15 Pics Of Amber Heard That Will Make Elon Musk Miss Her

Amber Heard is an American actress born in Austin, Texas who has appeared in several films, including the Academy award-nominated movie North Country. Since then she has appeared in movies such as Syrup, Drive Angry, The Joneses, Never Back Down, and Alpha Dog. Amber was named one of the most beautiful rising stars by Jane Magazine, ranked number 21 on the Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 women of 2008, and ranked number 13 on that same list in the year 2013. Amber married the very popular actor, Johnny Depp in the year 2014 and filed for divorce in 2016.

Shortly after her divorce with Johnny, Amber began dating Elon Musk. Elon is a very wealthy business man, investor, and inventor, who admitted that he had a thing for Amber for quite some time before they began dating. The couple dated for a year before their very recent break up in August of 2017. Elon had said he is a very busy man, working day and night nonstop, and that he just does not have the time to be held down by a relationship, but that it was fun while it lasted. If you have ever seen Amber Heard then you may be thinking, "How on earth someone could ever let go of such a beautiful and talented woman?" Well, I’m sure that if he were to ever see these photos, he would be thinking the same thing to himself and would be kicking himself for letting go of such a gorgeous woman. Keep reading on for 15 pictures of Amber Heard that will make Elon Musk miss her.

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15 Wearing A Jersey

via: syfy.com

In this picture of Amber Heard, she is seen in a very appealing pose, wearing what appears to be a jersey, and not much else other than a tiny pair of white cotton underwear. She is posing with her feet planted firmly on the ground, her back arched up, and her hands over head, a pose that it sure to bring back some fond memories for Elon. If you are a female reading this, then you are probably wondering how on earth she got her back to arch up so high, but if you are a man (or just someone who is into girls) then you are probably just focused on how incredibly hot she looks in this particular picture. If Elon Musk were to look at a picture like this of Amber, then he would surely think back to the times when she was all his and miss her for sure. Then again, who wouldn't?

14 Wine Stained Lips

via: pinterest.com

I do not know what makes this photo more steamy. Is it the wine glass pressed up to Amber’s lips, or the hottie behind her with her arms wrapped around Amber’s waist? Or perhaps it is that look that they are both giving the camera, that naughty "we want to have some fun" look. This picture could go one of two ways; it could either make Elon miss her really badly, or it could make him very jealous that someone else's hands are wrapped around the actress, even though it is a woman. Both of these women are wearing white tops with their hair slicked back, and they appear to be having a good time, but it is unclear as to whether they are at a party in this picture or simply in the privacy of their own home. Whatever the scene may be, it is still a very steamy photo.

13 The Water Is Fine

via: giphy.com

This one may not be a picture per se, rather a GIF, but we just had to use it in this list because if Elon saw this one, it would be almost as if she were beckoning him to come in for a little late night swim with her. How does one truly get over an ex, anyway, if they are famous, and their face is plastered everywhere you go and is on everything you see? It must be hard enough for Elon, but seeing pictures like this must make it nearly impossible to move on and forget about Amber. She looks quite inviting in this gif, and she looks absolutely stunning with the moonlight shining down on her angelic, yet naughty-looking face. I cannot think of any other man in this entire world, besides Elon Musk, that would want to pass up a midnight swim with this beautiful woman.

12 Posing On A Car

via: pinterest.com

This late night photo of Amber is one that is sure to win over all the fellas out there. What man doesn't like to see an attractive woman posing in or on a car? In this photo, Amber is seen in a convertible with her knees on the driver's side seat, with her pink high heels nestled under the steering wheel, and that look on her face that has all men wanting more. Elon probably had many thoughts when he saw this picture of his ex, and they probably were not the most pure thoughts that one could have. Her luscious blonde locks of hair also stand out very nicely in this photo, and she seems to be glowing under the light of the moon and stars oh so gracefully. This is one that is sure to turn heads and is probably another one that many have set as their desktop background.

11 Swimsuit Model

via: maxim.com

She may not actually be a swimsuit model, but with a body like that, she definitely could be. This is probably the steamiest picture we have seen yet. Amber is seen here lying next to the pool, still wet from swimming in a very revealing swimsuit that probably would not look that good on anyone else. There are probably dozens of men out there in the world that have this very image set as the wallpaper on their computer, and yet Elon let her go, even though the average guy would kill for a woman that looked like Amber. Some of you may argue that looks aren't everything, but Amber is also said to be a very laid-back person with a very sweet and caring personality. In fact, she even donated the seven million dollars that she won in her divorce from Johnny Depp to charity. That’s right; she did not keep a single penny of it.

10 All White

via: pinterest.com

This picture was obviously taken candidly as the actress stands in what appears to be her white underwear and a white t-shirt, clearly wearing a white bra underneath. This star sure is not shy when it comes to showing off her body, and why would she be when she looks so good? This is the type of body that most women strive for, no matter how unrealistic it may be for them and the type of body that most men would kill for their women to have. Looking at those long smooth legs of hers, her hair put up in a messy bun, and that white top with her bra clearly showing underneath is a surefire way to get Elon wanting her back in no time at all. She is unlikely to take him back, though, after he left her for thinking his career was more important.

9 Late Night Phone Calls

via: TMZ.com

This picture is more sweet and innocent in nature, but still very appealing. It shows off her long, slim legs and just the tiniest bit of cleavage. She has this adorable ye playful look on her face that reads, "I have been thinking about you." This picture was obviously taken in a more laid back environment, where Amber is in what appear to be her pyjamas, minimal makeup, hair brushed back, and sitting in a chair in her bedroom while talking to someone on the phone. This is a very cute picture and if Elon were to see it, he would probably miss her instantly, thinking of all the times that she looked at him with that exact same look on her face. Sadly for him, however, she will soon be giving that look to someone else and there is no one else to blame for that, but himself.

8 Silky Red Dress

via: youtube.com

With that wind-blown hair, striking red lips, low cut red dress, Amber just screams sexy in this photo. We might not be able to see her beautiful grey eyes here, but even with her eyes closed, she manages to give this sweet yet flirtatious look that gets all guys' hearts racing from the moment that they look at her. If we have learned anything about Amber Heard in this article, it is that she is probably one of the most beautiful women ever, extremely talented as an actress, a kind-hearted and loving woman, and all in all a great person that any man or woman would be lucky to have. All of these photos are sure to make Elon want her back, but all of these together are sure to make him come crawling back, asking for forgiveness. By then, it will probably be too late because she is already rumored to have been spotted out and about with another man by her side.

7 Thanks For The Memories

via: people.com

What better way to realize that you miss your ex than by looking at old photos of the two of you together, and reminiscing about all of the good times that the two of you shared. In this photo, they were captured enjoying a night out together at one of their favorite places to eat. There is nothing steamy, elegant, or even seductive about this photo, but at the same time, it could probably do the job and making him miss her way more than other ones, simply because it is much more personal. It is a time that they shared together, and that is something sweet that is sure to trigger something in him. Maybe the next guy will not be as selfish as Elon was, and will actually realize that this woman is a keeper.

6 Lady In Red

via: hdqwalls.com

The outfit that Amber is seen wearing in this picture may have more of a naughty Santa feel to it, but the way that the back of her top flows over her luscious curves is something that any guy would love to see. The background of the city behind her is also a classy touch to this provocative photo, and once again, she has that seductive look on her face that is like she is looking directly into your eyes. This is a picture that is sure to get any guy’s attention, and will have Elon wondering what he was thinking. It appears as though on top of her successful career as an actress, Amber Heard has also taken up a little modelling on the side, and who can blame her, with looks like that. This a woman that most women aspire to be more like: beautiful, successful, and an all around good person.

5 Little Black Dress

via: playbuzz.com

I have never seen a little black dress look as good as it does on Amber Heard, as she wears it in this picture. This picture of her is steamy, yet so elegant and classy at the same time. It shows off just the right amount of skin and cleavage, and it hugs her amazing curves in all of the right places, not to mention that signature seductive look that she seems to have on her face in all of her pictures. By now, Elon would probably be wishing he could come home to that every day, and wake up next to her every morning, but hey, it’s his loss. The next guy that dates Amber will be one of the luckiest men to walk the face of the earth and Elon will be sure to get jealous of their relationship at some point in time after he realizes what he lost.

4 Relaxing

via: pinterest.com

This picture looks as if it is supposed to depict Amber Heard after a long day, like she had just walked in the house, laid down on the sofa and is looking up at you. The strap of her top is sliding down her shoulder, her soft and silky hair is spread out over the back of the sofa, and she is exhausted and ready for bed. That is her tired face, right? It can be so hard to tell if she is relaxing, tired, or wide awake, since everything that she does looks so good. This is one photo of Amber that probably has Elon Musk wishing he could lay with her just one more time. Any man that would give up a woman this perfect would be a fool. Obviously, that makes Elon the total fool. Amber is one of those women that could walk around in a garbage bag and still look positively radiant. This is the kind of woman that probably doesn’t stay single for long.

3 Messy Hair

via: huffingtonpost.com

This one is a much more relaxed and casual photo, yet it still has that appeal to it. Perhaps it is because she just has a naturally seductive face, or maybe it is just those strikingly beautiful grey eyes of hers; even her eyelashes somehow look seductive, or maybe it is those kissable rosy red lips of hers. Whatever the case may be, we cannot get enough of her. What was this man thinking, letting go of someone who is clearly so naturally beautiful? Most women look like a hot mess when relaxing, but she clearly does it so graciously. It is clear to see why so many women are jealous of her. They just hate on her because she has what they don’t. Any woman would be dumb if they left Amber alone with their man, because this is clearly one celeb they would not pass up on.

2 Seductive Eyes

via: businessinsider.com

There is no doubt about it when we are looking at this picture that this woman is drop dead gorgeous. If we were to rate her in terms of her looks, then on a scale from 1-10 she has to be a 20. If those seductive eyes and wet hair do not make Elon miss spending the night with her, then who knows what would. This picture was taken at a pool and there are many other photos online of Amber coming up out of the water, wearing a tiny black bikini and sporting this very seductive look on her face that would be sure to make any guy’s heart jump out of their chest. Clearly, it would not be hard for her to find someone else to date, but why would anyone ever want to break up with her in the first place? The next guy that she dates will be one lucky man.

1 Goddess

via: youtube.com

This picture is so elegant. She sits on a rooftop, with the wind blowing in her silky smooth hair. She is wearing a white dress that fits her luscious curves just right, and she looks like a goddess. From this picture, we can see that she has legs that most women would kill for; they are strong muscular legs, but beautiful at the same time. She also has gracefully long arms and everything about her in this picture makes her look stunning. Between the femininity of her dress and the strong, intense, and brave look that she is wearing on her face, this is one photo that is sure to make Elon’s heart burn with desire for the woman that he once called his own. This is too bad for him, though, since he called off the relationship because he thought that his work was more important than her.

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