15 Photos That Show Why Danica Patrick Won’t Be Single For Too Long

At the age of 35, we’re starting to see Danica Patrick’s life shift (see what we did there?). In November of this year, Patrick recently announced that she’d be leaving the racing life for good, following races in the 2018 Daytona 500 and the 2018 Indianapolis 500. Her announcement was met with lots of tears, as without a doubt, she’ll always be remembered as a trailblazer in the sport.

Along with the future retirement, just days ago it was announced that Patrick and long-time boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. were to be separated after a five year relationship. For the first time in a while, Danica’s single; however, we don’t expect that to last for very long and this article will show you why.

From past photos from her marvellous SI shoot to recent pics that showcase her new hobbies (such as performing certain yoga positions), these photos make it clear that the 35 year old will only enjoy the single life briefly before she’s once again snatched up. Enjoy the article folks, and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started with one of the many steamy beach pics!

15 Beach Time

Single for the first time in five years, set to leave NASCAR and heck, she’s even making her own wine now; all of those factors contribute to the fact that the picture above is likely Danica’s future for a little while. Just her, a bottle of wine, her bathing suit, and we can only assume a plethora of yoga positions.

She won’t be too down on herself that’s for darn sure, as Patrick still looks phenomenal at the age of 35 and she’s got enough dough in the bank to retire; however she’ll continue to thrive off endorsement deals alone, as she remains a sponsorship giant to this very day even despite her recent falling out with Go Daddy. Looking at her recent Instagram post above, you can tell she won’t be alone for too long.

14 Yoga While The Ex Sleeps

Here’s a reason why the spilt likely took place; while Danica’s performing a fantastic yoga position, ex Ricky Stenhouse Jr. is somehow sleeping. Most men will agree that they’d be wide awake if Patrick was pulling off such positions. Ricky loses some major points for this photo and perhaps he just couldn’t keep up with the edgy stock car legend.

All jokes and yoga positions aside, the two began dating back in November of 2012, so yeah, the relationship was quite lengthy, but both never committed to one another. With Patrick leaving the stock car circuit and Ricky staying on board, perhaps it was best for Danica to completely leave the sport with a fresh new slate. However, we don’t expect the beauty to be alone for too long that’s for darn sure.

13 Leather Pants


So thus far we’ve seen Patrick rock bathing suits and yoga pants to perfection, so naturally, the next in line would be leather pants... Wearing such an article of clothing can be tough to pull off, but with a figure like Danica’s, it isn’t too shocking that she once again pulls it off to perfection while making those at home and those that were in the stands for the Super Cross event, salivate a little.

Patrick was a guest on the day; she appeared at the massive Georgia Dome for the championship Super Cross event. Wearing such an ensemble, she stole the show once again as various publications were simply salivating over the pants. Note to her next boyfriend: she can rock bathing suits, yoga pants and leather pants... Yeah, that’s a winning formula right there.

12 Throwback To The SI Shoot


Becoming a female pioneer in the world of auto racing, several publications wanted a piece of Danica. Not only was she young and new to the scene back in the day, but it also helped that she was a stunner to look at. For that reason, her fame instantly skyrocketed as she made the cover of Sports Illustrated back in June of 2005 - becoming the first Indianapolis 500 driver to do so in nearly two decades.

She would be in the limelight with the magazine once again a couple of years later. Though this time around, the “Not So PG” spread sold a little more copies. Back in 2008, Patrick was the main feature in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The pictorial skyrocketed her fame even further as she became a massive s*x symbol.

11 Yoga Positions On A Boat

If you follow Danica Patrick religiously, you know that she’s slowly transitioning out of racing and taking a liking for everything health related. Danica loves to post about healthy eating along with her daily fitness habits. Patrick has turned into a massive yoga junkie and based on her recent posts in the last couple of years, absolutely nobody is complaining about it.

From on-the-beach pics to in her own home to even on a boat (as you see in the photo above), Danica loves to perform the movements anywhere and everywhere. She’s grabbed our attention a number of times but perhaps this particular setting got our attention that much more given the fact that she’s rocking a perfect beach body and hey, it’s not every day you see a stunning athlete showcase her flexibility in such a setting.

10 Halloween Hottie

Okay, so naturally the next question you’re asking is: “okay, she looks hot in literally everything, but what if we slap a short blonde wig on her?” Well, like usual, we’ve got the answer to that question here at The Richest, as Danica rocked the wig during Halloween last year. Somehow, someway, the Indy car legend might look even hotter grabbing our attention with that spectacular “Not So PG” white top. There’s just something about a white top, isn’t there? Oh, and not to mention those short shorts... Danica’s truly got it going on here as yet another athlete looking smoking hot on Halloween – move over Eugenie and Serena!

Oh, and for what it’s worth in case you didn’t notice, her ex is also present in the photo....

9 Candid Bikini Goddess

Sometimes, a magazine spread isn’t as accurate as one would think in showcasing one’s beauty. At times, publications love to over-edit certain photos and that causes the pics to lose their luster. For that reason, onlookers love a candid photo as it truly shows us which smoking babes are real bombshells and which are simply pretenders being aided by a photoshop-type of program.

Well, the various candid pics of Danica over the years have made it clear that she’s certainly the real deal. Her signature American flag lower back tattoo is also visible which adds to the steaminess of the photo. In an odd twist, Sports Illustrated actually decided to cover up the tattoo in the magazine spread which raised lots of eyebrows. According to SI, the tat didn’t match with the message of the shoot...

8 White Dress Beauty

Not only is Danica a chick you can spend the day with at the beach, but she’s also someone you can proudly display out and about. Yes, she cleans up extremely well and her recent appearance at the ESPY Awards was an example of that, as she looked flawless while rocking the red carpet alongside her ex. For many years now Danica’s been a regular at the ceremony and you best believe she’ll be honored the next time around for her incredible (and trailblazing) run in the world of stock car.

For now, she’ll continue on with her life transition living the single life and stepping away from NASCAR for good. However, we don’t expect the single part to last for too long even if she wants some time alone.

7 Fitness Goddess

If you like a fit chick, then Danica’s certainly your cup of tea. Do a quick search pertaining to Danica nowadays and some of the first things to come up discuss her yoga practice and diet as opposed to racing career. Of course, staying fit requires a little bit of both and Danica’s thrived at the healthy-eating way of life as well. Similar to most diets, Danica relies on a steady protein intake filled with lean ground beef, turkey and heck, she’s even into drinking protein shakes. She loves her greens as well, with a fridge filled with spinach and various other nutritious vegetables.

The candid photo above is a clear indication that she’s on the right track (no pun-intended). Continuing on with the fitness tips is an easy avenue for Patrick to explore once she leaves racing for good.

6 The Recent Instagram Post


Putting the mesmerizing content from the picture aside for a second, it was the text that was truly telling. Danica ended the post by stating, “You are your longest relationship!” You’ve got to admire a chick that’s got confidence in herself and isn’t afraid to take risks, just like Patrick. The quote from the photo was truly telling in giving us a little insight as to who she really is. Okay, now we can ogle at the picture.

One of the inappropriate comments reads: “you’re definitely better as a model than a driver”, which is extremely insensitive and harsh, though in truth it might be a little true. Yes, the photo is edited and airbrushed but hey, we can’t help but to ogle anyways, especially with that tattoo being visible and that million dollar smile which is once again on full display.

5 She’s Got The Fire

Her mini scuffle with Milka Duno gets lots of attention, however, that wasn’t the only time Danica lost her cool. Say what you will about the incidents but in terms of heat factor, Danica certainly got our attention. She wasn’t afraid to express her true emotions and Denny Hamlin can attest to that as Patrick didn’t hesitate in getting all up in his business following an altercation between the two on the circuit. If you love a fiery chick, this photo proves that Danica’s exactly that. We’ll truly miss her racing presence for these types of moments.

Other notable fiery incidents from her career also included flipping off Regan Smith, purposely crashing into Landon Cassill and even colliding with her own ex-boyfriend on the circuit in the past.

4 Danica In Yoga Pants

Yoga pants alone might be a reason to date Danica Patrick now that she’s single. We’ve seen a plethora of posts via her social media account on Instagram featuring Patrick in the perfect lower body attire. This photo received more than 10K likes which truly isn’t enough. During her retirement away from the circuit, hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of the attire and heck, those yoga positions.

As we stated earlier, money certainly isn’t an issue when it comes to Danica’s post racing life. She’s rumored to be worth $60 million which is absolutely insane but given her past as a sponsorship giant, the figure is quite believable. Even without racing, we can expect her stock to still grow as she likely takes on other endorsement deals along with likely taking on a gig as a panellist for something race-related.

3 Million Dollar Smile

What makes Danica so unique is the fact that she’s got some serious edge to her, though she also has that sweet side that’s best represented by her million dollar smile, which we’ve seen countless times both on and off the track. Her image has been a big part of her success and that’s resulted in various gigs outside of racing which even includes acting.

Yes, Danica has appeared in a couple of shows in the past, even most recently she played a voice-over role on the Nickelodeon show, Blaze and the Monster Machine. Along with her recent cameo, she also appeared on CSI: NY back in 2010, though her most notable gig came on the iconic show The Simpsons, playing herself in the same year as the CSI appearance.

2 Hand-Stand

via:Krusty Sox Sports

We applaud the top comment that reads: “wow I swallowed my tongue”, a sentiment surely felt by lots of Instagram users ogling at such a photo of the beloved race car driver. Maybe she could have attempted driving in the attire; hell, it grabs our attention, so just imagine the drivers she could also captivate.....

Okay, all jokes aside, let’s take a minute and applaud Danica’s racing career (although most of you know that it’s been mired in controversy throughout). Numerous drivers have taken shots at Danica for various reasons - many claim she’s only in the series for her popularity. Others have even taken a shot at the driver for her unfair weight advantage when navigating her car; now that’s just silly! All the controversy aside, she’s a trailblazer and that’s a title nobody can take from her.

1 One Last SI Throwback

We end the article off with another throwback picture from Danica’s SI shoot. The steamy “Not So PG” photo grabbed our attention back in the day and it continues to do the same today. Looking at such a photo, it’s quite clear she won’t be single for very long as we eluded to throughout the article.

The SI gig was extremely notable though we have to give some love to her career with Go Daddy. In 2015, both sides agreed to part ways as Go Daddy announced they were no longer sponsoring Patrick. The two had started off together in 2007 and by 2010, she was fully backed by the company. They created magic together as Danica’s legacy will always be linked to her role with the company.

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