15 Photos That Prove Why Hailey Baldwin Was Maxim's Hottest Woman Of 2017

If you don't know who Hailey Baldwin is, you're going to really enjoy getting to know her over the next few minutes. And if you do, you completely understand why in 2017 Maxim named her as the hottest woman in the entire world. You'll also probably be excited because this is the best list of Hailey Baldwin photos out there.

Her tens of millions of fans are well aware of the captivating and seductive photos that Baldwin has participated in throughout the years, including the photo shoot for Maxim that is unforgettable.

Not to mention all the photos she has taken over the years and uploaded online of her in various states of undress, all of which help solidify her case for perhaps 2018's contest as well. There is more to Hailey than just her good looks though, as you'll also learn more about the influential role that religion plays in her life, her favorite outfits and what her favorite way to unwind after a long day is.

If you're wondering about the familiar last name, Hailey is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin. Something tells us the revealing photos definitely aren't going to be the topic of discussion around the dinner table though!


15 Justin Bieber Getting An Eyeful

We're sorry if that in the midst of all of these outstanding photos showing how gorgeous Hailey is, that we need to show a picture of Justin Bieber. Because while you may hate Bieber, there is no denying that he was able to get up close and personal with Hailey Baldwin.

And judging by the above photo, he definitely didn't seem to have any level of chill when it came to checking out his lady.

"You have to have really thick skin and be very strong. You have to focus on the person and nothing else," said Baldwin when talking about the difficulties of dating someone famous. We're sure there were all kinds of issues that would arise when dating Bieber!

14 Looking Good In A Colorful Swimsuit


When it comes to enjoying the sun, one of the best things to do is to throw on a swimsuit and hit the beach. Hailey may be not be frolicking in the sand in the photo we have featured for you above, but we're sure you're still ecstatic that she still is deciding to wear a swimsuit.

Especially one that is colorful! As if Hailey needed another way to help draw attention to her incredible good looks. Though if we're being practical, those tan lines would probably be pretty awkward so you need to hope that she has suntan lotion somewhere nearby.

That being said, Hailey could probably turn as red as a lobster from the sun and she probably would still be one of the hottest (heh) women around!

13 Embracing The Cold In A Swimsuit

Your first thought when you take a look at the above photo is that she is incredibly hot. But if you were wondering what she was thinking, Hailey captioned the photo "back in the freezing cold" and shared it on her Instagram way back in December.

While we're not too sure where she went for the photo shoot, we're sure there was no shortage of ways for her to warm up.

Considering the photo went on to receive over 300,000 likes on her account, we'd hope she thought it was worth the suffering! Though anyone that thinks to be a model is easy probably doesn't factor in the number of times they strip down to little clothing, often for enough time to get seriously uncomfortable.

12 Looking Irresistible In A One Piece Swimsuit


Hailey Baldwin looks absolutely gorgeous in a swimsuit that shows off her body. There is more than enough proof of that. But the above photo should also make it abundantly clear that when she elects to go for the more modest one piece, that she's still got the ability to look incredibly seductive.

The photos were taken for the online website back in December but were done for their Summer 2017 magazine.

We're sure putting Baldwin on their cover was a great way to get the attention of every guy around. Let's just hope that we'll get plenty of opportunities to see Baldwin rocking a one piece swimsuit in the near future, regardless on if it's for a publication or not!

11 Showing Off Her Toned Abs

Hailey Baldwin has an outstanding body that she is more than happy to put on display in a variety of settings. But she definitely wasn't expecting the above photo to be made public, as it was very clearly taken by the paparazzi.

Though that doesn't change the fact that Baldwin looks great in the photo with her toned abs clearly being put on display. But you may be surprised to hear what Baldwin's least favorite workout is,

“I don’t like to run. You will not see my running on a treadmill ever. Ever! I like boxing, though, so if I can go to the gym and box for 30 minutes, I will," said Baldwin.

Looks like you also better not mess with her if she's got some boxing skills!

10 Putting It All On Display For Maxim


Hailey Baldwin has had plenty of hot photos on this list, but we don't know if there is any that is steamier than the photos she did for Maxim. But then again, we suppose that makes sense when you consider it was Maxim that crowned her as the sexiest woman in the entire world!

Baldwin also did an interview with them, where she opened up about the fact that she was still incredibly spiritual and kept religion close to her heart.

In another interview, Baldwin said,

"I believe in prayer and deliverance in a very intense way. There’s a Bible verse my mom always made me repeat. I can do all through Christ as he strengthens me,’ Philippians IV, 13. When I used to perform, I get really nervous, so I’d say it in the wings before I went on. I still say it in my head before I walk a show.”

9 Rocking Black In A Kitchen For Vogue Japan

There are over 20 different versions of the fashion magazine Vogue. We're sure Baldwin is going to get plenty affiliated with them over the years, including this past year posing for Vogue Japan.

While we're not too sure why they decided to take the photo shoot to a dirty kitchen, it definitely doesn't make Baldwin look any less captivating. Though we're pretty sure what she's wearing isn't suitable for a kitchen environment. Especially considering how decked out the other "cook" is in the photo!

We also have to admit that as amazing as Baldwin looks, that huge pile of cheese is also pretty tempting.


8 In Front Of The Bath


Hailey Baldwin has stepped in front of the camera for countless publications but the above photo comes courtesy of Inprint Magazine. And while she's also had several photo shoots in the past where other assets are put on display, it's clear that Inprint wanted to show off Baldwin's long legs.

Perhaps part of Baldwin agreeing to the photo shoot was that she'd be able to hang out in that luxurious bath.

“I like to take a bath, listen to music, getting a massage – just being alone is so soothing to me! Have time off for me is about being low-key, being by myself and spending time with my family," said Baldwin when talking about her favorite way to unwind!

7 Catching Your Eye With A White Swimsuit

We aren't going to be able to tell what your favorite swimsuit look on this list is, but we bet you're going to love how often you get to see Baldwin in one.

And while it's not clear if it was a friend or Baldwin taking the above photo, it's undeniable how captivating she looks.

If you'd like to get to know Baldwin, knowing something about religion is probably going to be a good place to start as she prominently displays the cross necklace. While it's also not clear which beach Baldwin was hanging out in, we're sure she has the funds to make sure she can travel to beaches all around the world.

We just hope that every time she does, she decides to buy a new swimsuit and share it on Instagram!

6 She Loves Denim Skirts


One of the most important things for a person to have in a strong sense of confidence in themselves. And one way to get that confidence may be to put on clothes that make you feel desirable.

For Hailey, it's keeping things simple and relaxed that is her true preference

"My go-to summer outfit is a pair of denim shorts, a good pair of Stan Smiths and a white tee,” she explained. “It’s easy!" said Hailey in an interview in July.

While the above shirt isn't just plain white, and the denim is in skirt form, the photo is enough to help solidify that her favorite summer outfit might also be yours.

5 Stepping Into A Swimsuit For A Photo Shoot

There are plenty of photos that Hailey has taken of herself or had her friends take of her having a casual day at the beach. And while there are plenty of those photos that will leave you captivated, perhaps you're going to be even more drawn to the professional photo that was taken of Baldwin that we have captured for you above.

The swimsuit brand, Triangl, was covered on Teen Vogue and the above suit was appraised at being worth under $100, so it's clear that Baldwin doesn't need to break the bank to catch the eye of everyone around.

The photo may also be altered, but it's clear she is also no stranger to having a summer tan.

4 Showing Her Love For Her Instagram Fans


Hailey Baldwin owes a large part of her success to her huge social media following. With over 10.5 million fans on Instagram alone, it's no wonder she is constantly uploading photos to meet the demand of her adoring public.

Thankfully for Baldwin, the usage of Instagram is something she loves

"I love Instagram. It's become a part of my job now obviously. I honestly like for people to just have a look into my life. Not just work-related stuff, but kind of how I am personally and get a peek at my personality too," said Baldwin in an interview.

3 Showing Off Her Dancer Legs

Hailey Baldwin may have an incredible career as a model, but when she was growing up her aspirations were to become a dancer. Which may have made the above photo extra fun for her to get to do.

Baldwin isn't satisfied with just being a model though,

"In my spare time, I like to act. I love theatre. One thing a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’m obsessed with Broadway musicals and I trained for about 7 years in musical theatre," said Baldwin in an interview.

So perhaps it'll only be a matter of time before you see her on the big screen.

2 Looking Beautiful On The Red Carpet


Hailey Baldwin looks incredible when she is just lounging around at home and wearing little to no makeup. But she's also a professional model, which means she has plenty of experience either applying or having makeup applied professionally to her face.

She also has no shortage of friends that would be able to chime in with their hopefully very knowledgeable fashion advice. When you put it all together, you get a team that allows a gorgeous woman like Baldwin to look even more captivating when attending red carpet events.

It doesn't matter what the event is, you better believe that if Baldwin is attending that all eyes should be on her. And if they aren't, it won't be long until she captures everyone's attention.

1 Getting Close With Kendall Jenner

This list may be full of moments where Hailey Baldwin will leave you speechless, but in the above photo, you get 2 for 1 as we have also included the beautiful Kendall Jenner. The two are incredibly tight and were seen having a fantastic time at this past year's Coachella.

Kendall has openly spoken about her appreciation for not only Baldwin's friendship but also fellow supermodel Gigi Hadid

"'I'm in a job that all of my really good friends are in. They are the ones who are my security blanket. If I didn't have them, I think I'd be freaking out, lol!," wrote Jenner in an online blog post.

We're sure Baldwin feels the same way and that there will be tons of photos of the two of them emerging throughout the years.

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