15 Pics Of Ali Larter That Are Hot AF!

Ali Larter has been acting since she was quite young, appearing in TV shows such as Dawson’s Creek and Heroes. She was also lucky enough to be one of the survivors of the fated movie Final Destination. She's a model turned actress who's certainly made her mark in Hollywood. She's the kind of actress that can play many different roles, which have helped her keep her A-list status in the industry. She played a badass in the Resident Evil franchise while also playing a cheerleader in Varsity Blues. She has a huge fan base because of her ability to be versatile in roles. Heroes ended in 2010, but that didn’t stop Larter from branching out into other business ventures that have nothing to do with being on camera. She's more than happy with her public career just as much as she is with raising her little family. Between juggling her family life and her career, Larter certainly has her hands full, but she's loving every minute of it.

She's always been a fan favorite because she has that rocking body, and the girl can definitely act. Her most recent movie in 2016 was Resident Evil: Final Chapter, a franchise that really doesn’t seem to want to die. What’s next for Larter we don’t know, but we hope to see more of her in the coming years as she grows as an actress. In the meantime, we can feast our eyes on these gorgeous photos that prove that Ali Larter is Hot AF!

15 Striking Pose

We love Ali Larter so much because not only does she have a hot body but her facial features are so striking that we can’t help but stare at her face in awe. Here she's posed in a pretty position, clothed in a shirt and shorts, and she’s never looked more gorgeous. She’s always considered to be a strong actress, though for Larter, she’s always felt like a survivor, someone who struggled to get to the top. She felt that she always needed to keep that same focus to stay a success. “I'm in a stage where I feel like I need to retrain my mind because, since the beginning of my career, I've been such a fighter and a little hustler and someone who just tried to stay afloat in this business.” She certainly has done well for herself!

14 The Amazon

Talk about sexy! Larter looks like an Amazon woman in this getup. She's wearing next to nothing in an outfit that makes her look like she's from another time. We’re not sure what movie it’s from, but it’s an amazing outfit that shows off her insane midriff. As a character on the show Heroes, she must have been required to stay in shape for her role. They often went on tour for the show when the DVDs were released. “Each character I play, I approach differently and separately. I think Marigold is a simpler character for a sweet little movie, and I'm excited to be part of it. In terms of Heroes, it's been such an amazing journey on that show. I love working on it, and at this point, I know I'm coming to Asia, and some of the other cast are going to Europe for the world tour to release the DVD.”

13 Rocking a Bikini

When it comes to bikini pictures, Larter takes the cake! She’s always had that athletic body that both men and women covet. It’s a casual shot of her on the beach walking her dogs, but she’s never looked sexier. Given that her feet are showing in this picture, you might find it just as odd as we do that Larter has a fan that worships her feet. An internet user by the name of "dogtrash" has actually written stories about Larter’s feet and how he worships them. You can probably Google the title “Ali Larter Feet Worship,” and you'll be taken through the bizarre tale of a man kissing up to Larter’s feet. Isn’t it awesome being famous? Maybe it’s because Larter believes in taking care of herself that she gets these fans. “I'm a big fan of glamor. It's something I don't think there's enough of in Hollywood anymore. I enjoy putting on a sexy dress and heels. I want to work it.”

12 Boyfriend Tee

Wearing nothing but an oversized T-shirt, Larter is still the sexiest girl in the room. The pigtails certainly help with the sexiness, and although she's completely casual in this photo, she's stealing the spotlight from everyone else. She’s played many characters where she's the popular girl in school and all the guys coveted her, and you can see why in this picture. She has some serious thoughts when it comes to marriage and how to keep that flame burning. It’s pretty simple: find someone who adores you even when you’re miserable. “But to sustain a marriage for 50 years, you have to get real a little bit and find someone who is understanding and who you can grow with. My mom always says, 'Marry the man who loves you a millimeter more.'” That, of course, works both ways, and when you find that person, then marriage becomes just a little bit easier.

11 Pink Heels

In a dress, Larter looks incredible in this playful position that shows off some pretty outstanding legs. A great image that has a dress strap falling casually from her sexy shoulders and a stunning display of her dazzling smile. It’s a wonderful look that shows off the actress’s playful side. It’s this playful side that got her cast in so many movies like Varsity Blues, which required a character with spirit. Larter believes in a fiery love but not one that's meant to destroy someone. It’s easy to get into those relationships that are intense when you're younger, but they rarely last. “I've been in a lot of fiery relationships, and it is so exciting. But there's a more profound feeling when the love is just real and not so painful.” We love Larter not only because she's a great actress but also because she's one of the hottest women on the planet.

10 Red Hot

In nothing more than a tight tank top, Larter looks incredible and is showing off that incredible body. She looks great in white because it makes her skin look so much warmer. It’s a great look for her because she has an amazing body, and she doesn’t mind showing it off. Larter has over 55,000 followers on Twitter because of her successful career and a great smile. Larter uses social media to reach out to her fans and keep them up to date on her career moves. For example, Instagram allows fans to get an inside look into what the celebrity life is all about. “If I could have a special power in real life, I'd love to fly,” Larter says in reference to her character in the TV show Heroes. Flying would certainly be a cool superpower to have.

9 Insane Curls

A stunning photo of Ali Larter looking hot AF! She has an amazing dress on, and she's posed seductively. The shot is very pleasing to the eyes, and with curly hair, you can see that she's one hot knockout of a woman! She’s an actress who built a career around the fact that she's stunning; we can still picture that whipped cream bikini that she wore in Varsity Blues. She may be a fiery beauty, but this woman believes in monogamy. She doesn’t believe in straying from a relationship even if it’s going through a rough patch. “It's much easier to cheat than it is to be loyal. Everyone goes through down times. You just don't put yourself in those situations, you know?” That's certainly true in all relationships, especially when it comes to Hollywood, where marriages don’t last long at all.

8 Lightning Smile

The one thing that makes Larter such a popular character is that smile. It completely lights up her face and makes you forget everything else. She’s sitting in a casual atmosphere in a bright dress, but she's radiant. That blonde hair and that amazing smile make Larter one of the hottest actresses out there. You might be surprised to find out that Larter was a tomboy growing up; she wasn’t into the same things that other girls were into. “Growing up, others girls wanted to dance and help their moms with the cooking. I liked to play soccer with the boys. Or I'd be off on my own, tilting mirrors towards the sun in order to burn armies of ants. That was my idea of fun.” Her tomboy background is probably why she was able to play the badass characters in Heroes and Resident Evil.

7 The Redhead

For the most part, Larter has remained a blonde throughout her career, but for the Resident Evil movies, she went red, and we aren’t complaining. We love this photo because she looks like a total badass in her post-apocalyptic gear. Even dirty and fighting zombies can’t take the shine off of this smoke show. Whether she's a blonde or a redhead, she always looks good. These days, Larter is loving everything about life. She gets to be in cool TV shows and movies, and her personal life has never been better. All in all, this hottie has never been happier. “I work on a TV show I love, I have the opportunity to do movies with actors I respect, and I'm in love with the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, who pushes me and excites me.”

6 Fierce and Strong

A picture that depicts how awesome Larter is. She's a fierce and strong woman, and everything about this photo shows that. It’s not your typical model pose, but it’s still sexy as hell -- a great picture of her in her own world wearing a dress that hugs her body. We have to agree that Larter always looks good in a dress. All girls have their favorite body part, and in Larter’s case, she must have a hard time choosing one; her body is amazing. She does prefer her bottom, though, when it comes to her best feature, and we couldn’t agree more. “When I'm in really good shape, I like my butt. It's juicy - that's what my fiancé says.” What a sexy way to be depicted by your man. Larter is a lucky woman who has not only a successful career but a successful family life as well.

5 Back-Baring Dress

A dress this sexy is perfect for a woman like Ali Larter. It shows off her stunning back in such a striking way. It’s seductive and sexy, and the charcoal color of the dress really makes her eyes pop. It’s a dress she wore to an event, and you can see by the smile on her face that she knows exactly the effect the dress has on everyone around her. Many celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Michelle Gellar have released cookbooks, and Larter followed in their footsteps when in 2013, she released a cookbook called Kitchen Revelry: A Year of Festive Menus from My Home to Yours. It was a great book for people who were interested in entertaining. It was one of the ventures that she took on aside from her modeling/acting career. “I love to cook. I spend weekends reading cookbooks -- it's really my relaxation.”

4 Her Natural Side

This is Larter’s natural side, a beautiful woman with a fresh face and beautiful blonde hair. She's a great actress with natural beauty that has won us over throughout the years. It’s just a headshot, but this picture shows her seductive side that just draws you in. Larter likes to do special things when she has time off; she wants to live in the moment and not just allow time to pass by. When it comes to her time off, she doesn’t get a lot of it, so she wants to cherish those moments. “If I have a day off, I want to get on a plane and go to Paris! If I have a couple hours off work, I want to run to the market and make a four-course meal. I like to do things that are unexpected.”

3 Wide Smile

We love a girl that can eat like a guy. There are no salads for this hottie. She's about to hit up a bacon cheeseburger after hitting up the Comic-Con. We love her fun expression and those bright red lips. We don’t see much of her in this picture, but her fun-loving attitude is part of what makes this actress truly hot. For Larter, she finds that she learns a lot from every role that she portrays, and it helps her in the next role. “It [Resident Evil: Afterlife] has definitely been the biggest learning curve for me. As an actor, whenever I start on a movie, different things that I perform in ask for different skill sets. And this one is definitely the technological side of it. You have to hit your mark. You can't weave back and forth because your nose is jutting at you in 3-D. It's really been learning how to do that and also it's exciting to be on the forefront of this technology.”

2 Lady in Red

What a stunning photo of Larter. Between the bright blonde hair and the scarlet red lipstick, she's never looked hotter. Red is definitely her color because it makes her eyes pop and her skin look insanely porcelain. She's gorgeous whether she has long hair or short hair, and in this photo, she's no doubt quite the hottie. She was determined not to be one of those teenagers who got led astray in Hollywood, so in Spring of 2002, she decided to move from Los Angeles to New York and commute from there. "I was too young and impressionable to handle the pressures of L.A.," Larter recalled in an interview. "I'm a woman now. I am no longer the little girl who could be easily influenced.” It was probably a smart move since so many young actresses get involved in partying and drugs and completely lose the career they worked so hard to get.

1 The White Suit

What a stunning bathing suit that shows off all of Ali Larter’s best features! She looks amazing in this form-fitting suit, and the color offsets her tanned skin. With blonde hair and a sultry expression, this girl is truly hot AF! Larter can probably thank Esquire magazine for the launching of her career in 1996 when she was part of a hoax with the publication. In the magazine, she was depicted as a fake model named Allegra Coleman. The magazine did it as a publicity stunt, and it worked, but what it also did was launch Larter’s career. “When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, I need more out of my life and I need to push myself harder. And if at the end of the day I don't have it, then I don't have it, but at least I'm going to put myself out there. If I fail, I'm going to fail terrifically.”

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