15 Photos That Prove Penelope Cruz Is Hotter Than Ever

Penelope Cruz is, and always will be, one of the hottest actresses to have ever lived. When people imagine a Spanish goddess in their mind, an image of Penelope Cruz pops up. She is completely flawless. From her beautiful brunette hair all the way down to her toes, she's a real sight to behold. Her eyes tell a story of enticement and seduction, and always seem to glow like the eyes of a cat. Her lips are plump and sumptuous, and hearing words flow from them is a real pleasure. And don't even get me started on her body. Her amazing breasts are the perfect size, a good handful, and they are incredibly perky. And the rest of her body is as curvy as it is tight.

But the best thing about Penelope Cruz is that she shows no signs of slowing down in terms of her amazing good looks. You would never guess she is as old as she is, with her body staying as tight as that of a teenager. How is it even possible? Is she some kind of superwoman? It seems that way, as she has no right to be as hot as she is given how many years she's been on the Earth. But, regardless of how she manages it, her sexiness is still getting her parts in all kinds of Hollywood films.

And she's not just a pretty face. She's also an amazing actress. She has to be, considering she's had some major roles in huge films such as Vanilla Sky and Zoolander 2. Although she is admittedly most suited to the love interest and sex kitten types of roles, she does have some real acting chops. Pictures of her today look as hot as ever. We've collected the best of the best from within the last few years, just for your viewing pleasure.


15 Spanish Goddess

She is proof of why Spanish women are so hot. She was born in Spain, and if you've ever been to the country, you know that the nation is a breeding ground for incredibly hot women. They're everywhere. And the best part is, they all look pretty similar to Penelope Cruz. While they might come close to her hotness, none quite compare to the sheer sexiness of the star actress. She is also a true rags to riches story, born in the working class town of Alcobendas, Madrid, to ordinary parents. Her father was a barber. Maybe that is why she's so hot - because she knows she comes from nothing and she'll do whatever it takes to make it in show business. She knows she has an amazing amount of sex appeal, and she has no problem with selling that image to her own benefit. That's how stars are born.

14 Youthful Good Looks


Penelope Cruz has been acting and wowing audiences since she was just a girl. She was first signed by an agent at the tender age of 15, and made her television debut a year afterwards. She then made her film debut a year after that, at the age of 17, in the film Jamon, Jamon. Critics and the public were singing her praises then, and ever since they never seemed to stop. Maybe it's because she somehow retained so much of that youthful vigor. Part of her still carries the vibe of a young, lustful 17-year-old. You can see it in her eyes, her skin, and most of all her body. She has this naughty coyness about her that is sexy, youthful, and knowing all at the same time. This picture shows why she'll always be that young girl that amazed her audiences so much.

13 Hot Model

With looks like these, it comes as no surprise that Penelope Cruz also has a very successful career as a model. She's modeled for pretty much every big name under the sun, from  Mango and Ralph Lauren to L'Oréal. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why these big names want her as the face of their company. They're basically saying that Penelope Cruz is as beautiful as she is because she uses their products. But this is pretty far from the truth. The honest to god truth is that beauty like that bestowed upon Penelope Cruz is something you're born with. No amount of makeup, jewelry, or shampoo is going to make you look as good as her. But the corporations are very good at fooling people, and in the end, a pretty face doesn't hurt when it comes to marketing your brand.

12 Pirate Babe


One thing has to be said about Penelope Cruz: she has amazing range as an actor. She has played many different roles in her long career. These roles range from the shy type to the sexy seductress and everything in between. But one of her most amazing roles was in the early 2010s, when she took the role of a pirate in Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. In this film, she played a hot pirate girl and love interest for Captain Jack Sparrow, and she absolutely owned the part. I don't know who it was that made the choice to cast her as a pirate, but whoever it was, they deserve a medal. Her foreign accent and her charming good looks are only part of the equation. She can also be quite strong and fierce when she wants to be.

11 Cover Girl

Penelope Cruz isn't showing any signs of slowing down. It's hard to tell when an actress is reaching the end of her career. There are a few key signs though. First of all, the media stops talking about her. This is not true with Penelope Cruz, as the news is still buzzing with new about the latest rumors concerning her. She was actually just cast in the role of Donatella Versace in the upcoming season of American Crime Story. Another sign of an actress reaching her last legs is that she stops being cast in movies. Again, this is clearly not the case with Penelope Cruz, as she continues to be cast in all sorts of roles in huge Blockbuster Hollywood films. Finally, actresses whose careers are about to end stop appearing on magazine covers. Yet again, this just isn't the case with Penelope Cruz, as the picture above proves. This is from a 2016 edition of Vogue magazine in Spain, and she looks as hot as ever.

10 Hot Mama


Penelope Cruz is a hot mama in more ways than one. Many times, calling someone a hot mama is just another way of saying she's hot. But in this case, Penelope Cruz is actually a mom in real life, making her a genuine "MILF." And the fact that she's been knocked up a few times does nothing to either slow her down, or take a toll on her body. She looks just as hot as she was before she had kids, which is a rare feat among women. In fact, when she was shooting Pirates Of The Caribbean, she actually found out she was pregnant. The costume designers merely made her costume more elastic and had her sister do the more risky scenes. This mom does not let anyone get in the way of her career. Obviously, she's a pro at working out and making sure that she stays in top shape after she has a child.

9 Multi-Talented Woman

A sign of a really good actress is being able to diversify. Penelope Cruz has shown this again and again, ever since she was a young professional. First of all, we've already mentioned that she's been a successful model since pretty much day one. But Penelope Cruz wasn't just satisfied with that. Oh no. She actually started to do all kinds of television commercials throughout her years as well. They were all incredibly sexy, but one of her most memorable was the commercial she did for Nintendo in 2012. In the commercial, she dressed up like a sexy Mario, and promoted the upcoming game, New Super Mario Bros. 2. This is an actress who really keeps in touch with the young crowd, even though she's getting a bit older. This makes her so much more hot.


8 Seductress


Penelope Cruz has never been afraid to get down and dirty when it comes to films. She's done more nude and sex scenes that pretty much every other actress out there, and she's gained quite a reputation for it. She's also created a strong male fan base as a result of her willingness to bare it all on the big screen. And every single time, it's been hot as hell. Honestly, I don't even see a time when it won't be hot to see Penelope Cruz undress in a movie. This was made all the more evident with her role in the recent Woody Allen film, From Rome With Love. In this film, she plays a streetwise prostitute, and it's every bit as sexy as it sounds. There is an amazing sex scene, and of course Penelope Cruz loved working with Woody Allen. I'm sure he quite enjoyed it as well. I know I would.

7 She's Still Got It

Just when you think she's finished, Penelope Cruz shows up again, ready to stun the crowd. That's what people were thinking when Penelope Cruz showed up at the Goya Awards in Spain earlier this year dressed in Versace and looking very chic. She's no stranger to the Goya awards, having been nominated 8 times for the Spanish award, but whether she wins or not, she always shows up and totally steals the show. It was no different in 2017, when she looked absolutely delicious. Penelope Cruz once again showed her impressive range as she looks very classy, and yet retains the sexiness we all know and love so much. To me, she looks like a Spanish version of Marilyn Monroe, and that is just sexy as hell.

6 Golden Globes


One thing about Penelope Cruz is that she has some of the most amazing cleavage you will ever see. And the best part is, she's totally not shy about showing it off. And why would she be? It's one of the best parts of her body, she has every right to display it to the world. Penelope Cruz is a strong, fearless woman who is totally comfortable in her own skin. It makes sense that she would want to wear sexy clothes if she enjoys them. One of the most common places for her to show off her amazing cleavage is at red carpet events. Basically every dress she's ever worn to the red carpet does a great job at showing off her amazing boobs, it also does a great job at ensuring the paparazzi go wild and fight to snap pictures of her. Her love for cleavage-baring dresses has not faded in 2017.

5 Pirelli Calendar 

One of the best moments of 2017 so far was the release of the Pirelli calendar. This was a calendar full of famous actresses in sexy yet tasteful shots. Penelope Cruz made the list of actresses chosen for this smoking hot calendar, and she joined the ranks of women such as Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman. But I think it's safe to say that she blows every other actress out of the water when it comes to hotness. There is just no comparison to her. The calendar shots were taken by famed photographer Peter Lindbergh. His plan was to shoot these women in their natural form, and leave the images as they were without retouching them in any way. The fact that Penelope Cruz still manages to look incredibly sexy, even in her most natural form, is very impressive indeed. People loved this calendar because it looked so unscripted.

4 Zoolander 2


One of Penelope Cruz's biggest roles was in Zoolander 2. She played a very sexy supermodel whose defining features were her massive boobs. Basically, it was the perfect role for her. And let's be clear - she looked hot as hell in this movie. She was wearing a skin tight latex body suit for most of the movie that hugged every inch of her body. Her every curve was on display, and she really added some serious kick to this otherwise lackluster film. It was almost as if the producers knew something was missing from the film, and so they said to themselves, "Let's throw in a super hot actress with great boobs." And you know what? It almost made the movie worth watching. Almost. There were so many scenes where her body was the main focus, and she achieved this by zipping her front down to show off dangerous amounts of cleavage. This just goes to show, Penelope Cruz is hotter than ever.

3 Sexiest Woman Alive

You really can't argue with the statistics. Time and time again, Penelope Cruz has been referred to as the sexiest woman alive, and it's no secret that women everywhere would kill to have her body. Indeed, The Telegraph revealed that when women get plastic surgery, the most common thing they tell their surgeons is that they want a body like Penelope Cruz. Esquire magazine named her the sexiest woman alive in 2014. That's just three years ago, and it reveals that Penelope Cruz still has that special something that makes men go crazy. She's getting older, but she's not getting any less sexy, as the magazines will tell you. If that wasn't enough to convince you, Men's Health ranked her at number 32 in their list of "100 Hottest Women Of All-Time." She really shows no signs of slowing down, and people are still putting her all over their magazines. This must be a sign that she's hotter than ever.

2 Zoolander 2: Part Two


Okay, I just had to return to the world of Zoolander 2 for this special moment. Yes, Penelope Cruz is completely topless, and yes, she is using Ben Stiller's hands as a makeshift bra. Believe it or not, this is actually one of Penelope Cruz's tamer nude scenes. You can really get a sense of how awesome it must be to grab Penelope Cruz's boobs by looking at this picture. It's easy to see how the plump flesh of her amazing breasts is rippling and getting squashed under Ben Stiller's hands. Sure, we're living vicariously through Ben Stiller here. But that doesn't make it any less awesome. Although Penelope Cruz was a high point in this movie, Zoolander 2 was hated by critics. They pointed out that it had "more cameos than laughs," and they were probably right.

1 The Counselor

What could be better than a half naked Penelope Cruz? How about adding a half-naked Cameron Diaz into the mix, just for good measure? That was Ridley Scott's logic when he made The Counselor in 2013. The movie centers around a lawyer who gets caught up with the Mexican cartels. Penelope Cruz plays his hot, innocent daughter. Things get crazy, and Penelope Cruz gets dragged along for the ride. But who really cares about the story? The main thing is that Penelope spends the entire movie in various states of undress. And that's what counts. But obviously the critics didn't share this point of view, because the film didn't do too well. But it did alright in the box office, probably because of the sheer fact that Penelope Cruz was in it, and showed off her usual sexy self.

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