15 Photos The Middleton Family Doesn't Want You To See

The Middleton Family is a globally hot topic right now as the spotlight is shining on them since Catherine (Kate) married Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, to become Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, and her brother, James Middleton, are also closely scrutinized because of their connection to England's future Queen and mother to a possible future King of England.

Michael Middleton and Carole Middleton, the parents of these crazy kids, know the value of keeping controversial images out of the press as it is quite the task to dig up some embarrassing pictures of them.

However, Mom and Dad did not pass this information down to their offspring. Kate, James, and Pippa are unaware of the values of privacy...or they just don't care. We have gathered 15 photos that not only the Middleton's would not want you to see, but the Royal Family would not be too keen on them either.

15 Yup, They're Still There

!!! NO WEB !!! NO WEB !!! NO WEB !!! © QUEEN INTERNATIONALREFERENCE: GUSTAVO***EXCLUSIVE*******NO CREDIT****NO WEBSITE USAGE****JAMES MIDDLETON SCANDALOUS PHOTOS.DOES KATE MIDDLETON BROTHER LAUGH AT HER SISTER'S FUTURE CROWN?A HOOLIGAN IN PALACE.James Middleton is the brother of Kate Middleton, the beautiful fiance of Crown Prince William of England, who will become in the future King of United Kingdom. ***FULL INFORMATION AVAILABLE*** Queen / Reporters !!! NO WEB !!! NO WEB !!! NO WEB !!!

James Middleton appears to be blow-drying his junk in this picture. He isn't looking directly at the camera, so he may not be aware that this candid shot is being snapped. However, he is practically exposing himself in front of whoever else is in the room with him. Even more strange is that his underwear does not appear to be wet. So, maybe he isn't drying them. Maybe he is trying to warm them up. If that is the case, though, and he is cold, why is he wearing only underwear? Nothing makes sense with this picture other than the fact that it is an embarrassing moment. The only thing that would make this shot more humiliating would be if we actually saw his little twig and berries.

14 Butt … Butt … Butt

via Pinterest

It is hard to tell if this is Kate Middleton or her sister, Pippa Middleton, who was sunbathing when she decided to become the butt of the joke. The one thing we can tell is that we had to crop this picture to clean it up a little. Different sites claim that this is Kate because that's a bigger deal, while other sites claim it to be Pippa. In either case, when you are that prominent of a celebrity, you need to be aware that you may be watched at any time. This is particularly the case when you are on an open balcony. The subject of this photo also appears to be topless. What was she thinking? It is almost as if she wants people to see her. Well, if that was the goal, it worked, because the entire world saw this photo now.

13 My, What A Big Sword You Have


In 2014, Kate and Prince William met a Maori Warrior while in New Zealand. No big deal, right? Or, is it? Notice how the Prince maintains eye contact with the soldier while Kate is focused on his weapon. We can't see the front of his garb but he can see the back, and we can see his backside as well. It resembles that of a Sumo wrestler. He has tattoo artwork all over his posterior and is sporting a dental floss wedgie. The Prince doesn't seem fazed by this in the least bit whatsoever. William appears to be a few inches taller than the muscular man, but perhaps the warrior is a few inches bigger than William, where it counts. Maybe this is why Kate is smiling.

12 Roller Derby


Kate Middleton organized a charity disco ball at a local disco tech in London before her royal nuptials. She took quite a spill and is shown here flat on her back, a far stretch from the lady-like behavior she is supposed to display while in public, especially when photographed. This picture was captured at just the right moment to make Kate appear to be drunk or passed out. Even if she is not in the state, this image still conveys the message that she might be or at least makes us think she could be. Her body seems to be lifeless while a concerned person stands over her, who also looks a bit tipsy. Their choice of attire doesn't help what we are thinking about them when we see this picture either. The truth is that Kate just experienced an accidental tumble while making her rounds on the skating rink.

11 Romp In The Hay


James Middleton does not appear to be one who has a Royal connection in this photo. Instead, he looks like a commoner either living in or frolicking in a bale of hay. He does not appear to be relaxing in the hay. He seems to have been buried in the hay and has emerged from his slumber within the straw. This is what the servants use to feed the horses in the stable and is not a playground for the Royals. He even has a stupid smirk on his face, and he looks as if he is really mellow in this photo; almost as if he has enjoyed another type of grass before laying in this form of grass. In any event, no matter what is going on here, it is certainly not a picture that the Middletons would be happy about or include in their family photo album.

10 A Day At The Beach


A couple of the Middletons can be seen here flexing their muscles, or what they consider their muscles to be. They are having some fun at the beach and have opted to make this cheeky pose for the cameraman. While their bodies are nothing to poke fun at as they do appear to be in better shape than most of us, this is not the type of image the Middletons would want circulating. It is just not a humble image, and it reminds us all that we common folks have to work for a living. We do not have the luxury of goofing off at that beach and flexing our muscles. The quartet of friends may have been partaking in some royal wine during their outing, which would explain their behavior in this photograph.

9 What The … ??

via Huffington Post

Just what is going on here? We don't have to tell you what looks like taking place in this photo because your filthy mind thought of it right away just as we did when we saw this picture. This shot was apparently snapped at some point during the wedding of Kate and William. It appears that Kate could not wait for the honeymoon to polish the Royal jewels. She looks as if she is kneeling before his Royal Highness while his hand is extended in a way that might either encourage her actions or caress her in a loving, grateful way. The little girl who is watching on is even covering her ears as if she doesn't want to hear William's sounds of enjoyment when she should be covering her eyes. We are sure none of that really happened here, and Kate was retrieving something that fell to the ground while the child was trying to drown out the crowd or celebratory music.

8 Gust Of Wind


Here are several shots where nature got the better of the future Queen. Kate Middleton appears to be the victim of a swift breeze that has decided to lift her dress in more than one occasion. We can see more leg and thigh in the two images to the right. The photo on the left may have had a much stronger breeze as Kate is trying to keep her cover down over her Royal privates. If you think this is extreme or embarrassing, you "ain't seen nothing yet." There is another picture coming up soon in this article that was even more revealing than these photos. When this keeps happening to you, whose fault is it for you not taking precautions to prevent this...like WEARING UNDERWEAR? Stay tuned…

7 James In Drag


James Middleton seems to be a lot of fun. Perhaps too much fun for someone with a direct link to the Royal Family. In these pictures, he is dressed as a Sumo wrestler on the right. No big deal, really. However, on the left, he is wearing a dress. In addition to his attire, he appears to be wearing makeup on his face. There is no telling if this was for a costume party of some sort, Halloween, or just James being James and goofing off. The one thing you can tell is that he is striking a pose in his female getup and sporting a solemn look. The notion of goofing off or joking around goes out the window with that scowl on his mug. When you look at both pictures, he has similar looks on his face as if to say this is him. He isn't even smiling while dressed as a woman, which indicates he feels no shame or humor in the situation.

6 Passing Wind

via Bild.de

This is the photo we were referring to earlier in the section about Kate's dresses being blown up by the wind. In this photo, the Duchess of Cambridge was not wearing any panties. We know because we put the red bar over her Royal bottom. She has experienced this problem before with the wind blowing her dresses up, so what in the world did she think when she opted to go commando? Prince William may not even be aware that we all saw her Royal Highness' hiney at this moment. We are sure he eventually found out as this photo sure made the rounds on the Internet. We would tend to think that Kate will be wearing undergarments in the future and act more princess-like instead of conducting herself as if she were Britney Spears.

5 Topless Sunbathing

This image might be a little blurry because it is out of focus, but it is Pippa Middleton sunbathing in the nude in an area with a public view. We have seen the photo without the black bar and we can say that she has absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. Perhaps she wanted to flaunt what she has. If she did want the world to see, we did. If she didn't want to share her breasts with us, she still did. No matter what her desired end result was, she should have realized that there was a chance of this happening. You don't drive with the top down when you know there is a good chance of rain. The sun is shining here, so there was less of a chance rain. Maybe this is why her top is down.

4 Go Ahead, Make Our Day

via Revista Quiem

This is the picture that the Middletons choose to smile in? While they are exposing their privates, or dressed in clothing of the opposite s*x, we get no emotion. When waving a gun in public, they smile. The driver is not only NOT paying attention to the road in front of him and the traffic around, but he is brandishing a pistol. We cannot say if it is a real weapon or a toy. If it is real, we do not know if it is loaded. We do know that the would-be shooter has his finger on the trigger. With all of the recent violence around the world, especially in London, you shouldn't be promoting further violence and those around you should not be smiling.

3 Close Connection

via Pichunter

Pippa and James Middleton seem to be dancing a little too close for brother and sister. On top of that, they are barely clothed. The siblings have their eyes closed as well. Who knows what they are imagining or thinking about? If you look at the table in the background, there is nothing but several dozen bottles of booze. The way they are holding hands and touching bodies against one another makes you think they are trying to produce a pure bloodline or something like that. They are part of the extended Royal family, not part of the family from Deliverance. They do not live in Mudlick, Kentucky where dancing with your sister is customary on your wedding night, where you married her.

2 Cross Your Legs

via ReviewHoo

Kate Middleton obviously did not see The Princess Diaries where Princess Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) was taught to always sit like a lady and cross her legs. If Kate had obeyed this rule, we would not have a view of her panties. She does have her knees together, so at least she isn't flaunting it and inviting anyone to visit her castle. Kate is acting a little giddy in this photo and looks like she is ready for some fun. She is not promoting safety as she is not wearing her seat-belt. Middleton is, however, obeying the "no smoking" sticker on the window. One out of three is something, at least. Also, she has learned somewhat of a lesson based on her earlier experiences. She is wearing panties this time.

1 Side Boob

via TheFappening

These Middletons sure do love sunbathing nude and they do not seem to care if anyone is around. Here is a shot of Kate sunbathing topless and we can clearly see a good side boob view. We had to crop the image because the tip of the iceberg was visible and it was brisk. These people DO have access to a palace with unlimited privacy; not to mention, millions upon millions of dollars at their disposal. Yet, they can't seem to procure any privacy for their little nude excursions. They could buy a private island or a private beach and they would never have these problems again. At this point, with so many instances of this, one can only assume they want us to watch.

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