15Wearing A Jersey

via: syfy.com

In this picture of Amber Heard, she is seen in a very appealing pose, wearing what appears to be a jersey, and not much else other than a tiny pair of white cotton underwear. She is posing with her feet planted firmly on the ground, her back arched up, and

her hands over head, a pose that it sure to bring back some fond memories for Elon. If you are a female reading this, then you are probably wondering how on earth she got her back to arch up so high, but if you are a man (or just someone who is into girls) then you are probably just focused on how incredibly hot she looks in this particular picture. If Elon Musk were to look at a picture like this of Amber, then he would surely think back to the times when she was all his and miss her for sure. Then again, who wouldn't?

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