15 Photos That Prove Selena Gomez Is Way Hotter Than Bella Hadid

Well, I guess you can say that it's official. Little Selena Gomez has officially grown up. To be technical, she grew up a long time ago, but you know what I mean. The public has never fully allowed her to be recognized this way. Selena has always been somewhat trapped in that façade of a child—one where you remember her rockin' along with that big purple dinosaur in Barney & Friends. Either that, or as Alex from The Wizards of Waverly Place. Don't get me wrong here. Selena Gomez has always been hot. In fact, this past year, she has been hotter than ever, but nobody ever saw her as a threat to a Victoria's Secret model. Hell, nobody would've even thought about her being compared to Bella Hadid, The Weeknd's ex.

So, this is where the shock factor came into play. Selena Gomez got caught playing tongue hockey with Bella Hadid's ex this past January. The couple had only broken things off a couple of months prior and according to the VS Model, they weren't completely over. Now it appears that the whole world is taking sides. Did Selena break the girl code? Is Bella just a woman seeking attention or badly scorned? Do we really care? Not really, but we'll still look at the reasons why Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, is such a lucky guy. Here are 15 photos that prove Selena Gomez is way hotter than Bella Hadid:

15 Selena Is Hotter Than Ever

I don't think there is any photo out there that could prove our point quite like this one. Not only is it enough proof that Selena is hotter than Bella Hadid, but it also shows that she is hotter than ever. The truth is that Selena could make a pair of sweats look tight in all of the right spots, whereas Bella's body type just wouldn't. Just look at that body! Sorry, Selena. I'm not trying to insult you by bragging only about your booty. Your face is just as beautiful, but the view from back here is quite hypnotizing. I could get lost looking at this shot for hours. Thanks W Magazine!

One topic of interest lately has been whether or not the lyrics "Like Selena, ass shaped like Selena" in The Weeknd's song "Party Monster" are based on Selena Quintanilla, or her namesake Selena Gomez. I think after seeing this shot, we might have our answer. Selena's lips are juicy like Angelina Jolie's too. If you don't believe me, read on. You'll thank me later.

14 Selena Draws You In Better

Bella Hadid's body can make some silk and lace look enticing, but what's really hot is a woman who's more inviting. Take this photo of Selena Gomez for instance. She's using her entire face to draw us into her world. Her dreamy eyes make you want to look straight through them. This isn't something all girls can easily do, although most will try. Bella's face is beautiful, yet it gives out the vibe of a porcelain doll. Don't touch me...I'm glass, I'm cold, and a bit like stone.

Both women have faced their own struggles. Bella had to give up on her dream of being an Olympic Equestrian, after being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. Meanwhile, Selena has fought for her career while struggling with her battle with Lupus. She's even had people accuse her of making the whole thing up. Is that bullcrap or what?

13 Selena's Cat Eyes 

In the photo that you see above, Selena appears to be channeling her inner feline. Bella Hadid has been described as having natural catlike features. However, I must say that Selena pulls it off so much better. Her face is a little rounder and fuller, which makes her that much hotter. Bella's features make her look stoic, or as if she's best attuned to pulling off a sharp angry glance rather than a look of lust or love. Don't get me wrong. Bella has a timeless sort of beauty, but it's Selena who can definitely invoke a loving caress from a sideways glance.

This was also a great photo showcasing her juicy lips, which could be compared to those of Angelina's. You could spend time trolling her Instagram and find photos like this one that makes her too irresistible to ignore. Aside from looks, Selena is the total package. She is inclined to music, acting, and now she's producing her own show. In fact, you can catch her new show, 13 Reasons Why, on Netflix right now if you want.

12 Hot Revival

Okay, Selena! You've totally gotten our attention now. This photo was from last year when Selena Gomez was advertising her Revival Tour gear. The tour didn't quite finish up the way she expected, but that didn't stop us from wanting to buy this set of undies for our girls to give them a whirl. This is where things get extra murky when it comes to Bella Hadid. Bella's body is shaped best for g-string panties. She has to show it all off, or it's no good.

Our girl Selena, on the other hand, can make some boy leg panties and a sports bra look smokin' hot. I'd take Selena in this get-up to Bella's Victoria's Secret set on any day, but she'd really be hotter than Bella wearing some Victoria's Secret of her own. Bet they'd sell out of stock super-fast. Then again, maybe she shouldn't. It'd suck for Bella to lose that title too.

11 The Hottest Selfie Ever

Selena Gomez knows how to show just enough without showing it all. This is just one reason why she has racked up the most followers on Instagram. Yeah, it's all the rage to put up nude selfies when you're Kim K, but the NSFW stuff isn't everyone's cup of tea. Just look at how stunning she looks in that top with some panties. She knows that she doesn't have to show you everything which is why this is totally the hottest selfie ever.

In fact, she's actually not showing you anything at all. Although, it was enough to let your own imagination run rampant. There aren't tons of these on her social media accounts either. The stuff that Selena chooses to share are often photos and selfies that can be seen by everyone, not just adults. She has her younger fan base to think of too, which really says a lot about how mature she is. This makes her so much hotter than Bella Hadid.

10 Simply Irresistible

'Simply Irresistible' is the song that pops in my head when I see this photo of Selena Gomez. If you weren't around in the late 80's, then you might want to look it up. The song, not the movie. Although the models in the music video look more like Bella Hadid, this is one of the many looks that Selena can pull off. Bella just has the one sharp wasted-away catlike look. Sure, she can wear different fashions, makeup, and change her hairstyle, but Selena's look appears to change completely with her changing styles.

Take some of the other photos from this article for instance. Selena can wear her hair in waves around her face and it makes it appear smaller. In one, she almost looks like a Barbie doll. She can wear it pulled back like above, and she suddenly looks ready to walk on the runway. Oh, and the water adds an extra degree of hotness. I sincerely don't believe that Bella gets that effect with water. It only makes her look paler. Don't you agree?

9 Multi-Talent Is Way Hotter

Once Selena Gomez shared this photo back in March of 2016, it quickly made a splash. She commented that it was a throwback photo of sorts, from a small house out in Texas. The biggest difference from the comments was whether she was wearing a bra-and-panties set or just a bikini. As for myself, I'm going with the latter. The top isn't shaped to go up under her clothes. Aside from the obvious sultriness of this photo, it also points out just how multi-talented Selena really is.

Being beautiful is wonderful, and I'm sure Bella Hadid has more talent than just modeling and horseback riding. However, we have a much better idea of the talent that Selena is capable of. She has the voice of an angel and the body of a goddess. She writes music and plays the piano too. To top it all off, she has had her own production company, which she named July Moon Productions, since 2008. As if that wasn't enough, she added her own clothing line in 2010.

8 Stylishly Hotter

When it comes to style, Selena Gomez has definitely got it goin' on. Not that Bella Hadid doesn't. Both ladies have access to designer clothing but then again, Bella is more inclined to flaunt in barely-there styles. Don't get me wrong, Selena loves showing some serious skin, although she doesn't show near as much as often as the model does. She doesn't have to. All ladies love their fair share of attention, but come on. Every photo doesn't have to be nearly nude, nip slips, and putty tats. You get what I'm saying?

Bella Hadid apparently hasn't got the memo, and this is one reason why she isn't the most followed person on Instagram. Selena Gomez has held that record for some time now, and it's not from flashing her goods at every available opportunity. She has 116 million followers. On the other hand, you have Bella, who's been showing her 11.8 million followers all the skin that The Weeknd's been missing.

7 Hot, Just Chillin'

Just look at that fierce "smize" she's projecting. Add up her rather mysterious aura in this photo. What do you get? Extreme sexiness! In this photo, Selena was posing for GQ Magazine with her knitted bikinis.

There have been so many haters on Selena's case ever since day one. She's always made out to be weak. Just think of both of the struggles these beauties have faced with their health, but has anyone tried to call Bella Hadid a fraud? In fact, there are stories discussing how strong she must have been to have given up her equestrian dreams after facing Lyme Disease. When Selena brought up her issues with Lupus and how it can effect your mental well-being, she was accused of being weak or insecure. Oh, come on!

6 The Look Or The Corset

I might need your help with this one because I really can't decide. Which do you think is hotter? That snarky "come and get me" look or the corset and see-through dress that's flowing around Selena's thighs? What I do know is that it's definitely sexy and the combination is rather wild. Selena Gomez will always be hotter in a corset. We could talk all day about who wears it better, but there's really no point. Less will always be better when it comes to Bella Hadid, while Selena can be hotter in just about anything.

Remember when Selena went through those on-again off-again years with Justin Bieber? Really, she was just as strong as Bella is being today. She wasn't the one running around the country acting all crazy. She felt sorry for him. Not the other way around. Then he had the nerve to say she was using him. But the last time I checked, she has more going for her than he has in a while.

5 All Dressed Up

You know that moment in every makeover movie ever made? The one where the girl is all dolled up and takes that dramatic walk down the stairs? She looks gorgeous, but we really wish that her dress was a tad bit shorter. That's exactly the effect that Selena Gomez would give in this dress. Okay, focus! I know she's mesmerizing, but there's still a bit more to say. Can anyone truly say that Bella Hadid could top Selena in something like this?

It's not tight. She isn't sporting a serious v-neck or even a dramatic plunge. The only thing about this dress that shows off anything is it's length, which reveals her thighs. You can't even tell if it's as revealing when she stands. However, it's a mix of classy and foxy from this angle and we absolutely love it. Selena has sexy eyes, and a natural beauty that outweighs everything else. Try picturing this on Bella. I seriously doubt it would have the same smoldering effect.

4 Smokin' Hot

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. This might look a tad bit familiar. Well, that would probably be because it sort of is. Remember that very first photo we showed you? That could've been all of the proof that we needed, but here is the front view of that image. Not exactly, but you know what I mean. We had to show the front too, or that would've been an injustice. Could Selena Gomez get any hotter than this? Better yet, would you seriously say that Bella Hadid could ever be hotter?

The mere thought of jumping on that float and just riding along while taking in the view. It's no wonder W Magazine listed this March 2016 issue as Selena Gomez: Hotter Than Ever. She was and still is today. Maybe that's why she's so secure about her relationship despite reports that she isn't. At least that's not how she appears. Her biggest worry these days has been if you'll love her new show.

3 Marie Claire

What's not to love about this photo? Marie Claire really gave us a hot reason to at least look at their magazine. I'm not sure how much I'm really feeling the outfit, but the minimal coverage is wonderful. Then, Selena has that wild look going on with her hair. It's almost as if she's been tossed around in bed. It's easy to see what The Weeknd sees in her. You know it's been rumored that Bella Hadid warned him of Selena's history of using her men, but Bella has less than Selena ever did.

That's probably why Bella's been flaunting her body to her Instagram followers. She's soaking up all this love triangle attention just like a sponge. Does she really have to try hard to show her ex what he's missing on social media? He's not really missing much if he can just look it up when he chooses. Meanwhile, we're enjoying the view. It makes for a good back-up after looking at Selena.

2 Hands To Myself

This is from Selena's video for "Hands to Myself." Have you watched that video? If not, I strongly recommend that you do it now. Just come back after 3 minutes and 47 seconds. Selena has been described as going from cute to hot, or as I'd like to say, from totally cute to seriously hot. Yes, Selena Gomez has officially grown up. She went through some growing pains, rough times, and had to break away from her bad-boy first-love. Selena faced obstacles with her illness and depression, but none of it has held her back.

Now, Selena can be counted in as a seductress. Just look at how hot she is up there. She's smoldering, yet soft. Bella Hadid would appear more cold and sharp. Selena's way hotter just because she looks so much sweeter. Would you be able to keep your hands to yourself? Try watching the video. It might make you rethink your answer to that question.

1 Way Hotter

I believe that modeling has its limitations. And those limitations come with growing older. One day, Bella Hadid will find that she has aged, and hopefully she will have something to fall back on. Meanwhile, Selena has not only proven that she is beautiful, artistic, and talented, but she has also moved on to other ventures that will ensure her lifestyle into her future. The fact that she was thinking ahead at such a young age makes her so much hotter.

That's why Justin Bieber had to go get himself a Selena lookalike, but she's not even as hot as the real one. As if that's not enough, here is your last bit of proof. A side-by-side of the two. You've already seen that Selena is hot in everything—from fancy dresses to skimpy bikinis. Now you have them both in a simple one-piece. Still, Selena is way hotter than Bella.

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