15 Photos These WWE Divas Wish They Could Take Back

With WrestleMania looming, it’s quite sad to think that all the headlines making the rounds pertain to an incident that has nothing to do with the event. Some blame the WWE for this upcoming ‘Mania event while others label the Paige incident as a huge deal. Fans milked on the drama recently chanting Paige’s name during an episode of WWE Raw. Without a doubt, the company’s editing team was having a field day filtering out the crowd’s chants throughout the night.

Poor Paige saw her personal life get exposed, leading her to likely wishing she can have various pictures back, including one, which featured WWE star Xavier Woods. With that topic in mind, we look at the current WWE roster and find pictures they might want to have back themselves. Pictures in this article come from everywhere, whether it be a revealing picture of a certain wrestler, a picture of them with a certain someone they are no longer with, or even just an in-ring picture they wish they can have back from a prior gimmick.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share the link with a friend. Here are 15 photos these WWE Divas wish they could take back!

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15 Nikki Cross As Nikki Glencross

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The unique part about NXT is the fact that we get to see Superstars during their humble beginnings. With that said, we’ve seen a plethora of stars go from gimmick to gimmick before finally striking gold. It can be awkward at times to see these Superstars change personas, but that’s the underbelly of the business and NXT is the perfect platform to do so. Just ask Jason Jordan who was an afterthought for many years till he finally struck gold as a member of American Alpha.

For new NXT star Nikki Cross, she underwent a similar shift. Her debut is one she likely wants you to forget, working as an enhancement talent under the name of Nikki Glencross. She would even make her television debut under the same babyface gimmick on NXT partaking in a Six Women’s Tag Match. A couple of months later she would re-debut under her current alias as a member of the sAnity faction dawning the persona of Nikki Cross.

14 The Bellas Working The Indie Scene

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Nowadays, the Bella twins are met in the highest regard as social media icons and reality TV stars, not to mention their WWE fame. However, they did endure a certain rough patch which took place in the summer of 2012 when they left the WWE for a brief amount of time. Unwilling to agree on contract negotiations, the Bellas both fled the scene hitting the indie circuit. They appeared on lower tier promotions such as CTWE, a wrestling company out of New York. They weren’t competing in big arenas or the most glamorous stages and ultimately, it was a part of their career they likely wish they could take back.

In March of 2013, the WWE would welcome the twins back in with a unique offer that included a reality series: Total Divas. The twins jumped at the opportunity and they never looked back, skyrocketing their fame to newer heights with another fanbase on the E! Network.

13 Anything Featuring Paige With Xavier Woods

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The leak heard around the world, Paige’s foundation came crumbling down following a disturbing hack that invaded her personal space and privacy. The leak featured an array of disturbing content including a video nobody could have ever suspected featuring Paige, Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods all involved in an act of intercourse.

For Brad, the consequences really aren’t that bad as he’s out of the company, but for Paige and Xavier (who are both part of Raw), things are quite awkward at the moment. In all likelihood, both the WWE and Paige will want to steer clear from content related to the two together. Whether it’s photos of them side by side during their FCW days, or the more recent pictures of them playing Twister together like in the picture you see above, Paige will want you to forget about all these images associated with herself and the New Day member.

12 Lita & Her In-Ring Antics With Edge

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For Lita, this part of her career is quite mixed in termed of sentiments. Her personal life was an absolute wreck but on the other hand, the company was ushering in some terrific ratings as she stood by Edge’s side. Towards the end of her in-ring career, things unravelled for Lita as her personal life was exposed on television. While her ex Matt was out on the shelf, Lita slept with his good friend Edge. The incident briefly ruined her reputation and it led to Edge and Lita working as a couple.

They drew some serious heat together and brought in some great numbers. Following Edge’s WWE Championship victory, he declared a live sex show on Raw. It’s something that certainly wouldn’t fly today and an event Lita Probably wishes she could take back as the two performed a variety of “moves” in the middle of the ring on top of a bed. On the positive side, the segment drew incredible ratings with a 5.2 million viewership, which was the highest in a year and a number the WWE can only dream of nowadays.

11 Emma’s Mugshot

Man, has Emma gone through some bizarre moments in her life thus far. The most recent of course was the botching of her Emmalina character which was quickly scrapped and put on the shelf. Even more bizarre than that however, was the incident that took place in Emma’s life away from the ring back in the summer of 2014. The bizarre incident saw Emma get arrested in Connecticut for apparently shoplifting an iPad. With the WWE having a no-nonsense approach on such proceedings, she was quickly released.

However, adding to the twisted-ness, she was re-hired hours later by the company as it was deemed an honest mistake at the checkout counter. Nonetheless, Emma would still perform community service and enroll in a course in order to make amends. It’s a part of her career she surely wants us to forget about, however, thanks to outlets like TMZ, there’s no taking back that mugshot.

10 Brie’s Previous Romantic Connections

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Picturing Brie with anybody but Daniel Bryan is a disturbing image for any wrestling fan to process but it was the case back in the day. Brie was romantically linked to a guitarist of the band Poison. Much to the pleasure of WWE fans, Brie would end up with beloved star Daniel Bryan and the two would officially tie the knot in April of 2014. Without a doubt, Brie probably wants to take back her photos alongside the musician given her current life with Daniel.

It remains to be seen if we’ll ever see Brie back in a WWE ring. She’s voiced her approval several times in the past on returning, but for now, she’s only focused on motherhood as Bella is set to give birth to the couple’s daughter sometime in April. Both Brie and Daniel have already agreed on a name, as they’ll welcome Birdie Joe Danielson to the world.

9 Lana & Dolph’s On-Screen Relationship

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This was truly an awkward storyline and one that Lana wants us to forget about, however, there’s no taking back the pictures and videos of the two kissing and having a good time. In an attempt to turn Lana face, the WWE had her breakup with Rusev and instead, be romantically linked to Dolph. Although it doesn’t really sound all that bad, it was kind of cringeworthy considering Lana and Rusev were a real-life couple. Many believe the story was done purposely as Vince didn’t like the fact that a guy like Rusev was with Lana.

The program forcefully came to an end when Lana posted a picture of her real-life engagement to Rusev. Once TMZ covered the story, it was making mainstream headlines. The WWE was infuriated by the unveiling and had no choice but to reunite the couple on-screen. Although things have finally settled now, Lana will always wish she could take back that portion of her career.

8 Charlotte’s Mugshot

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It’s no secret that the WWE absolutely adores Charlotte Flair. Not only does she come from excellence, but she just as that “it” factor inside of the ring, providing the company with a poster girl status for the Women’s Division. She’s already a four-time champion and the future only looks brighter for the queen.

Her WWE career seems seriously perfect, however, she does have some things she’d likely want to take back from her prior days before signing with the company. Back in September of 2008, long before she decided to pursue pro wrestling, Charlotte was arrested back in North Carolina for assaulting a police officer. According to the reports, the incident also involved her father and ex-boyfriend. Charlotte pleaded guilty to the offense and was initially sentenced 45 days. However, she was able to get away with the charges, paying a small fine and serving a probation period instead.

7 Kelly’s Romantic Flings Exposed

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A reputation can certainly follow you, and that’s what happened with Kelly Kelly who was linked to several Superstars during her time in the WWE. According to the rumor mill, Kelly hooked up with Test, John Cena, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Batista, Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton. All those names certainly did not help her reputation.

The pictures supported the statement as numerous photos were leaked online of Kelly getting a little too close to the married Chris Jericho while the two attended numerous bars together. Looking back, Kelly probably wishes these pictures never saw the light of day as most fans remember her more so for her backstage antics than her actual in-ring prowess.

She’s set to return to the WWE for the upcoming fan expo that’s held before WrestleMania each year. It remains to be seen if the WWE will further their relationship with her, or if it’s strictly a one and done type of deal.

6 Maryse Partying It Up With Jack Swagger

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Entering the WWE through the Diva Search competition, Maryse impressed WWE officials enough to earn herself a contract with the company. With a background in fitness and modelling, she perfectly fit the mold of a WWE Diva, what the company was looking for at the time.

Starting off in developmental, Maryse met Jack Swagger as the two were rising in the company down in development. There’s a variety of pictures online of the two pretty close together leading to speculation that they were an item at one point in time. Seeing how happily married she is nowadays to Miz, she’ll likely want to take back those pictures from her past.

Following her departure, Maryse would leave the wrestling business for a little while earning herself a real estate licence. In 2016 however, she returned aiding her man The Miz as his stock grew bigger than ever alongside his real-life wife. The two continue to thrive on SmackDown Live as a big time power couple.

5 Trish & The Wet T-Shirt

Etched into the Hall of Fame for her in-ring prowess, Trish manifested a terrific career as a record breaking seven-time Women’s Champion along with having the honor of retiring as the champion. Before all of those prestigious accomplishments however, Trish was mostly known as eye candy, which led to her initial uprising.

Emphasizing a Superstar’s looks back in the day, Trish perfectly fit the mold coming from a modelling background being featured in a variety of fitness publications. Soon after, her beauty was highlighted by the WWE, one of which featured a steamy wet t-shirt shoot as Trish wet her white shirt, exposing her chest area.

A happy mother of two nowadays, we believe Trish would love to take back such content. She’s changed her ways drastically nowadays even removing her breast enhancements following her retirement. Without a doubt, she would take the pictures back if she could, but a large amount of fans are quite pleased that they're still out there.

4 Mickie & Her Days With John

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A five-time Women’s Champion, Mickie was thriving with the WWE as the next big female star. She had girl-next-door-like features, along with being polished inside of the ring as one of the best female performers of her era. However, outside of the ring, her life was a bit of a mess and it ultimately caused her demise with the company. Looking back, we truly believe she’d take her affair with John Cena back in a heartbeat.

While with Kenny of the Spirit Squad, Mickie would have an affair with John behind the scenes. Once it was made public, Kenny was shipped off to Raw where his career slowly came to a close. As for Mickie, she would eventually suffer the same faith once John declared he wanted no part of the relationship. It infuriated Mickie and eventually, the WWE chose to protect Cena by releasing James. Thankfully, she’s writing her wrongs today as she recently returned to the company for a final redeeming run.

3 Nikki & Dolph

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Entering the business through the Diva Search pipeline, the twins weren’t casted to the show, but instead, got something far greater inking deals with the company. Both Nikki and Brie immediately reported to FCW as their training got underway. While down in development, Nikki would meet Dolph Ziggler who was undergoing his second developmental stint as he was being repackaged following his Spirit Squad failure. Ziggler was one of a select few kept by the company and he’d work down in FCW to revamp his skills and more importantly, gimmick.

The two would eventually start dating, although things wouldn't last all that long once both moved up to the main roster. Dolph was known as a player and likely did not want to commit. Nikki on the other hand, would find a new love interest in John Cena a couple of years later. Looking at how well things turned out, Nikki likely wants you to forget about her past before her days with John.

2 Bella Throwback

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Like every other success story out there today, things began with humble beginnings for the Bella twins. They weren’t given or guaranteed success, instead they had to work for it with minor gigs early on. The twins would take the admirable route to take a risk and to move to LA in search of stardom. They worked as waitresses early on while finding a talent agent to book them gigs in the world of entertainment.

The early results were gigs of the amateur nature. Like the picture you see above, the Bellas took part in amateur shoots, which were nothing like the high profile ones they work today. They were also featured in commercials and minor television cameos. Eventually, they would find their calling, auditioning for the Diva Search and eventually, earning themselves a WWE contract. Success wasn’t always guaranteed, but the twins continued to strive. Looking at their success today, the journey was well worth it.

1 Stephanie & Her Not So PG Days

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In 2002, Stephanie’s WWE career took a bizarre left turn when she became the General Manager of SmackDown. Seeing her in a position of authority wasn’t so bizarre, but what was, was how Stephanie handled herself in the role. McMahon was a babyface at that point, pleasing the crowd with some acts we’d never see today. Stephanie was an absolute flirt with the crowd rocking short skirts on the regular, along with wearing shirts that were quite appealing. It was a bizarre time in her career and one she likely wants us to forget about given her current status with the company.

Today, into her 40s, Stephanie is more polished than ever, whether it be outside of the company as the Chief Branding Officer, or in the company as the Authority figure that rocks long dresses that gives the fans little to stare at. Looking at her standing, she guaranteed wishes she could have those throwback pictures from 2003 back.

Sources: WWE, YouTube

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