15 Pics Dana White Doesn’t Want You To See Of These UFC Stars

Starting off as the manager of Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, Dana White searched for an investment that would help to surface the UFC brand. Enter the Fertita brothers who bought the company for literally peanuts. The three would help to bring the MMA company to the mainstream, surpassing boxing as the most watched combat sport in the world. Since the day of the purchase, the company has grown leaps and bounds becoming a worldwide monster.

Of course, the talent is a big part of that. Dana’s been pulling the strings, but the fighters have been putting the sport on the map. In most cases, the fighters have larger than life personalities that go further than inside the octagon. In this article, you’ll get a glimpse of what we mean by that. The photos in this article feature fighters outside of the octagon having some fun in the club, getting in some legal troubles and even, some outcomes Dana White probably did not want to see in the octagon. At the end of the day, these are all pictures White would rather you didn’t see of himself and these UFC stars, both former and current.

So without further ado, let’s get to the pictures. Here are 15 pictures Dana White doesn’t want you to see of these UFC stars. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a buddy!

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15 Glazed & Touchy Dana White

via bloodyelbow.com

We start the article off with the man himself, Dana White partaking in a drunken picture he surely wants us to forget about. This particular incident took place back in 2012 when the picture was made public. Actress/model Olivia Munn was quick to turn down any accusations of the picture claiming Dana was more of a big brother. She made that announcement via her Twitter, breaking off any type of speculation. Poor Dana got friend-zoned in front of the entire world. Nowadays, Munn is happily partnered up with NFL star Aaron Rodgers.

As for White, despite a couple of drunkin’ pictures online with the likes of Munn and even Ronda Rousey, it should be noted that he is in fact happily married. White is married to his wife Anne, and the couple are living happily out of Vegas alongside their three children. What can we say, the guy likes to have a good time!

14 Chuck “The B Man” Liddell

If you haven’t done so yet, we strongly urge you to search 'Chuck Liddell party pictures'. After just a quick search you’ll find a slew of photos including this one and another that we’ll feature a little later in the article. Chuck was an old soul who tore it up inside the octagon and partied outside of it. The guy wasn’t a visual specimen but man, could he ever throw a punch! Because of his entire demeanor, Chuck would become one of the most popular UFC stars in history.

As for his love life, it’s not too surprising to realize that Chuck’s been separated before. He has two children from a previous relationship to MMA fighter Casey Noland. After that, he’d embark in another relationship with his current partner Heidi Northcott. The couple also has two children, a girl named Guinevere and a boy named Charles David Liddell Jr.

13 B.J. Penn Mugshot

via lockerdome.com

When you’re a popular fighter with the UFC brand, an arrest never looks good publicly, especially when it happens to such a legend of the octagon. Looking back at all the arrests throughout the history of the sport, Dana would love to throw these types of incidents under a rug somewhere, making the public forget they ever happened. Like any other company, the goal is to look squeaky clean but that hasn’t been the case in the world of mix martial arts.

Most recently in 2015, the legend B.J. Penn made headlines for all the wrong reasons as the announcement of his arrest was made public. Penn had a facial scar when posing for the mugshot, as it was later revealed that the UFC fighter was involved in an altercation outside of a bar in Hawaii (his native land). The story goes that B.J. slugged one of his buddies after he was holding him back from brawling with somebody else. The police described Penn as heavily intoxicated. The situation is certainly something that Dana and the UFC want you to forget about.

12 Bong Hitting Joe Rogan

via pp.vk.me

The man who can do it all, aside from being notoriously known as the color voice of the UFC, Joe Rogan has worked as a stand-up comedian, television host, actor and Podcast host. Looking at his resume, he’s brilliantly versatile but that has caused some moments that likely made Dana sweat a little. Having a sense of humor along with various views on topics, Rogan doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind.

One place where he lets it all go is through his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. The podcast reached new heights in 2015 getting over 16 million downloads in one month. Rogan’s show remains one of the most popular in the world and fans are intrigued by his views. One thing he’s well known for is his love and desire to legalize cannabis. The picture shows Rogan enjoying a nice hit and Dana is likely sweating a little bit more knowing that Joe isn’t shy to express his feelings to the world. This public picture sums that up.

11 Gina Carano Glazed

Rarely has the UFC failed to get an MMA star. When thinking of two prominent names the company failed to sign we think of Fedor and Gina Carano. According to Dana White, dealing with Carano was one of the hardest tasks in his entire career. Despite the fans' willingness to see her in a UFC octagon, the deal never materialized and it now seems that the Ronda/Carano super-fight dream has passed.

Before Ronda burst onto the scene, Gina was the face of women’s MMA. She was a popular figure that dominated in the octagon. She would then embrace her popularity appearing in a variety of TV shows, and even movies such as Deadpool and Fast & Furious 6. She’s still only 34, but it seems like her possibility of working in the UFC has sailed away, especially given that her last pro fight took place way back in 2009. For now, we laugh at Dana’s anger and enjoy this picture of a glazed over Carano who seems pretty out of it and probably on her sixth or seventh refreshing beverage.

10 The Jon Jones Crash

via kob.com

Things slowly began to go downhill for Jones starting in April of 2015, after this hit and run incident took place. Yes the picture you see above is something Dana White wants us to forget about. Jones crashed his vehicle and decided to make a run for it inexplicably. Things have been a mess ever since the incident went down.

April 27th, 2015 was the day of the hit and run which took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jones destroyed his rental car after running a red light. Jones bolted from the scene while the other two cars watched on in utter shock, one of the other cars featured a pregnant woman who was injured. The UFC was none too pleased about such a popular star committing such an offense. The company took swift action against Jones, relinquishing him of his championship immediately, although they did not release him from the company. The ultimate verdict saw Jones plead guilty while serving an 18-month probation sentence.

9 The Diaz Victory

via trbimg.com

For the next two entries, we switch our focus to inside of the octagon, taking a look at some incidents that most probably angered Dana White. For this one, we flash back to UFC 196, which saw the untouchable Conor McGregor get stunned by the hard-nosed Nate Diaz. The fighter not only took the bout on an eleven day notice but he was faced with the task of taking on the most dangerous fighter in the world. In a perfect world, McGregor would have won the bout easily, but Dana’s dreams did not come to fruition.

Instead, Diaz picked up a second round submission win, shocking Dana White who was visibly rattled by the outcome. The two would quickly have another bout set for UFC 202 which saw Conor avenge his previous loss by decision. Despite the fact that a third match seemed like the right thing to do, Dana and the UFC instead opted for Conor to change his sights on other things, like adding another championship to his repertoire. According to the rumor mill, the UFC is doing their very best to sweep Diaz under a rug. However, the hardcore fan still awaits a rematch between the two. It’ll be interesting to see if a third fight will ever take place.

8 Rousey Loses Again

via businessinsider.com

It’s no secret, Dana has his favorites and one of them has always been Ronda Rousey. The two have grown the sport together side by side and remain close. In a perfect world, Rousey would have ended the 2016 calendar year on top as the champion stepping back on top of her throne. It would have been a marketing dream for White to have both Conor and Rousey at the very top.

McGregor would accomplish his multiple title goal, however, the same could not be said for Rousey. The December 30th fight could not have gone any worse as Ronda was absolutely humiliated by the champion Nunes, who made short work of Ronda defeating her by knockout in just 48 seconds. All the fight did was make things worse for the former champ, further damaging her legacy in the sport. With so many other outlets available to her, it seems highly unlikely that Ronda will continue inside of the octagon.

7 Bottle Shot George

via tinypic.com

There is no denying St-Pierre’s work ethic outside of the octagon, but with that said, the dude loves to have a good time. Spending his days in the Quebec area, George doesn’t shy away from the public spotlight as he’s often seen out and about enjoying a good time. You can take a look for yourselves, as multiple party pictures have been posted of GSP having a good time and looking quite wasted in some instances. The picture above shows George sharing the love as he pours some alcohol down a lady’s throat. If you’re a guy, you’ve probably done something similar at one point in your life. At least now you know that GSP also did it, making you feel pretty darn cool.

Aside from partying and tanking bottles, George is finally set for an octagon return after an extended dispute with Dana White about certain issues. No doubt, the MMA fanbase will be watching closely once the 35 year old legend finally returns.

6 More Chuck, More Chuck

via mrsunshinevegas.files.wordpress.com

At the age of 47, the UFC Hall of Famer is living a more quiet life nowadays but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy his past antics. We include another picture of Chuck getting it on in a club as he locks lips while keeping his eyes open. The other female next to him looks on as she poses innocently for the picture. Pure gold.

Finishing his career off with a record of 21 wins and eight losses; Chuck helped bring UFC from the ground up. He was a popular figure that brought the sport to the mainstream, without a doubt, Dana will always be grateful for what Chuck brought to the table, not only in the octagon but even outside of it as his "Iceman" demeanor brought huge popularity to the sport. Chuck took advantage of that as well, appearing in several films and TV shows during and after his UFC run. Now retired, Chuck can live comfortably with his $13 million net worth.

5 Rampage In Court

via cagepotato.com

Speaking of UFC legends, we now switch gears to Rampage Jackson. Like Liddell, Jackson’s popularity skyrocketed big time and it led to various gigs in the entertainment business. He recently returned to the octagon stepping in the cage with Bellator. He proved he’s still a huge draw giving the promotion their second highest rating figure of the year.

Similar to Liddell, Jackson has numerous pictures online of himself partying it up. Unfortunately, he even has some forgettable pictures as you see with the one above. Rampage underwent a serious charge in July of 2008. Jackson was driving recklessly in his Ford F-350 and it led to a wild police chase. According to speculation, Jackson was completely out of it, having not slept in the last four days when the incident took place. He faced three years of prison but luckily, he got away with it having to complete 200 hours of community service.

4 The Lesnar Return

via mirror.co.uk

Brock Lesnar joining the UFC was like a dream come true for Dana White. Not only could the guy sell a fight coming from a sports entertainment background, but he also brought in some serious numbers as the wrestling fanbase watched Brock’s UFC involvement. That just led to more dollar bills for Dana.

Making a return for UFC 200, what should have been a memorable night for Dana quickly turned sour after Lesnar failed a drug test following the fight. To make matters worse, Hunt was very vocal about the situation, demanding Dana White and the UFC to pay him for Lesnar’s half of the bout. Brock would ultimately earn himself a suspension and a quarter of a million dollar fine, although soon after, Brock would announce his retirement from the sport while rejoining the WWE. A return seems highly unlikely at this point as he continues on with Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment empire.

3 The Jones Saga Continues

via si.com

Just when you thought things were getting better for Jon Jones as he was finally set to return to the octagon, it would somehow get worse. His fight was cancelled as it was revealed that Jon failed a drug test, testing positive for two banned substances ahead of his fight against Daniel Cormier set for UFC 200. Dana White was infuriated for many reasons, especially that the offense took place on the night of such a prestigious event, it was all so forgettable for Dana and the UFC.

Jones would show his regret as he cried uncontrollably during a press conference. It was announced in November that the fighter was banned for a year following the offense of using a hormone and metabolic modulator. With such a prestigious career and legacy, the last two offenses certainly hurt his name and also, hurt Dana White and the UFC who put so much trust into him. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Jones as he’s set to make an announcement ahead of UFC 210.

2 Ronda’s Selfie

via tumblr.com

Like some of the other UFC stars we’ve featured on this article, Ronda has several party pictures available online. She likes to have a good time and judging by the pictures, she isn’t afraid to show that.

This selfie however isn’t the best picture to show one of her young fans. Just imagine a mother trying to explain to her daughter what Ronda’s doing in the picture. That certainly would lead to an awkward mother/daughter exchange. More than likely, Dana White and the UFC would rather this picture was not made public.

For Ronda nowadays, she stays away from the octagon and has rekindled one of her old loves, Judo. Ronda started off with a background in Judo before making the jump to the world of mixed martial arts. Her Judo expertise helped her to decimate opponents throughout the years and it now seems like she’s back to her old roots.

1 Conor’s Second Life?

via viralthread.com

Conor McGregor has emerged as the biggest star in UFC history. The guy is truly must-see television and he continues to carry the brand on his back. Without a doubt, Dana is forever grateful for his contributions.

With that said, everything he does is going to be magnified times 100 and that’s exactly what happened when this picture surfaced online. In a relationship with partner Dee Devlin since 2008, Conor made the headlines after this picture was made public. According to the rumor mill, McGregor went on a binge of days worth of drugs and alcohol. Speculation also discussed that women were present alongside Conor and that he stressed the fact that no phones were allowed at any point.

Ultimately, the incident didn’t hurt his brand and he’s now set to have a child with his long time partner Dee Devlin. Despite the outcome, Dana likely wants us to forget about the picture that potentially could have damaged the brand of his golden boy.

Sources: thesun, mirror

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