15 Photos That Prove These Disney Movies Share A World

As many Disney fans have pointed out, the world of Disney does not belong to our world. And how could it? It’s a world of magic, talking animals, happy-ever-afters, and mythological creatures that randomly burst into song. That certainly does not sound like our world, does it?

However, there is evidence that while Disney world does not belong to our world, it is quite possible that all of the characteristics of the Disney world outlined above (talking animals and magical situations) are actually from one coherent world. In short: all (or most) Disney movies share a world.

While the theory may sound mad at first, Disney fans have taken it upon themselves to find evidence to prove its legitimacy. And, to the surprise of many, hardcore fans found plenty of evidence! It seems that there are lots of clues and cameo appearances that suggest that Disney world is, in fact, one coherent world!


15 Pumbaa As A Gargoyle In The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Did you notice that the warthog Pumba from Lion King appears in the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Granted, it’s not actually Pumba himself but rather a Notre Dame gargoyle figure of him or his descendant.

We know that Notre Dame was built about 1,500 years after the existence of the Ancient Greek civilization, so it is fair to assume that the gargoyle that Quasimodo passes as he climbs the cathedral is based on Pumbaa or his descendant.

Thus, this bizarre “coincidence” once again reinforces the belief that all the Disney movies take place in the same world. How amazing is that?

14 Dumbo As A Toy In Basil The Great Mouse Detective And Lilo & Stitch


The lovable little elephant Dumbo appears in a number of Disney films. However, it is only in his own film that he is a real character – in all the other Disney films he appears as a toy.

For example, we see Dumbo as a toy in Basil the Great Mouse Detective. However, we know that movies did not exist in the time of Basil the Great Mouse Detective, which means that he must have been a popular toy whose popularity led to him being made into a film.

Later on, Dumbo also appears in Lilo & Stitch, once again as a toy. However, since movies do exist in the time of Lilo & Stitch, we can assume that the toy Dumbo is a toy from the movie about the toy.

13 Peter Pan Appears In Cinderella

Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn’t grow up, was all about fun and games. So it particularly shocked us when we saw him appear in two scenes in Cinderella, once observing a royal decree and once standing in a crowd.

Why would he do that? And how on earth did he end up in a Once-Upon-A-Time world of Cinderella when we just saw him hanging out with Wendy in World War II Britain?

There’s no easy answer to that, except that maybe flying “second star to the right and straight on till morning” can bring Peter Pan to all sorts of places, even magical ones.

12 Young Peg In A Pet Shop In 101 Dalmatians


We have already established that we first saw Peg in Lady and the Tramp where she was homeless. Then we saw Peg once again in Oliver and Company where she was being walked by an owner which thus leads us to believe that Peg eventually found her forever home.

But Peg did not just appear in those two Disney films! She also appeared in a third Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians. In 101 Dalmatians we saw the young, lonely Peg sitting in a pet shop window. Thus, it is fair to say that 101 Dalmatians is the first film in the trilogy of Peg's adventures.

In addition, both Lady and the Tramp also appear in 101 Dalmatians and sing along to Pongo’s and Perdita’s Twilight Bark to get the Dalmatians back home.

11 Mother Gothel From Tangled Is The Evil Queen From Snow White

Many people claim that Mother Gothel from the movie Tangled and the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are in actual fact the same person. Sounds bizarre, maybe unrealistic? Well, it shouldn’t! There’s plenty of evidence to support such a claim.

First of all, look at how similar Mother Gothel and the Evil Queen look. Their facial features and body shape are practically identical. Secondly, both Mother Gothel and the Evil Queen have a dagger in a box (the latter, however, gave it away to the Huntsman). Thirdly, both women are completely obsessed with staying young and beautiful to the point where it takes over their lives. And finally, both look extremely similar when they eventually turn old.

10 Three Disney Movies Appeared As Books In Tangled


Remember the cozy book scene from Tangled in which Rapunzel and Flynn are sitting on the floor in the library, reading a book? Well, you might have noticed that three classic Disney movies make an appearance in this scene in the form of books.

The first book is a Sleeping Beauty storybook which sits next to the window and shows the opening sequence of the film – “A daughter was born. They called her Aurora. Aurora, sweet Aurora. They named her after the dawn because for she filled their lives with sunshine.” The second book is a book on Beauty and the Beast, which lies on the floor. And the third book is a copy of The Little Mermaid, which sits on top of a table.

9 Scar's Appearance In Hercules

Remember that time when Mufasa from Lion King doesn’t know what to do with the villainous Scar (“What am I going to do with him?” he asks) and Zazu replies that he’d make a pretty rug (“He’d make a very handsome throw rug”)? Well, Zazu’s words came true!

In Hercules, the Hero of Ancient Greece dances around with a pelt on his head which he then tosses at Phil’s feet. We then realize that the pelt is actually the villain Scar from Lion King. Thus, we can assume that Scar was not actually killed when he fell into the pit of hyenas but was merely wounded. He later must have proved to be an easy target for a Greek adventurer.


8 Is Dopey The Dwarf Geppetto?


Can you see the similarities between Dopey the dwarf (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) and Geppetto, Pinocchio’s dad (from Pinocchio)? According to some, Dopey and Geppetto look so similar because they are one and the same person!

The Dopey-Geppetto theory suggests that originally there were only six dwarfs. However, one day the dwarfs came upon a baby and believing it to be another dwarf, took him in. But one day the dwarfs noticed that Dopey was getting taller, and realizing that he's not actually a dwarf kicked him out.

Dopey, hurt by this betrayal, went off to Italy where he changed his name to Geppetto and began rebuilding his life. He was obviously in love with Snow White and had often imagined his life with her. That is why he made Pinocchio – with black hair, blue eyes and rosy cheeks - whom he imagined was Snow White’s and his son.

7 Arendelle King And Queen Are Tarzan’s Parents

Some fans have tied three Disney movies – Tangled, The Little Mermaid and Frozen – together by proposing an interesting theory. The theory suggests that three years before Frozen takes place Elsa’s and Anna’s parents sailed to a wedding but unfortunately died en route. Thus, it is their shipwreck that the Little Mermaid explores in the film.

However, when fans asked Frozen producers whether the theory was true, they replied that it was only partially true. According to the producers, the Arendelle King and Queen did not die in a shipwreck as they managed to escape to an island. There they had a baby boy and were later killed by a leopard. Their son grew up to be none other than Tarzan.

6 Beauty And The Beast's Family Heirlooms In Tarzan


When Tarzan’s best friend Terk is messing around in a camp in Tarzan we get a brief glimpse of a very familiar tea set. The tea set is the very same one we have previously seen in Beauty and the Beast. To be more precise, it’s Mrs. Potts and her son Chip.

But how can Mrs. Potts and her son appear in Tarzan? If you recall, at the end of Beauty and the Beast, the Beast turns back into a human and so do all the servants, including Mrs. Potts and her son. However, it is possible that the enchantress from Beauty and the Beast turned the servants’ souls into existing objects which explains how even after Mrs. Potts and her son were turned back into humans, the tea set remained.

But how did the tea set from a French castle end up in the jungle? Well, it is said that Jane is actually Belle’s great great great granddaughter which makes sense when you think about the similarities they share, such as their similar taste in dress, their similar taste in men and their similarly crazy fathers!

5 Homeless Peg From Lady And The Tramp Is Adopted In Oliver And Company

Peg is a homeless dog that first appeared in the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp. In the film, we first saw Peg when Tramp rescued her and a bulldog named Bull from the dogcatcher. We later see Peg once again after Lady has been captured and brought to the pound. Peg has obviously been captured by the dogcatcher once again and takes it upon herself to comfort Lady and protect her from other dogs in the pound.

However, we see Peg once again in Oliver and Company during the scene in which Dodger sings Why Should I Worry? In the scene we see Jock, Trusty, and Peg being walked by their owners which leads us to believe that Peg was adopted in the end and has finally found his forever home!

4 Family Reunion In The Hunchback Of Notre Dame


In one scene of The Hunchback of the Notre Dame, we can spot three characters that don’t belong in the movie! Rather, these characters come from three different Disney movies thus once again confirming that all Disney movies are interconnected.

In the scene that has since been dubbed a “family reunion” scene, we see a boar that looks like Pumba (Lion King) being carried down the street on a spit, a man shaking out Aladdin’s magical carpet (Aladdin) and Belle (Beauty and the Beast), who is walking and reading at the same time, as she often does.

3 Tinker Bell In The Black Cauldron

Remember Tinker Bell, the fairy who accompanied Peter Pan on his adventures? Well, she did not just appear in the Peter Pan movies! She has also appeared in The Black Cauldron film too!

Tinker Bell makes a cameo appearance in The Black Cauldron scene where Taran, Eilonwy, and Fflewddur Fflam come upon not only the Fairy Folk but also their magical kingdom!

However, while there is no arguing that we did see Tinker Bell in The Black Cauldron, some fans find this appearance incomprehensible. They say that since in the Disney fairy movies it is mentioned that Tinker Bell was created from the laugh of the first Victorian baby, there is no way she could have gone back in time to the middle ages as fairies don’t have the ability to time travel.

2 Ratigan's Appearance In Oliver And Company


Remember the vain Georgette from Oliver and Company? She is a prize-winning poodle with plenty of admirers. In one scene, she is seen reclining on a couch and looking through the photographs of her admirers.

At first glance, nothing seems out of the ordinary. However, if you take a good look at the scene, and in particular the photo frames, you’ll notice a few similar faces. For example, in the silver rectangular frame in the back, you’ll notice the evil Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective.

And, while the second example does not come from a Disney movie, it is too fun to be left out - in the first frame from the right you’ll see none other than Scooby-Doo!

1 Bambi’s Mom Appears In Three Other Disney Films

Who can forget Bambi’s mother who was so heartlessly killed halfway through the film (Bambi) by a heartless hunter? The story saddened and traumatized plenty of children and in some cases even adults. But Bambi was not the last time we saw Bambi’s mother.

Some of those who were extra attentive while watching Beauty and the Beast noticed Bambi’s mother eating grass in the clearing (remember, Beauty and the Beast is set in 18th century France).

Bambi’s mother also appeared as prey for Sheer Kahn in The Jungle Book (19th century India). Finally, Bambi’s mother also appeared in The Rescuers (20th century Bayou).


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