15 Shady Photos of Cristiano Ronaldo That'll Make You Question His "Team"

There's no denying that Cristiano Ronaldo is an excellent soccer player, but more often than not, it's his antics off the pitch that get people really talking. He's probably the most famous soccer player in the world right now, with Messi coming in close second. The only reason Messi isn't more famous is because he doesn't take his public image as seriously as Cristiano. Everything Cristiano does, from his photoshoots to his goal celebrations, seems to be perfectly rehearsed in order to look great on camera. He definitely seems to be very image-conscious, and some would even accuse him of being vain.

But perhaps the most controversial rumors about this top-level soccer player involve his s*xuality. Numerous observers have pointed out that Cristiano seems very flamboyant in nature, both on and off the pitch. There is also the matter of his relationships with other men, which seem to go far beyond what would be considered normal in an average platonic friendship. Is everyone just overreacting? Is Cristiano just very "European," and just a very feminine man? Or is there some truth about the rumors?

At the end of the day, does it really matter? Him being gay wouldn't change a thing about his soccer playing ability, and the average person probably wouldn't even care. There are undoubtedly homos*xual soccer players right now who are too scared to come out of the closet, and that's a sad thing. But is Cristiano one of them?

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15 Cristiano And Badr Hari

via: thesun.co.uk

Most people who are familiar with the rumors about Cristiano's s*xuality know that they mostly revolve around one man: Badr Hadi. This Moroccan professional kick boxer has long been a friend of Cristiano, and some would say that these two are best friends. Badr Hadi is a very successful athlete in his own right, and ranks at around the top 5 kick boxers in the world right now. There has been talk of him joining the UFC to fight in the octagon, although it hasn't happened yet.

But when most people hear the name "Badr Hadi," they do not think about his kickboxing career. They think, instead, of the rumors surrounding him and Cristiano Ronaldo, namely that they are in a homos*xual relationship. Could this be true? One needs only look at the way they behave around each other to come up with your answer. This photo speaks a thousand words...

14 Just Married?

via: twitter.com

One of the strangest things about Badr Hari's supposed friendship with Ronaldo is the fact that both men seem to be so open about it, almost flaunting it to the world. Some say that everyone close to Cristiano knows the full extent of his relationship with the Moroccan, and it's only the general public that is left in the dark about it. There has been a rumor floating around that pretty much everyone in the football world knows Cristiano is gay, but no one is willing to come forth and explicitly say it.

The fact that they're so open about their relationship makes people wonder, that's for sure. Take this tweet for example, where Badr Hari jokes that the pair are "just married," also using muscle emojis and heart emojis. But how much of a joke is this, really? Did these two want to come out and tell the world about their feelings for each other, albeit in a slightly cryptic way?

13 Very Close Friends

via: youtube.com

But Badr Hari isn't the only one who Cristiano has been seen with in compromising situations. Cristiano Ronaldo seems to love relaxing with other dudes in swimming trunks, relaxing by the ocean sunbathing in an expensive yacht. While this definitely seems like an awesome way to let loose and relax, one would think a guy like Cristiano would at least bring one or two girls along for the ride? When you're a guy like Cristiano, girls would be clawing at each other to get a chance to be around you.

In this picture, he goes in for a close embrace with another pal, and Cristiano's hand seems to drift towards the other man's crotch area. While it's not certain whether this man is Badr Hari or another of his close "friends," what's clear is that these two guys are getting closer than what most dudes would consider comfortable. Is it just a European thing? Or is there something else going on here?

12 Interrupted By The Paparazzi

via: thesun.co.uk

It's easy to see by the expression on both Cristiano and Badr's faces that they look very surprised to see the cameras on this occasion. It's almost as though the paparazzi photographer interrupted something that was going on while the two were sunbathing. You can really see that the expression on their faces is like a "deer in headlights," or someone taken completely by surprise. It seems clear that these two men were sharing a special moment together, and it seems to go beyond your average friendship.

But many guys will defend this, saying that sometimes you just want to chill with your friends. And they have a point. Even the most heterosexual dudes out there will want to take a break from girls every now and then, choosing to chill with just one or two of their male friends. But Cristiano seems to do this a lot, and that's why so many people are spreading rumors about his s*xuality.

11 Deep Massage

via: tumblr.com

Although he still looks great for his age, Cristiano is in fact an aging athlete. Although 32 might seem young to all of you out there, that's verging on dinosaur territory in the soccer world. It's a very rare player indeed who can continue playing at the top level past 35. But Cristiano has always been one to set records, and he seems intent on not only being the best player in the world, but one who managed to stick around the longest. He's changed his playing style a lot to compensate for the loss of his youthful vitality and mobility, operating as a poacher these days more than anything.

In order to stay at the peak of his game into his mid-thirties, it's essential that this athlete gets the best medical treatment possible and this includes massage therapy. And by the looks of things, Cristiano has found a male massage therapist who can hit all the right spots. This man seems to be giving him a very deep massage in this picture, and his hands are venturing dangerously low. Why couldn't Cristiano hire a female massage therapist? I guess he just wanted strong hands and a male touch...

10 Cute Picture

via: tumblr.com

Here's another picture of Badr Hari and Cristiano sharing a special moment together. Once again you can see the sheer joy on both men's faces as they get close together for another cute photo. Badr Hari seems to be very possessive and dominant over Cristiano in all of the photos with the Real Madrid striker. You can see how Badr Hari seems to always have his arm tightly wrapped around Cristiano's neck in a dominant and possessive way. In contrast, Cristiano always seems to be slightly submissive around Badr, although both seem to enjoy each other's company.

The fact that Cristiano is wearing a Real Madrid jersey is also worth noting. Reportedly, the managerial and coaching staff at the Spanish football club know all about Cristiano's relationship with the Moroccan kick boxer, and are concerned by it. Reports from the La Liga side reveal that Cristiano's form seems to slump when he returns from his mysterious trips to Morocco, and it's almost as if his mind is on other things. Real Madrid is Cristiano's dream club which he has supported since his youth, so it would take quite a lot to distract him from his career.

9 Are They Really Rivals?


The rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo is one of the best stories in soccer history– maybe even sporting history in general. It's rare that a generation of soccer players is blessed with not one but two players of such insanely high quality. Traditionally, Messi is seen as more of a creator than Ronaldo, although Ronaldo has shown time and time again his ability to score goals in big games. Messi is no slouch in terms of goals either, and this rivalry is set to continue for another few years at least.

But how big of a rivalry is there between these two legendary players? The media certainly likes to create the illusion that these two men hate each other and would do anything to sabotage each other's careers. But is that even true? If you look at this photo, Messi and Ronaldo seem to be very close, comfortable enough with each other for Ronaldo to rest his hand lovingly on Messi's leg. Messi seems totally unfazed by this, but again, it's Ronaldo who is making the move.

8 In The Locker Room

via: dailymail.co.uk

Everyone who's ever been in a sports team will tell you that you really get to know your teammates well over the season. There's a special type of camaraderie and brotherhood that develops between players. When you're with these people for so long, you get a real sense of their personality and even their s*xuality. The kind of locker room banter and joking around can often go too far, and we sometimes we are left questioning the orientation of our teammates. There have been numerous stories of players getting caught in compromising situations with each other in the locker room, especially in soccer.

But what about Cristiano? As you can see by this picture, he is very friendly in the locker room when the jerseys come off. He is seen once again resting his hand almost possessively on the leg of his teammate, and he has an expression of slight mischief on his face, as though he knows he's doing something naughty. Is this just the way Cristiano shows affection to his teammates and male friends? Or is there something more going on here?

7 Comfortable With Each Other

via: dailymail.co.uk

Here's another picture that shows the two friends sharing yet another moment for the camera. This time Cristiano seems to be the one with the dominant body language, putting his arm around his "friend" in a very possessive way. Maybe Badr Hari is not the dominant one in this relationship after all? Who knows? Although we don't know the full extent of their relationship, what's clear is that Cristiano spends a lot of money flying his 18 million pound jet back and forth from Morocco whenever he gets a chance.

Although Cristiano is the one with the dominant pose in this photo, there's no doubting that Badr Hari is the most aggressive of the two men. He's been to jail for attacking other people in public, and has even been disqualified from boxing matches for unsportsmanlike conduct. Speaking about his bouts of rage, Hari revealed: "When my brakes are off. It's just one big clump of explosion, chaos and noise, and I become blind to it all... A storm, a hurricane, a disaster. There just is a certain aggression inside of me, of which I don't know what to do with nor where it comes from."

6 Close Friends

via: dailymail.co.uk

A while back, the tabloids around the world were going nuts about Cristiano's relationship with this Moroccan boxer. And they're definitely not shy about showing their affection for one another. These two guys can often be seen in a close embrace, and by this photo you can definitely see that they are really comfortable being in each other's arms. There is a look of sheer delight on both the athlete's faces, and they look like they are having the time of their lives.

The craziest thing about this story is that even when Cristiano was dating some of the hottest women on Earth, such as Irina Shayk, he still made time to travel to Morocco for weeks at a time to spend some quality alone time with Badr Hari. No one else usually travels with him on these trips, leading to even more suspicious for outside observers.

5 Flower Boy

via: youtube.com

If Cristiano really wants these rumors to end, he certainly isn't doing himself any favors with his choice of attire. This soccer star frequently wears extremely flamboyant clothing that many would call "metros*xual." But others still claim that this kind of style goes well beyond the realms of metros*xuality, into the area of homos*xuality. This picture definitely speaks for itself, and not many straight men would choose to wear a pink hat, what looks like a pearl necklace, a bright pink flower behind one ear, and an extremely tight baby blue polo shirt, topped off with some short shorts.

Again, it's almost as if Cristiano doesn't care about the rumors, and this could mean one of two things. It could mean that he's not afraid to show his feminine side, and he won't let his fashion style be affected by baseless rumors. Or, he is proud of his homos*xuality and wants everyone to see who he really is.

4 Pool Buddies

via: univision.com

Here's another strange picture snapped of Cristiano, and he seems to be getting very close and comfortable with one of his close friends in the pool. I'm not sure whether this is just an unfortunate angle, but this picture makes it seem like Cristiano is sitting on his friends lap underneath the water, out of sight. Maybe this is just the way the photo was taken, but it adds further fuel to the rumors about Cristiano's orientation. He definitely seems to love getting wet and relaxing with large, muscular men nearby.

This whole controversy is also fuelled by Cristiano's family situation. As many of you probably know, Cristiano now has three test tube babies that were carried by a surrogate mother. Why did he choose to have children by surrogate mother? Why couldn't he do it the old-fashioned way? One rumor is that he didn't want a woman to be in a position where she could take half his wealth, which does make sense. But one has to wonder...

3 Questionable Photo Shoot

via: wmj.ru

Cristiano definitely isn't doing himself any favors by posing for photo shoots like this one. This seems way over the top, even for Cristiano. The way Cristiano is closing his eyes in ecstasy, his face surrounded by flowers, is enough to make anyone chuckle. He tops off the look with a glossy, floral jacket that also looks decidedly homos*xual. He is also wearing a pair of his very own "CR7" underwear. For those who don't know, Cristiano did in fact create his own brand of underwear, and guess who models said underwear? That's right, Cristiano himself. I'm not sure what kind of people would be convinced to buy this underwear after seeing an ad like this, but something tells me they have similar preferences to Ronaldo.

It's amazing how unafraid and brave Cristiano is in posing for public photoshoots like this one. He knows the whole world is going to see these pictures, so he must not care about people seeing him like this. It must take a lot of courage to get onto the field after people have seen you in such a feminine pose. But I guess that's what Ronaldo is all about.

2 Awkward Around Girls 

via: twitter.com

So we've seen how he acts around men, and it does in fact add fuel to the rumors of his romantic preferences. But there's still no real proof out there, and in the end we are left wondering about this soccer player. Maybe we will never know the truth, or maybe one day he will come clean about his sexuality. As previously mentioned, it doesn't even matter what his preferences are, as he'll still go down as one of the greatest players of all time, no matter what.

But perhaps we can gain greater insight by looking not at how he acts around men, but how he acts around women. Strangely, in many of the photos where he is seen with beautiful women, he is much less touchy than he is with men. Instead of putting his arm around them or resting his hand on their thigh like he does with men, Cristiano is very "hands off" when it comes to women. Even around hotties like Rihanna, he awkwardly stands next to her without putting his arm around her shoulder.

1 He Admits It

What if Cristiano actually admitted he was gay? Wouldn't that end the rumors once and for all? Well as it turns out, this already might have happened. And this confession came not in a press conference or over social media, but on the pitch where Cristiano is so comfortable. Those familiar with soccer will know that professional lip-readers are often employed in big matches to see what players are really saying to each other. And when Ronaldo faced off against another La Liga player, known as Koke, things got really interesting.

Koke was angry at Ronaldo, and he rushed up to him, calling him "maricon," which is Spanish for "gay." In response, Ronaldo said, "Si, maricon," (Yes, I'm gay), but adding "But a very rich gay." Is this clear evidence of Ronaldo admitting he's gay? Or was this just banter between two rival players, with Ronaldo just joking around? Watch the video for yourself.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk

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