15 Photos That Prove These Attractive Celebs Use Photoshop

Celebrities are gorgeous, aren't they? Flawless skin, perfect bodies: they set standards for us average people they are nearly impossible to obtain. Do they really look that perfect in real life though, or is that just what they want us to think? What if the celebrities that you see on your television and on your computer screen are not as perfect as they have been made out to be? We all know that Photoshop is used big time when it comes to celebrity photoshoots, but what you probably didn't realize is just how much it is actually used. Apparently Photoshop is not just used for magazines, it is used in movies and even in your favorite TV shows.

In the world of Hollywood, nothing really is as it seems, and they make average people like you and I believe that we need to look a certain way when it turns out that they are actually no better looking than you and I are. In this article we have compiled 15 side-by-side photos of some of your favorite celebrities, showing just how different they look when Photoshop is not put to use and just how much they actually use Photoshop. This may change your opinion of some of your favorite celebs and it may make you see yourself differently because as it turns out, you are not that much different from them when it comes to your looks. Here is, 15 photos of your favorite celebs that prove that they use Photoshop.

15 Mariah Carey

via: nydailynews.com

Mariah Carey has always been a very talented singer who men and women everywhere found to be downright beautiful. While we do still agree that she is beautiful, the above picture is a classic case of Hollywood making us think that these people look way better than they do in real life. Both of these photos were taken within the same month, and she is wearing very similar clothes in both of the photos. If you look closely though, you will begin to notice some differences. In the first picture Mariah looks more realistic, like your average woman. She is not shiny and perfect, but she still looks great. In the picture on the left however, Mariah is flawless. But she looks nothing like how she really does. It is very different from the first photo and is obviously Photoshopped.

14 Fergie

via: businessinsider.com

No one, except maybe a child, has that perfectly flawless and glowing complexion that Fergie seems to have in the second photo. Yet for some reason all celebrities seem to look this way. Were they actually blessed with the perfect skin, or is everything in Hollywood Photoshopped? Before you answer this question, go ahead and take a good look at the first photo. Fergie looks more like the average woman of her age, with some minor wrinkles and lines around the mouth and eyes. This is a pretty big difference from the second photo where you can clearly see that her face has been smoothed out, her tone has been corrected, and the details of her eye color have been accentuated. They even went as far as lightening her hair, a classic Photoshopping move. This is not to say that Fergie is ugly in the first picture, but rather that in the second picture she is held up to impossible standards.

13 Lindsay Lohan

via: cosmological.com

I think that is safe to say that this is one actress that has not aged gracefully at all, although you probably would not know that if you look at the pictures that Hollywood reporters put out of her. In the first picture here however, you can see the real Lindsay, wrinkles, fine lines, freckles, and all. Of course she still looks better than most of us, but she definitely looks nothing like the picture on the right does. Whoever Photoshopped this picture for Lindsay smoothed out her skin until it could not get any smoother, they corrected her tone, removed her freckles, applied blush, filled in and smoothed out her eyebrows, and even made her hair slightly brighter. The first Lindsay looks like she has been in one too many tanning booths, while the other Lindsay appears to have the complexion that most women would kill for – a clear case of Photoshop if you ask me.

12 Penelope Cruz

via: viralscape.com

What is it with all of these photo editors thinking that it is necessary to make women look as if they have the face of a baby? Here we can see Penelope Cruz, an American actress and model, in a side-by-side photo depicting the before and afters of a photoshoot. The first photo is an untouched photo of the actress/model where you can see her wrinkles, baggy eyes, and ashy hair. The second photo is the highly edited, Photoshopped version where her skin is made to look as smooth as a baby’s behind, they applied some highlighter to her cheeks, removed the bags from under her eyes, and they even smoothed out her hand. Penelope is a naturally beautiful woman – of course, she is a model – but in the first photo she looks tired whereas in the Photoshopped picture she looks more awake and alive.

11 Miley Cyrus

via: fanpop.com

These days everyone seems to be obsessed with behinds. The bigger they are, the better and so women seem to be facing a lot of pressure to get the perfect behind by doing squats and even getting lifts. Miley however seems to have resorted to a much easier option: Photoshop. We all know Miley is very thing from top to bottom and there isn't a single extra ounce of fat on her body, so the fact that the photo on the right is Photoshopped really is not that big of a surprise. To prove it however, we went ahead and found the original photo wear you can see that Miley looks nothing like that. To be totally honest, though, whoever Photoshopped this did do a pretty good job at making it look believable, but we all know the truth. In my opinion, she looks better in the original.

10 Sofia Vergara

via: pinterest.com

Sofia Vergara is mainly known for her thick accent and luscious body. She is a very talented actress and many people think that she is one of the most beautiful women alive. In this candid photo on the left of her, though, she looks nothing like she usually does. Now of course we know that in the left photo she is not wearing any makeup and most women look a little pale and plain without makeup on, but in the photo on the right she looks like a totally different woman. I mean, you can hardly tell that it is the same person. So to say that Sofia Vergara is a naturally beautiful woman, you would be totally kidding yourself because if it were not for professional makeup artists and Photoshop, she would just look like the average woman that she is in the photo on the left. So, remember that next time you see a photo of this actress and think, “Wow I wish I could look as good as her.”

9 Beyonce

via: jezebel.com

This side-by-side of Beyonce truly does show the powerful effects that Photoshop can have when it comes to thinning out someone’s face and body. Personally, I like her all natural look better, but not everyone would agree with me on that. Beyonce is known to be a true diva and downright gorgeous, but after seeing how heavily Photoshopped she is, I'm starting to realize that she is actually no more beautiful than the average female is. I guess that this is the standard that Hollywood holds for all celebrities, though, both male and female. If you do not look totally flawless then they are not interested in having you, so you get painted up and all of your photos get edited until you are almost unrecognizable. I am starting to think that you can not trust any pictures that come from magazines or Hollywood reporters these days.

8 Angelina Jolie

via: pinterest.com

OK, so I have to admit this side-by-side is almost the same, it just has minor enhancements to it, and to be honest it seems like Angelina Jolie actually does have pure beauty that doesn't really need to be touched up like it was in this photo. Which is probably why the changes were so minimal. Of course, like every other celeb photo they went ahead and smoothed out her skin, brightened it up, and made her eyes appear to be more distinct, but other than that nothing too drastic was done. It must be nice to be naturally beautiful and not need all the touch ups that all the other celebrities in Hollywood seem to need these days. I am sure that the photographers and editors love photographing her, since everything seems to come so naturally for her. If the only thing that they have to change with her is to smooth out her skin a little, then I would say that she really is beautiful.

7 Mila Kunis

via: youtube.com

Let's be honest. Most men are in love with Mila Kunis. She was even said to be one of the hottest women in Hollywood. So who is that woman on the left? Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is your precious Mila Kunis in her natural state. That's right, that pretty face with piercing eyes that you all know and love is heavily Photoshopped in all of her pictures and movies. Shocking, isn't it? In the first picture she was caught off guard by the paparazzi. Obviously when she went out that day she did not expect to be seen, seeing as how show went out with zero makeup, hair a mess, and wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. I get it, we all have those days when we wake up and do not feel like painting our faces on and doing our hair, and that is fine, but I really did not expect her to look that different.

6 Jennifer Lawrence

via: pinterest.com

Jennifer Lawrence is an actress who was grown greatly in popularity ever since she played the lead role in the movie, The Hunger Games. She has since then played in many movies and is starting to be seen as a steamy actress and is now playing in more adult-like roles. In this photo Jennifer is posing for a magazine shoot, on the left is her original photo and on the right is the photo that they put into the magazine. The changes here are minimal, but still very obvious and totally unnecessary. Jennifer Lawrence has come out in the past and said that she is very happy with her body and that she loves to eat and she is not ashamed of that. So the fact that they tried to make her look skinnier is kind of a slap in the face, if you ask me. There does not appear to be an ounce of fat on her body in the first photo, she just has a thicker build, but it still looks great on her.

5 Heidi Klum

via: pinterest.com

Heidi Klum is a model that almost everyone knows and loves and in this side-by-side of her you can see how she looks on a normal day when she is not working vs. how she looks when she is photographed. The differences are striking, aren't they? It is hard to say whether Photoshop played a huge role here or if it was actually just the use of makeup, but it almost looks like we are looking at two totally different people. In the candid picture Heidi looks pale, ghostly, and exhausted, but in the other picture she looks alive, pretty, bright, and welcoming. It is not really that surprising that Heidi’s photos get touched up as much as they do, though. I mean, she is a model after all and models have the most touched up photos out of anyone in Hollywood because they are expected to look perfect and flawless all the time.

4 Olivia Wilde

via: thegloss.com

Olivia Wilde is an American actress, model, and producer who was played in many shows and movies that we all know and love. Her most striking feature that everyone can not get enough of seems to be those gorgeous blue eyes of hers, but are they really that bright and beautiful? It would appear in the photo on the left that Olivia’s eyes are just plain blue eyes that do not really stand out, but in the other picture they are the first thing that you notice due to how bright and pretty they are. This is not something that can just be an effect of makeup, therefore it is clear to us that her photo has been Photoshopped and since she looks like this in most of her professional photos, she probably has most of them Photoshopped. I am starting to think that anyone can be a model, since they do not actually need to look they way they do in photos.

3 Katy Perry

via: viralscape.com

Katy Perry is an American pop star with a huge fan base. You are probably going to have a hard time believing that the photo on the left is of Katy, but it is true. In fact, her boyfriend at the time, Russell Brand, took this picture of her late one night while they were in bed, and then he posted it to Twitter for all to see how she really looks when she isn't all dolled up and on camera. Katy of course was very upset by this and so were fans as they tweeted means tweets toward Russell for a few days after he posted this photo. Of course the photo ended up making headlines and everyone started to talk about how that looks nothing like Katy and some people were even doubting that it was her. That is, until she came out and admitted that it was indeed her and that she wasn't exactly proud of it.

2 Taylor Swift

via: youtube.com

Taylor Swift is huge pop icon who has grown greatly as both a star and a woman since she first started out, but like all other stars, she is not as attractive as she appears to be in her music videos and pictures. In the picture on the left you can clearly see how pale and ghostly Taylor looks on a normal day. Her skin appears to be very ashy and her nose looks different. In the picture on the right, however, her nose is thinned out, her skin has more color to it, her jaw line is elongated, and she looks totally different than she does in the other picture. Of course, these photos were taken when Taylor was a bit younger, and her looks have since changed, but like most other people in Hollywood she does still have her photos touched up, even when she does not need them to be.

1 Lady Gaga

via: kandeej.com

Would you be surprised to find out that a lot of what Lady Gaga shows her fans is fake? Well, the reason that she looks so oddly different in these two photos is because not only does she have her photos touched up and wears a lot of makeup and crazy costumes, but she also always wears wigs. Lady Gaga is known to be a little out there when it comes to her actions and outfits so it is not that surprising to know that when she goes out or puts on a show that she changes her appearance as much as she possibly can. Normally, she looks like your average girl and that is exactly why she dresses up so much, because she does not wish to be seen as average. Lady Gaga makes sure that when she does a photoshoot that her pictures are touched up to make her look as different as possible because she wants people to look at her think, “Wow, she is unique.”

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