15 Pics From Back When Tara Reid Was Actually Hot

When you become famous there are some incredible perks that go without saying. The money is nice, people paying attention to you is also pretty great (but it wears off quickly). You'll probably have a much easier time finding partners for "fun" activities (who can complain, right?) and of course, you'll likely be invited to some incredible parties.

Of course, the partying thing can be a blessing and a curse, much like it can be for non-celebrities. Obviously hangovers are one thing, but not being able to handle yourself while partying and indulging in substances can ruin careers as quickly as a racist rant or violent crime charge.

The list of celebrities who are known for crazy partying, drinking and drug habits is a long one. From Lindsay Lohan to Charlie Sheen, the results of cocaine and pills are not pretty. From early aging to erratic behavior, these celebs should stand as proof to kids that when it comes to drugs and booze, moderation is one's best friend.

Much like drug and alcohol use, plastic surgery is something many famous people opt for, but should be pursued with caution. There are enough examples, including the late Michael Jackson and socialite-turned-jungle cat Jocelyn Wildenstein, both of whom look(ed) like they may have been members of another species.

We've discussed two groups of celebrities here so far: the hard partying alcohol and drug users and the plastic surgery junkies. Every so often the two groups overlap. One of those cases is former top tier hottie, actress Tara Reid. Originally famous for her role in the American Pie series and more recently for the Sharknado films, she is looking rough these days. She partied hard throughout the 2000s and had a couple of surgical mishaps during that time. These days she is showing her age and while we don't want to be accused of "thin shaming" (by all you superstars who use words like "shaming"), she looks like she may be thin enough to be a threat to her health these days.

While her procedures have been "fixed", she's still looking rough in early 2017 but we'll always have the memories from when she was one of the sexiest women in show business. Here are fifteen great shots of Tara Reid in her prime.


15 All American Blonde

Now that is some kind of 1990s or early 2000s kind of gorgeous isn't it? This really takes us back to a simpler time, a time when people weren't glued to their phone screens and when Tara Reid looked like the beautiful but also down-to-Earth girl who was likely dating the quarterback on the football team who was actually a nice guy.

Between the beautiful bright blue eyes, the endearing smile, that cute, playful look on her face, this is the kind of thing that every man dreams of coming home to. Ah, the amazing memories.

14 The Big Lebowski

This isn't the hottest picture of Tara Reid by any means, but we can't write an article about her and exclude this movie.

We'll admit that her part in 1998's The Big Lebowski wasn't huge. The movie itself has gone on to garner quite a passionate, cult-like fanbase, with several likable characters and a funny but absurd story. It tells the tail of Jeff Bridges as The Dude (Jeffrey Lebowski, but don't call him that, Duder, El Duderino, His Dudeness are all better choices) who becomes a central figure in a hostage taking. Tara Reid plays Bunny Lebowski, the trophy wife of another, much wealthier Jeffrey Lebowski. While her role was small, it was memorable and involved her offering favors to The Dude in return for money. He never did make it to that ATM...

13 Was This The Beginning Of The End?

If there ever was a picture that could show the world in detail where things started to go wrong for Tara Reid it may not be this one, but it very well could be. This picture is hot on the one hand because she is dolled up and wearing a beautiful dress, but on the other hand it is kind of sad because she has no idea what is going on. For some background, she showed up at P. Diddy's birthday back in 2004 and had clearly had a few drinks (perhaps some lines as well?) beforehand. While on the red carpet she looked absolutely wasted and ended up accidentally exposing her left boob. Unlike most boob-pops/nip-slips, this one wasn't quickly put away, it hung out for over ten seconds before anyone realized what was going on.

12 Scrubs


In what was maybe her only memorable television role (don't bring up her own reality show Taradise, it was terrible but not that entertaining and memorable type of terrible), the beautiful Tara Reid played Danni Sullivan, who had an awkward on-off relationship with main character J.D. This was way back in 2003 and 2004 mostly, and Danni was a character somewhat like Reid herself, but with traits taken to the extreme. While Tara herself has been known to party hard, Danni regularly had multiple hookups at weddings and threw up on people while doing so. With all that said though, she really did look great.

11 Urban Legend

The 1998 horror/slasher flick Urban Legend had a premise to get excited for but failed to execute (no pun intended) with any great effect. In short, the movie detailed a killer who was murdering his victims using methods described in, surprise, surprise, urban legends, such as "the killer in the back seat of the car" and "saying Bloody Mary three times will make her appear". See, for a horror movie premise, there are worse.

Reid plays Sasha in this film, a radio station DJ who is (spoiler alert) brutally killed with an axe. She doesn't really have a particularly hot part in this movie, but it was the late 90s, she was in her 20s and looked great. As per the picture... we all know what this looks like.

10 Maxim 2002

It was March 2002: Tara Reid had just finished playing Vicky in American Pie 2, and her next project in line, National Lampoon's Van Wilder, in which she worked with Ryan Reynolds, was only about a month away from release. Seemed like the perfect time to take some clothes off and roll around on a bed for Maxim, right? Damn right it was.

Her photoshoot was pretty incredible and the picture we chose looks like she is about to say something to the tune of "what are you waiting for? Come get me". We can always wish, right?

9 Josie and the Pussycats

What is hotter than Tara Reid? Tara Reid along with the beautiful Rosario Dawson and stunning Rachael Leigh Cook. They worked together on Josie and the Pussycats back in 2001 and the movie ended up being terrible. We don't mean bad, by the way, we mean lost about $20 million at the box office terrible. This movie only had three reasons to go watch it and we just named all of them. Tara played the airhead drummer Melody and while she had some memorable, silly moments, along with the other two hotties, there wasn't enough of anything good to save this movie. Then again, if all you want is to see three gorgeous women play terrible music, then this may be right up your alley, have at it, champ!


8 American Pie

We all know what is going on in this scene and while her acting isn't the best in the world, this scene walked that difficult line between hot and weird. If you don't know what we're talking about here, don't worry, we'll explain. Her character Vicky, had confided in one of her friends that her boyfriend Kevin has never given her an orgasm. He learned some new tricks and decided to try them out one day with great effect. Like we said, this is acting, but we'd imagine that Tara's actual "O face" looks something like this. Who knows, she's pretending to get off on camera and we think that's just outstanding.

7 Maxim: December 2000

Oh, December 2000, the month when America's then-sweetheart Tara Reid was on the cover of Maxim wearing very little and quite literally just covering up the things that can't appear on the cover of that publication. She joined a beautiful, magical sorority of female celebrities who have appeared nude on magazine covers. For your internet browsing pleasures (later, you know, finish this article first) Jennifer Aniston, Miranda Kerr, Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson and Beyonce, have also appeared more or less naked on magazine covers at one point or another. Where does Tara Reid's cover fit on that list of stunning ladies? Somewhere around the top, for sure.

6 Van Wilder

2002's National Lampoon's Van Wilder is the story of Bert Kreischer, who has been described as one of the greatest collegiate partiers in the history of the United States. His story was originally told in Rolling Stone, and in turn it was told by Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid. Reid plays Gwen, a reporter with their university's newspaper, who has been charged with getting a story about the campus' enigmatic, charismatic seventh year student Van Wilder. Gwen and Van clash, because she falls for him and calls him out for procrastinating graduation so he doesn't have to grow up. At the end of the movie the two reconcile at an island themed party and Tara Reid looks phenomenal in a white miniskirt-bikini combo to end a movie that was a total laugh riot.

5 FHM 2003

Remember what we said about miss Reid regarding her Maxim photoshoot from early 2002? Well, many of the same things can be said of this one. It was September of the following year and she was working with FHM this time around, and they did as good a job as Maxim, maybe better. Okay, probably a bit better. The load of eye makeup she has on is unnecessary, because she had naturally good looking eyes back then, but the extra eyeliner was a good idea to make the blue show up. The look on her face is nothing if not "oh darn, you caught me doing something naughty but I don't care that much, time for a punishment".

4 Stuff 2005

2005 was really something, George W. Bush was sworn in for his second term, YouTube was founded, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in February by three points, Lance Armstrong won his seventh Tour De France, and Hurricane Katrina tore apart the Gulf Coast. These are all now contentious events and people (maybe not YouTube, but it's mostly garbage) but one thing we can all agree on is that Tara Reid looked stunning in Stuff magazine that year. The messy hair, the black lingerie, the eyes, the heels and the look on her face all come together to make a real work of art. This was something special, we don't even remember if she gave an interview, who knows, we were glued to this picture.

3 Playboy

No, we can't show you the Playboy pictures we want to show you. It has to do with ad revenue, and a lot of stuff that is unimportant compared to ogling Tara Reid and that's our focus right now. But yes, Tara Reid did pose for Playboy a few years ago, and while she doesn't quite look like her bubbly, youthful self, she still looks good. This is after her infamous surgery and well after she started living her party hard lifestyle, so we're willing to bet that there is some extreme photoshop going on throughout this entire shoot. Of course at the same time, we aren't judging or complaining. You can't complain about a result like this, can you?

2 Lucky Sink

Imagine coming home after a long day and finding that beauty in your bathroom. That'll restore your faith in God... or Satan, whoever has more skill with sexy blondes. All jokes aside, we're not even sure which magazine this is from, we just know we like it and would love to make something like this a reality. It looks like she has been caught in the middle of something and is willing to do just about anything to get out of it. We feel like this almost goes without saying but Tara Reid is one of those women who can rock "cute" and "hot" both perfectly at the same time.

1 Wow

Were I an interior decorator, I'd probably be impressed by the couch on which she is lying or the wooden paneling on the wall behind her. Because I'm a dude who doesn't care about such things, I'm stuck in a state of astonishment at the tanned, sexy blond in semi-see-through lingerie lying there. This is from another early 2000's FHM shoot and we're best described right now as speechless.

This really is a mind-blowingly sexy picture and the kind of artwork that guys could look at all day. While she looks quite different these days, Tara Reid will always be remembered like this by her fans: stunning and sexy.

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