15 Pics Hulk Hogan Doesn't Want Us To See Of His New Wife

The "Hulkster" is one of the biggest celebrities of the wrestling world of all time. Hulkamania swept through the WWF in the early 1980s as Hulk Hogan rose to fame. Known originally as Terry Gene Bollea, Hogan got his signature wrestling name when Vince McMahon got a hold of him. He wanted Hogan to be an Irish wrestler and initially tried to get him to dye his hair red. Hogan, already going bald, resisted and told McMahon he would be a blonde Irish wrestler. McMahon was impressed with Hogan's charisma and his 6-foot, 7-inch frame. He saw stardom, and Hogan was more than willing to accept it. Hogan even got a brief role in Rocky III, appearing with Sylvester Stallone at the height of the movie series. This only brought Hogan's fame to another level, and he continued on as a wrestling giant, leaving one of the biggest footprints of all time on the sport.

On the other side of the coin, Hogan's personal life hasn't been nearly as smooth. There have been numerous ups and downs. The family had their own reality television series but suffered personal setbacks almost immediately after filming the show. Hogan's wife cheated on him, and there were rumors of infidelities of his own. The family imploded. Soon after, a sex tape that was illegally leaked and spread brought Hogan into court and got him a big payoff. But the damage had been done to his reputation. It seems the charismatic wrestler has had his share of ups and downs. These days, he has a new wife with a kickin' bod! Let's take a look at the goods!


15 Like Mommy Like Daughter

When they're seated side by side, Jennifer McDaniel and Brooke Hogan have some striking similarities. First off, they actually look a little like mother/daughter. The gal pals have seemingly been hanging out for a while together during the time Hogan first started dating McDaniel seven years prior. Now, Brooke is McDaniel's newly minted step-daughter. It's honestly impossible to tell the two apart in some photos, so much so that many snapshots by photographers have been mislabeled due to the two sharing the EXACT same hair coloring and very similar boob jobs. The two are carbon copies. Here, step-mommy Jennifer is seated in the white bikini looking pretty damn good with Brooke in the purple highlighted two-piece next to her.

14 Wedgie Time


If there's one thing that Jennifer McDaniel prides herself on, it would be fitness. It's as clear as day as this over-40 beauty stands side-by-side with her step-daughter, Brooke Hogan. Hulk Hogan and his new bride can be seen regularly hitting the gym together. And it shows for the 40+-year-old McDaniel, who sports a near flawless physique. Her rear is ripped and the perfect shape. She certainly looks pretty damn hot standing next to her younger step-daughter. McDaniel's physique has to be one of the many enticing reasons she caught Hulk Hogan's eye. But what's catching our eyes here is the wedgie. The curves on McDaniel's backside scream tight, sensual bottom. Well done, Hulkster!

13 Busting Out

There's no doubting that these two wear out the machines in the gym. Both Hulk Hogan and Jennifer McDaniel do their figures justice. Hogan is a man who should not look this good at his age. Sure, we can point to probable steroid use over his lifetime, but it's clear that Hogan continues to use his incredibly athletic build to maintain a high level of fitness. As for McDaniel, wow! The "ladies" have come out to play in this photo and Hogan's physical attraction to this physical gem is evident in this candid moment. It appears as though McDaniel is trying to splash a little water on her face (or she could be rushing to cover it to avoid photogs from snapping shots). Either way, we're impressed with the goods and give her two thumbs up for that deadly rack.

12 Hit the Mark


There are a couple of reasons to get excited about this candid photo. First off, we do ring the "creepy" bell for the photographer who was clearly a far distance away in some sort of brush (as seen by the couple of weeds/plants popping up out of focus in the picture). But moving past the photographer/stalker who lay in bushes for hours to get this perfectly timed candid photo, we do appreciate the female form in its finest. One, Jennifer McDaniel's tramp stamp is in perfect focus. And what's better is that her tiny bikini bottom is starting to ride low, giving us a nice glimpse of her backside crack. In addition to that, we do get the slightest view of her topside heat as her side boob pushes hard on her bikini top -- definitely an all-around good yet creepy candid snap.

11 Twinsies

A lot has been made about how close Brooke Hogan and her father's new wife, Jennifer, have gotten. The two are regular hang-out buddies. They've been seen sunbathing with regular frequency. So, it should come as no surprise that they would all come together as a happy family for a celebration on Brooke's behalf. The two women are flanked on either side of the Hulkster. McDaniel's perfect pose shouldn't come as a big surprise. She's spent years as a makeup artist, getting others ready to jump on camera. Her background in the entertainment industry is a big reason why she came across Hogan. It's also a reason why she and Brooke get along so well together.

10 Poolside


This candid photo of Hogan's two favorite girls is a great shot of his daughter's figure on her side as she wears a two-piece and the stellar figure of his wife, Jennifer McDaniel. McDaniel, for her part, is doing an excellent job of catching rays in her red two-piece. Her tan is flawless as she's moved on from being a makeup artist who makes others look pretty and now just focuses on being Mrs. Hulk Hogan these days. She likes her drinks and loves to flaunt that tight body of hers. The candid photo shows the efforts are definitely paying off in the gym for McDaniel. Her flat stomach looks even tighter when compared to her tremendous chest region.

9 Classy

Hulk's new wife is blonde, busty, and has questionable facial features -- has Hulk Hogan found the perfect replica of his daughter? This was the talk when he first started dating the boob-driven Jennifer McDaniel. McDaniel was the woman whom Hogan picked up, and we can see why. 21 years his younger, McDaniel is definitely a change of pace for a man who went through quite a number of issues over the past decade. But Hogan's most favorite asset, his daughter, now has a step-mommy version of herself to hang with, and they aren't too far off in age either. Brooke is 29, while her newly minted stepmother is just 43. The two have been hanging out regularly since Hogan and McDaniel hooked up.


8 Backside Beauty


Trim and fit, McDaniel is definitely a woman who prides herself on her shape. Here, a photog decides to sidle up on her backside and snap a quick pic of the blonde's very appetizing rear. Hogan wouldn't be thrilled with photographers racing at his most recent main squeeze and hawking her rear end in hopes of capturing some sort of inappropriate photo. Here, in this photo, it appears the attractive blonde may be going commando. Pantie lines are nowhere to be found in this photo, but we do appreciate the effort McDaniel puts into her body. In addition to a beautiful rear, McDaniels also has a tremendous pair of legs. And hey, like we said, she may be going commando here!

7 Surprise!

Hogan seems none-too-thrilled with a photographer jumping up for this quick snapshot of himself with McDaniel during their wooing stage. Standing by a valet box is the last place you expect to be hounded, but Hogan recently was dragged through a long court battle over someone illegally leaking a sex tape he was involved in. Hogan, just prior to dating McDaniel (or during their wooing stage, depending on the exact timeline), began to have a brief affair with his best friend's wife, Heather Clem. One might think that's terrible on the surface until you hear that Clem and her shock-jock husband, Bubba Clem, had an open marriage, and it was Bubba's idea that Hogan get down with his wife. As a leaked sex tape will tell you, their interlude was secretly taped by Bubba Clem, and thus, a lawsuit unfolded.

6 Out and About


The casual clip of the two newlyweds is intriguing. Hogan is now in his 60s, an interesting fact. Many wrestlers begin to break down terribly at this age, and some never get there. Hogan has always defied the odds of Father Time. He's a timeless figure, full of energy and still pushing along. His wife is over two decades his younger. This is not a fact lost on Hogan who's chuckled about it in interviews. But, from a distance, seeing the two of them side by side, it's hard to see a major difference on the surface. Physically, Hogan still maintains being in decent shape and McDaniel is a workout machine. But her face, most likely undone a bit by sun damage, has aged her a bit despite her having an incredible figure. Hogan, for his part, has remained youthful enough to look more like a 50-year-old man. So, although there's an age gap, physically, it doesn't look like a 21-year difference.

5 Ahoy!

When you're a celebrity, you can expect nothing less than some unflattering photos. Hogan and McDaniel are clearly having a great time at Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida. The pair is most likely a tad bit liquored as they dance to the crowd's delight. Naturally, this photo captures McDaniel in a not-so-flattering moment of kicking up her leg. The photographer literally draws attention to McDaniel's lady-party region. Fortunately, she didn't get caught in much of an embarrassing moment. But the dull look on her face is probably one of the least-flattering photos she's taken. But that's the celebrity life she's chosen.

4 Boom


Alright. Clearly, we're focusing on one region here. And the candid shot of the perfectly apple-shaped rear end on the right is none other than Jennifer McDaniel's. The photo is an absolute candid snap of perfection. Her bathing suit is about as thin as tooth floss. Clearly, McDaniel is making a tremendous statement with this kind of showing. And you have to give it to her. For a woman who just passed 40 not too long ago, McDaniel is so impressive with regard to her figure. She's in exceptional shape, and we applaud her up and down for her efforts. Going poolside with this little coverage takes tremendous confidence, and you have to have the goods to pull it off. Brooke Hogan, her younger step-daughter by more than 10 years, is to her left and cannot hold a candle to McDaniel's rear end. We can only silently applaud and give the Hulkster a that-a-boy!

3 We Hate To See You Go... But Love Watching You Leave

There's nothing quite like watching a beautiful woman walk. When you have a view of her walking from behind, her clothing (if she's wearing some) clinging tightly to her body, you can imagine the amazing figure that resides under her clothing. Here, we get an awesome look at the walk without the bother of clothing. The walk definitely does McDaniel a lot of justice. The curves in her firm backside are all the rage in this photo. The cut lines are flawless, as is the definition in her back, and they perfectly flow to her abdominal region. There's no doubt that this gym rat is a bigtime homerun. Her figure is beyond perfection. It's definitely a good look. We'll take her walking away from us any day.

2 Au Naturel... Oh No!


Unfortunately for Jennifer McDaniel, the body doesn't necessarily match up to her facial features. A lot has been made in the past about Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brooke, not possessing the classically beautiful face to go along with her bountiful figure. Jennifer McDaniel certainly defines the term "hourglass" with her figure, but with no make-up, all of her facial flaws shine. Look, the woman has an incredible figure and is probably in better shape than 95% of the world. But when it comes to classic beauty in terms of her facial features, she lacks quite a bit there. This photo definitely qualifies that point.

1 The Happy Couple

It's been a long road for Hulk Hogan and his new main squeeze. Hulk Hogan has gone through an embarrassing trial, leaked video footage of himself naked with another woman (the wife of his former best friend, no less), his issues with Vince McMahon and various wrestling outfits, and having his ex-wife cheat on him. However, in every aspect, Hogan has appeared to once again rise up to the challenges before him and has been victorious in every way. The people's champion of the wrestling world, Hulk Hogan, has always possessed a crazy kind of energy that drew people in. With Jennifer McDaniel, he's found a younger yet game partner in life. The victory for him has to be how much McDaniel and his daughter, Brooke, seem to get along. Hogan has definitely had quite the run through his life. Now, he can raise his arms one more time and enjoy his final chapters in the spotlight with a bangin' body on his arm.

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