind of hate because they are so hot. You go around town looking as nice as you can, hoping that they might see you in your new hat or see your new tan and finally realize what they are missing – you.

Or maybe that doesn’t work because you don’t have a new hat, or your skin is not a skin that will tan without being mango colored. Perhaps you haven’t grown a six pack and don't suddenly have very good hair.

But if you had a new bae who looked like Ana Cheri does in this photo of her on a day out and about in LA, you might feel a bit better. Because no matter how cute your ex is, she’s gonna take one look at this face and crumble.

No one is this hot.

1 What is Hotter Than One Ana? Four Anas!

via nws773.wordpress.com

There is a psychological effect called the ‘cheerleader effect’ which tries to explain why, when we look at a group of people, that each individual looks more attractive. Like cheerleaders might look hotter as a squad rather than if you looked at each individual squad member.

This effect also works for pictures of individuals where the person is doubled, tripled or in this case quadrupled in a photo.

It is a good reason for those on Instagram who maybe need a bit of a boost in the beauty department (and hey, most of need all the help we can get, amiright?) to post the popular pictures you see of multiple images of themselves on the same picture.

But Ana Cheri does not need the cheerleader effect to be super hot!

Slow down Ana we already know you are perfect, we don’t need four of you to trick us into thinking you are amazing!

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