15 Photos Zendaya Doesn't Want You To See

Former Disney actor Zendaya has been getting a lot of attention recently due to her newly released clothing line which launched last week. Born on September 1, 1996 in Oakland, California, the Hollywood star had a normal childhood along with her mother, Claire Stoermer and her father, Kazembe Coleman. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her family and a Schnauzer dog named “Midnight.”

Since childhood, her interests in dancing, singing, and design grew, and later on developed into what she is today. Zendaya had multiple nominations for the “Young Artist Award” and “Teen Choice Awards,” winning the Candie’s Style Icon in 2014. She met her best friend Bella Thorne while in her role as Rocky Blue in Shake It Up, a successful TV show aired from 2010 to 2013, and since then the two have formed a bond together which still stands today. Bella Thorne has also appeared in Zendaya’s newly launched clothing line - “Daya by Zendaya,” in which she showcases some of the clothes which can be bought from her website.

Zendaya also appears in the advertisement, shocking her fans with her new honey blonde look, but that doesn’t mean she never had a bad encounter with the camera lens which waits on her at each corner, ready to catch her off-guard.

15 Too Hot For Disney

Via iamhannalashay.tumblr.com

Zendaya is known for her unique beauty and the elegance she presents herself with at different events, but nothing like the “Modeliste” photo-shoot which puts her in a whole new light.

The controversial magazine has received quite some attention after the original pictures were proven to be photo-shopped; however her photos didn’t fail to surprise when her fans saw her in a shirt-necked bra which left quite some skin at the sight of her admirers.

This may have infuriated some of the younger audience due to the fact that she might be a bad role model for the kids following her on social media. Alas, Zendaya is just the latest in a string of young Disney stars who are growing into women in front of the public's ever fixed eyes.

14 Surprise, Surprise.

Via lipstickalley.com

During her appearance on the show Good Morning America, Zendaya's photo was taken in a unique pose which gave her a whole new look. This is an example of perfect timing by the cameras waiting for her to make a wrong move. The result of this is a funny photo which is sure to make some of us laugh due to certain resemblances to different characters such as Mr. Bean or even Donald Duck.

No one would want to be caught from a bad angle, during bad timing in which you’re making a silly face in order to emphasize a joke and make it funnier, but as the people from the backstage, all we are seeing is a funny portrait of Zendaya enjoying herself on live TV. At such a large scale there are consequences, such as this photo becoming viral around the internet, making her wish she was never caught in such an awkward pose.

13 Falling on Stage

Via youtube.com

There isn’t a performer who hasn’t fallen on stage at least once during their career, and so did Zendaya. The singer was at a concert in Hot Springs, Arkansas when she slipped on the stage and fell on her back, scaring the fans which were not expecting a fall in the middle of the concert.

They were quickly relieved to find out she was alright due to the fact that she continued singing and played it off like nothing happened as she was trying to get back up. These moments are usually embarrassing for the singer as they often end up into a funny Vine or an internet joke

The entire incident didn’t take any longer than a few seconds and the concert resumed to normal, but Zendaya will always regret that this video has been seen by thousands of people across the globe who have probably shared it on all their social media accounts.

12 Grumpy Zendaya with No Makeup

Via nydailynews.com

We have all seen our favorite celebrities on the flashing streets of Hollywood, but we rarely see their personal life outside the media and we are often surprised by the fact that it’s no different than ours. Of course, they've got more paparazzi to look out for when they go out than we do, but sometimes they are caught in comfortable everyday clothes which surprise most people since they are rarely seen from that perspective, and therefore such images go viral, whether the celebrities like it or not.

Zendaya is no exception for such events and is rarely caught casually dressed and without a bit of makeup, surely being aware of the possible risks, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or will to do so, and as a result often appear in the headlines of entertainment websites. Oops.

11 Sneezing

Via twitter.com

This random picture found from the depths of Twitter proves to us that no matter how good you look, there are always bad times to take a photo, and this opportunity was taken by a Zendaya fan which caught the artist looking like she was about to sneeze on stage, since her eyes are almost closed and her mouth is wide open, but unfortunately all she did was blink and not sneeze.

Excluding the beautiful red dress she was wearing, Zendaya would sure not want this photo on the internet, but once it happens, there is no return. This photo can also be interpreted in multiple different ways, from a fly which deviated from its course, to a crooked Zendaya, there are endless possibilities for the people to crack a joke about this photo.

10 Young Zendaya

Via disney.wikia.com

Most celebrities want to forget their past since it reflects who they were years ago and not who they currently are. These photos are usually stuck on the internet forever and are often wished to be deleted from there since they no longer represent them. For most people, puberty changes the way you look, act, and talk, and for Zendaya, there is a big difference from when she first appeared in a Disney commercial, to the model, singer, and dancer she is today.

The curly-haired photo of the American actress follows her until this day and people all over the world might share an opinion or two alongside it just for entertainment purposes and in order to remind Zendaya where she came from, but sometimes it might be embarrassing for the celebrity and sometimes even awkward.

9 Funny Faces

Via tmz.com

Photos of Zendaya making funny faces often go viral because she is rarely found posing for them, giving many people a view of her from a different perspective, and a chance for the paparazzi to shake the internet with photos you don’t find every day which shock everyone.

The singer is known for her joyful attitude but she often tends to keep a resting face in order to avoid anyone catching her in an eccentric pose which may create a new centralization for the media. She was surprised at a few different events posing for the camera in a silly way which is portrayed by the media as a chance to reach new horizons with a new headline.

8 Beach Party

Via atrl.net

Who doesn’t dream of an exotic holiday in the deep, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean in Malibu? That is where Zendaya and Trevor Jackson, a good “friend” of hers, were spotted enjoying themselves in the hot breeze of the small Californian city we would all want to be.

The actress took a break from the flashy lights of Hollywood and traveled to Malibu alongside Jackson, which accompanied her to a couple events and a music video shoot in which they were playing as a couple. Zendaya wore a $100 black “Rachel” bikini from Mint Swim which complimented her in all means possible. She soon discovered that the cold waters of the Pacific weren’t for her, and quickly tried getting out of the freezing water back to the warm shore of the dream destination.

This photo will always play an important role in deciding whether the two were a couple or just friends, creating evidence for the fans to judge, many saying that the two lovers were sure a couple since they got along so well.

7 Eating Pizza

Via sweetyhigh.com

Zendaya like we've never seen her before! The 20-year-old was spotted chilling at a pizza place without any makeup and in a comfortable denim jacket which left the celebrity exposed to the cameras which were following her even on her day off. A day that was sure ruined since she totally didn’t want to experience this kind of disturbance during her personal time, but she took the opportunity and posed for the camera in order to avoid looking unaware, surely not being in the mood for such an encounter. Either way, the celebrity spotted the cameras and continued eating her pizza slice, knowing that this photo would forever be on the internet.

This event proved to raise the interest of a couple news websites which immediately uploaded the photo and received tons of feedback from people all around the world.

6 Little Player

Via youtube.com

Our favorite actress is known for her incredible ability to be multi-skilled, but only a few people know she even used to play basketball and that she was pursuing a career in the big world of professionals. Some of her old photos were found of her playing basketball at a court in Oakland, which exposed Zendaya's private life and probably irritated her to know that such a large amount of people have seen her in an over-sized basketball jersey with two ponytails which truly reveal the child she was.

This is a reminder that we all start from the bottom, but sometimes we just want to forget the past and focus on the future, but with photos like this storming the internet, it might be hard to do so. Either way, we can all appreciate the cute picture while being pretty sure Zendaya doesn’t, and that she wished it was never posted publicly.

5 This Gif

Via teen.com

While this gif may seem normal at first, you might notice the one lazy eye which opens much later than the other. This might not seem like such an issue unless you have seen it on image search engines such as Google, but for a rising star such as Zendaya, it can't be too thrilling to know that stuff like this exists on the internet.

The gif's thumbnail is the first picture in the series, which makes Zendaya look like she just got out of bed and slightly creepy when you think about it. The caption does lessen the impact but in no way would she ever be able to replace this gif, which will always stand foundation for various jokes to come. That's definitely not a blast...

4 Crazy Daisy

Via chase-at-lab-rats.deviantart.com

We might see her as a friendly person, but this photo totally tells us the opposite. In an interview with "HollywoodLife" on the movie Zapped, the young star was talking about her first onscreen kiss. A passionate and frightening moment of her career to be sure. During the interview, the camera caught her at a moment in which she looked dead straight at the lens of the camera. Very passionate looking indeed.

This was soon to become the video's thumbnail, which made thousands of people curious about the subject she discussed, but mostly to find out what caused Zendaya to make such an intense connection with the audience. An unfortunate circumstance that was surely embarrassing for the Disney star.

3 Backstage Lunch

Via aceshowbiz.com

Who doesn't get hungry from time to time? Zendaya sure did in the backstage of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music clip which gained millions of views.

The actress was eating a delicious salad which helps her keep fit and healthy but little did she know the paparazzi followed her even in the most unpredictable of places, and while she sure was looking to impress with her professional makeup, no one would have ever expected a picture of her eating salad in a white dressing gown she wouldn't want stained.

She sure felt someone was watching her while eating her snack but she took it for granted and is now forever immortalized in a picture she wouldn't mind never having been taken.

2 Why?

Via childstarlets.com

Things usually get weird, but not as weird as this. The show Let's Get Weird! on Disney Channel, starring Zendaya and Bella Thorne, took a turn for the worst when Zendaya spun the "Wheel of Shame" and ended up with a particularly tough challenge which probably still haunts her to date.

The Disney starlet and her best friend were challenged to brush their teeth, nothing wrong so far, but it all went downhill when the toothbrushes were missing. Soon did the Sumo wrestler appear from the depths of the backstage to handle them the toothbrushes, which were stuck deep into his armpits, disgusting some viewers, but hey, sometimes you've got to take the risk.

1 Wardrobe Malfunction

Via twistmagazine.com

Even famous Disney stars such as Zendaya have wardrobe malfunctions, and most of them are truly embarrassing, such as her apparition at "Teen Choice Awards" which unexpectedly turned into a stressful situation for the singer who happened to pose for the photo right when the upper side of her outfit slid off her shoulder.

Luckily she caught it in time and took the photo, later on fixing her problem, but she should have never bought clothes which are one size too big for her since she is an extremely slim person who probably can hardly find clothes her size. It would have been better if she even fixed the straps on with some tape in order to avoid such incidents, but as you've already found out by now, once it happens, it's on the internet.

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