15 Photos The Canadian Cocaine Smugglers Don't Want Authorities To See

When people think about drug smugglers, the mind immediately wanders to Mexico, Latin America and South America. Although Asia has been a very big player in various aspects of drug running, the chronicle of brutal drug running gangs from south of the Texas border in the United States is a daily reality. Much of the drugs supplied to the United States and Canada arrives via south of the US border. Powerful Latin gangs have been behind the drug running and the end result has been a massive amount of wealth and a lot of killing. They aren't glamorous looking men either. Most drug kingpins are male and they looked like life has beaten them over and over again, but they have rose above the fray to remain in charge. These are hardened figures, dangerous individuals that would kill anyone and everyone that got in their way. When we think of drug lords, that's what we think of.

Much like everything in life, there isn't just one way or one look. Stereotypes are made to be broken and in this case, we have a couple of drug runners who definitely broke the mold. The extraordinary cases of Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace is that you have two women who are gorgeous; seemingly models who are enjoying a lavish life. These two women are as common across Instagram as any young and beautiful flamboyant 20-somethings showing off their bodies and enjoying a life of privilege. However, there is one big catch to these two hotties: these two Canadian women are big time drug smugglers. Let's take a closer look at these two beautiful and sinister figures, how they lived their lives and ultimately got caught.

15 The Set-Up

What apparently has gone down is that 3 passengers, two insanely hot Canadian women and an older man (seemingly the mastermind) were traveling on an incredible cruise adventure. The catch was, they happened to have millions in cocaine carefully tucked into a luggage bag. The luxurious cruise began in New York. The ship was called the Sea Princess. The voyage was to end up in Australia where the cocaine was being shipped to. There were two rooms involved directly with the drug smuggling. The first was that of Andre Tamine, the 63-year-old passenger who traveled with the women. He had quite a load of drugs and then there was the room of Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace who also had a nice chunk of cocaine. Combined, they had 95kg of cocaine.

14 The Case Against Them

The sting operation got the traveling group into a big legal mess. Obviously, if you are traveling across international waters with over $30 million in cocaine, you are subject to breaking a wide range of laws. And this was definitely the case with this group. The girls were obviously the standouts because they took so many half-naked photos of themselves having a great time. Everyone could see that these two party girls were having the time of their lives as they traveled the world. The Australian authorities seized the cocaine and are not allowing bail. Roberge is the one person in this case who is breaking down and playing innocent. She is the only one who didn't have drugs in her luggage. The authorities have stated it is impossible she could not have known being that her travel buddy, Lagace, had an entire suitcase filled with giant bags of cocaine. They make a good point. So the case is still to be determined as Roberge proclaims her innocence while (at this time) refusing to cooperate against her co-conspirators.

13 Melina Roberge

How does a manager at a Pandora store in Montreal, Quebec end up on a cruise ship with approximately $30 million in cocaine? Great question. First off, there is a big question as to what Melina Roberge was doing on the trip. She was easily the youngest of the drug smuggling group and was working at a retail shop before her extravagant adventure. Roberge is the square peg attempting to fit in the round piece in this excursion. A lot of the facts have not yet come to light, but the Instagram and Facebook photos of Roberge enjoying every second of her adventure are readily available online. And it appears that she was extremely tight with her sailing mate, Isabelle Legace.

12 Isabelle Lagace

Isabelle Lagace was the other participant in this scheme. She is pretty much screwed when it comes to this case. See, Lagace's luggage bag was where a bunch of coke was stashed. She shared a room with Roberge, but it was Lagace that carried the goods. Lagace's history isn't exactly clean, either. She was an adult film star prior to making the leap over to drug dealer/smuggler. There are a lot of question marks with regard to what these two beautiful women were actually doing and how deep they were into the schemes. Like Roberge, Lagace posted numerous photos of herself living her new lavish lifestyle, enjoying all the amenities of their travels.

11 Instagram

The girls naturally have become social media darlings. When hot women post photos of themselves enjoying their time, it is always sure to draw a crowd. These two were very attractive. A young 23-year-old beauty and a former adult star make for some exciting fodder. When you add the fact that they were carrying as many millions of dollars worth of drugs as they were, it is bound to peek the interest of many. And such in the case with these two. They gave rousing updates on their journeys. They took photo after photo of them partying and sunbathing. One photo was sexier than the next. And as the photos displayed, the girls were inseparable and having the time of their lives. This is further circumstantial evidence being used by the Australian authorities to link the two girls together and not allow Roberge out of their grasp.

10 Lagace Pleas Out

Sometimes it is best to get ahead of problems than be behind them. If there is one thing that Isabelle Lagace is, it's that she is a survivor. In fact, women don't move into the adult film industry after they had a successful stint at Harvard getting their Doctorate. No, they get there because that's how things ended up. They used survival instincts and then went to their greatest asset; their body. Whether that is fair or not, it is the way of the world. And Lagace is no fool. Her suitcase had a ton of cocaine in it. She had been dragging that thing all around the world. There was no hiding her involvement. So she did what she had to and copped a plea. She has pled guilty and it will be interesting to see what happens from here. Did Lagace rat the rest of her cocaine smuggling friends out? Odds are, yes. She said what she had to in order to score the best deal possible for herself. She was caught literally dead-to-rights with the goods. The more interesting question is what will come of Roberge who had the only defensible argument being that she had no drugs in any luggage bag belonging to her.

9 All Signs Point to Guilty

Sometimes there are disputable facts to cases. Many times, there can be tiny cracks that an attorney can hope to cite and make a viable argument in a case. This is not one of those times. The facts are difficult for this trio of criminals. First off, the cocaine seized in the rooms of Lagace and Roberge and that of the older man, Tamine, were of the same quality and purity. They were all packaged exactly the same using similar baggies and the same kind of tape. The tape used to package the cocaine was actually found in Roberge and Lagace's room. So yeah, there's that. Roberge, Lagace and Tamine all booked their cruise on the Sea Princess using the same agency and within a day of one another. In other words, they are screwed. The evidence, which they also had in their possession by the way, is overwhelming which led to Lagace copping a guilty plea.

8 Party Girls

When you head to other countries on the vacation of a lifetime, young people generally will live their lives to the fullest. So, young beautiful women will often do what they do best while on a carefree vacation, they show off how much fun they are having. This was definitely the case with the cocaine drug smuggling vacation of Roberge and Legace. The girls flaunted their fun at every avenue. Here, we get a VERY nice boob shot of Lagace as she clearly enjoys her time on the cruise ship. The girls had no problem showcasing their bodies and partying their time up as if they had nothing to lose. The most extraordinary part of their experiences is the lack of concern they had carrying so much cocaine in their luggage.

7 Numb to the World

"Monday morning quarterback" is an expression coined in sports. It is derived from analysts looking back and essentially second-guessing decisions that were made prior. In this instance, with regard to the drug smuggling, you can look back and see the patience displayed by the authorities and how clearly the smugglers were tricked. They were heading right into a trap. They were oblivious to Australian authorities sitting and waiting to pounce as they exited the ship with their drugs. The days prior featured both Roberge and Lagace showing absolutely no concern for what their future "could" hold. They acted as if they didn't have millions in cocaine in their room. They acted as if they were two best friends enjoying the journey of a lifetime. Little did they know what awaited for them.

6 Hottest Drug Smugglers Ever??? (Isabelle Lagace)

Lagace and Roberge may go down as the hottest pair to ever be involved in a crime. Above, Lagace displays a couple of her most favorite assets. She is an adult film star and well adept at displaying her body. Make no mistake about it, Lagace knows how to flaunt her goods. She is sleek with a very nice figure. Her sexiness is further embellished by the tattoos she has strategically placed. Some people are into tats while others are not. From my point of view, some are sexy. In particular, Lagace's tattoo on her side is quite becoming and hot. But beyond that, Lagace is a beautiful woman. Her involvement in this crime may be a surprise but is not shocking. One thing for certain is that she is quite attractive and you don't see many smugglers with this body.

5 Blending In

When committed a crime, being unassuming can be a massive asset that enables criminals to move amongst non-criminals with ease. That clearly was the plan in this elaborate drug smuggling scheme. There was a ringleader and a few other supportive men, but it would appear that the ladies were front-and-center. They both not only were carrying drugs, they were the ultimate distraction. The girls were the quintessential vacationers. They were two young, hot women who said with their appearances, "Look at us!" while at the same time hauling millions in cocaine under everyone's noses. But during the course of the trip, they played the perfect part, looking beautiful and drawing everyone's eyes on them as the drugs cleverly slipped by authorities; that is, until the very last stop.

4 No Fear

One aspect of the entire investigation is attempting to ascertain exactly how much the two beautiful drug smugglers were a part of this crime. This much coke, this ambitious of a smuggling effort across international waters, upon a cruise ship, begs many questions. The women both were not only boasting about their vacation fun, but they were speaking of "new starts." The women were looking forward toward a future free of concerns and stresses. They both were optimistic that this cruise was changing their lives. They did focus heavily on the amazing travels and the excitement of being in a variety of exotic locales, but the underlying subtleties of their messages could read very clearly that they knew their lives were financially changing for the better. When you have two beautiful women, one a retail store clerk and the other slogging it through the p--n industry, getting a world cruise lottery ticket seemed too good to be true; and it was.

3 Hottest Drug Smugglers Ever??? (Melina Roberge)

Melina Roberge is nothing less than gorgeous. While Isabelle Legace was in the dark and dirty business of the Canadian p--n industry, Roberge seemed incredibly "green" on the surface. At 23-years-old one wonders exactly what was going through her mind on this adventure. She is deathly gorgeous. She has a beautiful face, incredible eyes and a killer body. So why? Obviously, being in retail sucks. We've all been there. But Roberge is beautiful and it appears she attempted to take the easy way out of life and grab a dark opportunity as it presented itself. She was the only one of the main three that didn't have a luggage bag full of drugs. However, Roberge roomed with Lagace who had a ridiculous amount of drugs. But when you look at many other drug smugglers, they don't normally look like Roberge. Although in this case, it looks more and more like she was more the "distraction" piece. Roberge may have been the ultimate drug mule for all we know. She has proclaimed her innocence throughout the process but the Australian authorities and courts aren't buying it. She is the only one that could get a slightly reduced sentence in the bunch.

2 What Could Have Been

You wonder what could have been for these two young drug smugglers. Moving millions in cocaine through a cruise ship was a dream for these girls. They were seemingly on top of the world and were just a few strides from exiting the ship and clearing authorities. Certainly, the law could have caught up with them at a later date. But as they were about to disembark their cruise ship, you have to wonder what was going through their minds. They were about to complete a journey that would net them millions. They had just enjoyed the time of their lives. It was clear that this was a game they were experts at. But as they made those final few steps, the waiting arms of Australian authorities were awaiting in a sting operation that involved numerous nations across the globe including the United States Drug Enforcement Agency. This was a global sting and these two young women were just 20 yards from completing the journey of a lifetime. It may be easy to feel bad for these girls on the surface, for some, but the reality is, they were drug smugglers about to supply thousands upon thousands of drug users with a dangerous and powerful narcotic.

1 The Final Straw

What will be the ending for the three main players in this crime? As things go now, their outlook is not looking good. As with many drug cases, authorities always want to climb the ladder and catch the biggest fish possible. This international drug ring got their hands on a tremendous amount of cocaine, enough to be one of the biggest drug seizures of all time. The cocaine would have been a huge problem for the Aussies and catching it on the way in was a coup for authorities. The threesome face 20 years to life. At the moment, only Lagace has pleaded guilty. Most likely, she is talking. Roberge is doing her best to play dumb over the whole matter while Andre Tamine has kept his mouth shut. Make no mistake about it, these three birds will all sing if they can. They honestly have no choice. Tamine is going to die in prison if he doesn't and these two beautiful young women want to get out of jail before they are 40. This summer will decide their fate as Tamine and Roberge are set to go before the Australian courts. If pleas are reached, we will most likely not know about what they leveraged out of this threesome until more arrests around the globe paint a fuller picture. For now, unless Roberge gets a miracle, she also will suffer the same dubious fate as Lagace and Tamine- a long prison sentence.

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