15 Photos The Cast From OITNB Doesn't Want You To See

You can't always get what you want, and if these women had it their way, these pictures would have remained out of the public eye.

The release of Orange Is The New Black saw Netflix slowly destroying its television competition by giving fans a series that was capable of touching emotions as well as delivering on big laughs and intense drama. Based on the memoir of the same name, people truly weren't ready for what they were about to see. It took the world by storm, garnering critical acclaim as well as being nominated for a slew of prestigious awards. The show was cast to perfection, and the director's decision to spend time developing characters is one of the hallmarks of the series. Each performer brings their own flavor to each role, and the chemistry between the actresses shows through their work. They all have an excellent feel for their respective characters, and the awards and accolades that they have received during their time on the show has been well-earned.

When the cameras are off, the cast of Orange Is The New Black likes to let off a little bit of steam, and some of the photos here capture them in some embarrassing moments. They live lives outside of the public eye, but with the constant demand for more from media outlets, plenty of photos have surfaced of these women that they wish remained behind closed doors. You can't always get what you want, and if these women had it their way, these pictures would have remained out of the public eye. Thankfully, we were able to track down 15 of these pictures for your viewing pleasure.

15 Playing Nice With Caputo

The relationships between the inmates of Litchfield Prison and with the new Warden Joe Caputo has had a number of peaks and valleys throughout the series, and last season showed the deterioration of everything following the death of Poussey. Despite being one of the show's few lead male characters, Caputo is incredibly popular with fans of the series, and judging by this photo, he seems popular with his colleagues as well. Pictured here with Uzo Aduba, Yael Stone, and Samira Wiley, actor Nick Sandow is rocking his character's signature look, much to the delight of fans.

The picture was taken in good fun, but seeing Poussey near Caputo definitely hits close to home for fans of the show. The entire last season of the show was dedicated to the women of Litchfield getting justice for the murder of their fallen friend, and the tension between the inmates and Caputo were at an all-time high.

14 All Dressed Up

When you are on top of the world, it's important to have some fun, and that is just what the ladies of Orange Is The New Black did when given the chance. They have been dominating the entertainment industry since 2013, and the way the most recent season left off will no doubt have fans coming back when it returns next year. Never ones to take themselves too seriously, the women of the hit series choose to have fun and keep things light, even when they're all dressed up and at an awards show. It is part of the reason why fans continue to come back with each new season.

Brooks and Lyonne in particular are well-known for their hilarious characters, and their real-life personalities are just as funny. They were perfectly cast in their roles on the show, and Brooks has steadily become one of the biggest players on the series.

13 An Orange A Day

Ever since she started acting as a child in the 1980s, Natasha Lyonne has always brought a unique flavor to each role that she takes part in. She has been featured in such projects as Pee-wee's PlayhouseAmerican Pie, and Scary Movie 2. She received the award for Best Supporting Female Actor at the Monaco International Film Festival in 2008 for her role in the film Tricks of Love. Fans were ecstatic when Lyonne was cast in Orange Is The New Black, and she has since blown all expectations out of the water by nailing the performance of her character Nicky Nichols. The character is one of the most beloved on the series, and that is largely due to Lyonne's acting abilities.

It's important to keep a balanced diet, but shoving an entire orange into your mouth might be frowned upon. Thankfully, someone snapped this photo of Lyonne and gave it out for the world to see.

12 Flaca And Maritza Showing Pride

Flaca and Maritza are two of the closest inmates on the show, and ever since their debut in the show's first season, they have been inseparable. The duo shared an on-screen kiss, but the two quickly realized they were just caught in the moment. Outside of the show, it would seem that actresses Jackie Cruz and Diane Guerrero are inseparable as well, and their lip-lock at Pride had the crowd going wild. There was nothing inappropriate about it, as the two actresses simply showed their support for the cause. Each are in their own relationships, but it is great seeing them standing for what they believe in.

The kiss between the two friends was brief, but it left a huge impression on those in attendance. The beautiful performers met while filming the show, and their friendship is part of what makes their performance on Orange Is The New Black so great.

11 Beetle-Who?

In preparation for a role, it is not uncommon for a performer to submerse themselves in the material, and in drastic cases, these performers slowly live like the characters they are set to portray. This can be a dangerous line to walk, but, it can also yield some fantastic results. In a skit for Funny or Die, talented actress Natasha Lyonne donned the iconic Beetlejuice outfit, and look hysterical while doing so. It is normally rude to bother performers while they are getting ready to shoot, but this photo of Lyonne is absolutely hysterical. She rocks the look perfectly, and her take on the iconic character needs to be seen.

Lyonne's character on the show has dealt with a ton of issues during the series, and her ability to overcome them has made her a fan favorite. If you enjoy her on the show, then you will enjoy her as Beetlejuice on Funny or Die. Until then, you always have this embarrassing picture of Lyonne to enjoy.

10 A Young Laura Prepon

We have all got to start somewhere, and long before she became wildly famous with her portrayal of Donna on That '70s Show, the beautiful Laura Prepon was just another youngster living life and taking school photos. Prepon grew up in New Jersey before attending theater school in New York City. She was only 18 when she got her big break on That '70s Show, and while some performers peak after one successful series, Prepon landed the role of Alex on Orange Is The New Black, and her career continued its upward trajectory.

Picture day at school was always the worst, and most of us were forced to wear uncomfortable clothes all day just to flash a cheesy smile. While I'm sure that Prepon may have felt the same way, she deserves some kudos for actually seeming as though she enjoyed it. If only my school pictures growing up turned out half as decent as this.

9 Piper And Tastee Getting Crazy

There is nothing quite like taking a hilarious selfie with your friends, but when that selfie leaks to the public, you may find yourself being a little embarrassed. While blowing off some steam, performers Taylor Schilling and Danielle Brooks decided to make some hilarious faces and snap a quick photo. Their characters have been at odds at times throughout the series, but the two women genuinely seem to enjoy each other's company. Brooks is easily one of the funniest women on the show, and while Schilling is the star, it is Danielle Brooks that steals scenes on a regular basis.

Both dressed in pink, the actresses' selfie is absolutely hysterical, and it goes to show you that they bond these women share away from the cameras helps them in the performances while filming. After the way the most recent season concluded, fans everywhere are chomping at the bit to see what happens next.

8 Pornstache Getting Grabby

Being a show that is centered around a women's prison, it is fairly obvious why the women are the focal point of the show. The males in the cast, however, get a great deal of recognition as well. This is because the show's director does an excellent job with character development, and with her decision to focus on each person throughout various episodes. As two of the men tasked with guarding the inmates of Litchfield, George Mendez and John Bennett both find themselves in compromising position during their time on the show. Played by actors Pablo Schreiber and Matt McGorry, they do an excellent job in bringing their characters to life.

As you can see, working in such a hazardous environment can bring any group of people closer, and this photo is all the proof you need. It is important to keep things light in a stressful work environment, and this hilarious photo of Schrieber and McGorry probably had the rest of the cast in stitches.

7 Crazy Eyes, Crazy Look

When Orange Is The New Black was finally unleashed, many critics praised various elements of the show, and one actress in particular caught the eye of viewers everywhere. Talented actress Uzo Aduba, who plays the character Suzanne Warren, stood out among the talented cast of the show, and has won some of her industry's most prestigious awards. Suzanne is an inmate that suffers from a bevy of mental disorders, and Aduba's ability to play the character is truly something to see. She has won a Primetime Emmy Award and a Screen Actors Guild award during her time on the show.

While attending an awards ceremony and looking glamorous, the talented Aduba, joined by some of her costars, took an opportunity to snap a photo and make a silly face for the camera. Suzanna may be called "Crazy Eyes" on the series, but Aduba, even when making a face, is still as gorgeous as they come.

6 Not Quite Ready For A Close-up

When it comes to modeling and doing photo shoots, it is imperative that everything is perfect and ready to go. It is a long and painful process that, when done correctly and effectively, can yield some truly incredible results. The process of getting ready however, can leave a model looking less than perfect, though few have the beauty and charm of Danielle Brooks. Much like Uzo Aduba, Brooks has been showered with praise for her role of Taystee on the series, and has roped in her share of awards as well. She received the Breakthrough Actress award from the Young Hollywood Awards back in 2013.

With her hair being done and with a robe on, the dressed-down Brooks got caught in the moment, and seized an opportunity to flash the comedic timing that fans have grown to love her for. Sure, she had some fun with this photo, but I'm sure she would have preferred to be left alone.

5 Felons Gonna Felon

You wouldn't be able to tell from her thick accent on Orange Is The New Black, but actress Yael Stone was born and raised down under in Australia. She was only living in the United States for a few months before being cast in her best-known role. The 32-year-old actress portrays the character Lorna Morello on the show, and has done an excellent job in the role. Lorna seems normal on the surface, but has deep-seeded emotional issues that occasionally bring themselves to the forefront. Throughout the series, the inmates are shown breaking the rules on various occasions, and the actresses who play them also seem to break rules behind the scenes.

Yael's comedic chops are in full display in this picture, though incriminating evidence like this is why her character got locked up in the first place. Lorna was left in a precarious situation at the end of the show's most recent season, and her story will be a point of focus in the next season.

4 A Quick Break

The performers on this show sure love to take selfies, and this photo here is both candid and heartbreaking. Enjoying a quick water break near where they usually have to sleep while in character, the 4 beautiful women in this picture bring a great dynamic to each of their roles. We have already touched on Talyor Schilling and Uzo Aduba, but the inclusion of Samira Wiley and Adrienne Moore make this all the more special. Samira plays the character Poussey, and Adrienne plays Cindy. Both actresses have spent a great deal of time in the same social circle in the show, and have shared plenty of on-screen laughs.

So, doesn't the cast want you to see this photo? Well, after the tragic death of Poussey, this photo is sure to evoke emotions from fans of the series. Her death was both shocking and tragic, and the show just hasn't been the same after she died.

3 Kitchen Life

Piper's first mistake on the show was insulting the food that was being served at Litchfield Prison, and she in turn was deprived of food for a short while. Heavily featured early on in the series, the kitchen staff has seen a few shakeups throughout its run, and is currently being run by inmate Gloria Mendoza. Red ruled the roost initially, but Gloria has done a great job since taking command of the cafeteria. This photo, featuring some of Litchfield's finest inmates sharing a quirky moment in the kitchen, also features fallen inmate Poussey Washington.

These ladies really seem to enjoy their time with each other, and they are having a bit of fun in the kitchen. Now that Piper is allowed to eat regularly, I doubt we will see her complaining about the food ever again. Poussey died in the cafeteria, so this photo is bittersweet for fans of the show.

2 A Surprise Rock Star

Talk about living your life out loud. When she isn't busy on the set of Orange Is The New Black playing the character Maria Ruiz, Jessica Pimental is busy shredding with her metal band Alekhine's Gun. Looks can be deceiving, and most wouldn't peg the talented Pimental as a metal singer. She has been playing with her band for quite a while now, though most people will recognize her for her role on Orange Is The New Black. Her acting career began back in 1995, and she has steadily grown in popularity over the years. She also had a recurring role on the show Person of Interest, playing the character Floyd.

If you have never heard her band perform, drop whatever you are doing and give them a quick listen. Pimental's vocals will leave you speechless. This isn't your average metal band, and their music is truly going to surprise you.

1 Holiday Spirit

Holidays away from the family can be incredibly painful, and the women of Litchfield Prison know this pain all too well. So, to fill the hole of being isolated from their family, the prisoners have engaged in holiday celebrations. Acting more as a talent show than anything, the women seek to have some fun and forget about their awful situation in life. This infamous episode saw the character Suzanne freeze up while on stage, and inmate Norma (who is normally silent), shocks the onlooking crowd with her beautiful singing voice.

Taken while filming one of the show's most shocking moments, Uzo Aduba shows no signs of stage fright while hanging out with fellow performers Jackie Cruz and Diane Guererro. During the scene, their characters have some fun at the expense of Suzanne's feelings. It's another goofy picture of the women before taking part in a scene that saw Aduba's character get humiliated.

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