15 Photos That Prove The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory Is Getting Old

The Big Bang Theory first hit TV screens more than a decade ago and it seems that fans around the world have seen many members of the cast growing older before their eyes over the past few years. Growing old is a fact of life and sometimes with long-running shows, it becomes quite noticeable when the cast is changing physically. Kaley Cuoco who portrays Penny has gone through a number of image changes over the past ten years and is perhaps one of the characters who has had the most noticeable change from the beginning when she was seen as a young college dropout to where she is now as a wife and someone who is finally in long-term employment.

The lives of the characters on-screen are not the only things that have changed over the past decade with many members of the cast getting married and welcoming their own children as well. The cast of The Big Bang Theory is growing older; the show is now in a place where the next season could be its last and it seems that many of the show's biggest stars would be okay with that decision since the show has now reached a point where its peak is definitely in the rear-view mirror.

The following list looks at 15 photos of the cast of the popular show that prove that the last decade has been much harder on the cast than it has on the audience who have been strapped into this rollercoaster ride since 2007.

15 Howard

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Howard Wolowitz is portrayed by Simon Helberg, an actor who was just 26 years old when he began working on The Big Bang Theory. Helberg was married to fellow actress Jocelyn Towne the same year Helberg was cast in the show but the couple has recently also welcomed their first two children.

His first child, a daughter called Adeline was born back on May 8th, 2012 just two years before his son Wilder Towne arrived on April 23rd, 2014. While Howard has been on-screen getting married to Bernadette and becoming a father to baby Halley, he has been doing the same thing in his own life. The couple is expecting their second child on the show and Helberg himself is already a father of two in real life. Howard is now 37 years old and is showing all the effects of a father who is working full-time and helping to raise two children.

14 Raj

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At just 26 years old, Kunal Nayyar was one of the youngest cast members on the show when it originally began back in 2007. Kunal was seen as the character who was incapable of talking to women unless he was drinking, something that he was later able to overcome as he got older.

In reality, it seems that Nayyar has never had any issues talking to women and was able to marry the stunning for Miss India, Neha Kapur back in 2011. The couple now live together in Los Angeles and it seems that many fans of the show have felt the need to tell Nayyar just how lucky he is to have landed someone like Neha. Being a husband has obviously allowed Nayyar to reevaluate his life and now he no longer has to go out clubbing and picking up women like he used to; he can embrace his physical appearance as he gets older.

13 Amy

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Amy Farrah Fowler was the last member of the core cast to be added to the show back in 2010 and as well as being a real-life scientist, Mayim Bialik also has an envious portfolio in the acting world, having made her debut back in 1987 when she was just 12 years old. Bialik has become accustomed to life in the spotlight over the past 30 years, but it seems that age has finally caught up with the 42-year-old.

Amy and Sheldon are set to marry on The Big Bang Theory, but in real life Mayim has been married before. She married Michael Stone back in 2003 and the couple remained together for nine years before they divorced back in 2012. The couple has two sons together called Miles and Frederick who were born in 2005 and 2008 respectively. Bialik and Johnny Galecki who plays Leonard have known each other for years and appeared as cast members for the first time in the 1990s in hit show Blossom.

12 Sheldon

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Sheldon Cooper walked into our lives in 2007 and it seems that the world hasn't been the same ever since. With his incredible eidetic memory and unmatchable knowledge when it comes to science, it didn't take viewers long to realize that Sheldon's inability to take a joke or detect sarcasm would be the two biggest reasons that he would later become one of the most popular stars on the show.

Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon, has been going through a number of changes of his own alongside his character throughout the last decade. Parsons has been in a relationship with art director Todd Spiewak for the past ten years but it was this year that the couple finally made it down the aisle. At 44 years old, Parsons is one of the oldest cast members and is slowly beginning to show this in his physical appearance, even though he is the only male cast member who hasn't grown facial hair.

11 Bernadette

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Bernadette was not one of the original Big Bang Theory cast members and instead came into the show as a recurring star back in season three. Howard was seen as quite a pervy member of the show before Bernadette was introduced to the cast and it seemed that he had finally found someone who liked that part of him.

Melissa Rauch, who portrays Bernadette, already had a lengthy acting resumé before she joined the cast of the show when she was 30 years old. She is now 37 years old and has recently announced that she has given birth to her first child, a daughter called Sadie who was born on December 4th. Rauch has also been married for the past few years and seems to have quite a together life outside of The Big Bang Theory, much like the character that she portrays. In the coming season, she will have to learn to juggle a full-time job alongside being a mother in real life, much like Bernadette did a few years ago when baby Halley was born.

10 Leonard

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Johnny Galecki has been on TV for so long that it could be argued that he has grown up on-screen in the public eye. Even though his character is currently happily married to his long-time girlfriend Penny as part of the show, it seems that Leonard is the only member of the show who isn't in a relationship at present.

Leonard has dated a number of his former cast members including Sara Gilbert, Kaley Cuoco and Mayim Bialik, but many of these relationships were over before the cast members were reunited as part of the show. Leonard's relationship with Cuoco was the most recent and that came to an end back in 2012. At 42 years old it seems that the image above is showing Galecki looking every year of his age. Maybe this is what the stress of being a main cast member for a decade really does to the actors involved.

9 Penny

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Kaley Cuoco was just 21 years old and the youngest member of The Big Bang Theory test when the show started more than a decade ago. Having already appeared in hit shows like Charmed and 8 Simple Rules, Kaley has grown up in the public eye and has continued to do so over the past ten years.

Penny has gone from college dropout and aspiring actress on-screen to a woman who is in a long-term job and finally able to walk down the aisle with Leonard nine years after the couple got together in one of the biggest romantic rollercoasters on TV. Kaley herself married back in 2013 but the couple filed for divorce and this was finalized last year. The actress has since moved on to date equestrian Karl Cook and the couple announced their engagement last month on Kaley's 32nd birthday.

8 Stuart

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Kevin Sussman began portraying comic book store owner Stuart Bloom in season two of The Big Bang Theory back in 2009 where he had a recurring role before he was promoted to a series regular in season six when he was aligned with Howard's mother and then able to rebuild his comic book store after a fire and after the death of Debbie.

Sussman has only been on screen for the past eight years, but he is still considered to be one of the most popular cast members. Kevin is the oldest cast member of the show right now at 47 years old, and it seems that the above image shows that he is starting to show his age. Sussman was only 39 years old when he landed the role on the hit show and it seems that the role has seen him age significantly over the past few years since his role in the show has increased.

7 Cast Photo

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The cast of The Big Bang Theory has been likened to the cast of hit 90s show Friends over the past few years, with many fans stating that the two shows are alike when it comes to their popularity. Much like the cast of Friends, it seems that when photos from the first day on set up are put next to some of the latest images the differences can easily be seen.

The above image shows that Kaley isn't the same 21-year-old girl who walked on the set back in 2007 and she wouldn't be expected to be. All the stars of the show have undergone changes in their lives over the past few years, and sadly no one is able to stay young forever, so at some point, their true age was always going to become something that was noticeable. It seems that time is the only thing that no one can outrun.

6 Howard

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Even though Simon Helberg's on-screen character Howard Wolowitz isn't considered to be one of the most confrontational of the group, it seems that in real life, Helberg isn't afraid to be upfront about things that he feels the need to get off his chest.

The above image was taken earlier this year and sees Helberg and his wife Jocelyn Towne showing their support for refugees as their way of addressing the immigration ban that had been implemented in the U.S. Even though Helberg was making a statement alongside his wife on the red carpet, it is hard not to notice how much older the star looks when his facial hair is allowed to grow. He certainly doesn't look like the star who was once lusting after Penny in the first season of The Big Bang Theory anymore, which could have been the reason why he grew his facial hair to begin with.

5 Penny

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At 32 years old, it could be argued that Kaley Cuoco shouldn't be looking old just yet. It's the fact that the actress has been around the acting world now since 1992 when she portrayed Connie Reinhardt in Quicksand: No Escape. Ever since then Kaley has been forced to grow up on screen, which means that many fans of the show thought that she was much older than she is.

Maybe her age is one of the reasons that the cast of the show finds her so hard to deal with. It has been reported a number of times that Kaley causes a lot of problems backstage and there was even a rumour that Christina Applegate was going to replace her in season 10 because she was becoming so hard to deal with. Luckily that wasn't the case. It would have been hard for Big Bang fans to accept anyone else as Penny after all this time.

4 Leonard

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Leonard, Sheldon, and Penny have always been considered to be the three main characters in the show, even though Howard and Raj have been there since the beginning as well. The main storyline throughout the show has been the rollercoaster of a relationship between Penny and Leonard, a relationship that was once both on and off screen.

Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki dated from the start of the show until December 2009 when the couple announced that they had gone their separate ways. He then moved on to have a relationship with Kelli Garner for a few years before that relationship also ended back in 2014. Johnny doesn't seem to be as lucky in love as Leonard, which could be the reason he is showing his age more than ever right now. At 42 years old, Galecki's added facial hair means that he looks completely different to the Leonard we were introduced to back in 2007.

3 Raj

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Fresh-faced Raj joined The Big Bang Theory more than a decade ago and it seems that he's managed to go from looking like one of the youngest members of the cast to looking like one of the oldest. Raj has been through his own fair share of problems on screen over the past few years and is still the only member of the cast who isn't married or preparing to marry.

Considering Raj is one of the most popular characters on the show, it is hoped that the writers find a way for him to have a happy, functional relationship before the show comes to an end in the near future. Kunal Nayyar has been portraying the character for the past decade and while Raj has been unlucky in love, his real-life personal life has seen much better results, as already mentioned, so there is some hope still left for Raj.

2 Lesley Winkle

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Lesley Winkle has been a recurring cast member on The Big Bang Theory over the past 10 years and even though she isn't considered to be one of the main stars, she is someone who many fans recognize for her character's relationship with Leonard in the earlier seasons.

Interestingly, Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert had worked together before she was cast as Lesley Winkle on the show. Sara portrayed Galecki's girlfriend and later his wife in TV show Roseanne. The couple actually dated in real life when they were teenagers and it was while Gilbert was dating Galecki that she realized she was a lesbian. Even though the couple broke up they have still remained good friends. Winkle was a main cast member of the show in season two before being dropped back to a recurring character but was then written out when Bernadette and Amy became part of the show.

1 Family Photo

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The above image was taken almost two years ago and shows that the likes of Howard and Raj are no longer the young stars who first graced our screens in 2007. Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar have been through their own fair share of changes over the past few years with Raj starting out as the resident bad boy in the show before he was forced to sit down with creator Chuck Lorre who told him all about the person he needed to be if he wanted to last in the business.

This seems to have done the trick and has allowed Kunal to remain on the straight and narrow over the past few years. Helberg, on the other hand, married back in 2007 and has since welcomed two children over the past six years. Both stars have been forced to grow up recently and it seems that their physical appearance has taken note of this.

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