15 Pics Gal Gadot Doesn't Want Us To See

Gal Gadot is probably one on the fastest-rising stars in Hollywood right now. She's fresh off immense success with Wonder Woman, and the future looks very bright for this young Israeli actress. She started off as a model, and was once Miss Israel in the Miss Universe pageant. She soon veered toward acting, and had her first big break in The Fast And The Furious. She certainly caught a lot of people's attention with this role, and she showed that she has everything she needs to become a major star. Then she shocked everyone when she was cast as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman. Her role was relatively small, so it was an even bigger surprise when it was announced that she would be getting her very own superhero movie. We all know what happened after that. Wonder Woman went down as one of the most successful superhero movies of all time, and a sequel was recently announced for release in December 2019. That's good news for Gal Gadot.

But this rising star is not without some regrettable moments. I'm sure that if she could, there would be plenty of times she wishes she could reverse time and not make certain decisions. A star of her magnitude is bound to attract some criticism, but she seems to have been targeted more than most. Her past is not without certain controversial moments, and there are plenty of things she wishes could be erased from history. Luckily for you, we've dug up pretty much all of these moments.


15 The Armpit Controversy

Definitely one of the weirdest controversies that Gal Gadot has ever been embroiled in involved her armpits. Yes, that's right - her armpits. You might be asking yourself "How can a woman's armpits possibly be deemed controversial?" Well clearly you have no idea how far political correctness can go, even to the utter depths of ridiculousness and stupidity. You see, many people thought that if Wonder Woman was a real Amazon warrior, she wouldn't have shaved her armpits. A real symbol of feminism, according to them, would not have tried to shave her armpits because that would be acquiescing to the patriarchy and the enforced gender norms they perpetuate.

There was also brief outrage over the fact that the film had photoshopped her armpits to get rid of what little hair she actually had. Someone claims to be able to tell that her armpits have been "retouched," removing the stubble that was there originally. Why this is controversial, I have no idea, but it did cause enough of a stir to be featured on a lot of news sites.

14 Pictures From Her Past In The IDF


Another thing that Gal Gadot might want to hide about her past is her past with the Israeli Defense Force, their army. If you're born in Israel, you have to serve a term in the army, and that includes women, even hot ones like Gal Gadot. There are plenty of pictures on the Internet of hot Israeli IDF soldiers, but Gal Gadot was probably the hottest. She never served in a combat role, and it seems that she served as a fitness instructor for the army, a role that was pretty comfortable for her.

These days however, she's a little reluctant to share these details about her military past. It's hard to separate a Hollywood star from the violence that is associated with the army and war, so it would make sense that Gal might not want people to know she was part of the IDF. But she is Wonder Woman, after all.

13 Her Support For The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Although these days she tries to keep her lips sealed about her links to Israel, she can't go back in time and delete the things she's already said. This is never truer than on Facebook. Back in 2014, she posted a very controversial message to the Israeli people. She posed with her daughter as they lit a candle for the Israeli people following a terrorist attack by Hamas against the Israeli people which took many lives. In this message, she called Hamas "cowards" for targeting innocent women and children. She also voiced her support for the fighters in the IDF.

Well, this message was inevitably dug up by people when Wonder Woman came out and it was the source of a major controversy. Those who were against Zionism and Israel's policies actually boycotted the Wonder Woman movie as a response to her views.

12 Posing With Former Israeli President


In all truth, that Facebook post from 2014 was hardly the first time Gal Gadot took to social media to voice her support for Israel. Many have pointed out the fact that Gal Gadot was not criticized about her support for Israel when she appeared in Fast And Furious or Batman v Superman. So why was it such a big deal when she got her own movie? Even today, she continues to post Twitter and Instagram updates in Hebrew, and she continues to get a lot of hate about it.

But perhaps one of the most controversial things she's ever posted was her posing with Shimon Peres, the former president of Israel. A lot of people disagree with the former leader's views, policies he has been a part of in the past. So when she posed with this man, she got a lot of hate from commenters.

11 Her Lip Syncing Video That Went Too Far

If you haven't seen this YouTube video yet, you're in for a treat. This is Gal Gadot doing a very sexy lip sync to a song called “Lie” by Noy Alooshe and Saar Badishi. This is a very popular song in Israel, but I think Gal Gadot made it a whole lot more popular when she did her version of it in 2014. Yes, this video was actually posted by the actress 3 years ago, when she was still relatively unknown. She really sexualizes the song, and some people say she went too far. Not only is she wearing nothing but a tiny little bra, but she's also moving her lips in an incredibly sensual way, and rolling her tongue in a way that can only be described as "suggestive."

It should come as no surprise that this video went completely viral when it was first released back in 2014. But nobody was expecting this video to resurface once Wonder Woman came out. Even Gal Gadot had probably forgotten all about it. This was back in a time when she was still trying to get people's attention. And it might have been a little embarrassing when this video was shown again after she had "made it," going viral all over again.

10 Caught Lip-Biting At Chris Pine


Working with Chris Pine must have been an amazing experience for Gal Gadot. But many times, it looks like she's a little too admiring of this famous actor. In all truth though, can you blame her? Chris Pine is the kind of guy that makes women of all kinds weak in the knees and lose their breath. Gal Gadot is only human, after all. She has urges just like any other woman. And it looks like there's something about Chris Pine than really gets her hot. It's easy to see from this moment captured in a Wonder Woman interview. Chris Pine is talking, and Gal seems to get lost in her daydreams while staring longingly into Chris' eyes. She then bites her lip (a huge sign of subconscious arousal in females), and then realizes the camera just caught everything. She takes a deep breath and then realizes what she's just revealed.

There's nothing wrong with finding Chris Pine attractive. But Gal Gadot is married... With kids... Looks like she's finding out that Hollywood is a world full of temptation, and we're wondering if she's ever succumbed to her desires.

9 The Feeling Is Mutual

Looks like there was some serious chemistry between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. And it wasn't just Gal Gadot staring longingly at Chris Pine. At least from this picture, it looks like the attraction between the two was a two way street. Chris Pine is clearly checking Gal Gadot out here, and the cameras catch this moment perfectly. Maybe they're just posing for the cameras. Who knows? What's certain, however, is that there was an on-screen romance between the two actors in Wonder Woman, and we all know how relationships on the big screen can blossom into romances when the cameras aren't even rolling.

Can you imagine being Gal Gadot's husband and looking at this picture? Or seeing Gal Gadot bite her lip, obviously turned on by Chris Pine? It would be enough to make most men's blood boil. I'm sure she doesn't want her husband (or anyone else) to see these pictures. What's certain is that it takes a very special kind of relationship to allow your partner to do sex scenes, kissing, and other romantic things on screen with a total stranger.


8 Fast And Braless


Gal Gadot's first big break was a role in the Fast And The Furious franchise. She was extremely excited about this role, as she knew that this was her chance to show Hollywood and the entire world what she was capable of. She also knew that she had to show how beautiful she could be. And for a model of her hotness, this was a pretty easy thing to accomplish. She looked incredible, and I'm sure a lot of people were asking themselves "Who is that?" when they saw her in the movie. Her outfits were designed to show off her incredible body, and one scene with her in a tiny bikini immediately comes to mind.

But there was another scene where she was wearing a white top that perfectly exhibited her amazing chest. She's often revealed that she's insecure about her boobs, and she asked Jimmy Kimmel, "What do you think of my breasts?" Some fans also remarked that her boobs were "too small" for her to play Wonder Woman. Although they may be small, Gal Gadot has no reason to be insecure about them. A particularly revealing picture shows her director Justin Lin talking about the scene. His hands look like they're just about to grope her boobs!

7 Strange Interview...

Believe it or not, someone actually did grope Gal Gadot's boobs in full view of the camera, and Gal Gadot fully allowed it to happen. This was actually part of Israeli national television, and the lucky woman who got to feel Gal's boobs was Sivan Klein, who's a celebrity in Israel. I have no idea how this happened, or why this was part of an interview, but you get the feeling that Gal Gadot would like this tape to vanish from the Internet. They are speaking Hebrew, but Sivan Klein asks Gal Gadot if she can touch her breasts, to which Gal Gadot agrees.

What follows is a totally awkward moment and both women end up blushing. It's a total cringe moment and you can see that Gal Gadot is wishing she could just run away. I'm not sure why they decided to do this, but it might have been in response to the allegations that Gal Gadot's boobs were too small for her to play Wonder Woman. Sivan Klein might have been trying to make sure that they were big enough, with a literal hands on approach.

6 Inappropriate...? 


Chris Pine and Gal Gadot were seen everywhere together for a while. Being part of the same cast, they must have spent hours and hours together, joking around and getting to know each other. Comic-Con was one event where they really enjoyed hanging out and joking together with the fans of the Wonder Woman franchise. Gal Gadot looked incredibly hot as usual with a scandalously low-cut top that showed off plenty of her now famous cleavage. But pictures that came out of this event seemed to show Gal Gadot sitting on Chris Pine's lap, with them both giggling and Pine's arms wrapped around her.

But look closer. Yes, this is a complete optical illusion! Chris Pine is actually sitting behind Gal Gadot, to the left of her. The camera angle and way they're both crossing their arms across their chest only makes it look like she's sitting in his lap, which would have been incredibly inappropriate for a married woman to do in public with another man. Regardless of how real the picture is, it definitely sent a shock down her husband's spine when he saw it, and it's a picture she probably wishes was never taken for all the confusion it's caused.

5 This Moment From Keeping Up With The Joneses 

Gal Gadot has been in many other films other than just superhero movies and racing films. One that you might have missed is Keeping Up With The Joneses. This movie was a huge box office bomb, so that's why you might have missed it. Even the presence of a very sexy Gal Gadot couldn't stop this movie from tanking, grossing over 29 million on a 40 million dollar budget. It was also universally panned by critics, who called it "witless," among other things. It also won a score of just 19% on Rotten Tomatoes.

But if you like Gal Gadot and want to see what is arguably her hottest movie ever, you might want to give this film a try. It might not be a great movie, but it has plenty of scenes featuring Gal Gadot in all kinds of sexy situations. One of which involved her making out with Isla Fisher, who is pretty hot herself. This is probably a film that Gal Gadot wants to just forget altogether, and that includes scenes like these.

4 And This One...


But that wasn't the only time Gal Gadot showed off her sex appeal in the film. If you thought the Wonder Woman outfit was hot, seeing Gal Gadot wearing  lingerie might be exactly what you wanted to see. The scene involves her trying on underwear with her costar, Isla Fisher, who Gal Gadot's character obviously has very strong, sexual feelings for. But she also shows that she can play a "Femme Fatale" very well, and she actually looks pretty intimidating as she saunters towards the cowering Isla Fisher.

Speaking about the overall message of the film, she said: "Never judge a book by its cover. I think we all make the mistake of judging people by the way they look. Jon [Hamm] and my character are being judged by Isla [Fisher] and Zach [Galifianakis]’s character just because we look stylish and sophisticated and we’re always 'happy.' They think our lives are perfect and immediately suspect something [must] be wrong with us. Of course, they're right. [Laughs] They think everything is great with our relationship and we look so in love and so happy, whereas we have our own issues and our own problems."

3 This Unfortunate Angle...


Gal Gadot probably doesn't want you to see this particular angle of her in Wonder Woman, replayed over and over again. When it came to this movie, one of the major talking points was the outfit. It was incredibly sexy, and showed off lots of Gal Gadot's incredible body. There were even a few people who protested against this outfit, saying it was too revealing for someone like Wonder Woman, who is supposed to be a role model for young girls. But most of the people enjoyed this outfit, and it was celebrated as a welcome change from the classic Wonder Woman outfit.

The outfit featured an incredibly short skirt, but it always seemed to somehow protect her modesty, even when she was flipping around and doing all kinds of fighting moves. But there was one scene where viewers got a clear view up her skirt, as she lays defeated on the ground. This scene lasted barely a second, but fans turned it into a gif. I bet Gal Gadot wants this particular gif erased from the face of the Earth.

2 The Equal Pay Fiasco


After the release of Wonder Woman, a lot of people fell in love with the film and Gal Gadot herself. They considered both the movie and the actress to be a symbol for feminism and female empowerment. A special "women's only" screening was also organized for this very reason. So there was tons of outrage when a rumor about the gender wage gap in Hollywood went viral. This rumor claimed that Henry Cavill was paid exponentially more than Gadot for his role in Man Of Steel. With so many feminists supporting this film, it was only a matter of time before this became a complete fiasco.

Gal Gadot herself seemed to stoke the flames by posting a picture of herself with the slogan "Equal work, equal pay." But there was just one problem. This rumor was just that... A rumor. There was no actual truth to this, and it quickly became known that this was blown out of proportion. Henry Cavill, as you can see by checking his net worth, is not even worth 14 million. It's unlikely that he was paid more than a couple million, and that's a very generous estimate. Secondly, most superhero actors are paid  a similar sum to $300,000 which they first get their own movie. When they start getting more sequels, then they can negotiate for more pay. I bet Gal Gadot wishes this whole controversy never even happened.

1 Her Most Controversial Commercial

Gal Gadot has long had an advertising deal with Castro Jeans, an Isreali clothing company. So she appears in an ongoing series of commercials for the company. Some of these commercials can get pretty sexual. One in particular shows her twerking her little butt off, and it seems pretty innocent. However, many people say that she's going too far. Now that she's Wonder Woman, this behavior is now apparently unseemly to some. They say that since little girls are looking up to her know, she shouldn't be doing such blatantly sexual stuff in front of cameras.

But times are changing. The Wonder Woman 50 years ago is outdated. Gal Gadot represents a new Wonder Woman that is comfortable with her sexuality, and maybe that's a good thing for young women and girls to look up to. Who knows. At the end of the day, I think Gal Gadot is just a normal woman, and she's a little undeserving of so much controversy.


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