15 Photos That Prove The Spice Girls Are Still Hotter Than Ever

People of the world, spice up your life! Every boy and every girl, spice up your life! There is no better time to pay tribute to the Spice Girls then on the 21st anniversary of the release of their hit single “Wannabe.” Known as the unofficial anthem for 90s kids, best friends, and karaoke lovers alike, “Wannabe” started out as organically as you’d think when the five pop-star wannabes – Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice), Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice), Melanie Brown (Scary Spice), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), and Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice) – came together over two decades ago to become one of the most successful pop groups of all time.

When looking at their career today, some people may forget just how huge the Spice Girls truly were during their prime, and that would be a shame, as they deserve a lot of credit for their success. Their album Spice sold 31-million copies worldwide, cementing their status as the best-selling female group of all time. Seemingly everywhere you turned in the 90s, the Spice Girls' catchy tunes were playing on the radio seemingly every second. Their music became so widely popular in part because these ladies had such a unique and compelling image that people liked to emulate. Comprised of five girls that were all extremely beautiful and different in their own way, it seemed that everyone (both men and women alike) had a girl that specifically appealed to them, which helped to build their fan-base.

It has now been 20-some-odd-years since the Spice Girls stormed into our lives, but despite the passing decades these women have aged like a fine wine and somehow managed to become hotter than ever over time. These ladies continue to break barriers as they prove that age really is just a number. So check out this list of 15 Photos That Prove The Spice Girls Are Still Hotter Than Ever, and remember “never give up on the good times, living it up is a state of mind.”

15 You Remember The Spice Girls

They were sexy, they were young, they were fun, and they were the hottest things to hit the pop music scene since another group of young Brits did in the 60s. I would be shocked if anyone reading this isn’t familiar with their hit "Wannabe." Now ready to feel old? That song was released in 1996. That was 21 years ago. But the really, REALLY crazy thing is that the Spice Girls are just as hot today, if not hotter, than they were over two decades ago. All of them still look fantastic. It’s nuts! The British stars gathered for a little bit of a reunion in 2015, and they proved to us all that age is only a number.

14 Looking Better Than Ever In Their 40s

As many of you probably remember, the Spice Girls group was born in 1994, where they quickly rose to fame and became one of the world’s most popular girl groups in pop history. This year marks the 21st anniversary of their first hit song, and the girls are looking better then ever. At the pinnacle of their fame, the band sold more than 80 million records, making them the best-selling female group of all time. There are rumors of another reunion in the works for these girls, and if this really happens, then it won’t be their first. The Spice Girls also reunited in 2007, when they surprised their fans with a tour and a greatest hits album, and then again in 2012, when they performed at the closing ceremony of the London Summer Olympics. Needless to say, the world went crazy.

13 Sporty Spice Gets Better With Age

Melanie Chisholm, also known as Sporty Spice, never got the respect she deserved for her good looks during her former girl group days. She was often dressed in a tomboyish manner with her body hidden under baggy sports wear, which prevented us from seeing the goods that she was truly working with. However, in her post Spice Girl days, Mel has found a totally new look which reveals her sexy, more feminine side. She is clearly displaying her confidence and beauty these days, not to mention that killer body that she’s been rocking all along. But have no fear, she still lives up to her Sporty Spice name, and she’s got the abs to prove it! It’s hard to believe that this bombshell is 43!

12 Scary Spice Is Spicier Than Ever

While the Spice Girls were at their height, Mel B was known as Scary Spice, and rightfully so considering the costumes she used to wear. But when looking at current photos of Mel, like this one, the only way in which that title seems relevant is that it’s almost frightening how good she looks. When she’s not doling out feedback for contestants as a judge on America’s Got Talent, Mel B is wowing us with her sexy curves at the age of 42. Though she has been going through a very public divorce this year, Mel is looking sexier than ever, and after three kids, mind you.  She must have taken her "Hey now, look around, pick yourself up off the ground" lyrics to heart because she appears to be doing better then ever, and it certainly shows in that bikini.

11 Posh Spice Living It Up

Posh spice has definitely lived up to her name by becoming a fashion icon for all things luxurious. After she left the group, Victoria Beckham married one of the worlds most indisputably sexy athletes, David Beckham. The now mother-of-four continues to channel her onstage persona – opting for sleek ensembles and creating those same styles for her ultra-successful eponymous clothing line which is being sold at Barney's New York. At the age of 43, this former pop star is looking better then ever, proving that "living it up is a state of mind."

10 Ginger Spice Revamped

Geri Halliwell is for sure one of the hottest gingers of all time. She made red hair sexy when she stormed into our lives in the late 90s with her vivacious attitude and fiery locks, as Ginger Spice, in the Spice Girls. Geri left the group in 2000 to follow her own career, which sparked the Spice Girls' hiatus from the music scene, and she was subsequently nominated for four Brit Awards during her time as a solo artist. Just take a look at her in this picture rocking an updated sequinned version of the dress she became so famously known for during her former Spice Girl days. Even at the age of 44, it's clear that Geri still knows how to spice up our lives!

9 Lookin' Scary Good In Lingerie

Former Spice Girl, Mel B, looked hotter than ever in a see-through outfit as she belted out hits with Salt-N-Pepa. The then 40-year-old singer and rappers Salt-N-Pepa performed “Push It” and “Wannabe” at the VH1 Big Music charity concert in Manhattan in 2016. The former Spice Girl opted for a daring outfit as she performed at the event last year, and the trio looked natural as they sang the Spice Girls' debut hit.  Scary rocked a black bustier, which accentuated her cleavage, but the risky look was made by her peplum corset and see-through trousers. You go girl! 40 is the new 20!

8 Posh Backyard

When I think of spending time in the backyard, thoughts of grilling with friends, playing in the pool or sprinklers as a kid, and quality time with my family come to mind. I don't know about you, but unfortunately nothing like what is happening in this incredible picture ever took place in a yard I grew up in. Where I come from, we wore T-shirts and bug spray when spending time outdoors, but Victoria Beckham is dressed to impress in this photo, wearing a sexy dress that has purposely failed to cover most of her body. And judging by the look on her face, she knows exactly what effect she will have on the viewers of this naughty backyard photo. This picture goes to show that Posh Spice, much like a fine wine, has only gotten better with age.

7 Baby Spice Rockin' A Bikini at 41

Baby Spice (A.K.A. Emma Bunton) was the youngest of the girl group. She went on to launch her solo career after the Spice Girls broke up, starting with her album, A girl Like Me which faired surprisingly well on the charts. Now at the age of 41, Emma Bunton, is once again making headlines, but this time it's for looking hotter than ever before. Once cruelly dubbed "Chubby Spice” by critics, Emma told the Daily Mirror about her struggle with her weight, "I put on a normal amount of weight when I was pregnant but it took me years to get back to the weight I'd been before my babies were born. I finally did it very naturally and slowly." That slow and steady diet plan obviously paid off for the star because Emma is looking stunning in her bikini these days. It just goes to show that, despite being a mom, Baby Spice hasn't lost her sex appeal!

6 Steamy Spice Photoshoot

This Spice Girl was nicknamed Baby Spice for her sometimes childish behavior and her adorable sense of style when the group was on top of the world. Since then, Emma Bunton, has matured into a beautiful and confident woman. In fact, if you were a fan of this girl group back in the day and haven’t followed them to a large degree since, it may shock you to know that Baby Spice is now all grown up and has been the sexy subject of a number of scantily clad photoshoots that are more risqué in nature. But hey, if you’ve got it might as well flaunt it! So Emma we applaud you and all of your hotness.

5 Posing On The Wannabe Staircase 20 Years Later

Talks of the Spice Girl reunion tour are once again in the works, now that Mel B has given her controlling husband the boot, and these girls were looking better then ever as they posed on the St. Pancras Hotel staircase in London. The same staircase that was featured in the video for the Spice Girls' debut single “Wannabe.” Though they are no longer "girls" check out the sexy ladies of spice as they pose in this photo almost 20 years later (from left to right) Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, and Victoria Beckham, looking better now than they did in 1996.

4 Friendship Never Ends

Even though the Spice Girls broke up in December 2000, or went on an “indefinite hiatus” as they called it, after Geri Halliwell officially announced in the middle of their North American tour that she was leaving the group. They still appear to be great friends all these years later, despite the break up, at least according to this photo that was posted on Instagram by Mel B in June of 2015. With all of Spice Girls now in their early to mid 40s, this picture indeed proves that “Friendship Never Ends!”

3 Spice Selfie

Social media has changed the way we interact with celebrities today. It gives the Average Joe a lot more access and insight into the personal lives of celebrities, which in previous generations, would have been kept behind closed doors, allowing us to view tons of images of good looking famous folks on our devices with great regularity. This picture, which was taken at the Spice Girls reunion in 2015, is the perfect example of that kind of social media access, complete with a cameo from Mr. Posh Spice himself, David Beckham. It always makes us wonder, how different would it have been back in the Spice Girls' hey day, if they had social media? We can only imagine the kind of selfies and hijinx we would've witnessed. If only!

2 Gang's All Here And Looking Fabulous

The Spice Girls were all looking fantastic at the opening of Viva Forever!, a Broadway musical featuring several of the Spice Girls' hit songs. Bringing some much needed spice to the West End, the show charts the journey of a girl, as she's propelled into the superficial world of Starmaker, a TV talent show that offers the fame and fortune she thinks she craves. The girls reunited and posed for pictures on stage after the show's premiere. It was an amazing experience for their fans to see the group back together again, and they all looked stunning in their formal attire.

1 Spice Girls Reunion

This picture of the infamous girl group from one of their more recent reunions is the perfect image to show off the fact that all of these women have aged rather phenomenally. On top of that, we love that aside from the gray and black color scheme of their outfits, each of the Spice Girls are dressed in a way that reflects their uniquely distinct personalities. These ladies of spice look absolutely stunning, and this picture reminds us of the famous lyrics "all that I want from you is a promise you will be there." And that they have! These girls have been there for each other for the better part of two decades, making all of their songs about love and friendship ring true throughout their everyday life. We only hope they'll be around, supporting each other and entertaining us, for many more years to come.

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