15 Pics John Cena Doesn’t Want You To See Of Nikki’s “Assets”

Closing in on one million followers via YouTube, along with over six million followers on Instagram, it's clear Nikki Bella has reached significant levels of fame. Her WWE career has a lot to do with it, but it seems like the more she goes on, the more her stock just keeps on rising because of her constant entertainment appearances, whether it be on an Awards show, or even on a talk show.

What really helps Nikki’s cause are two things; one, her personality, as Nikki is extremely sociable and can talk to just about anyone (whether it’s the media or the fans). And two, to be blunt, it’s her goods, or as we call it in this article, Nikki’s "assets". Whether it’s her chest area, backside or even her toned legs, Bella's looks have helped her cause quite a bit.

In this article we celebrate her top of the line assets with pictures that her man and new fiancée John Cena, likely doesn’t want us to see. Speaking of Cena, get ready folks cause he’s finally set to return. Not only is he coming back to SmackDown but he’s also set to appear on Raw as well, playing the role of a “free agent”. In need of a boost to the product, fans await in anticipation for his return. But enough about Cena, let’s switch our focus to Nikki, showcasing 15 fine pics of her “assets”, and photos John Cena likely doesn’t want us to see. This article is NO DQ folks, so enjoy!

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15 Shaking It For YouTube

In celebration of her 200,000 subscribers months ago, Bella decided to put on another pleasing display for our eyes. Rocking a J-Lo inspired outfit, Bella was shaking her behind like nobody’s business. Wearing such a tight outfit, there certainly was a heavy degree of jiggling in the clip. It truly was something...pretty...great.

It didn’t receive close to nine million views like her other nude clip alongside Cena, but it still got close to one million views which is pretty darn impressive and more views that most of us will receive in a lifetime. Not only was her backside on full display, but her chesticles were also out and about as it appeared as though she was braless. Her formula to live by is to be “fearless”, looks like she got things confused going braless instead... Or was that meant to be her fearless move? Hmm.

14 “Guns Out” At The iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards

This is the exact reason why the WWE loves Nikki Bella so darn much. Since her fame outside of the company began to percolate on Total Divas, it seems like Bella is becoming, more and more, a well known star for reasons outside of pro wrestling.

Since her time away from the WWE, she’s made several appearances on non-WWE related programs. Her most recent turned lots of heads and it was in large part because of her “assets”. Bella was looking absolutely stunning at the recent iHeart Radio Much Music Awards, wearing a jaw dropping black sheer gown. As you see in the picture above, Nikki did not shy away from showing her “goods” and what many might call, her best assets. We wonder how John felt about the ensemble! Nonetheless, she once again caught the eyes of many in attendance and watching at home.

13 YouTube 'Cleav'

She looks like a ten but she’s also smarter than many give her credit for. Bella is a marketing wizard and has created a huge fanbase away from the WWE. Not only can fans follow her on Total Divas but now, she’s expanded to her own YouTube channel, making new posts daily. The mini clips have received rave reviews and she’s already at 750,000 subscribers, which is pretty insane considering that she’s relatively new to YouTube. To put things into perspective, her most viewed video was watched by over eight million fans. What was the video about you ask? Well, obviously it featured a degree of nudity as Bella took it all off alongside her man celebrating the 500,000 subscribers mark. Don’t get too excited though, the video is blurred!

In this screenshot, we celebrate Nikki’s fine assets from her YouTube video. Yup, she isn’t scared to show cleavage folks, and we’re not complaining!

12 Candid Live Glutes Yoga Pants Shot

We certainly praise Nikki for her fine “chest” area, but another area Bella is blessed in is her booty. Bella has a top of the line derrière as she puts a lot of work in booty building outside of the ring. Bella credits heavy squat sessions along with a proper diet for her glute gains.

This throwback shot was taken from a fan back when Nikki was the reigning Divas Champion. Many would be shocked to find out that Bella would go on to break the record for longest Divas Title run in company history. Some are still skeptical about the run as many believe Cena had a big hand in the record setting accomplishment, but hey, we digress. Instead, let’s enjoy this awesome shot of Nikki’s top “assets” in a pair of yoga pants!

11 She’s Got Legs

When you think of the phrase, “she’s got legs”, most wrestling fans typically think of the great Stacy Keibler who had a pair of trunks that went on for days and days. Who can forget Stacy dancing on top of the likes of Scott Steiner and Jerry Lawler with those darn legs stealing the show? Yeah, wrestling was a different animal in that time period.

Now we’re not suggesting Nikki’s legs are comparable to Stacy’s, but they certainly are with mentioning given how darn great they look. During an interview with Renee Young on the WWE Network, all most fans saw were Nikki’s fantastic legs. Unlike Keibler who had the legs-for-days look, Nikki’s assets are different as they have less length, but more muscle, curves and definition. Without a doubt, they're one of Nikki’s most overlooked physical features.

10 Total Divas Assets

One specific show we’re almost guaranteed to see Nikki’s best assets on is Total Divas or Total Bellas. Nikki’s usually flaunting her goods whether it be showing some cleavage, or as you see in the throwback picture above, rocking a spectacular bathing suit that compliments both her front and back.

We truly wonder what Cena thinks about this. However, fun fact is that Cena signed a contract to only be featured in a certain amount of Total Divas episodes. John likes his space, and doesn’t want to be featured on the show 24/7. Ever wonder why most of the time it’s just Nikki, Brie and Bryan? Well, now you know why, as John used his magical power to get out of too much activity on the program. So basically there’s an actual reason as to why we “can’t see him”, all that often on the show.

9 Showing Her Flexibility

Having the “assets” that Nikki has takes some work. Okay, granted she got surgery for her puppies, but all the other stuff takes a serious degree of hard work. Even when she was out with a career threatening neck injury, Bella worked out like a beast to get back into ring shape. Today, she’s in better shape than even and that’s because of her dedication to eating right and training, despite a grueling travel schedule.

From performing yoga moves on her YouTube channel, to working out in Cena’s dungeon-like gym hitting some serious squat PRs, Bella can do it all. Whatever she’s doing, it seems to be working as her body currently looks leaner than ever before, while still rocking those top of the line curves we love her for. John must be proud, but he’s invisible so how can we care about the opinion of someone who’s invisible?

8 Try To Spot The Neck Brace

Before we throw more inappropriateness at a Nikki Bella photo, let’s take some time to remember Nikki’s lengthy hiatus from the ring. Neck injuries have haunted WWE Divas for years and years, picking up other ladies and slamming them down just isn’t what the body is meant to do. That worked double for Bella who finished her opponents off with the Rack Attack, a move that basically put another woman on her neck while dropping to her knees. Looking back, that might have been a big reason for the neck surgery.

On the sidelines for almost a year, Bella would finally return not missing a beat and looking even better than before. To her credit, her assets still looked phenomenal while out with the injury. Just look at the photo above and you’ll fail to even realize she’s wearing a neck brace, for the most part, because of her glowing assets!

7 Throwing It Back

Before they entered the WWE and reached new levels of fame under the Bella gimmick, the two twins were simply known as the “Garcia Twins”, as you see written on their booties in the photo above.

At that point, the twins were only starting to scratch the surface of fame. They moved to LA in search of stardom and enrolled in some minor modeling and acting gigs. The opportunity of a lifetime came for them following a Diva Search audition. Following the tryout, the two were offered WWE contracts and as they say, the rest is history.

And oh, as for the picture, it clearly shows that Nikki’s backside was always a focal point of her beauty, even before all her fame she had the curves of a goddess!

6 Getting Her “Assets” Grabbed

This is a privilege only John Cena has nowadays and that’s getting the chance to grab Nikki’s backside, something that all of us aren’t legally allowed to be doing. However, in this picture, the other former Divas get a hold of Nikki’s backside and grab onto it for dear life in this throwback picture. Those featured in the shot include Bella in a stunning, red tight dress, and former WWE Divas Layla and Rosa Mendes who are both happily out of the business today.

It’s not the first time we see another female grabbing Nikki’s “assets”. On Total Divas alone we’ve seen multiple females get a touch or slap it, including WWE veteran Natalya. We wonder if Cena cares that other females are touching his fiancée’s bum? Whatever the case may be, they truly can’t help themselves as it’s without a doubt, one of Nikki’ most impressive assets.

5 The Dress Malfunction

When you think of wardrobe malfunction and Nikki Bella, one thing that immediately comes to mind is something happening while wrestling. After all, females aren’t immune to wardrobe malfunctions as we’ve seen in the past, time and time again. Both Bella twins have suffered from this situation as well, although this particular incident didn’t even take place with the WWE!

Instead, it all went down while Nikki was talking to her fans and petting the family dog. She was wearing a revealing top which in truth didn’t help. As she bent down, boom (no, not an RKO out of nowhere), one of her "puppies" just came popping right out. Bella smartly didn’t make much of a fuss as she was able to block the malfunction swiftly. However, it’s a moment that surely Cena didn’t want us to see, even if he is invisible...

4 Stretching The Glutes & Chest

This photo compliments both of Nikki’s assets and it’s an image Cena has seen himself live a couple of times... With her chest up in the air and curvaceous backside, this pose is flattering in all the right places!

Both Nikki and John have been away from the company but that doesn’t mean they’ve been chilling. Bella’s constantly on the road while Cena was in full on acting mode. However, fans are excited that John is finally set to return as a free agent, coming back to SmackDown on the July 4th episode. Both shows are in big time need of a draw, and having Cena on both programs appears to be the logical move, especially due to the fact that the WWE has huge plans for SummerSlam this year. Look for Cena to have a major role on the PPV.

3 Signing Autographs In Yoga Pants

When we think of the newest wardrobe crazes out there, we fail to find anything better than the yoga pants. The stretchy material is flattering in all the right places and if you have a lovely behind, the pants just look that much better on you. Nikki’s top assets are her glutes, so it isn’t much of a surprise to realize that she looks pretty darn great in yoga pants. This picture justifies that as she signs some autographs for the fans.

It was a sneaky candid shot, and one Cena would rather a fan didn’t take. However, Bella is once again the real victor of the shot as she looks glowing as usual, even if she wasn’t ready to take the picture. Her PR skills with both media and fans are second to none, and that’s another reason why she’s held in such a high regard by the WWE.

2 Bikini Booty !

We have reason to believe that a box of Booty O’s was consumed before this phenomenal shot was taken. Not sure what’s better here, the beach view or the view we get from Nikki’s behind. We’ll give Bella the win here (although I really need a vacation).

For now, Bella remains away from the WWE which is pretty heartbreaking considering one of the only good things about the WWE product at the moment is the SmackDown’s Women's Division. The female Superstars are thriving on the Tuesday show and they just underwent a groundbreaking, first ever Money In the Bank Ladder Match, something we truly believe Nikki would have loved to be a part of. For now, a return isn’t likely as she continues to grow her brand outside of the company. However, we still have reason to believe that another run will in fact take place at some point down the road.

1 The “Assets” Come Out Of Their Holster

Out of all the photos on the list, this is likely the picture Cena doesn’t want us to see the most, as it exposed one of Bella's puppies on live TV. This malfunction took place while Nikki laid outside. The camera zoomed in on her facial expression, only to show one of her chesticles exposed. Swiftly, the camera changed to another shot.

It really wasn’t all that bad in the end, especially compared to what poor Brie underwent. While on Miz TV with the other Divas, Brie’s breast just popped out, out of the blue for quite some time. Obviously, fans caught the wardrobe malfunction and it provided us with yet another pleasing moment. It wasn’t so pleasing for both Cena and Bryan who had to ensure such malfunction to not happen to their ladies! At the very least, it must have provided the couples with some hilarious conversation points at dinner.

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