15 Pics Maria Sharapova’s Boyfriend Doesn’t Want You To See

We document everything Maria’s boyfriend doesn’t want to see, from past relationship pics, to heartbreaking on-court losses, to hot beach shots!

With a net worth of $125 million, it’s safe to say that Maria Sharapova has been around the block during her North American uprising. From winning countless tournaments, to becoming a sponsorship giant with the likes of Nike, Sharapova has been turning heads throughout her career. If that wasn’t enough, as you’ll see in this article, she also has a rather impressive dating resume and one her boyfriend would probably not want to take a look at, especially since it included a certain Maroon 5 band member.

In this article, we document everything Maria’s boyfriend probably doesn’t want to see, from past relationship pictures, to heartbreaking on-court losses, to even hot candid beach pictures taken by the paparazzi. Another picture included at the very end takes a look at the current tough situation Maria faces with her recent substance abuse allegations. All these pictures are not only forgettable for her boyfriend, but you can make the claim she’d also want to forget a big chunk of these pictures as well.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share the link with a friend. Sit back, relax, and pull out your tennis racquet or tennis balls... okay too far. But seriously, enjoy the article; here are 15 pictures Maria Sharapova’s boyfriend doesn’t want you to see.

15 The Prior Engagement

Here’s something a boyfriend probably wouldn’t want to see, and that’s your current girl’s past engagement to someone else. Yes, Maria was in fact engaged at one point in time back in 2011, when basketball player Sasha Vujacic popped the question just a year after meeting. Sharapova said “I do”, but the ultimate verdict was, “I don’t” as the wedding would later get called off. Maria confirmed the allegations during a post-match interview claiming the two ended things on amicable terms and wanted to remain friends. With terrible travel schedules, finding time for each other was nearly impossible and that eventually caused the break up.

Okay, so that doesn’t sound all that bad, but as you’ll see on this list, it wasn’t the first nor the last relationship Maria Sharapova entered throughout her life. Musicians, television producers and even other tennis players make appearances throughout the article.

14 Candid Beach Bum

Throughout the years, the press and paparazzi have had field days with the tennis star. Away from the court, the Russian loves to travel, and she also adores lying on the beach. That, mixed in with her numerous romantic relationships has made her a big time public figure for the tabloids to zone in on.

The picture you see above is one of the many pictures that invaded Sharapova’s privacy throughout the years. This one took place on a beach as she enjoyed some relaxing time away from the court, something she’s done a heck of a lot throughout her lengthy career. The shot certainly isn’t something her boyfriend wants us to see, as the paparazzi snipes the picture of her well toned booty. Not to mention her long luscious legs which have made the headlines time and time again, but we’ll have a little more on those assets in an entry coming up later on.

13 Another Ex

Hard to believe that Maria’s still only 30 years of age, especially when you take into account all her accomplishments on the court, along with her dating resume which reads more so like one of a 40 year old. Before she embarked in her first serious relationship with Sasha Vujacic, Charlie Ebersol was linked to the tennis star as the two briefly dated back in 2008. For those of you that aren’t aware, Charlie is an American film producer and director. He excelled in reality television along with working for networks such as USA Network and CNBC.

His dating resume was quite impressive for a producer. The 34 year old not only scored Maria Sharapova, but he also briefly dated the ultra popular singer Britney Spears, from 2014 till 2015. His dating career finally came to an end in March of 2017 when he announced his engagement to Melody McCloskey, the founder and CEO of StyleSeat.

12 PDA With Grigor

In terms of all her relationships, this one was made the most public as the paparazzi had an absolute field day with the couple documenting their every move. This was a shot both of them want to forget as they displayed some public affection, although Maria seems uncomfortable as hell doing so knowing the cameras are watching her every move. The dude doesn’t seem to care however...

The relationship between these two took place following her failed engagement to Sasha. Was she rebounding? Who knows, but it was one of the first times she decided to date in her field, opting to start a relationship with another tennis star. However, like the other relationships, things wouldn’t work out after a couple of years of dating and in July of 2015, it was announced that the two had split. Recently, her ex Grigor made some harsh comments pertaining to Maria, making the claim that she should be banned for her latest substance abuse allegations. Yikes!

11 With Adam Levine

If you’re dating a girl, perhaps the last thing you want to hear is the phrase, “oh, I forgot to mention, I used to date Adam Levine”. Seriously though, the guy’s like a glitch in the Matrix of good looking human beings, how can anybody come close to his sheer handsomeness!

Well, as it turns out, this is another harsh reality Maria’s current boyfriend has to face as the two previously dated. Although the boyfriend can sleep much easier knowing that they dated while Maria was only 18. The two met at Sharapova’s 18th birthday and instantly hit it off right after back in 2005. Things wouldn’t work out however, and Adam would move on to another Russian stunner, briefly dating Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model cover girl, Anne Vyalitsyna. He’d finally “settle” for his current wife, the beautiful Victoria's Secret  model Behati Prinsloo and Sharapova’s boyfriend couldn’t be happier about that.

10 More Bikini Candid Pics

If she didn’t become a tennis player, one would assume Maria would be working as a swimsuit model given her stunning beauty and love for the beach which has been well documented over the years given the numerous paparazzi pictures of Maria just enjoying some downtime away from the court.

However, it seems like tennis was always her destiny as she began in the sport at the age of six. At the age of four, Maria already had a tennis racquet and began to practice on the daily alongside her father. At only four years old, her hand-eye coordination was truly surreal, and this gave the family faith that she would go on to have a great career in the sport. However, one can only assume they didn’t anticipate the legacy she would forge for herself claiming numerous titles including wins at the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.

9 Shoulder Injuries

In a sport like tennis, injuries can unfortunately become a common occurrence. When you mix in running with power, the human body gets a little more vulnerable and that’s been the case with Maria who’s experienced several injuries throughout her pro run, from a forearm injury to nagging reoccurring shoulder injuries which happened more than once throughout her career. Things recently went from bad to worse when she was diagnosed with another forearm injury and if that wasn’t bad enough, she was also forced to leave the sport due to a failed substance abuse exam (but we’ll have a little more on that later on).

With the recent allegations and entering her 30s, some would assume that Sharapova’s playing days might slowly be coming to an end. After all, she has the financial backings to retire at this point, with a disturbing new worth of $125 million as of 2017.

8 Them Legs

We promised before so here you go, this is a shot of Maria’s legs looking as long as the darn Eiffel Tower in the background. Sharapova celebrates her French Open victory in the photo, but many even failed to realize that a trophy was on hand when looking at such a picture. Without a doubt, Maria’s stunning long legs stole the show in this picture, heck some people probably didn’t even notice that darn tower either!

This is another “harsh reality” that Maria’s boyfriend is going to have to face as people can get lost in those legs that seem to go on and on for days. Of course, Maria’s stunning Russian looks have helped her that much more, making her a huge international star branching out in other avenues non-tennis related. She remains a huge public figure, and one of the top advocates for women empowerment movements nowadays.

7 Endorsement Giant

Some of the sponsorship deals she agreed to were quite forgettable but for the most part, it’s safe to say that Sharapova is an absolute beast when it comes to marketing her name globally, making a huge chunk of change with some of the larger companies out there including, Tiffany, Gatorade and of course, the giant of all giants, Nike.

Her relationship with Nike literally broke records. Renewing a contract with the company back in 2010, Maria signed on for eight years at an astonishing $70 million. The deal is set to continue till 2018, and it crushed the previous record that was set by Venus Williams at $43 million after she inked a deal with Reebok. In addition to Nike, Sharapova also has clothing lines with the likes of Fred Perry and Lacoste. Without a doubt, she’s not losing any sleep over her other lesser known sponsorship deals with companies like Motorola and Land Rover.

6 The “Sugarpova” Incident

It might be hard to believe, but one of Maria’s most successful business ventures was a candy line called Sugarpova. The company was so successful that she actually considered changing her last name to "Sugarpova" permanently; yes folks, this isn’t a joke.

Looking back, this was a forgettable moment in her career just based on how bizarre it all was. Maria joined Jeff Rubin for the candy line, and a portion of the proceeds went to the Maria Sharapova Foundation. The company launched in 2013 and became a huge hit, so much so that according to her agent, Maria was about to change her name for the 2013 US Open. News was later made public that she actually requested a court application to make the change. Ultimately, it wasn’t said why, but she decided against it, and we can all agree she made the right decision. The company still exists today with Maria planning to expand even further with lifestyle products.

5 Her Most Recent Loss

The tennis world hasn’t been all that kind to Sharapova since the announcement of her failed Wellness Exam. Hardly anybody has stood in her defense, including the likes of Federer, Nadal and Murray, who all had harsh words for such an act. Even the likes of Nike and Porsche have put her endorsement deals on hold for the time being, suspending her privileges till the dust settles.

To make matters worse, the outspoken Canadian Eugenie Bouchard also had some harsh words for the Russian before their Madrid clash, calling her a cheater and making the claim that she should be banned for life from the sport. If that wasn’t bad enough, Eugenie would go on to defeat Sharapova in an epic encounter. It’s a scenario Sharapova and her boyfriend want us to forget about as it included some verbal abuse, along with one of her toughest and most recent career losses.

4 The Upskirts

In a sport like tennis, especially for a female, it’s kind of hard not to get exposed. Running all over the court, along with wearing a short skirt, things are inevitably bound to get exposed and that’s particularly been the case with Maria, who has a plethora of revealing on court pictures. We could have seriously done an article alone on times Maria revealed too much on the court. With such long legs, we’ve seen more than we should have a couple of times, and that’s logically, something her boyfriend didn’t want us to see.

We celebrate the scenario by paying homage to Maria with such a picture. Although times aren’t the greatest for her career at the moment, we can forgive her for a moment as we get lost in her stunning flexibility, mixed in with that power as she smashes a return. Okay sorry, we got a little carried away.

3 More Grigor Romance

It seems like there was a little more heat between these two, making the situation even more forgettable. They ended things on good terms apparently, but the more info leaked, the more it didn’t seem that smooth. Grigor Dimitrov recently made headlines claiming his ex should be banned from the sport for using illegal substances. Now that doesn’t sound like something a happy former loved one would say. After two years of dating, the couple would finally split and Maria has been low profile ever since when it comes to her personal life.

As for Grigor, it’s been the complete opposite as he continues to make headlines not only for his comments about Sharapova but also, for his recent relationship alongside beauty Nicole Scherzinger. However, turmoil also exists in this relationship as it was recently announced that the two are potentially enduring a break of sorts nowadays, while other tabloids suspect they’re broken up.

2 Djokovic Link

Perhaps one of the weirdest romantic links in the career of Maria Sharapova goes to the rumors of herself and Djokovic being an item back in the day. Pictures of the two close to another were posted, but nothing more was made of the situation. Without a doubt, we suspect Maria’s new boyfriend doesn’t want to be thinking of such pictures.

Djokovic remains one of the top tennis players in the world and a huge figure in the sport for his outstanding personality. Novak was one of the only tennis players who wasn’t as critical towards Maria, actually praising her for her courage in taking the situation by the chin, and taking a stand for herself. Djokovic also claimed he didn’t want to judge her, and chose to wait for further details. You've got to love the amount of class the Serbian showed in handling the question. Oh, and for what it’s worth, he does a hell of a Maria Sharapova impression!

1 Responding To The Failed Drug Test

When it’s all said and done, this is a picture both Maria and her partner will likely want to forget about. Without a doubt, this is and was, the darkest moment in her entire career. Following the failed drug test, she was immediately suspended, for two years (although it was reduced to 15 months), and that even struck a chord with the Russians, as the Sports Prime Minister claimed there was a bias because of her passport.

She eventually returned and following her testimonial, the support she got remained few and far between from her peers in the sport (as you’ve seen throughout the article). Maria remains adamant she did nothing wrong taking medication that was recommended by her family doctor, while most of her peers believe she was well aware of what was going on the entire time. It remains to be seen how this situation will affect her legacy when it’s all said and done.

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15 Pics Maria Sharapova’s Boyfriend Doesn’t Want You To See