15 Photos Tomi Lahren Doesn't Want Us To See

Outspoken individuals are nothing new in politics, and in our modern political climate, few individuals evoke as much response, both positive and negative, as Tomi Lahren. She has no qualms with being incredibly outspoken both on television and on social media, and her meteoric rise to the homes of Americans have left the majority of people split on their opinion of her. Some applaud her for telling it like it is and sticking to her views, while others believe that she sold out her ideals for fame in order to push a specific agenda. Regardless of which side of the fence that you fall on, there is no denying Tomi Lahren's ability to spark conversation between people on a number of political issues. Instead of simply receiving the message, people choose to get into debates with members from both political parties, and Lahren is a huge reason why.

Love her or hate her, Lahren has built a career off of stirring the pot of political discussion and getting people to talk about issues. Of course, with fame comes the droves of people on social media looking for anything and everything to dig their claws into. Whether it is old tweets, memes, or a contradiction, Lahren is no stranger to being ripped apart on social media. Though she has tough skin, we are sure that these 15 images of Tomi Lahren are some that she wished would get buried deep in the Internet to never see the light of day again.

15 Deleted Tweets

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Let's be honest here, we have all put some regrettable stuff on our social media, and celebrities are no different. Famous people often come under fire with their social media posts, though few have their careers destroyed because of it. A few years before she became a household name and a powerhouse on social media, Tomi Lahren was just a young woman who boldly advertised the fact that she was ready to "pop that p." I'm not going to fill in the blanks as I'm sure you can figure this tweet out for yourself. Needless to say, this old tweet eventually surfaced, and people couldn't get enough of it.

While most people couldn't care less that a young woman was talking about going out and partying, Tomi is in the position of having every aspect of her life dissected by the media and by people on social media. She went through and deleted a lot of old tweets, but it was too little too late.

14 Young And Cutting Loose

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Being in college is an interesting experience for those who take the 4-year plunge, and many use it as an opportunity to figure out who they are, and what they want to do in life. It is also filled with stressful finals, ramen noodles, and partying your face off every opportunity you get. Judging by this tweet of a younger Lahren partying at the bar, it is safe to say that she had plenty of wild nights during her time at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Given its location, you may be surprised to learn that UNLV isn't a traditional party school like Arizona State, but the students attending the university still know how to cut loose when given the chance.

Can you imagine being at a bar where Tomi Lahren is in a chugging contest? The media would have a field day with video evidence, but this picture and tweet will have to suffice. She may be famous now, but once upon a time, she was just a college girl raging at the bar.

13 Not A Good Look

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Ah yes, the old tweets of Tomi Lahren just won't stay away, and this example gave people the opportunity to jump down her throat and call her a hypocrite. As we mentioned before, Lahren is one of the most outspoken people in the world of politics and entertainment, and her outspoken nature is what helped launch her career and also provides fuel to any fire of criticism that she receives. This tweet that she sent out in 2013 wasn't a big deal at the time, but her comments made several years later made her look a bit hypocritical. Sure, this 2013 tweet may be looked at as nepotism, but the fact that she blasted people looking for handouts after she received one gave people the chance to rip her apart.

With great fame comes great scrutiny, and every move that Lahren makes is closely examined by virtually everyone. Thanks to a quick screenshot, this moment won't be going away any time soon.

12 Appearing On Trump's Facebook

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Now, I know that you might be thinking to yourself that appearing on Trump's Facebook page would be a highlight for her, but hear me out. Sure, Tomi Lahren might be the biggest Trump supporter on the planet, and yes, she has no issues with people hating her because of it. But, this could end up blowing up in her face should the president's downward trend continue. With each passing day, it seems as though President Trump is hitting one bump after the next, and the cries for his impeachment are becoming deafening. Regardless of which party you identify with, Trump being impeached would have a monumental effect on the next several years of the United States, and those that stood by his side could be in for a world of backlash.

Given the nature of the entertainment industry, Lahren, who has already been fired from a television show before, could be dealt a massive blow by Trump getting impeached. It is admirable that she is sticking to her guns, but this could end up in flames.

11 Oh, To Be Young

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Out of all of the old tweets that have come back to make Lahren look bad, this one might be the funniest. Look, we are all for expressing yourself and having fun on social media, and that's what she did here. Unfortunately for her, this tweet is pretty crude, and people had a field day with it once it surfaced. She may come across as incredibly conservative on television, but this tweet here has many believing that Tomi Lahren might not be as conservative in the bedroom. Whether or not she was just trying to be funny, this tweet set social media on fire once it resurfaced, and it was another opportunity for people to take a dig at Lahren.

The young star may have made headlines with this tweet seeing the light of day again, but she seemed to take it all in stride. She continued pushing forward, and is arguably bigger now than she has ever been.

10 Make America Great Again

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"Make America Great Again" may have been one of the most annoying catchphrases in recent memory, and people wearing the red hats were more than happy to show off which candidate they supported. College campuses, even those that are liberal, had plenty of people wandering around campus wearing these hats, and those brave enough to walk around with them were subject to assault. Pictured here in a selfie, Lahren had no qualms with showing her support for President Trump, though I don't think she was ever punched in the face like other supporters who wore the hat in public. I understand being passionate about your beliefs, but assaulting someone for wearing the hat is excessive.

By wearing the hat and declaring her support for Trump, Lahren was hated by a huge number of people, and has since become a polarizing figure on social media. This hat put a huge target on her back from the other party, and she doesn't mind a single bit.

9 A Double Standard

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Remember when WikiLeaks took the world by storm a few years ago? There was a tidal wave of controversy when WikiLeaks first began unloading private and sensitive information, the public couldn't seem to get enough of founder Julian Assange's work, and he grew into a household name. They operated on the belief that everyone deserved to know what was truly going on behind the scenes, and it seems as though Tomi Lahren was quite the fan just one year ago. The other side of that coin sees the works of WikiLeaks as treacherous, and many thought Assange was a traitor. Cut to one year later, and Lahren put Chelsea Manning, who worked directly with WikiLeaks, on blast for her actions in aiding the group.

Manning, a trans woman, was eventually commuted by President Obama, which caused an uproar, and many people, including Lahren were incredibly displeased. Given her history with being a fan of WikiLeaks, it would seem odd that she despised Manning for giving them information for the public to consume.

8 Controversy In 3...2...1...

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Never one to avoid controversy in any fashion, this entry on our list put Lahren in some boiling hot water after she had a gay couple removed from an event that she was hosting. Now, there are several sides to the story, but it all started with the arrival of YouTube content creator Shane Dawson and his boyfriend showing up to the "Remind the Nation" event at the Sundance Film Festival. According to Lahren, the couple were simply there to gain attention from the cameras. She had the gentlemen escorted out of the party, but little did she know, controversy was right around the corner.

Lahren claims to be a supporter of the LGBT community, so her reaction to these two gentlemen sharing a smooch had people scratching their heads. After the men were escorted out of the party, they took to social media to blast Lahren, and their post takes the next spot on our list.

7 Sparking Outrage

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Once Dawson posted this to his Twitter account, all hell broke loose. Immediately, people who can't stand Tomi Lahren took this opportunity to rip her apart, and she would eventually release a statement about the events that led to the two men being removed from the party. She dubbed what Dawson was spreading as "fake news" and that the two men were there to push their own agenda, taking away from the purpose of the event. She also took the time to condemn the actions of the Democratic party, saying that supporters have become "desperate for validation." Nevertheless, people still found her actions despicable, and she received plenty of backlash.

Dawson would eventually apologize to Lahren for bringing up her name in the whole fiasco, but the damage was already done. This was a terrible look for Lahren, and many questioned whether or not she actually cared about the LGBT community.

6 Giving Job Advice, Then Getting Fired

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Those who live in glass houses, blah blah blah. We all know the expression, and it was one that Lahren probably should have taken heed of. Sending out a tweet targeted towards snowflakes, as she so kindly puts it, Lahren felt it necessary to give them some real-world advice. Now, it is important to keep an open and receptive ear to people with experience, but my goodness, her detractors had a blast with this one. Lahren's sage advice to snowflakes was quickly rubbed back in her face given the fact that she had recently been fired from her own job. Yes, the woman who couldn't hold her own job gave advice to people about holding a job.

Maybe the loss of her job compelled her to give advice to younger people trying to make their way in the world. Or, she could have just kept up with her shtick and didn't really process what she was typing.

5 A Legendary Typo

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One thing that we have learned about Tomi Lahren is that she hates people mispronouncing her name. This originally stemmed from rapper Wale dropping her name in a song, and mispronouncing it. Lahren clapped back on social media, and people now intentionally call her by the wrong name. What people didn't expect, however, was Alaska Airlines siding with Wale and dropping a typo on Lahren. After she publicly complained about her experience with the airline, Alaska Airlines tweeted back, calling her Tami, and setting Twitter ablaze. The employee who tweeted this, Ryan, became a social media darling for a day, and people called for his boss to give him a raise.

Is this petty? Sure, but it was pretty hilarious, and people on Twitter couldn't get enough of it. The company maintains that it was simply a typo, but given Lahren's public spat with Wale, most people seem to think that it was intentional.

4 Roasted By Wale

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Oh, what a clap back this was. As we mentioned earlier, there is a history between Tomi Lahren and rapper Wale. While their little spat about how to pronounce her name was what we used for context for the Alaskan Airlines entry, this one is simply Wale taking an opportunity to take a dig at Lahren. After taking to social media to express her opinions about a possible Trump impeachment, Wale seized the moment to hit Lahren with some straight up heat. Of course, his clap back comes courtesy of the movie Friday, and those who saw the tweet met the rapper with a shower of laughs.

Wendy's might be the leader in social media clap backs at the moment (seriously, they are ruthless), but back in May, Wale hit Lahren with this hilarious tweet. You may not listen to his music, but you have got to appreciate a good clap back.

3 Make America Great Again, Part Two

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Another selfie, and another photo that Lahren should have probably kept to herself. The other photo of her wearing the "Make America Great Again" hat had Lahren looking at the camera, and this one is used to show off what appears to be President Trump's signature on the bill. Regardless of how much he is becoming the most hated presidents of all-time, Lahren continues to stick to her beliefs and show support for President Trump. Lahren may be a polarizing figure, but she is also a total babe, so it is understandable that she enjoys posting selfies of herself on her social media accounts. Her looks have no doubt helped her gain a following, and selfies like this have one side of the political sphere all hot and bothered, and have the other side furious.

The hat itself has been the subject of controversy, and its controversial nature helped fuel sales. With someone as popular as Lahren wearing it, she was also responsible for the hat selling out.

2 The Internet Is Undefeated

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How is Twitter still free? With the sheer amount of content that can be shared in an instant, people on Twitter are absolutely ruthless to people that they hate, and Lahren is often the subject of parody by people on the social media platform. People have built legitimate careers off of being funny on social media, and any opportunity that can be seized for a quick laugh is never left unused. Unfortunately, Lahren was the subject of this hilarious meme, and it quickly spread around social media. You have to admit that this photo of Lahren is pretty hilarious, though I am sure that she would prefer that it would disappear for good.

She is so outspoken towards the other side of the coin, that they have no shame in making fun of her. Her siding with President Trump immediately lumped her into a group of people that are among the most hated in the country.

1 This One Had To Hurt

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To this day, Dumb and Dumber is considered one of the funniest comedies of the 1990s, and the film gave way to a slew of catch phrases that have stuck in pop culture lore for over 20 years. Thanks to the hilarious work of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, the movie went on to achieve an incredible amount of success, and is considered one of Carrey's best films. Cut to 2017, and the rise of memes on the Internet leaves no person or film safe. Given the dislike that Lahren has garnered from massive amounts of people, it was only a matter of time before she became the subject of memes, and this one here might be one of the funniest with Lahren in it.

For those of you who have seen the film, you can hear Carrey's voice delivering the iconic line, and placing Lahren in the mix gave her haters plenty to laugh about. Whether you like her or not, this meme is too funny to ignore.

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