15Shaking It For YouTube

In celebration of her 200,000 subscribers months ago, Bella decided to put on another pleasing display for our eyes. Rocking a J-Lo inspired outfit, Bella was shaking her behind like nobody’s business. Wearing such a tight outfit, there certainly was a heavy degree of jiggling in the clip. It truly

was something...pretty...great.

It didn’t receive close to nine million views like her other nude clip alongside Cena, but it still got close to one million views which is pretty darn impressive and more views that most of us will receive in a lifetime. Not only was her backside on full display, but her chesticles were also out and about as it appeared as though she was braless. Her formula to live by is to be “fearless”, looks like she got things confused going braless instead... Or was that meant to be her fearless move? Hmm.

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