15 Photos To Make Us Miss Early 2000s Icon Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg was once seen as one of the hottest teen stars of the 1990s. Making waves in series' like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Gossip Girl where she became a recognisable star. Michelle is someone who many current teenagers and adults grew up watching, but interestingly she hasn't been seen on TV for the past year with her last film being released in 2016.

Michelle is another actress who grew up wanting to pursue a career in the business which is why she attended a school that focused on the arts. Unlike many others stars of her time though, Michelle didn't come from a family that was already in the business but was still able to make her debut when she was just three years old as part of an advert for detergent. She reportedly went on to feature in more than 100 commercials before she was able to land her first role in The Adventures of Pete and Pete on Nickelodeon from 1994. At the same time, she was also starring as Lily Montgomery in All My Children.

The following list looks at 15 images of Michelle that makes us remember much better times when she was on the screen destroying vampires along with her sister. Over the past two decades Michelle has been ever present on our screens and here are some of her most memorable photos.

15 EuroTrip

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After she became well-known following her role as Dawn Summers in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, she went on to star in her first major movie, EuroTrip. In the film, Michelle plays Jenny, a twin who joins one of her friends on a trip around Europe to find his pen pal.

The film was the first time that Michelle was able to show that she has become an adult since she was 19 years old, but many fans still saw her as the teenager who played Dawn or as the child that was cast as Harriet The Spy almost a decade earlier. As seen above, Michelle was able to be part of much hotter scenes in the movie which made it one of the most popular projects she was part of in her early career. Looking at the image above, it's easy to see why Michelle became so popular after this movie.

14 Black Beauty

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Michelle began her career at just three years old, which means at 32 years old, she has been in the business for almost three decades. It seems that Michelle has seen her own fair share of roles in this time, but her first real role will always be seen as Lily Montgomery in her grandmother's favourite soap opera, All My Children.

It seems that this role wasn't that much of a perfect fit for Michelle and interestingly it was a hard fit for a number of youngsters since the role saw five different actresses play the character before the show came to an end. Of course, this was back in the 1990s and it seems that looking at the image above, Michelle has grown up a lot over the past three decades and is now able to pick and choose the roles that she wants because she has become such a well-known star.

13 Ice Princess

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Back in 2006, Michelle turned her attention to figure skating after she was cast in the feel good Disney movie Ice Princess. She starred alongside Hayden Panettiere in the film that focused on the life of teenager Casey Carlyle who decides to give up on what could have been a promising academic future in order to pursue a career in figure skating, something that her family doesn't have the money for.

Of course, the film was a huge hit and Zahra Lari, a Muslim figure skater from The United Arab Emirates later stated that Ice Princess was the inspiration for her career in the sport. The soundtrack to the movie was even able to include the talents of fellow child stars Emma Roberts and Raven Symone, which could be why the movie became one of the best that Disney made during that time period, merely months before High School Musical took over.

12 Strike A Pose

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Even though Michelle is best known as an actress and for her roles in some box office hits, she has also been able to star in a number of photo shoots. As this whole list has shown, Michelle has shared a number of images online, on Instagram over the past few years.

Even though Michelle has been in the spotlight ever since she was three years old, it seems that she is one of the actresses who has been scarred with the fact that she was forced to grow up in the spotlight. This means that many fans still see the actress as the 15-year-old who was seen on Buffy or the youngster who first came into the spotlight as part of All My Children. Many of these images prove that even though Michelle's work as a teenager will be seen for generations to come, she herself has actually grown up and the above image is further proof of this.

11 Maxim

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As the previous entry mentioned, Michelle has done her own fair share of modelling over the years and one of the biggest magazines she ever posed for was Maxim. The above image was part of the sexy shoot that the former child actress was part of for the magazine back in 2011.

Michelle was bullied a lot as a child and it seems that she has managed to overcome that by finding success away from the negative people in her life, but she mentioned in an interview with OK magazine a few years ago that she was glad that she was able to pose for the magazine and that she hopes that many of her school bullies had been able to see the images as well. Judging by the way she looks in the above image, I'm sure many of those former bullies are kicking themselves right now because many of them would probably give anything to be with her or be her friend.

10 Red Carpet

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Despite growing up in the spotlight, there isn't a lot actually known about Michelle when it comes to her dating history. While she has played a number of characters over the past few years who have been able to land their happy ever after, it seems that she is still in search of her own.

Michelle was most recently reported to be dating Scott Mescudi, who is better known as Kid Cudi. There are various sources that state that the couple were dating back in 2014 and have continued to be spotted together ever since. It is unknown if the couple is still together currently, but it seems that this isn't the only public relationship that Michelle has been part of throughout her lengthy career. The former Gossip Girl star has been linked with a number of famous faces over the past few years, which is expected since she has spent her whole life growing up in the spotlight.

9 Former Dancer

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Michelle has been able to show off her dance skills over the past few decades in a number of films or TV shows that she has been a part of. Michelle studied ballet while she was growing up and was then able to show off the thing that she had learned as part of Buffy The Vampire Slayer musical episode "Once More With Feeling."

Michelle was later able to do all of her stunts in 2006 film Ice Princess where she played a figure skater, something that he had no experience in before he was cast in the main role. It seems that as well as being bilingual, Michelle has always tried to ensure that she plays her roles as close to reality as possible, which could be the main thing that has made her so popular over the past few years. In a world full of replaceable actresses it seems that Michelle wants to ensure that she is still one of a kind.

8 Relationship History

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Michelle became well-known for starring in chick flick style films in her early career but it seems that despite this she hasn't been able to turn her own life into a chick flick by finding the perfect man and settling down just yet.

Michelle has been linked to a number of different stars over the past few years, though. She dated singer-songwriter Joshua Radin from 2001 until 2003, before she moved on to a relationship with fellow actor Shawn Ashmore until 2006. Later that year she was linked to Peter Wentz before moving on to another actor in the form of Jason Lewis. Names that Michelle was later linked with include Jason Segel, Brandon Prust and Josh Groban before she was in a lengthy relationship with Scott Mescudi. A private life when most of your life is considered public can be hard, something that Michelle has apparently found out throughout her career.

7 Beauty As Well As Brains

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It could be argued that Michelle landed a number of her most famous roles because she is beautiful and fit in well with the project itself, much like Gossip Girl. Despite this, it seems that one of Michelle's hidden talents is the fact that she is also incredibly smart.

She attended Notre Dame High School where she graduated with awards in Social Studies and Religion and was also named under the California Scholarship Federation. She also incredibly went on to help President Bill Clinton to launch The Coalition for a Drug-Free America a few years ago. It seems that even if Michelle didn't decide to make a career out of acting, then she could have easily stepped into a much more academic future, but their loss is definitely the public's gain. The above image shows that while Michelle often hides just how smart she is, she has never hidden her beauty.

6 Multi-Talented Child Prodigy

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Starting a career at the age of three made Michelle something of a child prodigy, but it seems that the thing that has pushed her career over the past few years could be the fact that she is always willing to go the extra step when it comes to researching her characters and making her projects come to life.

When Michelle was cast as Marina Oswald in Killing Kennedy back in 2013 alongside Rob Lowe, her character was someone who was a native of Russia where Lee Harvey Oswald spent several years as an expat. As part of the film, it was revealed that Michelle herself can actually speak Russian, something that star probably learned from her mother who is Russian. She also learnt a lot about Marina herself, discovering that the character in question was actually still alive and had remarried following her life with Lee Oswald.

5 Michelle's Start In Life

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Michelle wasn't like many of the other child actresses during the late 1980s. Stars like Emma Roberts were able to step into the business because of their family connections, but Michelle had to work much harder to make a career for herself based on her talent alone.

Her parents didn't come from a background in acting, as her father is a fibre optics engineer and her mother is a bank manager. Both of Michelle's parents are of Jewish descent with her father being German Jewish and her mother being Russian Jewish. This is something that Michelle was raised into and her family's varied nationalities allowed her to become bilingual from a young age as well. It seems that the star had the perfect beginning to her life which has allowed her to remain in the business for so long. It is her lengthy career that has seen her grow up in the public eye into the beautiful young woman pictured above.

4 Gossip Girl

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One of Michelle's most famous roles as an adult came back in 2008 when she was cast as Georgina Sparks in Gossip Girl. This was a role that Michelle held for almost four years as she became an integral part of the cast and a member of the show who was actually Gossip Girl herself for a while when she stole the log-in details for the site.

Georgina also came between a number of the characters of the show as she started a relationship with Dan Humphrey and the two later had a baby, but it was revealed in the series that it wasn't really Dan's baby. Georgina added a new dynamic to the show and was able to open herself up to a completely different audience. Michelle herself played the role expertly well, to the extent that many fans of the show actually bought her character and hated her.

3 Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer was one of the biggest shows of the 1990s, but it was a show that Michelle originally found fame as Dawn Summers. Dawn was Buffy's younger sister who appeared in the first episode of season five. It was odd at the time since she had never been mentioned before, but it was later revealed that Dawn was actually a mystic key and played a huge role in the series for the next three years.

The characters acted as though Dawn had always been there even though viewers were aware that she hadn't. This was later made part of the story since she was added to Buffy's family. Dawn was added to the show because Joss Whedon wanted to add a relationship to the show for Buffy herself that wasn't romantic. Unsurprisingly, Michelle and Sarah Michelle Gellar have remained good friends ever since they appeared alongside one another on the show.

2 Michelle And Her Sister

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Michelle may have been able to play the perfect younger sister to Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but it seems that this could have come from years of being a younger sister herself. As well as growing up with her mother Lana and her father Michael, she also has an older sister called Irene who was born in 1978 in Russia.

Michelle has a number of links back to Russia through her mother and it seems that her grandparents actually still live in the country. Irene has been featured on a number of websites alongside her sister with one of their most famous photos together showing the due heading out for Halloween dressed as vampires. It seems that Michelle and her sister Irene have a relationship similar to the one that she portrayed alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar, which means that Dawn could be more of a method actor than anyone ever knew.

1 Where Is Michelle?

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Michelle was once seen as a child star that had the potential to take over Hollywood, but it seems that Michelle has pretty much left the spotlight over the past year. Michelle's last film was Sister Cities back in 2016, even though she did make an appearance on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver a few months later.

Michelle was part of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer 20 years reunion back in March 2017 where the cast was able to talk more openly about their characters and she revealed that she gained a lot of backlash from fans for her portrayal of Dawn. It seems that Michelle has stepped away from the spotlight somewhat over the past year but if this article is anything to go by, Michelle will be back soon and even if she isn't, then there are a number of images that will live long in the memory of many of her fans.

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