15 Pics of A Young Jessica Alba That You NEED To See

Think of hot Hollywood actresses in their 30s and Jessica Alba’s name is bound to pop up. For nearly two decades now, Jessica has been a force to be reckoned with. She appeared in numerous TV shows, either as the starring character or in cameo appearances. She has also had quite a few hit films during her career thus far, including the romantic comedy Good Luck Chuck and the action packed Fantastic Four film series. She has done horror flicks and thrillers, dramas, and of course, she has played the enviable girl next door. In fact, that might be what she is most well known for, which is okay with us. Here are 15 Pics of A Young Jessica Alba That You NEED to See. Yes, she is still young, but these pictures are some serious throwbacks that you will want to experience.

Whether it is Jessica all dressed up for the red carpet, playing around while on set of an adolescent TV show, or modeling her undeniably sexy figure in a photo shoot, these pictures are going to give you a glorious trip down memory lane. In fact, there are probably many photos here that you have not even seen before, so make sure that you take your time and savor every moment. Jessica might be a married mother of two now, but that doesn’t mean that she is no longer the stuff of men’s dreams. These 15 pics may not be much, but they are enough to give us a newfound appreciation for Jessica Alba; every part of her!

15 Lady in Red


Lady in red sweatpants, that is! This sweet photo shows us a very young Jessica Alba, probably just 16 years old or so. She is already aware of her intrinsic hotness, and she is a-okay with that. Hey, the camera loves her, and Jessica did a nice job channeling her inner diva in this photo shoot. She must have been feeling pretty high and mighty, with her bright red heels and her windswept hair. Even to this day, Jessica is still a sight to behold, and she has been maturing so gracefully that she puts other celebs her age to shame! Marriage, pregnancy, motherhood...there is nothing that this wonder woman can’t handle! The 35-year-old California native has always had it going on, and this throwback photo is definitely proof of that. She may have started out in commercials for department stores and Nintendo, but she has morphed into a Hollywood star beyond compare.

14 Swimsuit Siren


Asymmetry never looked so good. Just take a look at this photo of Jessica in a gorgeous navy blue swimsuit. It may be a one-piece, but it is still as sexy as can be. The high-cut bottoms show off ample amounts of her tan and lean legs, and the off-the-shoulder sleeve adds some extra dimension to the swimsuit. From an early age, Jessica was destined for success. She was interested in acting since she was just a tiny little girl, and she tried her hand at small scale TV shows, television commercials, and made for TV movies. She got a good deal with Dark Angel, in which she was chosen from hundreds of girls her age. Jessica beat out them all, and the rest is history, as they say! It doesn’t matter whether Jessica is rocking a swimsuit, an evening gown, sweatpants...whatever. She is always ready for her close-up, and we think that this picture of her looking like a hot young thing is pretty darn cute.

13 Sunshine Girl


Being a native of California, Jessica is naturally blessed with tanned golden skin and lean thighs. In fact, there just seems to be a general rule of thumb that if a person is from California, they are bound to be super attractive. Jessica seems to have won out in just about every genetic department, getting all of the enviable traits that teenage girls want. As she matured, Jessica only got hotter, and even in her thirties, she is a force to be reckoned with. Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson better watch out! Jessica can still hold her own in the looks department. Not only that, but she is uber talented. Anyway, let’s focus on the task at hand: this picture. Jessica was channeling an amateur Sports Illustrated swimsuit model in this photo shoot. She had a tankini in bright metallic gold, with some Hawaiian flowers embroidered on. Sort of childish, but she was young!

12 Flower Girl


Looking as pretty as a Hawaiian lei girl, Jessica stepped onto the red carpet back in the day in this floral get-up. The dress had a deep v-neck and arm-baring sleeves to show off her svelte figure. Even at a young age, Jessica was already well-endowed, and she was letting her assets be known to the world in this outfit. The smile on her face is priceless, and she looks as though she is having a blast. After all, what kind of teenager wouldn’t be excited about hitting the red carpet? Jessica was still a teen when she had a breakthrough hit with Dark Angel, and for that performance, she earned a Teen Choice Award and a Saturn Award. A big deal for a minor! The next few years brought her critical acclaim with roles in the Fantastic Four film series, Good Luck Chuck, and Awake. A whirlwind couple of years for Ms. Alba!

11 Angel Alba

Pardon us while we stare. This teenage photo of Jessica Alba makes her look like an absolute angel. Clad in a bright white bikini, she is the picture of perfection. The white is so crisp and pure, and yet the contours and lines of her body are so sexy, it is quite the juxtaposition. This photo shoot could be considered Jessica’s way of branching out into maturity and declaring that she was hot, talented, and ready for Hollywood action. This is the woman who quickly made a name for herself as an international sex symbol with roles as an exotic dancer in Honey, and the extremely attractive yet hard to see Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four. As a matter of fact, Jessica is one versatile actress. She can be a sweet as pie character, or someone spunky and sassy. She can be a vixen, a dark angel, a damsel in distress, or a femme fatale. She can be anything!

10 Water Park Babe


Sorry, but we have never seen anyone this hot at a public water park. If so, we would be hitting them up all over the country! Jessica once again showed us that she was born #perfect, and this water park picture is such a throwback that it needs to be included in this list. First of all, it shows us that Jessica was a typical teen just like any other. She likes to go swimming and hit the water slides and have fun with her pals. It also shows that she was not above doing the normal things that teenage girls did. Even though she was acting and modeling, she was still a kid at heart! Of course, the similarities don’t go on forever. Jessica is drop-dead gorgeous in this photo, which is just an average water park snapshot. Her smile is infectious, the youthful glow is emanating from her face, and we can just tell that she is going to grow up to be a curvaceous and lovely young woman.

9 Lady in Lace


The red carpet is the place where celebrities can show off their fashion sense, their Hollywood status with big-time designers, and their luscious figures. Jessica Alba is no exception, and she has stunned on the red carpet for years. She has hosted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Science and Technical Awards, as well as the MTV Movie Awards. She has been represented by renown talent agents, and she has been photographed by numerous celebrity photographers. Some of the publications she has appeared in include People, Playboy, GQ, and Maxim, but of course the list goes on and on. In this photo, Jessica showed off her perfect balance of womanly curves and a tight and toned body. She looked great from head to toe in a black lace evening gown with long sleeves. It looked so fantastic on the red carpet! Jessica Alba + form fitting gown + lace = goals.

8 Young and Sweet


Jessica might not want you to see this picture, but to us, it is so sweet and innocent. Everyone was an adolescent back in the day, and Jessica was such a cute one! This photo was actually taken while Jessica was filming the Flipper TV series, back in 1995. Yep, this is a 14-year-old Jessica Alba. Stare if you must. It is adorable! She is dressed in a pale yellow shirt and white overalls, because it is the 1990s, she has the pre-pubescent smile. Her golden brown locks are already there, framing her face, and she has that lovely smile that makes our hearts melt. Yup, this girl was clearly destined for greatness. Some of the mid 1990s work that Jessica did includes Venus Rising, Camp Nowhere, P.U.N.K.S., Never Been Kissed, and Idle Hands. She melded her way into action films, as well as thrillers and horror flicks, and rom coms (which she does best, in our opinion.)

7 Millennium Romance


Ushering in the new millennium, Jessica Alba took her look to a whole new level. This time, she was demure and had the appearance of a siren. And hey, that is what she ended up becoming, after all! Throughout the years, Jessica was to branch out into her own and live up to her beauty and talent. This photo sure was a looker, and even to this day, it would catch our eyes. Jessica opted for a short hairstyle, sort of like a curled bob, and the bouncy curls added new dimension to her lovely face. Her plump lips were decked out in matte, deep red lipstick, helping her to achieve a more grown-up look. It feels kind of funny saying it now, but this was a time when Jessica wanted to come into her own and really declare that she was maturing in the public eye. Not an easy thing to do, by the way!

6 '90s Girl

The colors, the jeans, the belt...this is so 90’s, and we love it. Jessica is so young in this photo and it is really endearing. Even the pose that Jessica is striking in this picture is sweet as can be. She is bent over, with her hands on her knees and an attitude that says, I AM READY FOR MY CLOSE UP! Oh gosh, we could gush about this for a while, but we won’t. We aren’t quite sure what project Jessica was working on when this photo was taken, but it could have been one of her TV series. For starred in some 1990s performances, such as Flipper, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Chicago Hope, Brooklyn South, and Beverly Hills 90210. All of these roles helped to solidify her as an up and coming young actress, and before she knew it, she was winning awards, such as the 2001 Breakthrough Actress of the Year and the 2005 Superstar of Tomorrow Young Hollywood Award.

5 Denim on Denim


If you will forever remember the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake all denim get-ups, then you need to take a glance at this Jessica Alba photo from back in the day. She would probably cringe to see it again, but for us it is a nice glimpse at her history. Check this out and you won’t be sorry! It shows Jessica in her teen years, posing like she’s all that and a bag of chips, all dressed up in a bulky denim vest and faded mom jeans to match. We must say though, she pulls this look off quite nicely. Even with all of the fabric and bulk, we can still tell that Jessica has an undeniably svelte and sexy figure. She even seems to be aware of it in this photo, and she has a grin that sort of looks as though she is trying to hide or stifle her confidence. It’s sort of adorable, really.

4 Teen Idol

Everyone wanted a piece of Jessica Alba, and this photo shows the reason why! She is hot, hot, hot...always has been and always will be! This teeny weeny striped bikini looks fabulous on Jessica’s damp and dewy body, all sparkling golden brown in the sun. Her wet tresses cascade down her shoulders and her eyes are steamy and seductive. Is it really any wonder she was a teen favorite at all of the awards shows of yesteryear? And what about her relationships? When she was just 19 years old, she began a romantic relationship with a man 12 years older than her - Michael Weatherly. Hey, who can blame the guy? After those two broke up three years later, Jessica turned to a romance with Cash Warren, whom she met while portraying the Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four. They ended up marrying and having 2 kids, Honor Marie and Haven Garner.

3 Cabana Cutie

Just another example of the perpetual hotness that is Jessica Alba. This photo has the actress seated in a cabana chaise lounge while decked out in a sexy black one-piece bathing suit, complete with cut-outs on the obliques. The woven bathing suit looks designer made, and what kind of designer wouldn’t want Jessica Alba to grace their clothing? The actress also has a gold chain wrapped around her waist, a total throwback to the time period, but cute nonetheless. A come hither look in her eyes completes this photo shoot, which is steamy enough to land in Maxim or GQ, two magazines that have featured Jessica Alba in the past. Of course, being sexy isn’t the only thing that Jessica is good at. She is actually a stellar humanitarian, supporting causes such as Habitat for Humanity, Project HOME, Revlon Run/Walk for Women, Clothes Off Our Back, and several others.

2 Crochet Never Looked So Good


If your first thought when you hear the word crochet is frumpy old lady, then take a look at this Jessica Alba photo and get ready to feel the feels. The actress posed in a crochet knit cover up for a hot photo shoot to send out some beachy cool vibes. Jessica naturally has a very beachy California feel to her presence, and that could be from growing up in Pomona, California and being of Mexican, French, and Danish ancestry. That is a combination for an attractive individual! As we have seen throughout the years, Jessica is a great actress, and is versatile enough to star in several different genres, from horror to comedy to action and romance. She appeared in TV series, major films and franchises, and even did voiceover work for video games (Dark Angel and Fantastic Four.) It is hard to believe that Jessica struggled with a collapsed lung and pneumonia during her youth!

1 Queen of the Swimsuit


In our honest and humble opinion, Jessica Alba should just live in a swimsuit, please. This number one photo on our list shows the sunkissed actress clad in a bright white one-piece with a plunging neckline and oblique side cut-outs to reveal a toned and defined figure. Even after two babies, Jessica has a physique to rival the younger actresses in Hollywood today! Is it just us, or does she get better as time goes on? These days, Jessica has been working on fewer projects, but she did have a role in 2016’s Mechanic: Resurrection. It seems that Jessica has a good head on her shoulders and she is focusing more on being a mother and wife, rather than putting her family on hold. Furthermore, Jessica once expressed her concerns that she would forever be cast only in sexy TV and film roles. She also maintains her policy that she won’t get naked on camera...sorry, guys.

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15 Pics of A Young Jessica Alba That You NEED To See