15 Photos The Jackson Family Doesn't Want You To See

Paris Jackson is no stranger to the limelight, as her late father, Michael Jackson, knew all too well. From the age of six, Michael was performing under the harsh tutelage of his father in the soon-to

Paris Jackson is no stranger to the limelight, as her late father, Michael Jackson, knew all too well. From the age of six, Michael was performing under the harsh tutelage of his father in the soon-to-be explosive world wonder, The Jackson 5. Since then, "The King of Pop" became a multi-platinum sensation, touring internationally, entertaining dedicated fans for years with his catchy tunes and extraordinary spectacles. In his later years, the real spectacle became Jackson's unusual personal life. From pet monkeys to his beloved Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson favored some strange sideshows the press loved to cover. As targets, Prince and Paris weren't very far behind.

One thing Michael Jackson was always sure to protect were his children. From covering up their faces with Spiderman masks in public to cooking extravagant meals on a week day, Michael Jackson, as Paris recalled at his funeral, "Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine." Sadly, after Michael's passing, Paris and her brother Prince were left without their beloved role model and dear ally. As teenagers, they've had to fend for themselves. Paris suffered from depression and a suicide attempt that shocked the world. Now, she's taken up with a drummer who has a few eyebrow-raising tattoos. Meanwhile, the Jackson family scrambles to cover up the wreckage of the past, taking great care to hide any dark secrets that might incriminate their behavior. These 15 pictures reveal a cascade of questionable caught-in-the-act pics the Jackson family works hard to keep under wraps. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the stories behind them are worth millions.

15 Police Visit To Mom Debbie Rowe's House

In 2013, Debbie Rowe received a visit from the police department at her home in Palmdale, California, investigating the hospitalization of her daughter, Paris Jackson. The then-15-year-old's attempt at suicide was far from anything ordinary. After being rushed to the hospital due to self-inflicted wounds, it was revealed that the young teen had taken an overdose of Motrin and attempted to severely harm herself with a meat cleaver (who has one of those lying around the house, anyway?). Allegedly, the teen was incredibly upset with the built-up pressure of having to testify before a judge on her father's behalf, in addition to the loss of her father and the media storm that followed attempted to end her life after she was refused attendance to a Marilyn Manson concert she had been looking forward to. The pressure culminated in an excruciatingly painful act of self-harm, along with this picture of Debbie Rowe, Paris' biological mother, who was under investigation.

14 Mani/Pedi With Troubled Star And Godfather Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin has been recognized for his strange antics and bizarre drug-fueled behavior in recent years. Seeing Paris Jackson, the daughter of someone who suffered from severe drug addiction in his later years, spending time with a notorious drug user could be a major point of concern; however, Macaulay Culkin is family, sort of. Officially, Macaulay Culkin is Paris Jackson's godfather. Yes, the Home Alone star was made Paris' godfather when the little one was just born. Sources share that he has taken on a father figure type role for the troubled starlet, doling out sage advice as needed. Sure, giving him a pedicure is harmless; but the friendship with the child star could lead her down some dubious paths that don't bode well for Paris, who has been in difficult mental states before. Given his erratic behavior, Macaulay doesn't exactly seem like the best person to be consulting when it comes to positive life choices; but, people can change. Family is forever.

13 Marilyn Manson On Stage Tribute

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson certainly knows how to stir up controversy and get a rise out of crowd. His show in 2013 was no different, when Marilyn Manson paid tribute to Paris Jackson, who had just attempted suicide using a meat cleaver. On stage, Manson pretended to carve himself rather precariously with the same instrument Paris used to harm herself, allegedly to call attention to the high rate of teen suicide. He performed the act during his song "Disposable Teens" to further highlight the feelings of isolation and loneliness felt among many depressed teenagers. The simulated act was intended to pay tribute to Paris, who had been hospitalized after she was told that she could not attend the concert. Fans then prayed for Paris who was in a Los Angeles psychiatric unit receiving help after her injury. As an additional kind gesture, Manson extended a VIP invitation to the teenager for one of his concerts once she was feeling better.

12 Suggestive Fan Art On Instagram

At eighteen, Paris Jackson has legally crossed the threshold into adulthood. She's ready to vote and serve in the United States Army. Okay, so that's probably not going to happen any time soon, but she can finally sign off on all that body art without obtaining an annoying signature from a legal guardian. Just because Paris can make all kinds of adult decisions on her own, that doesn't mean they aren't going to spark some controversy. As this fan art displays, Paris enjoys public displays of affection as much as John Travolta at an awards show. She and boyfriend, drummer Michael Snoddy, have swapped spit all over Los Angeles at concerts, amusement parks, and in other people's drawings. Meanwhile, the Jackson family would rather have you believe that this rebellious teen is setting her sights on movie stardom in the most conservative of ways. As this sketch shows, Paris is no shrinking violet.

11 Boyfriend Michael Snoddy's Tattoo Of A Confederate Flag

We all know that Michael Jackson was once considered African American, right? After a few (or a lot) of plastic surgery and skin pigment augmentations, Michael Jackson became as pale as a member of the cast of Game of Thrones. That doesn't mean the rest of the Jackson family followed suit. See: Tito Jackson. Also see: Randy Jackson. Sister Janet Jackson has retained her original skin pigment, as well; but enough about skin color, as Michael famously sang, "It don't matter if you're black or white," except when it kinda does, like, historically. The confederate flag is considered a conservative symbol of the South (pictured here on Michael Snoddy's forearm). While many Southerners argue that the symbol retains its regional meaning of pride and local allegiance, internationally it has been recognized as a symbol with ties to racist belief systems and exclusionary practices. Getting this tattoo and dating a girl who's father was raised in a family where being African American played a big part could be considered not just taboo, but downright rude. Thankfully, the two have nothing to do with one another and Snoddy has since gotten his tattoo covered up. This is certainly a photo the Jackson family doesn't want you to see.

10 Happier Times For The Young Star

Paris Jackson wasn't always a wayward teen looking to self-destruct. She once enjoyed happier days filled with cheerleading practice in front of Del Taco ads in the school gymnasium. The early days of Paris Jackson show a striking contrast to the outlandish, if not colorful, behavior currently being displayed by the teen starlet. Her escapades to tropical islands with tattooed rockers paired with mental health challenges make looking to succeed as an actress a tepid affair. High school is no cup of tea, even for cheerleaders. They have to deal with annoying jocks drooling all over them and teachers thinking they can't perform simple math (Michelle Pfeiffer was one smart former cheerleader). This photo of Paris Jackson in her cute high school cheer days points to happier times, when she might have enjoyed the camaraderie of girlfriends, as well as a hot rocker boyfriend.

9 Cuts On Her Wrists Point To Self-Harm

Before her suicide attempt, Paris Jackson was showing signs of trouble some people might call "a cry for help." Leading up to the final act of cutting herself with a sharp object and overdose which led to her hospitalization in 2013, Paris Jackson used to partake in self-harm rituals like cutting, a practice which gives a distorted sense of relief to those experiencing intense emotional pain. Many people who participate in such acts describe the practice as a form of cathartic emotional release, one that externalizes the internal maelstrom at play. Paris Jackson in this photo displays multiple signs of self-harm, which should have been a warning to her family that the star needed help. Sometimes, large (famous) families are too busy to take notice of an ailing family member or don't feel equipped to handle the stressful situation at hand. Thankfully, Paris has since gotten help for her issues and is a sober girl in recovery. If you or someone you know is engaging in self-harm, feel free to contact the Self Harm hotline: 1-800-DONT CUT (1-800-366-8288) or the Adolescent Suicide Helpline for additional help: 1-800-621-4000.

8 Strange Occult Symbolism

In case you haven't fished around the Internet long enough to stumble upon this alleged, creepy symbolism, the Illuminati is a rumored unseen force that controls and manipulates the media (and performers) behind the scenes, allegedly. Pulling at the strings of these stars, the Illuminati "elite" control entertainers for their own purposes, ultimately using up and spitting out the very people who made them millions and warped the minds of the masses. The dark intentions of these unidentified leaders have been the supposed source of many unexplained celebrity deaths. On the list of Illuminati-suspected deaths are Prince, David Bowie and Paris' father, Michael Jackson. Paris conducted some of her own Internet research, inspiring her to draw these sketches, containing occult symbolism. The "6-6-6" in the pool of blood denotes the affiliation of evil with the fatal practices of the Illuminati elite. Supposedly connected to this inner circle is Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's doctor, who is a high level Freemason, the craft associated with these witchy dark spirit machinations. Probably something the Jacksons want to keep in the dark.

7 Wild Tattoos

With more than fifty tattoos, Paris sure has used up enough ink to hurt a squid. Sure, tattoos have become more of a fashion accessory than a rebel yell against "The Man;" but for Paris Jackson, these markings might signify more than just a little doodle art meant to enhance an already-stunning female figure. Oftentimes, during periods of distress or mourning, people will look to find something tangible that feels permanent and life-affirming. In Paris' case, it seems to be tattoos. The reckless abandon with which this young starlet appears to be covering herself with permanent ink signifies a deeper need to be seen, to differentiate herself, and to find life meaning that she can keep close to her, quite literally on her sleeve. Choosing to tattoo her inner lip with the word 'motley', which means 'varied' or 'incongruous,' basically 'not fitting in,' denotes her true inner feelings in an exhibitionist manner. Note: Boyfriend Snoddy has the matching tattoo reading 'crüe' on his inner lip in solidarity. However she is choosing to express herself, Paris Jackson is certainly turning convention and lips upside down.

6 Nasty Habits

This photo shows an underage Paris engaging in one of the oldest bad habits in the books. No matter how much doctors, parents, or even the tobacco companies try to tell us that cigarettes are harmful, the sensational allure of cigarette smoking continues to seduce adults and teenagers alike. Movie stars and production companies receive massive paychecks to include attractive images of smoking in their films. Looks like Paris bought into the imagery and now practices the comforting habit that is all-too popular and powerful despite clear evidence of its negative health effects. Judging from this photo, Paris was not aware of the paparazzi snapping away as she smoked on a street corner in her classic Chuck Taylors and cut-off jeans. Given the fact that Paris' father struggled with addiction himself, the Jackson family would most likely wish to keep this pic under wraps, as it might reflect poorly on their collective parenting skills.

5 The Next Miley Cyrus?

Sticking a tongue out for the camera is Miley's signature move. The self-proclaimed pansexual pop princess may be one of the highest-paid stars in the industry; but her parade of questionable behaviors would certainly startle any parent. Also growing up in the industry, Miley quickly adapted to the burst of fame thrust upon her from an early age. The major difference for Miley, however, is that her father is still alive. For Paris, to become like Miley, who engages in known drug use and a "party all the time" lifestyle, would be a precarious road to hoe, especially considering the already self-destructive patterns of her past. What Paris needs most is probably some stability, which she appears to have found in an adoring public, her siblings, and her doting boyfriend Michael.

4 Influencing Her Brother Prince

Older brother Prince (pictured here) got a tattoo from the same tattoo artist as his sister, Paris Jackson. While they weren't exactly matching tattoos, her influence on her brother might not be the most conventional. As Paris gets more and more attention for her shocking behavior and surprising remarks, she may be having an adverse effect on her impressionable brother. The allure of fame and media attention is certainly grabbing, especially considering the availability of press and coverage for the already-famous clan, but the effects, as seen in the case of Michael, can be devastating. The Jackson family would certainly not want you to see this picture of brother Prince heading down the same rocky road as his sister Paris. Please guys, no face tattoos!

3 Alternative Prom Pictures

In this picture, Paris Jackson is shown wearing traditional "guy" garb for her anything-but traditional prom date. In 2016, Paris opted to take a girl out (her BFF) for prom as her date. She even decided to dye her hair blue to match her date's dress, in addition to wearing a blue tie to coordinate the look in full. While we're totally LGBTQ-affirming, the Jackson family, particularly the core members of the Jackson 5 and Paris' grandparents, might feel otherwise. Paris' dad, Michael, was raised, along with his siblings, as Jehovah's Witnesses in a rural part of Indiana, where they did not openly support gay rights. In fact, up until this point, no one in the Jackson family has considered themselves to be openly gay. As an alternative move, Paris taking a girl as her prom date, would most likely be a picture that they would want to cover up and keep away from the public's eyes.

2 Hanging Out With Bad Boys

Alice Cooper is known for his shocking antics and surprising gestures on and off stage, just like this one. Choking the daughter of "The King of Pop" in front of her boyfriend, drummer Michael Snoddy, certainly falls under the category of shocking. Over the last five decades, Alice Cooper has been known as "The Godfather of Shock Rock;" and this picture lives up to his reputation. Drawing from horror films and vaudeville, his theatrical presentations of goth rock have impressed fans for generations. His biggest commercial hit "School's Out", has played the radio airwaves for years, particularly during the end of a grueling school year. Despite his popularity, parents and those of a more conservative leaning may not approve of the eighteen-year-old rock princess parading about with the likes of Alice, whom Paris lovingly refers to as "bae."

1 The Truth Behind It All

More than anything, Paris Jackson holds the key to the truth behind the Jackson family treasure trove of dark, hidden secrets. In her tell-all interview with Rolling Stone, the pop princess finally discloses her personal account of growing up with Michael Jackson as a father. She describes what it was like experiencing his death at such a young age and how she, at fifteen years old, felt that life was not worth living anymore. "It was just self-hatred, low self-esteem, thinking that I couldn't do anything right, not thinking I was worthy of living anymore," she shares with the rock magazine. She recalls times of travel abroad, particularly following her father's court trials as well as during his comeback tour. She shares about instances of abuse, separate from her upbringing which may have led to her attempt at suicide and depression. Despite all that, Paris is making huge waves as she beats to the sound of her own drum. Her dad used to tell her, "If you wanna be bigger than me, you can." She might be well on her way.


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