15 Photos That Prove Victoria Justice Is All Grown Up And Hot AF

In just her mid-twenties she's accomplished more than others within her industry that are twice her age.

There's this firecracker, hell a luminous Roman candle, that wanders around out here among us all. Maybe you've heard of Victoria Dawn Justice? If not, you're in the right place today! She seems to have found a permanent home in front of our eyes, on our television sets, and performing on stage. In just her mid-twenties she's accomplished more than others within her industry that are twice her age. She's a successful and beautiful young woman, that's obvious.

Victoria Justice began her acting career at Nickelodeon (2005) and is also recognized from the television show Victorious (2010), among many others. With an infectious smile and overall glimmering disposition, it's no wonder that her parents relocated their family to Hollywood, California back in 2003. Likely, to give Victoria the chance she needed to make it big. The family's move has proven the decision was a good one indeed.

Born in February 1993 in the Sunshine State, the beautiful brunette stands a petite 5'5". She sings, she acts, and she brings an element of natural sexiness to any photograph she's pictured in. Victoria's future is undoubtedly as sunny as the state she was born. That's why we decided to put together a hottest photos list of Victoria Justice to see how lucky we've been witnessing her blossom from a young girl into the beautiful young woman you'll see here today.

15 Cute Mock Neck Sweater And A Fur Vest


This fantastic photograph of Victoria Justice glows as bright as a street light on a foggy New Orleans Friday night don't you think? She's quite a mesmerizing girl that's for sure. Photographed here in a cute, mock neck sweater and a hot fox fur vest you can see why she's become popular and remained there. She looks beyond attractive in this great shot don't wouldn't you say? Her soft black hair and deep raspberry lips pop in one of the best shots of Victoria Justice we have here on the list today. That must mean the rest of her photos are wildly attractive, huh? Yup, that's exactly what that means when you see a photo this hot starting us off at number 15.

14 Exquisite In Her Spanish-American Dress

Victoria looks mesmerizing in this photograph of her wearing a stylish Spanish-American embroidery dress with black ostrich feathers that rest just above her knee. She looks absolutely dazzling in this picture wouldn't you say? The photographer got the setting right in this classic shot of Victoria looking gorgeous while leaning against an exquisite Victorian style bench. Who wouldn't want to be the person taking this photograph of her, right? We get to see just how blessed this vixen happens to be and no one here's mad about it I'd hope. It would be pretty damn difficult to look any more captivating than Victoria Justice does here. Her pink lipstick and long chocolate hair accentuate all the singer-actress' best features.

13 Looking Like A Dime Piece In Street Clothes


We loved this urban style snapshot of Victoria looking like an absolute dime piece just walking down the street. Can you even imagine what it would be like to run into her on your day to day? Makes you want to move to Los Angeles now, doesn't it? That black leather jacket looks so fly on her for goodness' sake. If you weren't familiar with the famous actress before today, it's obvious to see in her photo why two of her most loved features are her cheekbones and long, gorgeous hair. Most of us like to keep it simple from time to time, but I'm guessing none of us look as good as she does when trying to keep it simple.

12 Violet Silk Tank Dress


Victoria Justice may wear the color violet better than any other person in recent memory. She's got the perfect skin tone for the color, and her camel high-waist double buckle belt adds to what is already an adorable outfit. All of which accents those sexy legs. Add in some mustard colored platform shoes and put the super hot singer-actresses anywhere, and she's going to look just like she does here in this magical photo. Victoria knew at the age of 8 that she wanted to be an actress, so she got started. She began modelling, and did Tv commercials young before her parents decided to relocate the family from Florida to California. Taking their angel to live in the big City Of Angels, Los Angeles.

11 We're All Blushing


The only real flare, the only real wow factor found in this simple photo of Victoria Justice is her. But then that move will usually always work for whatever photographer is lucky enough to get the chance to work with her. In this picture she shines with an overall untouched look. She has a radiance about her that's simply off the charts both on and off the big screen. Much like the actresses she grew up admiring (Juliette Lewis and Hilary Swank) she garners attention and for all the right reasons. Less is more in this shot of her looking very innocent and just slightly flushed with fairy styled makeup. Her feather tip wrapped hair compliments a delicate look from Victoria Justice smiling coyly playing with the camera.

10 Putting The "Glam" In Glamorous


Victoria Justice has that whole glamorous thing down too doesn't she? It's kind of ridiculous to look as attractive as she does but somehow she keeps upping the ante photo after photo as we make our way into the top ten on our path to the number 1 spot on our list of the hottest photos of Victoria Justice. Her southwestern look coupled with hot metal aztec necklace set her rich mahogany hair color off well. She puts the "Glamor" in Glamorous, doesn't she? Some people have said she has a likeness to the actress Nina Dobrev (Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva) of The Vampire Diaries and the upcoming science fiction movie Flatliners. Whether you think she does or not, that's a hot comparison.

9 Cherry Lipstick With A Red Velvet Top


We had to include this great photo of Victoria Justice wearing a hot velvet red corset bodice with gold studs. Her black pleather skirt rounds out her sexy outfit as she poses for the camera. Crazy, by the feminine appeal that oozes off this page and her picture, that she considers herself to be a tomboy! Yeah, I know; it blows my mind too, but I suppose if she wants to go fishing, play any sport at all (I'll learn) or go to the races, most any of us are going to say "yes" in a heartbeat. You'd be a fool not to, Holmes! Her eyes are the centerpiece of this magnificent picture of Victoria that carries us right on to number 8 on our list.

8 Looks That Kill


The photographer caught a sick shot here of Victoria Justice with a haphazardly, deep-in-thought kind of look on her face. This photo of her is quite captivating, don't you think? Very mysterious that's for sure with that look as she walks along thinking. Her dope ass leather handcuff bracelet looks ill with that black leather jacket she has draped over her shoulders too. This black and white photo screams sexy and shows the actress looks just as good appearing bad as she does vice versa. Either look works on her, and I felt this was one of the most stunning black and white photos I've ever placed, or written about, on any article. The girl is just crazy hot!

7 The Girl Next Door


We thought this photo of Victoria Justice represented that "hot girl next door" look so well that we threw it in the pile and it was never removed. I don't think we were wrong on that thought and thus this photo resides here at number 7 on our list today. It was that innocent look that may have helped Victoria land such roles as "Annie" and a modelling campaign for Union Bay. We even thought you could see a bit of her Puerto Rican lineage, a blood line given to her by her mother. She certainly looks lovely here pictured laying on an old porch swing just kickin' it. You know you'd find a reason to walk over and say hi to her if you could! One could only wish!

6 Such A Hip Chick


We thought this picture had that cool vintage, pin-up girl feel to it. Being born in Florida and now residing in California (sunny oasis) you can imagine how an old vintage Chevy convertible is the perfect car for her to be pictured with. The photographer picked out the right ragtop, and kudos to him. I could totally see Victoria Justice cruising around in this sweet, red drop top at night. Especially if I'm the one driving her. Hey, a guy can dream, right? Victoria ranked in the top 20 and 90 respectively in 2012 and 2014 on Maxim's hot list. Our vote would probably place her somewhere on that list every year. With a smile like that, we'd be wrong not to.

5 Nothing Short Of Alluring


Victoria Justice kicked off her acting career when she was just 10 years old. She made a guest appearance on the Gilmore Girls episode "The Hobbit, the Sofa and Digger Stiles." That was the role that enticed Victoria's family into moving to Los Angeles. We'd be lying if we didn't see through this shot of her why the bright lights of Hollywood called so loudly to such an ambitious young girl. Fast forward to Victoria's mid-twenties and you have what you see before you, an angel hiding right in the open. Naturally, we felt her, and the angelic look she has in this photograph, belonged here at number 5 on our list of hottest photos of Victoria Justice.

4 Dark And Magnetic


I won't lie to you guys; I was totally drawn to this photo of Victoria Justice. It's a gritty, dark photo and I think it's flipping hot. The photo itself captures a seemingly disinterested stare, or maybe she was caught off guard. Anyway you see this picture of Victoria it's one where the photographer and wardrobe, took the gloves off of her. She has sex appeal to spare in this sizzling shot of her looking edgy and magnetic. This picture of Victoria is probably my favorite one, without a doubt. Wearing black leather pants with a black top her goth look jumps out at you and will surely have the heads turning in whiplash style fashion looking at this sultry shot of her.

3 Soft Look On A Stunning Girl


Now, that's a fabulous sheer black and white cheetah dress! If she's not hot in this awesome shot than I must be seriously confused, and I'm not. Put that on a girl like Victoria Justice and have her sit down on a dope white leather sofa and you have number 3 on the list today. She looks fantastic and shimmers like a diamond in this sweetly, stunning shot of her on what looks to be her way out the door for a night on the town. It's always cool to see these pictures of our favorite celebrities in what appears to be an average everyday situation. Tons of makeup, lights, and cameras aren't what makes her look so vivid in this photo, is it?

2 Super Sweet Smile


You've got to love the red dice hanging from the rear-view camera lending what is a cool take on this adorable photograph of Victoria Justice. A photograph that so happens to place us only 1 spot away from number 1. Number 1 must be pretty damn special, huh? It's a great closeup of the famous actress-singer-songwriter, don't you think? If not then you should probably look closer. Victoria says that some of her favorite bands to listen to are the Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, and Coldplay. I guess the 8-track radio in that vintage car could play the first two rather easily, but she's going to have to upgrade to a more modern set of wheels to hear the other 3.

1 An Angel In The City Of Angels


Victoria Justice has transformed into what's become an engaging, gorgeous, rare flower of a woman. After reading this list today, we hope you can see why she deserved a list all of her own. We thought this photo of her was a fitting way to wrap up her list because it encompasses all that makes the super hot celebrity beautiful. There isn't much to this photo of Victoria and that's just fine with us. We scrolled through tons of shots of her looking drop dead gorgeous but kept going back to this photo of her looking her absolute best. She has a uniquely delicate look, and this number 1 photo of Victoria Justice embodies all of those things and more.


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15 Photos That Prove Victoria Justice Is All Grown Up And Hot AF