15 Photos That Prove Sarah Hyland Is Way Better Than Ariel Winter

Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter are constantly being compared to one another. Who's the better actor? Who's funnier? Who's hotter? Who's more mature? Questions like these are constantly asked about the two very talented Modern Family stars. And the answer really depends on personal taste. Some people will like Ariel Winter more, while others will prefer Sarah Hyland. But one thing that often gets in the way of that decision is the fact that Ariel Winter often overshadows Sarah Hyland. Many people just aren't aware of how beautiful, talented and interesting Sarah Hyland really is.

We're here to change that. Because the next few pictures will prove to you that Sarah Hyland is much hotter than you ever previously considered. This is especially true when you look at pictures of the two girls side by side. It's easy to make a decision over which one you prefer in this case, and it's really hard not to choose Hyland, to be honest.

But one thing's for sure, these girls are anything but enemies. They've worked together for so long, and they're pretty much like sisters these days. As the older one, Hyland tries to act like a role model for Ariel. And that maturity, along with her hotness, is what makes her so attractive.

15 Santa's Little Helper 

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This picture will definitely get you in the holiday spirit. It's interesting because Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter are seen here side by side, so one can compare them. And that's really what this article is all about. Who's more attractive? Well, in this picture at least, it's pretty clear that Sarah Hyland looks much more attractive. Some might disagree with me here, but the way she looks in that cute little elf costume is just too much for words. Ariel Winter, on the other hand, doesn't look so great. But that's probably because she's dressed up like an old woman, Mrs. Claus.

Even though these two are often pitted against each other in the eyes of the media, the girls are definitely not enemies. Hyland talks about Ariel as if she's a little sister: "I love her to death and try to talk to her every week at least [or] I try to text her because we haven't been working right now. I just want the best for her. I'm just trying to watch out for her."

14 Cute On Instagram

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One of the best things about Sarah Hyland is that she has a very active Instagram account. She has tons of followers, and it's great to get a peek into her private life. She is actually very open with her fans, sharing all kinds of special moments. And if you want to see more of Sarah Hyland's hotness, Instagram is definitely the place to go. Photos like this are very common, and it's wonderful to see her hanging out with her friends, showing her confidence in her own body.

But there are things she would rather not share with the world, such as the way things unfolded with her ex-boyfriend. She ended up breaking up with him, and then getting a restraining order against him. Court papers reveal that Hyland revealed that the boyfriend "relentlessly bombarded me with vile, threatening and emotionally disturbing texts and voice mails including his own suicide threats." She also admitted, "His grip was so tight that I could not breathe or speak. I was scared and in fear for my life."

13 Showing Skin

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Seeing these girls side by side at red carpet events is a beautiful sight. Their beauty really compliments each other, and they look like amazing opposites coming together in perfect harmony. Any guy would be lucky to have either of these amazing girls, but what if you had to pick? It would be a very hard decision, as both these girls are incredible in their own way. But again, it's Sarah Hyland who appears to be much more womanly and attractive, almost like a model.

Speaking of models, Sarah Hyland sees herself as Ariel Winter's role model: “I like to think we — me, Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara — helped her be confident with her body and herself. I mean, she was 11 years old when I met her. I was 18. I tried to be a good role model for her, and a true older sister for her because she’s such a sweet little girl. It’s about being confident in your self, and not letting people’s hateful words get to you,” she says. “Just surround yourself with positivity and not let the negativity get to you.”

12 Her Fans Love Her

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One of the best things about Sarah Hyland is her confidence. She seems like a very easy-going, relaxed individual, and that really shines through in her Instagram photos. She seems like a totally down-to-earth girl, someone that you could really hang out with and talk about anything. That's why she has such a strong connection with her fans and so many of her followers love her so much. Of course, the fact that she looks amazing in a bikini doesn't hurt. She really is the perfect girl. She's got a perfect personality, and an amazing body to top it off.

Part of the reason fans identify with her so much is because Sarah Hyland has actually been through a lot in her life. She's actually gone through some pretty serious health issues over the years, and she had to get a kidney transplant from her father at a young age. She still has to take medication to help her body accept the organ. Because of this, she finds it hard to put on weight.

11 Trying Out New Things...

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Sarah Hyland has always been very adventurous and optimistic, and that pretty much goes with the territory of being an actor. You really have to be willing to try new things and go outside of your comfort zone. This picture perfectly captures that moment, and she just looks like she's having so much fun. That huge smile on her face looks completely genuine, and it just makes her all the more attractive.

This kind of positivity is essential to inspiring her fans, and Hyland admitted, "A lot of my fans reach out saying that they need inspiration, that they need strong role models. And, you know, I try to be the best role model that I can be, but I don't make the best life decisions in my life," she said with a laugh. "I think just spreading positivity and bravery, and being courageous and kind, and being very equal and supporting equality [is important]. I feel like it's very important for the youth to have very strong-minded, opinionated, young women out there," Hyland continued. "I think we need to speak our minds and stand up for ourselves."

10 Chilling By The Pool

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Of all the pictures of Sarah Hyland, this might just be the hottest. She looks so amazing in that one-piece, American flag bikini, it's almost too good to be true. Pictures like this are a definite benefit to following her on Instagram. Although she does struggle with gaining weight because of her health conditions, we don't see anything wrong with her body from this angle. She looks positively gorgeous, and we'd definitely want to chill around the pool with her.

Speaking about dating guys, Hyland admitted that meeting the family has taken on a completely different meaning: "These people have become my real-life family. It's almost like, you gotta – like, for guys, you have to meet the parents, which is stressful. But then I think the more stressful thing is to meet the second family, which is not only the Dunphy family but the entire cast, and the entire crew and all of our writers, and everybody that's involved. That's the second family that I think is the most terrifying thing for guys that I date."

9 She's Too Hot - Call The Firemen

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Definitely one of the hottest looks Sarah Hyland ever pulled off was this smokin' firefighter costume. She looked incredible in it, and this was actually part of an episode of Modern Family, if you can believe that. If you never got into the show, it might be worth watching just so you can see her in this cute and sexy outfit. Although Hyland definitely has an innocent side, it seems obvious by looking at this picture that she has a naughty side, too.

Being an actress or an actor is all about dressing up, having fun, and being someone else. And it seems like Hyland is definitely a girl who likes to dress up in all kinds of fun outfits. While Ariel Winter gets a lot of attention for what she wears, this picture proves that when Hyland does it, she can drop people's jaws as well. She might even do it better than Ariel.

8 Flexible Girl

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Right away, it's obvious that Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter have two very different body types. While Ariel Winter is a little shorter, and more curvy, Hyland is very different. She's actually a little bit taller, and is very athletic. But while that body is slim, she can twist and contort it into all kinds of amazing positions. She's a very flexible girl, and that might even be more alluring than the curves Ariel Winter has...

Speaking about her body, and her weight issues, Hyland revealed, “A lot of fans reached out and were very appreciative of what I said. That was the only thing that really meant something to me. I wanted to give others confidence in themselves because I know sometimes it’s hard to find. I got a lot of feedback from women and men who are either going through chemo or dialysis or a bunch of things that have made them lose weight and they can’t gain it. I got a lot of people saying they gained a bunch of weight and they can’t lose it but it’s because of their health. But I completely understand and it was really nice to hear those stories so we could be there together as a community.”

7 Charming Smile

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One thing's for sure. Sarah Hyland has a beautiful, charming smile. She really does seem like a happy girl, and you can't fake a smile like that. Is Ariel Winter's smile as charming as Sarah Hyland's? It's doubtful. Because what's clear when you look at Sarah Hyland is that she's very grateful for her fortunes, and she's happy to be living the life she is. She hit the jackpot, and she knows it. Many other stars take that for granted.

Speaking about her amazing career, Hyland stated, "I’ve been in this industry for 20 years now and it took me 14 years to book a job like Modern Family. I will be forever grateful for that. I could never be tired of it, though, because it’s the best cast it the world. Every actor who has been on a show as long as we have, or even longer, you love them with all of your heart. I really don’t know the show’s future but I can’t imagine my life without the show. It kind of makes me tear up because I don’t want to not see them on a day-to-day basis."

6 Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

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Sarah Hyland began acting at a very young age, and it's obvious that she's very good at what she does. This should come as no surprise, as she actually comes from an entire family of actors. Her mother, father and brother are all actors, and she undoubtedly learned some great techniques from them. But she also went to school to become an actor, which is how she landed so many amazing roles in movies, TV shows, plays, and commercials. It seems she has a very bright future ahead of her, and we're sure to see more of her in the coming years.

This picture really sums up why she's in such high demand in the entertainment business. There's something about her that is positively alluring, and those qualities are definitely on display in this picture. On the set of Modern Family, most of the crew will readily admit to falling in love with her personality and who she is.

5 Fooling Around On Set

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A very special bond grows between two actresses when they work on the same TV show for many years together. And that's exactly what happened with Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter when they worked together on Modern Family. They became the best of friends, but people can't stop comparing these two girls with each other. In this picture at least, Hyland looks more attractive, as Ariel Winter looks a little bit awkward...

Speaking about the physical differences between her and Ariel, Hyland said: “Ariel and I have very different body types. I grew up in New York. I have an attitude where, if you don’t like how I look, I don’t care. I want to feel comfortable in my own body,” says Hyland. “There are days I feel fat and I wear a sweatshirt and jeans and sneakers. There are going to be those days. And other days, I feel like I look amazing and I’ll wear low-cut jeans and a crop top. It’s important for women to embrace their bodies. It’s OK to feel insecure. Every woman feels like that. You’re not alone. It’s important to love your body and love your body for its size.”

4 Ready For Her Close-Up

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Pictures like these show the intense bond between the two actors, and it's a really cute moment that was posted on Instagram. These two girls have shared so much, and spent so much of their lives together. As cute as this picture is, it also gives us another opportunity: to compare how attractive these two girls look. And in this case, we have to give the edge once again to Sarah Hyland. This girl just looks so much more alluring, especially when you look at those amazing eyes of hers.

Sarah Hyland looks at Ariel like a little sister, and she tries her best to set a good example: “I would like to think that I have been a good influence on her for the past eight years. She was nine years old when she started, and I was eighteen, so I’d already been through actual bullying at school and girlfriends sleeping with boyfriends, and stabbing you in the back. Of course, we talk about things like that. We’re females and we like to empower each other.”

3 She's All Woman

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Something that gets constant attention in the media is Ariel Winter's body – more specifically, her curves. She famously got chest reduction surgery because the weight and size of her chest was causing her a lot of issues and discomfort. This was a decision that Hyland really supported. But Hyland herself is a grown woman as well, with a woman's body. Just look at this picture if you don't believe me.

Speaking of Winter's decision to downsize in the chest area, Hyland stated: "She's a tiny girl. We're practically the same size. I'm about a half of an inch or an inch taller than her and I can't imagine carrying that weight. She's happy and most of all, she is healthy. She's glowing. As long as she's healthy and happy, that's all that matters to me. She's always been a very happy little girl — oh, God, I still see her as an 11-year-old in my eyes. She's really like my little sister."

2 Classy Lady 

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Probably the biggest difference between Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter is maturity. Although Ariel is becoming more and more mature every day, Hyland seems to have been born with a confidence and surety that betrays her years. You know what they say – confidence is attractive, and Sarah Hyland has confidence in spades. While sometimes it seems like Ariel Winter is trying a little too hard to get attention, Sarah Hyland seems to command attention automatically and effortlessly. This picture really sums up why Hyland's confidence is a huge part of why she's so attractive.

She also has a very distinct classiness to her, which some would say Ariel Winter lacks. She has been accused of wearing too little or showing too much in the past, and that's something that Hyland has not experienced. In fact, Hyland is the first one to come to Ariel Winter's defence whenever she's body-shamed.

1 Chic Photoshoot 


Sarah Hyland often gives off a very innocent vibe. But how real is that? I guess we'll never know, not unless we actually get to know her personally. She is an actress after all, so she could be fooling us all into thinking she's a good girl when really she's the opposite. One thing that might interest you is that she actually loves tattoos, something not typically associated with innocence. While Ariel Winter has tattoos as well, Sarah Hyland's tattoos are just as interesting, and maybe even a little hotter. She has one on her butt, and one on her wrist, and that's only the ones that she's told us about...

Speaking about the tattoo on her wrist, she revealed: "I have a tattoo on my wrist that says '1, 2, 3.' It reminds me to count to 10 when I'm stressed, scared, or upset, and it clears my head. It also reminds me to be spontaneous and active — like when you go cliff diving and count to three before you jump. Looking at my tattoo helps me live my life better every day."

Sources: wikipedia.com, people.com

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