15 Photos That Prove Romee Strijd Is Hot AF!

Romee Strijd is one of the hottest supermodels on the market right now. She's not only one of the most-in-demand models out there right now, but she's also one of Victoria's Secret models, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. She's a Dutch model who's been taking the world by storm. She has quite the Instagram following because she's loved by many people, and we can certainly see why.

She was part of the ten new Angels that started with Victoria’s Secret in 2015. It’s no small feat to become an Angel, as many girls covet that position throughout their modeling careers. Many models will leave that part of their career for bigger things, which is what Doutzen Kroes and Karlie Kloss recently did, proving that VS is definitely a stepping stone that can make many models' careers, including that of Gisele Bundchen. The VS annual fashion show is watched by millions of people all over the world every year because we can’t get enough of those sexy outfits as the models strut their way down the runway. Now, Romee Strijd is part of that world, and she’s certainly making a name for herself in the modeling industry. You may think that you know her -- the fact that she loves cooking and even dabbles in interior design or that she stays fit by running and boxing -- but you may not know everything about this hottie. In fact, you probably haven’t seen the hottest photos out there of this beauty, but we're going to change all that, so just stay tuned.

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15 Meet the Bombshell

This photo was an Instagram post that was all about Meeting the Bombshells of the Victoria Secret Angel Fashion Show. We can see how she became one of the Angels; her body is the envy of women all over the world, and she probably has a million men crushing over her. It’s pretty obvious that this girl does squats, and we love that sexy figure of hers. She's been associated with the fashion line Donna Karan, and although she left her hometown, she still has a sister that worships the ground that she walks on. When it comes to traveling and having time off, she's admitted that her favorite place to travel is Amsterdam. That’s where she wants to be when it comes time for a little rest and relaxation. It’s a gorgeous place to be, so we can see why she has a love for it.

14 Beach Babes

We love girls in bikinis, don’t we? In this photo, we have Strijd posing with a friend, and the two of them together are perfection. It’s not just a day at the beach, however; no, these two gals are doing a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot for their bathing suit line. Although it’s a work day for the girls, they seem to be having a lot of fun while doing it, and why shouldn’t they? Josephine Skriver is her partner in crime, and the bikinis are going to be flying off the shelves after this shoot. She's a big fan of the French; in fact, she buys a lot of their beauty products. She spares no expense when it comes to her beauty regime, and we can understand why! “Yes, I love the French. When I go to Paris, I have to buy everything!”

13 Those Lips

Between her pouty lips and her pale blue eyes, looking at her can be a little overwhelming. It’s crazy to think that there are women out there who are this gorgeous, and it’s all natural. I love her features because they're exaggerated and wonderful. Who doesn’t love a blonde with seductive lips? You would be hard-pressed to find a guy that didn’t. In 2016, she became the face of Victoria’s Secret fragrance XO and went on to book some serious commercials after that. She proved to the world that she could master a commercial just as easily as she does her print work. She has what many in the industry have called “that effortlessly gorgeous unicorn quality,” and we can’t help but agree. The thing that makes Strijd so awesome is that before modeling, she aspired to be a cleaning lady because she enjoyed helping her mother out.

12 A Day at the Beach

There she is posing in a fun and seductive way, but she looks like she's having the time of her life. We love these candid photos where the person, or in this case, the model, just looks like she's completely loving life. She's baring her midriff here, and we're loving every minute of it. Her outfit is all about a casual day walking on the beach, but she's never looked more beautiful. Strijd has a great tip for putting on cologne or perfume: she always sprays it on her wrists or her neck. You may not be aware, but those are considered to be warm spots on the body and will instantly activate the scent. She'll also apply it behind her ears because she believes that it lasts there the longest. We all love a sexy scent.

11 Being an Angel

As you can see with this photo, Victoria’s Secret made a wonderful choice when it came to choosing Strijd to be an Angel. Look at how long those legs are! They seemingly go on forever; we just love it! This was one of the times that she was part of the annual Victoria Secret Angel Fashion Show, and as you can see here, she was quite the success. When it was announced that she would be a VS model, she was deeply excited. “I was super honored, and it’s my first solo campaign. It’s definitely a big highlight in my career. I always watched VS shows when I was younger. I loved shooting a commercial. And I love beauty and perfume, so the combination of this was super nice.” (Pop Sugar) She's certainly made an impression on the industry as a whole.

10 She Looks Good In Lace

This photo proves that Strijd was meant to be a model. She's posing in Victoria’s Secret lingerie and looking every bit the part of a famous supermodel. Her body is incredible, and it’s like she can do the job without even trying. The color teal really makes her eyes pop, and her skin is practically glowing. So, what would have happened to Strijd had she not become a model? She has some definite thoughts on that. Though it’s unlikely she would have been a cleaning lady, she does have some passion for interior design. “I really love interior design. I didn’t have the time to really decorate my own apartment, but if I ever buy a nice house here or in Holland, I would really love to design it super nice.” It’s always good to have a backup plan, but we doubt that she’ll ever need it.

9 Enjoying the High Life

Yes, she may just be sitting there enjoying a smoothie, but she’s as polished and perfect as she’s ever been. We get to gaze at those long legs that really make a supermodel's career. Her outfit is simple yet sexy and that gaze is telling a story all its own. We can’t help but love Strijd even when she’s having a casual day. We always wonder where these exotic-looking women come from, and Strijd hails from the Netherland -- Zoetermeer, to be exact. She’s a stunner; there's no doubt about that, and who doesn’t love a blonde? Many people mispronounce this beauty’s name, and we can understand why! If you're lucky enough to meet her in person, you would want to make the best first impression. The proper pronunciation of her name is Ro-may Sri-dge. There’s your first 101 lesson on what you need to know before you meet a supermodel.

8 The Snapchat Life

If you're following any models on Snapchat, you probably wonder how they look so flawless 100% of the time. Yeah, sure, they wear makeup, but in some cases, they don’t, and you really get to see why they make the big bucks that they do. In this photo, you can see how gorgeous and flawless her skin is without any makeup. This girl is a true goddess. She's dressed casually as she awaits a workday on the VS set. Her modeling career began in 2011 when she signed on with DNA Model Management in New York City. She then went on to work with companies such as Yves Saint Laurent, Marchesa fashion, and, of course, Victoria’s Secret. She's been a cover model for the following magazines: Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Vogue UK. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing girl!

7 Toned and Tanned

She might be on vacation, or she might be in the middle of a shoot, but either way, this beauty looks gorgeous. She looks tanned and relaxed as she poses for this selfie. She has a red dress that looks fantastic with her blonde hair and that mega-watt smile. She's toned and looking her best as she poses -- a stunning girl who, no doubt, is going to go far in her career. She's becoming quite popular in the modeling world, as she's one of the most sought-after models of the Victoria Secret Angel Fashion Show. The Dutch model has been booking gigs ever since she came on the scene, and it’s not surprising at all. Considering she's a sought-after model, it’s not surprising to hear that she has over 3.2 million Instagram followers. People just can’t get enough of this VS model.

6 Enjoy the Smile

We can’t say enough good things about this photo. Strijd is casually dressed and sitting in a car, but she's stunning while doing so. We love this girl because whether she's all dolled up or just in jeans and a t-shirt, she's something to behold. We can’t get over that insanely beautiful mega-watt smile that she has; it practically lights up the room. We're all enjoying summertime right now, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Springtime is Strijd's favorite season. She longs for the warmer seasons. “I really like to go outside and go for a walk. Or have a nice lunch outside on a terrace. I can’t wait for Spring to do that again.” We all feel that way as we go through the winter months waiting for the warm weather to come back around again.

5 Maxed Out Seductiveness

We don’t even need to see this model’s body to be completely wowed by her. Her features are exquisite, and this photo proves that she can be playful as well as seductive. Laying there in a modeling pose, she's drawing us in with a warmth that causes the whole photo to heat up. Her skin looks absolutely perfect in this photo, and we have to wonder what she does to create such a canvas. “The most important thing is to not use different makeup removers. My skin is sensitive when it comes to oil. Makeup removers have a lot of stuff in them. So, I try to take mine off with hot water, and then put hydration cream on — especially during these cold days. It’s really important to hydrate your skin.” (Pop Sugar) When it comes to being a model, it’s very important to make sure that you're taking care of your skin.

4 Casual Day

No matter what this girl does, she’s stunning. It’s just a casual Sunday with her laying around the house, but this beautiful model looks incredible. Just relaxing in a bodysuit while sipping a cup of tea, this girl looks amazing in every way. We envy her perfection even on a Sunday morning. When it comes to work, she really doesn’t think of it that way. She just loves to connect with all her model friends when they're doing VS beach shoots. “It was so much fun, and it’s so nice to see the girls over there. We start super early but finish in the afternoon. Because we have all such nice connections and we’re all friends, we hang out and do dinner.” What a life, right? A day working on the beach followed by a dinner with friends. Who wouldn’t love that life? Talk about fun!

3 Lady in Red

Strijd’s signature color is definitely red, and we can see why. Red just makes her skin pop off her skin, and it looks amazing with her blonde hair. It’s just a slip of a dress that shows off some toned shoulders and great cleavage. It’s a dress that would be remembered all night long. When it comes to inspiration in the industry, Strijd has people that she looks up to in her own modeling career. “I find it very interesting that Gigi [Hadid] is like an example of how to do great commercials as well as high fashion. And she is using her social media so well. She’s got like a beauty contract, so I think the combination of what she is doing now is really great.” It’s always good to have something to aspire for in your career because it keeps you motivated.

2 Flex Off

You need to be in shape if you hope to be a Victoria’s Secret model and Strijd definitely has the right idea. Even fully clothed, she's one of the sexiest women alive. We love this look because it’s fun and playful. She's about to get her workout on, and she's posing for the camera. She's kissing us while flexing, and we're loving every minute of it. When she was first approached to be a model, she was thirteen years old, and she was too scared to do it. “It’s a really typical story. I was shopping with my mom in Amsterdam, and they asked me if I wanted to be a model. At first, I was like, 'No!' I was scared and shocked that they asked me. But then a year later, I was like, 'Mom, I wanna be a model!'”

1 A Star in the Making

In this photo, Strijd looks every bit the star that she is. Waiting on set for a Victoria’s Secret shoot, she looks polished and poised. The lighting in this photo is amazing, and it showcases the glow of her skin and makes the scene almost magical. And isn’t that all part of the allure of being a star? When it comes to keeping that body perfect, she enjoys mixing things up. She loves to box, dance, and even do yoga. She's always traveling, so she's most often found in a hotel gym, where she likes to mix it up. “One day, I will do a group class with my friends. Another day, I’ll go with my trainer [Michael Olajide Jr.], then another day, I’ll work out by myself.” This is all part of the allure that is Romee Strijd.

Source: popsugar.com

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