15 Photos That Prove We Have The Hottest First Daughters Ever

There are a lot of people running scared and a lot of people celebrating now that Donald Trump has taken over as President of the United States. His early days have been marked by a lot of controversy as he seems to want to fulfill every campaign promise with an executive order. Whether you love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit, he certainly is making things interesting.

We always knew about his daughter Ivanka because of her modeling career. She first appeared on the cover of Seventeen magazine about 20 years ago and while never quite achieving supermodel status, she’s never been that far from her famous father’s side, most notably appearing on The Celebrity Apprentice as one of his assistants and launching her own clothing line. It wasn’t until The Donald ran for the presidency that the mainstream was introduced to his other daughter Tiffany, a dozen years younger than Ivanka.

We’re not going to try and pretend that it’s a toss-up which daughter is more classically beautiful. We know 99 out of 100 people would say Ivanka is the more beautiful of the two, but we also think that when the hair and makeup is on point, Tiffany looks pretty good...better than Chelsea Clinton ever did. Tiffany also has a skanky girl-next-door quality her sister doesn’t possess that makes us like her a little bit more in some ways. She’s the bad girl and we like bad girls.

We don’t know if we’re going to like our new President. We have a feeling he’s mostly just going to confuse us, but at least we’re going to have a pair of hot sisters to look at while we’re trying to figure out what’s going on. Who knows what his legacy in history will be, but we do know we’re seeing something special happen that’s historic right now and it has to do with the sexy first daughters. Here are 15 Photos That Prove We Have the Hottest First Daughters Ever.

15 Same school, different choices

One of the many things we find interesting about the very different Trump girls is their post-secondary education. Both graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, although Ivanka graduated from the much more prestigious Wharton School of Business at the school and also attended Georgetown University. Tiffany graduated from the University of Pennsylvania main campus with a degree in sociology and urban studies. It’s certainly a good school with a fantastic cross-section that represents America and these two girls are certainly different enough that represent a great cross section. While Tiffany is the one named after the jewelry store, she seems more like the one you’d find at the keg party, not worried about who was watching as she funnelled the grossest swill possible and Ivanka would only be sipping on the finest champagne at an exclusive party. We’ll have to see what influence they try to have in their father’s administration and what kind of public persona they portray during the Trump administration.

14 There's not a lot of competition

The sad fact is, we haven’t had a lot of good looking presidential daughters of age, but then again, with so many presidents serving two terms and so many presidents having sons and being so old when they take the office, the odds aren’t good you’re going to find foxy first daughters. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all had underage daughters when they entered the White House. Only George W. Bush had daughters that can match up to the Trump girls and while Jenna and Barbara Bush were good looking girls, they certainly don’t hold a candle to the current first daughters. Maybe there was a president in the 1870s who had hot looking daughters, but we’re guessing record keeping at the Library of Congress doesn’t focus on the kind of First Family trivia we think is important. God bless the Internet.

13 Tiffany was named for the jewelry store

What’s in a name? Supposedly, Tiffany Trump was named after the famous New York jewelry store Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue. Most people recognize it from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn. So what makes Tiffany jewelry so special that you’ll have to pay sometimes 300% more for a diamond there than you would for a comparable piece at a chain jewelry store like Jared or Zales? The name. That’s all. Much like buying a high-end sports car, yes you’re buying something of great value, but you’re really paying for the reputation and for the ability to say you have something with that brand. Ironically, the Trump name has come to mean the same thing as Donald Trump has sold his name to appear on everything from board games to neck ties to golf courses. There’s no measurement for this kind of things, but Tiffany Trump may be the most New York branded name possible.

12 They're more than a decade apart in age

The moment you hear Donald Trump talk about “family values” it’s probably best to not get too intensely involved, and you have kids, tell the to go into the other room. If you’re looking for a group to symbolize the classic nuclear American family, this is not the crew for you. First, Donald married Ivana. With her, he had three children, Ivanka, Eric and Donald, Jr. They got divorced in 1992 amid allegations Donald was having an affair with Marla Maples, who was his next wife. She’s also the mother of his daughter Tiffany. They were together six years before divorcing. Donald then married Melania in 2005 and she gave birth to their son Barron in 2006. So, that’s three marriages, three full siblings and five half-siblings. We’re guessing the family groups will still find a way to defend the Trumps, although we will say that it is good that Melania is staying with Barron in New York until the end of the school year.

11 Ivanka ignores her father's female critics

How do you deal with allegations that your father is a womanizer, only dates (and marries) models, treats unattractive female employees like dirt while favoring the attractive ones, harrasses women and is caught on tape saying he likes to grab women by their genitals? You largely ignore it and simply defend him as a champion of women’s causes. Despite the fact Donald Trump said he can have any woman he wants and has perpetuated the “beauty queen” image with his Miss Universe Pageant, Ivanka Trump told the British Sunday Times that her father is a feminist. "He has lived it, he has employed women at the highest levels of the Trump Organization for decades, so I think it's a great testament to how capable he thinks women are and has shown that his whole life,” she told the newspaper.

10 They don't Tweet like their father

Donald Trump made quite a name for himself and some even say he won his presidency on Twitter. From bashing his competition to insulting whomever he wanted, even if it was 4 in the morning, he brought social media to a presidential campaign like nobody before. Considering most people who are 70 barely understand Facebook we give the guy credit for talking smack with the tenacity of someone his youngest daughter’s age. Ironically, neither of his daughters quite have the Twitter game their father has. Ivanka uses her Twitter mainly as a showcase for pictures of her family in Washington settings. If you ever wondered what it would look like if Jackie Kennedy would have had a Twitter, just check out Ivanka’s. Tiffany’s is even duller, mainly serving as a place to park links for her Instagram, where things get a little more interesting and she certainly earns her status as one of the “Rich Kids of Instagram”

9 Tiffany seems more real to us

Have you ever met somebody who seemed just so perfect you waited patiently for them to do something stupid, but just found yourself waiting. This person was smart and funny and good looking and seemed to always know what to say and everybody liked them? This is Ivanka Trump and if you want to know Ivanka Trump in a nutshell, visit her website, ivankatrump.com, where she fills you in on everything from style, to raising kids to cooking. She seems to do it all so well and none of it is with any snark or irony or is mean spirited. It’s all so perfect you just think there’s got to be some kind of skeleton that the whole house of cards is built upon. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we like Tiffany better. We have a feeling there are a ton of things this girl has done that wouldn’t surprise us. We like our first daughters to seem real and Tiffany seems way more real than Ivanka ever will.

8 Tiffany tried to be a pop star

In the movie “Just Friends” Anna Faris plays an airhead popstar who doesn’t quite understand her gibberish lyrics are just that: gibberish. It reminds us of a Trump daughter. In 2011, Tiffany Trump tried to be a pop star and like so many rich girls with an endless supply of daddy’s money, she gave it quite a good shot. Some, like Lana Del Rey, go far. Others, like Brooke Hogan, crash and burn. Put Tiffany in that second category. If you have the time, we strongly urge you to check out her one single, “Like a Bird” which is not a cover of the same-named Nelly Furtado song. Tiffany’s version has such amazing lyrics like “I see you like the spot above / crawling through the liquid love” or “You’re cute and you’re Tweeting me / baby, you go ‘beep, beep, beep.” Her father was able to convince the country he’d be a good president, but not that she’d be a good singer. That should tell everybody something.

7 Ivanka and Chelsea Clinton are longtime friends

One thing that was reported on often in the waning days of the Obama administration was that the Bush family and the Obamas grew close during the Obama years in the White House. It’s nice to hear that despite differences in political beliefs, people can put them aside and still be friendly because those are two groups who share some very unique common experiences the rest of us can’t relate to. A lot of attention was paid to the fact Jenna and Barbara Bush wrote the Obama girls a very nice letter about living their life as normal people once their parents were no longer President and First Lady and how they hoped they’d be able to remain friends and would be there for them. Ironically, Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton were friends long before Donald Trump ever considered running for office. The two ran in the same social circles in New York City and went to great lengths to say nothing negative about each other’s parents during the campaign or about each other.

6 Playing both sides of the fence

If you were born in 1981, does that make you a “millennial”? It depends which definition you go by, although most organizations seem to place the earliest birth year at 1982 and the latest at 2002, although you can find variations. So, most would agree Ivanka Trump, born in 1981 is not a millennial. What’s the point? Ivanka was all about labeling herself a millennial as much as possible during the election because millennials do not traditionally identify with any political party. She went so far as to point out she had donated to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2007, but endorsed Mitt Romney, a Republican in 2012. The following year, in 2013, she hosted a fundraiser for Cory Booker and donated money to his campaign. Booker was a Democrat running for U.S. Senate. Trump’s father is obviously a Republican. Whether she is a millennial or not, not being entrenched in any particular party certainly didn’t hurt her father’s cause.

5 Ivanka will NOT be the First Lady

Tiffany made some campaign appearances for her father and got high marks for a speech on his behalf at the Republican National Convention, but has largely been absent as part of his inner circle as he has taken the reins of government, unlike her sister Ivanka, who has been linked to her father at the hip. When asked early in the campaign if he could immediately think of a woman who would be a good Cabinet member, Donald Trump was only able to come up with his daughter as a viable option. She was so visible during the transition in days leading up to her father taking over that Ivanka actually had to dismiss rumors that she would be taking over certain First Lady duties from Donald’s wife Melania who played a low profile during the campaign. Nonetheless, it is expected that Ivanka will have a role bigger than few First Children have ever had before, as will her male siblings. It remains to be seen if Tiffany shows any interest in getting involved.

4 Donald Trump is super, super creepy

We’ve all heard somebody who is a stick in the mud or a prude look at a stripper or somebody else doing something sexy and say, “Well, that’s somebody’s daughter” to completely kill the mood. Donald Trump will have none of that when it comes to Ivanka. The father and daughter appeared on the The View 10 years ago when one of the panelists asked Donald what he would do if Ivanka appeared on the pages of Playboy magazine. Without hesitating, he said “I don’t think Ivanka would do that inside the magazine, although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said that if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” Sure, nothing creepy about that. It took a decade for him to say anything that sketchy again, but in 2015, he told Rolling Stone magazine “If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father…” There are just some things you don’t say. Although, in his case, apparently there’s nothing you can’t say and not get elected President of the United States.

3 The Rich Kids of Instagram

Tiffany Trump is one of the original “Rich Kids of Instagram,” a sort of performance art presentation of a lifestyle curated by Andrew Warren, grandson of fashion mogul David Warren. For a couple of years, he chose a few of his fabulous friends who had relatives that were crazily famous, crazily wealthy or both and documented their intertwined lives on Instagram, including that of Tiffany Trump. Others featured included Gaia Matisse, the great-great-grand daughter of painter Henri Matisse who hopes to grow up one day to be an actress and model, Kyra Kennedy, the granddaughter of Bobby Kennedy and Reya Benitez, whose father was Jellybean Benitez, the record producer. It may sound like a C-list of celebrities and it certainly is, but give a good looking group of narcissists like this money and 24/7 camera access and you’ll find plenty of people who want to follow what they’re doing, especially Tiffany, who easily has the most followers.

2 Learning to be public servants

It’s unknown exactly what Tiffany is going to do, if anything, with her father’s administration, but if she chooses to be involved, it’s expected her big sister will have a large role in helping shape her public persona. While Ivanka hasn’t had the rocky transition from private to public service her father has undergone, the transition hasn’t been exactly smooth. She announced that she will take leave of absences from The Trump Organization and her line of clothing and accessories named after herself. She’s also selling her interesting in her father’s hotel in Washington. The TV show 60 Minutes interviewed the entire family and her accessories line immediately sent out an alert after the show aired announcing Ivanka was wearing a $10,800 bracelet that could be purchased. She put an end to that kind of endorsement happening in the future if she’s appearing in official First Family duties.

1 Let the daughter's make mistakes

In the letter they wrote to Sasha and Malia Obama, Jenna and Barbara Bush told the outgoing First Children to make plenty of mistakes and have a good time in college, they certainly did. Now, that’s good advice for a couple of girls who are soon to be women, and we’re just going to assume that Ivanka, in her mid 30s, isn’t going to do anything too stupid since she’s been in the spotlight for 15 years now between her modeling career and guest spots on The Apprentice. What can we expect from Tiffany? Yes, she’s been a minor social media celebrity and has certainly never had to worry about money, but she’s only in her early-to-mid 20s, at an age where she’s still very capable of making really dumb choices. She’s going to be given a lot of options to make mistakes and based on some of her social media photos, we could see her not always showing up with all of her clothes on. Should we give her a pass if this happens? Yes. Yes we should. We should also encourage it. Go ahead Tiffany. Make all the mistakes you need.

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