15 Pics Hulk Hogan Doesn’t Want You To See Of His Daughter Brooke

As much as wrestling fans love to praise Noelle Foley and her hotness as a daughter of a WWE star, we can’t forget the original herself, Brooke Hogan, who was launched to popularity after the reality

As much as wrestling fans love to praise Noelle Foley and her hotness as a daughter of a WWE star, we can’t forget the original herself, Brooke Hogan, who was launched to popularity after the reality show Hogan Knows Best. It seems like the WWE is trying to copy that proven formula by putting Noelle in a reality show of her own, alongside father Mick Foley. True fans know this formula worked to perfection with Brooke who rose up the ranks in the early 2000s.

From reality TV, to modelling, to acting and to singing, Brooke managed to make headlines time and time again. She even partook in some pro wrestling action walking into the footsteps of her father. The one constant throughout her journey, those darn good looks that just don’t seem to fade.

In this article, we’ll highlight those good looks along with some awkward photos we truly believe Hulk wouldn’t want the public to see. If you remember Hulk on Hogan Knows Best, you remember he’s one protective father. So without further ado, here are 15 pictures Hulk Hogan doesn’t want you to see of his daughter Brooke. Enjoy and let us know your favorite picture from the list!

15 Club Grind

I don’t think we really need to say much as to why the Hulkster wouldn’t be all that proud that the public saw this pic of his daughter Brooke shaking her large backside next to the nether regions of some rapper. For Hulk, he envisioned his daughter dating a pro athlete, instead, she went from guy to guy in the music industry (mostly rappers), something that Hulk probably wishes didn’t happen (evidenced by his tape).

This picture however, does involve some pros that can make Hogan sleep better. For one, his daughter looks hot as hell in the picture. Second, she’s wearing the iconic Hogan-like red along with her blonde hair, so you can make the argument for the yellow and red Hulkster style. Finally, she’s holding a microphone, so at least she was partaking in some musical activity and not just randomly grinding away at a night club (even though we’re sure she has at some point).

14 Her TNA Stint

Not too surprising, but yes, Brooke did follow in her father’s footsteps attempting a career in the pro wrestling business. The only downfall is it didn’t happen with the WWE but with the lackluster TNA promotion. Looking at the state of that company today, one would assume both Brooke and Hulk wish you totally forgot this ever happened.

After a brief cameo with the WWE in 2006, it seemed like McMahon had no other interest in bringing Brooke in full-time or you would imagine she would have obliged. Instead, six years later in 2012 she joined her father in TNA Wrestling, a promotion that struggled for any type of publicity. Not surprisingly, they welcomed Brooke in with open arms. For the most part, she worked as a personality more so than an actual performer, debuting as an authority figure for the company. Her most notable storyline was a creepy love affair with Bubba Dudley, but we’ll have more on that a little later.

13 Caught In An Awkward Position

At the age of 28, one thing we know for certain is that Brooke Hogan is a beach bum. Since her days as a teen, various entertainment magazines have caught Brooke just chilling back laying in the sun. It is at that very location that millions around the world began to discover the hotness of Hulk’s daughter as she strutted around in some fine bikinis.

Most males aren’t opposed to this shot, but we can only assume Brooke and her father Hulk are thinking otherwise as she’s caught in a peculiar picture with her legs opened. Of course, when it comes to picture taking, the paparazzi never shies away from taking an awkward photo and this one gets the award for one of the most bizarre out of all of Brooke’s various beach pictures she’s taken over the years. If it was up to father Hulk, this one wouldn't make her portfolio!

12 Blue Bikini

If you like sand, bikinis and blondes, then you came to the right place. If you're father Hogan however, you wish some of these pictures never found the light of day, but thanks to nosey paparazzi, they did and many males and even females are happy they did.

Again, Brooke looks smoking hot in the picture sporting a fantastic blue bikini which she’s rocking to perfection. Various photos went viral online of Brooke in this exact bikini and let’s just say it got a couple more views than her other pictures. This one however, without a doubt takes the cake as Brooke is once again caught in an awkward position with her hand in a questionable area. Let’s just say that aside from Hulk, absolutely nobody is complaining. Brooke seems to be in a perfect position leading us to question if she’s actually posing for the picture and knows the cameras are there. Seriously though, who chills in such a perfect position like that? Apparently, Brooke does!

11 With New Jack

Another way for Brooke to make some extra cash was attending wrestling conventions. Despite her lack of in-ring experience, fans have flocked towards her beauty allowing her mainstream popularity to grow especially online similar to Noelle Foley. With that said, Brooke has made a couple of bucks meeting wrestling fans.

In this pic, she gets the pleasure or displeasure, whatever you think, of meeting ECW alumni New Jack at a wrestling convention. For those of you unaware, New Jack is one barbaric and ruthless dude who takes the TV rating rated-R to another level. In the picture, New Jack decides to take a shot at Hogan by taking a pic with his daughter and writing, “I’m that N******”. New Jack was making reference to Hogan’s controversial racist remarks which were leaked on tape. New Jack decided to take a shot at the legend for his racist remarks and have some fun at his expense. I don’t think we need to say much else as to why Hulk doesn’t want you to see this photo!

10 Halloween Fun

Unfortunately there’s no beach setting in the background, but once again she’s rocking the heck out of a bikini top and bottom for her Halloween outfit. Brooke blames the weather for her recent costume as she was rocking it in the fantastic temperatures of Miami, damn you people of Miami, damn you! Brooke posted the selfie just a week ago, and at the age of 28, it’s pretty obvious that she can still rock the hell out of a bikini top. If possible, the fact that she’s holding up a gun makes it that much hotter.

One can imagine, the popular Hogan family member went out for a night on the town with her smoking outfit. Whether she’s back at home in Tampa, or rocking the streets of Miami you best believe a couple of heads will turn once she passes them by. As for father Hulk, we imagine he wished she went as something more conservative like Cinderella and not some adult-film-star-looking-military-girl.

9 With Bubba

If this picture doesn’t hurt the soul of the Hulkster, well then we truly don’t know what will. During her run with TNA, Bubba Dudley was one of the top dogs in the company enjoying his most formidable run as a heel. With that said, the company decided to hook him up with Brooke, adding to his heel demeanor even more. So basically, Brooke who is currently 28, was forced to kiss and act like she was in a relationship with the 45 year old Bubba Ray Dudley who’s been around the block and back again. Seriously though, the dude can pass as her uncle.

The storyline went as far as having a wedding between the two. Everything was basically centered around the terrible Aces & Eights faction which ultimately ended up turning on Brooke and her father. When all was said and done, Brooke was released by the company following the lackluster storyline in August of 2013. She stayed out of the business ever since and we’re going to predict that she’ll most probably never be back again.

8 Red Bikini

Before she pursued her music career Brooke made the headlines on the popular reality show, Hogan Knows Best. Not surprising that the WWE is trying to copy this formula nowadays, as Mick Foley’s daughter Noelle, now seems to be the talk of the town, so with that in mind, the company started a reality show, Holy Foley, with both Mick and Noelle’s wrestling careers being the center of attention. You see the connection there?

Well, Brooke was the pioneer on reality TV and they even made a spin-off called Brooke Knows Best because of her rise to fame. Along with all the popularity, Brooke had a huge fanbase because of her various pictures online, something similar to what Noelle Foley is currently experiencing. Pictures like the one you see above in this smoking red hot bikini caused Brooke to skyrocket her popularity. Her social media followers speak for themselves with over 200K followers on Instagram. Winning formula here: if you’re hot, people will follow you.

7 Soul Full Of Stars

With her last name being Hogan, and being the daughter of the famous Hulk Hogan, superstardom was pretty certain for Brooke. Her good looks made her extremely popular with the masses and she tried to cash that in with various avenues of work. For the most part, fans know Brooke for her singing career but she’s also tried her hand at other ventures like acting and as you see in the picture above, modelling.

Without a doubt, her modelling work has driven her status up the ranks and this is another picture that only helps her cause. Brooke recently posted the ultra sexy shot on her social media page. Not surprising, the picture gathered more than a thousand likes as the stars shine while Brooke appears to be showing off quite a bit, with only a towel hiding her goods. Let’s give Brooke credit for not showing us everything throughout the years, and for that reason, fans keep coming back and this photo is yet another teaser. Although she isn’t in the buff, we best believe father Hulk would rather she didn’t post such a pic, but newsflash Hulk, she’s a grown woman!

6 Singing Outfit

Part of being a successful musician nowadays requires an artist to show some skin while demonstrating their good looks to the masses. As this became apparent early on in her career, father Hulk was none too pleased and did his very best to protect his daughter until he no longer could. As she became more popular in the charts, she began to dress more and more provocatively and this picture surely is an example of that.

Brooke peaked in 2006 when her song About Us broke into the Billboard Hot 100 charts. She continued with some up and down success throughout the years before finally making the switch to alternative country, something she was seeking to do for a very long time. In 2015, Brooke would launch and release her first ever alternative country album called Girlfriend. It remains to be seen what’s next for Brooke, but judging by her outfits, most males hope she continues her musical career along with the revealing attire choices.

5 With Her Ex

As Brooke’s popularity began to pick up, it seemed like her dating resume did as well. Hogan was seen with several different men throughout her 20s and this one might have been the most peculiar of her relationships. Caught together on the beach, the paparazzi was all over pictures of the smoking hot Brooke, alongside her ex-boyfriend, Yannique Barker, who went under the alias of Stack$, a persona he used for his rapping career.

Not surprising, the rapper was from Miami, a place Brooke loves to go to and still does frequently to this day. The obvious elephant in the room from this picture was the size difference as Brooke seems to be towering over her man. Hogan would express his disinterest with her love choices on a leaked "tape" which as well all know, got the Hulkster into some serious trouble. Not surprising, Brooke stuck by her father throughout the ordeal.

4 Other Exes

We're not entirely sure why, but Brooke just had a thing for boney males coming out of the music industry. This yet another example as Brooke embraces another one of her exes. You can see Hogan keep one eye opened as the shot is being taken. Without a doubt she knew it was coming.

Much to father Hulk’s pleasure, Brooke would finally put the skinny musician obsession aside and start dating an athlete, without a doubt Hulk’s dream for his daughter. She would end up getting engaged to Phil Costa, a retired NFL player who played for both the Colts and Cowboys. Just as the two were set to tie the knot, the engagement was called off in November of 2013 which meant Brooke was to stay on the market as many men were able to breathe a sigh of relief. Someone who wasn’t breathing a sigh of relief though, father Hulk who saw his dreams “come crashing down”, to quote an iconic wrestling theme song.

3 Cleavage King

She captioned this picture, “I see you”, but without a doubt, most of us see her more so than she sees us with such a picture. Brooke’s sporting a lovely white top with some fantastic cleavage yet again leaving more to be desired from her fans around the globe. Rightfully so, the picture garnered over 2K likes and we're not blaming people for double tapping such a photo that features some marvelous cleavage.

Judging by her social media portfolios, one can assume Brooke is putting her interest in modelling at the moment with a variety of A+ pictures being posted. Which leads to our next question, would Brooke ever consider doing a shoot for Playboy? At the age of 28, you’d figure now would be the perfect time but with her father as cold as a piece of ice at the moment, it may not be in her family’s best interest. What do you guys think, yay or nay on Playboy?

2 Anything With Mom

Poor Hulk has been in court one too many times during his lifetime. Whether it be testifying for Vince McMahon, a brutal divorce, or a battle against Gawker, Hogan has made the tabloids way too often for all the wrong reasons.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about Hulk’s brutal divorce to wife Linda, and how bad things ended between the two. After suspecting he had cheated on her, Linda filed for divorce and boy, was it ever ugly. Hulk lost a massive amount of assets as he kept only 30% of the liquid assets which totaled a mere $10 million. Hogan struggled after the divorce and almost committed suicide as depression got the better of him. Hogan is finally back on track and happy alongside his new wife Jennifer McDaniel. With all that in mind, it’s not hard to understand why the Hulkster isn’t so thrilled about his daughter still being so close to her mother, despite the fact that she almost took her dad for everything he's worth.

1 Rubbing His Daughter

Without a doubt, this picture is number one on Hulk’s list of pictures he doesn’t want you to see of his daughter Brooke. Once again the paparazzi was out in full force as they were able to muster up a creepy shot of Hogan lathering up his daughter in some places that the average dad probably wouldn’t dare to go. The picture went viral following its release and led to several questions of the two’s relationship.

The speculation got so bad that Brooke actually had to acknowledge the elephant in the room claiming there’s nothing wrong with her father and that the two share a close bond with one another (obviously). Of course, this wasn’t the first time Brooke defended her father as she took to social media defending her dad once the racist remarks were made public. Without a doubt, she’s daddy’s girl!


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15 Pics Hulk Hogan Doesn’t Want You To See Of His Daughter Brooke