15 Pics Kaley Cuoco’s Boyfriend Doesn’t Want You To See

Starting from humble beginnings back in Camarillo, California, Cuoco’s loves consisted of playing tennis from the age of three, and aspiring to be an actress. Well, you can guess which dream came true as Kaley gave up on tennis at the age of 16 in order to pursue a full-time career as an actress. Fast forward to today, and she's one of the most recognized and beloved stars out there, along with having a staggering net worth of $45 million. Oh, and she’s barely into her 30s at the age of 31.

Her love life hasn’t been too shabby either; we’ll discuss her dating resume in length throughout the article. However, you should know she’s currently dating Karl Cook, following her failed marriage to Ryan Sweeting which officially ended in May of 2016. She seems quite happy nowadays as she continues her ongoing success with The Big Bang Theory, which is set to enter its 11th season.

In this article, we celebrate some of the edgier moments from her life, whether it be on set, or from her personal life. What all these pictures have in common is the fact that they're likely photos her current boyfriend doesn’t want us oozing over. Sit back, relax and enjoy this list of photos which pays homage to Cuoco. Here are 15 pictures Kaley Cuoco’s boyfriend doesn’t want you to see. Let us begin!


15 Still Bringing The Big Bang Heat

Looking back at Cuoco’s career, we can all agree things changed in 2007 when she took on the role of Penny for the new show at the time, The Big Bang Theory. Well, that same show would end up blowing up and ten seasons later, the CBS sitcom is still going strong with the cast getting filthy rich. Cuoco is arguably the most popular cast member on the show and her stardom has reached new heights in the 231 episodes.

The picture above clearly shows that the Penny character is still bringing the heat on the show with this stunning bikini shot. Kaley made headlines for her new hairstyle and although it had some mixed reviews, fans can’t help but to forget about that looking at such a picture. Embracing her curves, we can all say Cuoco looks pretty top notch in the photo. The only person on this planet that discourages such a picture is likely her boyfriend, that lucky son of a gun!

14 Bringing The Booty


A big reason for Kaley’s mainstream success is the fact that she seems to be transparent, and rather natural. The Cuoco we see in candid interviews seems to be the actual Kaley in real life, so basically, she doesn’t hide behind a fake alter ego. The same can be said for her body. Cuoco debuted with 8 Simple Rules rocking a sleek and slender look as a youngster, although nowadays that’s all changed as she rocks some serious curves as you see in the picture above.

This is another candid shot taken of Cuoco and one her boyfriend probably opposes, simply because his girlfriend likely didn’t give the paparazzi any type of consent to take such a photo. In Cuoco’s defense however, her booty is looking quite top notch in the picture, fitting them yoga pants to perfection.

13 Candid Cleavage

She’s still only 31, but Kaley has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. Her big break took place way back in 2002 appearing on the sitcom 8 Simple Rules. As we know, her fame would reach new highs with Big Bang Theory as of 2007. Cuoco would become a household name because of the show.

She’s become quite wealthy with a net worth of $45 million but it has come with a cost as you can see in the picture above. The paparazzi is all over the 31 year old, and that’s been the case for quite some time now as fans are intrigued when it comes to the life of the Big Bang star outside of her acting roles. This picture is something her boyfriend and herself want us to forget as she looks none too pleased bending down and picking up her keys while the paparazzi conveniently snaps a shot in a not so convenient pose.

12 Tipsy Dancing With Her Sister


Unlike other high profile celebs, there really isn’t all that much controversy surrounding Cuoco aside from her prior flings to several men. However, aside from that, she’s very clean with minimal stories she’ll want us to forget about. This one however, is pretty borderline as Cuoco was caught in the picture having one too many drinks.

If you search, "Kaley Cuoco dancing", you’re likely going to get some Big Bang Theory clips. However, if you look a little closer, there also exists a video of Cuoco having a dance off against her sister Briana. What makes the clip that much more valuable is the fact that Cuoco seems to be a little out of it, consuming a little more alcohol than she probably should have. It was a playful moment that truly wasn’t all that bad, but at the end of the day, she would have probably wanted such a scene to stay private.

11 8 Simple Rules Heat

Taking on the role of Bridget Hennessy back in 2002, this would be the first show that helped Kaley rise to fame. She played the part of the oldest child on the show, however in truth, she was six years younger than her co-star Amy Davidson. Not once did anybody object to that however.

Despite the show being cancelled in 2005 after just three seasons, the series did manage to get some big exposure on a prime-time ABC slot. It also produced 76 episodes, which was more than enough exposure for Cuoco. She became very popular on the sitcom and this was one of the moments that helped her cause, playing the role of a teen rebel as her undergarment stuck out just enough to make young boys drool. This was only the beginning of her mainstream sex appeal.

10 The Leaked Picture


Something we’ve seen for several years now is the exposure of private pictures when it comes to those in the entertainment industry that possess some type of fame. We’ve seen it in almost every field, whether it be actors, actresses, musicians, athletes and even recently, pro wrestlers. The hacks of private content continue, and it’s exposed the lives of several high profile faces.

Cuoco was a name in the leak and although fans likely drooled when reading her name on such a list, the photos truly weren’t that bad, although they did breach her privacy. In comparison to others like sports star Hope Solo, the pictures really weren’t much; the one you see above was regarded as the most exposure given out from the pictures and it truly wasn’t that bad with Cuoco doing a decent job of covering up.

9 More Pre-Big Bang Heat

When it comes to dealing with Kaley’s hotness, her current boyfriend doesn’t just have Big Bang footage to deal with, her heat started quite some time ago actually. Along with becoming a sex symbol on 8 Simple Rules, she also turned some heads on Charmed, taking on the role as Billie Jenkins.

This picture shows she brought the heat and it seems like Executive Producer Brad Kern, agreed as he wanted to give Kaley her own spin-off based off of her Charmed character. However, for one reason or another that fell through and thankfully it did because her next big project would take place on The Big Bang Theory, reprising her role as Penny, the loveable Cheesecake Factory waitress. We would have loved to have seen more of these types of outfits on Charmed, but we can all agree she made the right decision moving on.


8 The First Boy


As you’ll see in this article, Kaley has quite the resume when it comes to past flings, heck we can even do an article alone on her previous love affairs. We start with one that is regarded as her very first and it took place with a soap star from the time.

The fling is rumored to have taken place back in 2002, more than a decade ago. Kaley was still in her teens at the time and just beginning to make a name for herself as a cast member on ABC’s 8 Simple Rules. Her fling at the time was with Young And The Restless cast member Thad Luckinbill. Looking at her track record, we can safely say Kaley has moved on since the relationship, dating several other men. However, it’s still something her boyfriend doesn’t want to see or even know about cause like, that would just be weird.

7 Shape Magazine Shot

Shape Magazine deserves all the credit for this stunning shot as we salivate looking at the heat brought by Cuoco in this shot. The only person not celebrating after such a picture is her boyfriend; he probably isn’t all that thrilled that millions of men are drooling over his girl!

Recently entering her 30s, it seems like Kaley now looks better than ever as she continues to embrace her natural curves while maintaining a slim figure. In several interviews, Cuoco has admitted the dieting part is the biggest key as she seriously started seeing results once she cut the “crap” out of her diet. Her image is another reason why she has so much success developing a persona as the desired and classic American girl next door. This picture however shows that the girl next door has some serious edge to her!

6 The Redbook Interview


Becoming one of the most popular TV stars on this planet, everything Cuoco says will be magnified and she learned that the hard way during a Redbook interview when a bit of controversy surfaced following one of her answers. The interviewer asked Kaley if she considered herself a feminist. Her answer, ”Is it bad if I say no? I was never that feminist girl demanding equality, but maybe that’s because I’ve never really faced inequality…I cook for Ryan five nights a week: it makes me feel like a housewife. I love that. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but I like the idea of women taking care of their men”.

Her answer wasn’t the most popular and it caused a bit of a firestorm. Cuoco smartly went into defense mode apologizing for the comments and stating, “Look at me. I Bleed feminism”.

5 The Failed Marriage

This is something no boyfriend wants to hear, and that’s their partner's past with somebody else. That’s magnified even more if they come from a failed marriage. Well, Cuoco underwent such circumstances as she was engaged to tennis player Ryan Sweeting back in September of 2013. They got married shortly after in December of the very same year. Some called the marriage commitment premature as they only dated for three months prior to the engagement.

Nonetheless, it seemed like things were going quite well between the two, that’s until September of 2015 when the couple announced they were splitting up. The divorce was official as of May of 2016. Soon after, Cuoco made headlines for her next relationship to current boyfriend Karl Cook, the same dude that probably doesn’t want you reading this article or seeing any of the pictures, especially this one.

4 Engaged


As we touched base on earlier in the article, Cuoco has a lengthy track record when it comes to dating other men, or even, quick flings. This one however was more than a fling as Cuoco got engaged to Josh Resnik in October of 2011, two years before her other engagement to Ryan Sweeting.

Obviously, the relationship didn’t work out despite the engagement. A couple of months later in March of 2012, the couple had announced their separation as things didn’t work out. It wasn’t Kaley’s first failed relationship, however it was her first failed engagement, which would end up being her second overall. It remains to be seen when and if Kaley will commit at the age of 31; men out there are probably hoping she doesn’t, but her new boyfriend Karl Cook is likely hoping otherwise.

3 Snapchat Gone Wild

Back in September of 2016, Cuoco almost broke Snapchat, although the picture wasn’t even posted on her own account. Entertainment websites had a field day with the picture as it was posted by her stylist, Brad Goreski through his Snapchat account.

Only rocking a pink bathrobe, Kaley gives the camera a quick flash (millions of men likely drooled at the very sight of the picture, even if it was covered by a heart). The photo was taken following her divorce to Ryan Sweeting and it showed that Cuoco was in a good and playful place in her life. While taking the picture, Kaley was with her new boyfriend and current man, Karl Cook. One could just imagine his reaction to such a picture, although that lucky son of a gun gets to see the live show.

2 Big Bang Rated R


A picture taken at the Golden Globes, social media was a buzz following this picture of the two beloved Big Bang Theory stars holding their very own "golden globes". The picture features Penny and cast member Melissa Rauch, aka Bernadette, from the popular sitcom. The photo (not so surprisingly) went viral, and let’s just say eye sockets bled as men starred at the picture a little too intensely.

For those of you that are Big Bang Theory fans, the show is set to continue, entering its 11th season if you could believe it; what a journey it’s been for the CBS show! 231 episodes later the show is still going strong as it continues to produce magical ratings. The next season is promising more big things which includes the possible departure of the beloved Leonard. Speaking of Leonard..

1 Real Life Romance

At the end of the day, it’s not the easiest for Cuoco’s current boyfriend to deal with the fact that she previously dated a former co-star, and one she continues to work with. The two caused a firestorm when it was revealed that they were dating in real-life back in 2009, while they were also dating on the show at the time. They would end the relationship shortly after but have remained on good terms ever since.

Since the breakup, tabloids have linked the two together ever since, with numerous pictures of the two close together. Even as of 2016, tabloids were linking the two as an item due to their flirtatious ways with one another. Kaley ended the mystery while on ET, claiming they're just really close friends to this day.

Such links is something Cuoco’s boyfriend will have to deal with for a very long time.

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