15 Photos That Prove Neve Campbell Is Seriously Underrated

Ladies and gentleman...Neve Campbell!

Ok, cards on the table here: if one is reading this and is under twenty-five, has never seen Scream (the movie series, not the television series), nor House of Cards, then one is not likely to know just who Neve Campbell is. If nothing else, this only goes to show the need for an article based on proving her underrated-ness.

Having been working consistently since the outset of the nineties, Campbell has been in some great hit movies and television shows; has made near one hundred television appearances for interviews and talk shows, and is a very accomplished dancer in addition to her acting career.

Below are fifteen photos that may not introduce one to the breadth of Neve Campbell's talent, but certainly to her beauty, her quality, and her enjoyment of life. At worst, these fifteen photos will prove at least how underrated Campbell is as a hot celebrity. At best, these photos will prove the latter, as well as encourage readers to look up some of her iconic films, shows, dances, and photo shoots. Ladies and gentleman...Neve Campbell!

15 Those Eyes...

Besides just how well the red of her outfit and her lipstick help to frame her face, and bring focus not only to those luscious lips, but also the expanse of white above them: this photo really puts those eyes on display. Sure, the slight parting of her lips might betray the hint of some sexual deviance, but the eyes don't lie. And what do they say? They say honesty, urgency, intelligence, and passion. As an opening foray into the beautiful world of Neve Campbell, one really must begin with the doorways to the soul...and her doorways come in the form of two deep, glistening doe eyes that are by no means caught in the headlights. They are savvy. And beyond those deep eyes, Neve's porcelain skin leaves little more to be desired. So clear, with a hint of freckle across the nose, and upper cheeks, there is a sweetness there set against the darkness of her hair and eyes, and the sexuality of her red outfit and lips.

14 Bath Time!

Well now, the featured image of this video might just be enough to convince someone that this is a movie to watch, and that Neve Campbell is pretty hot. In addition, the scene itself is surprisingly suggestive and steamingly sexual. The clip is from the 1999 film Three To Tango and stars (obviously) Neve Campbell, as well as Matthew Perry (of Friends fame).

The premise of the film is that a wealthy businessman believes Perry's character to be gay, and employs him to keep an eye on his girl (Campbell), while he is away. However, it turns out that he is not gay, and he begins to fall in love with the boss man's sweetheart. One could spoil the ending, but then that would keep Neve underrated and underappreciated. One would rather mention her talk of girl-on-girl action in this above scene, and coax readers to go out and watch this hilariously sexy film (sexy only because of Neve Campbell, one must add).

13 Who? Me?

The overwhelmingly attractive quality of Neve Campbell's innocence should be more than enough to prove just how underrated she is. It also actually goes to show, in part, just why she is so underrated. Campbell does not crave attention in a glamourous way. Instead, her very real quality allows both men and women to connect with her in a variety of ways: be they sexual, intellectual, or emotional. Sure, she's wearing a bit of crushed velvet here, and that may not be as relatable to some, but the way she looks into the camera, even in such a fanciful outfit does humanize her much more than the average Hollywood starlet. Beyond that, her hair is not particularly done up, nor is her makeup painted on in heavy coats. On the contrary, the work done here is rather minuscule, and Campbell's ability to achieve this puts her miles ahead than those who command attention by way of flash and face paint. Those eyes and those parted lips...a constant in the photo history of Neve Campbell, but a constant one should not wish to do without.

12 Lady In Red

Red sets of the sweet skin of Campbell in a ridiculously attractive way. Adding the slightly enhanced red lips, the three pieces of crimson really do accentuate the quality of Campbell's paled complexion, and also helps to bring focus to the darkness of her hair and eyes. This leads one not to only examine Campbell's body (sweet, and sexy as it is), but also to examine her face; to be brought back to those deep eyes that one could see the weight of the world in...but that weight is carried nobly, though with a hint of anxious and sexual desire. All of this may read like a letter to Penthouse Forum, and may seem like simple pandering for readers to engage with yet another attractive celebrity online, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And if anyone beholds the words of this article to be true, then one has found some degree of beauty. And what is so wrong with a beauty that is strong and sexual at the same time? All the more reason to see more of Neve Campbell, and not let her fade into obscurity.

11 Wild Things

If one thought that last blurb was any sort of pandering, then they would be wrong. That's what this photo is for. For those readers too young to have ever watched the 1998 film Wild Things with Kevin Bacon, Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, and Denise Richards, perhaps the time has come. If nothing else, this photo does just prove that Neve is by no means afraid to get wet and wild with another actor to make a hit film...and to get audiences going in more ways than one. This whodunit-thriller of a movie, full of accusation, manipulation, murder, and sex, really explored Campbell's acting chops (and no, not just because of the scene wherein she nakedly embraces Denise Richards). Playing against type, she was hilariously villainous, and it made for a very engaging film (especially for those used to seeing her on Party of Five).

10 Little Girl Blue

It's amazing how not even just red sets off her physique, but a complete switch to blue works just as well. How incredibly versatile. And both say something completely different. While the red suggests a deeper sexual urge, and desire, alongside the simmering anxiety...the blue is indicative of something well opposed. Sure, there is still sex appeal, but it is more timid, innocent, and maybe even a bit naive. To have the breadth of ability to model both fiery sexuality, and reserved timidity is a gift certainly not all actors have. This sort of blue could lead someone into expecting a cold expression to match, but Neve melts that frigidity away with an honesty, and naivety that really sets her aside from others. Again, so concerned with the spotlight are the Paltrows, Kardashians, McCarthys, and Gagas of the world that it's no wonder Campbell has slipped through the cracks for so many, but the subtlety of her ability gives her far more staying power than the aforementioned, and that is a reason to rid her of her underrated status.

9 Just A Day At The Office...

If only a day in an office was this exciting. People might actually enjoy their nine-to-five jobs. Apart from racy, trashy, and reserved, Neve can also pull off an interesting amount of sexual sophistication.Taking the power from the male stereotype of the tie undone, and the shirt unbuttoned, Campbell gives one the feeling that she's the bread winner, as well as the beauty of the household. There's no escaping the overwhelming amount of sexuality that exudes from this photo: from not just pose, but also facial expression. It's true that she's slightly more made up in this one, but when one is working at the office, one must dress to impress...or undress in the case of this photo.

What's interesting about this shot is that she still appears completely in control. Easily construed as the victim in a shot like this (especially given her history of playing the victim in films like Scream), she finds a power in the seemingly submissive manner of the photo. Much like in Scream, Campbell harnesses a surprising amount of power and determination for herself and others. If this article does anything, one can hope that it drives people to give Neve Campbell a second, and third least.

8 Tantalizing Tango

I know what some readers are thinking, and no, this is not the same Reefer Madness that has become a cult classic film. This is slightly different. But all the same, even just this brief clip is more enjoyable than the old film. True, this article did say fifteen photos, but this was too good to pass up by way of proving how underrated Neve truly is. The tango is one of the sexiest dances in the world (even more so than practically f*cking on the dance floor of a club). And it must be said that Neve, along with all of her character (both the sweet and demure, as well as the fiery and frisky) bursts out into a wonderful dance sequence here that may not show off a lot of skin, but it surely shows a lot of her body, and just what it can do. Just the featured still of this video should be enough to impress (even if only for purposes of sexual fantasy). If one finds this video in anyway unattractive (and this goes for men and women alike), then one is either asexual, morally opposed to dancing, or simply just no fun...and that's just sad.

7 Born To Dance

The above clip might be enough to get people interested in Neve Campbell's dance career, and indeed it was cut too short. She does still work as a wonderful dancer, but a full time career in it was out of the question after a series of injuries. She did join the National Ballet School in her home country of Canada, and has done many stage performances, as well as television and film performances as well.

To her, "dancing is a form of meditation, [and] what you get is these wonderful moments on stage in front of the audience." Deeply complex in her ability to be in touch with her body, and her emotions through dance, Neve has a sensitivity that not many actors seem to possess. And her wish to stay out of the public eye seems to make it more important that her career be significant to others. She's willing to live her life, and not give a toss about being the star. "Well, I'm not desperate to do a TV series or be in the public eye...I know it would get my audience numbers up but it's not what I'm chasing after." This author is not suggesting everyone rush out to meet her, but her career and her grounding in reality should be admired and appreciated.

6 Just A Small Town Girl

Alright, to be fair, Neve's hometown of Guelph, Ontario is by no means the smallest town in the province (this author coming from a town of fewer than 5,000 residents), but it does only sit at about 100,000. It certainly pales in comparison to Toronto. That being said, she's not afraid to be the small town girl. Again, with hardly any work, a simplicity in both framing and outfit, Neve is able to capture that girl-next-door vibe that is so appealing to so many.

It is also the more understated and underrated of roles (the other being the buxom blonde, or head of the cheerleaders, or whatever). But she is just content to let the sun be at her back, pose for a couple of simple shots, and not mind that they're not as revealing or as sexually charged as so many others (or indeed like several of her own shoots). Campbell's ability to give this sort of diversity in photo ops; being open to being so vulnerable, or laid back, or chill, really does open her up to being that idyllic, shining star that people should yearn for.

5 The Lover Of Life

To see the smile on her face, even while she puts her body through hell in such a pose, one can see (however small the smile is in this photo) just how joyful dancing makes this wonderful woman. Even in the extension and expression in the way she directs her energy in this photo...she is quite the jovial spirit.

In addition to the meditation she finds through her dance, Neve also had this to say about her love of the art: "To be with your body and to just focus on your body for hours every day; I gave it everything. Oh gosh, it's so painful. You're in pain every day. But what you get is these wonderful moments on stage in front of the audience." Many say they must suffer for their art, and many more say that life is pain...but Neve Campbell takes that pain and turns it into a meditation, translating into a flood of happiness that she gets to enjoy whether on her own in a studio, or along with a massive audience, while she floats across a stage.

4 Not Afraid To Be Afraid

One of the most iconic leading ladies of 90s horror, Neve Campbell is not afraid to find the many facets of fear. Again, her emotional vulnerability, mixed with her incredible strength of character and bravery, allows her to find ways into roles that people might simply pass off. She manages to be a real woman, in a fantastical situation...and what's more? It works. Understanding just how easily it is to butcher a horror film with a vapid wash of throat-tearing fright, Campbell shares that "The challenge is that Sidney has to be scared the whole time, so it becomes about finding different levels of fear so she's not just whiny." And by no means is she. If one has already seen any part of the

If one has already seen any part of the Scream franchise, one will know that at moments she may seem ready to wretch, while at others, she fights for her life, and still others, she makes a break for help. There is a great breadth of ability when it comes to Neve playing fear, and it may seem counter-intuitive, but it comes from her strength. It's not easy to play ten types of fear in one film (or even several in one scene), but this underrated actor, who never wanted to be an actor in the first place, really shows up a great many starlets.

3 Who Could Say No To That Smile?

Even with hair tied back and not looking to show off her body in one sexually inviting pose or another, Neve Campbell is still a beautiful woman. Her wonderful eyes gleaming, and those lips parted now in the sweetest of smiles, showing off those pearly whites, Neve is just that girl who is what she is. There are no illusions with the way in which she portrays herself. Caring only about the truth in things, and about living her life (devoid of living it for this studio or that), Campbell has managed to continue working under the radar in an industry that is predicated on the exploitation of its workers.

Being able to forge her own path, without being pigeonholed into a specific mould, is incredibly inspiring and attractive. That sort of quality is largely lost on this 15-minute-of-fame culture in which we all live today. Discussing her work in Scream, Neve had this to say: "I play the straight and narrow and let everyone else spin around me." That sort of quality is exactly what she brings to the table from her own life. She is focused and works toward what she wants, while the world keeps on turning around her. She knows she's just one of seven billion, and she knows that stardom isn't the key to unlocking joy in one's brief life.

2 Dirty Pool

Ok, so she might be a bit of a trashy character in the film Wild Things, but here is the only shot on this list where Campbell actually looks somewhat haggard...that being said, it could very well be that she just finished having a different sort of game on the pool table. Imagine watching her lean over to take a shot in a game of pool, in that outfit. Then imagine what would very well immediately ensue. There would be a different kind of score, no doubt. Hence the haggard hair, surely. What is the best part of this series of photos, though (yes, there are more)? It's the fact that Campbell plays pool, of course. Imagine how awesome it would be to hang out with Neve Campbell, shoot some pool, then go dancing...Dream girl, right there.

1 Dressed To Thrill And Pretty In Pink

The wonderfully beautiful Neve Campbell is sweet, charming, talented, and well-dressed (whether she's wearing near nothing, lingerie, formal wear, casual attire, or even dance outfits like this one above). Point shoes at the ready and taking a break under the bar, Campbell could dance beautiful circles around anyone with grace, gravity, and gratuitously sexual drive.

Surely this article has proven that Neve Campbell is certainly underrated and perhaps surprisingly talented. From hit television comedies, to hit horrors, hit rom-coms, hit thrillers, and hit dance performances, this intelligent and incredibly humble artist is perhaps one of the most relatable and reliable of artists out there. Not afraid to tell it like it is, or work hard for what she wants, Campbell would rather live her life in relative obscurity, doing what she loves, than be a huge, Hollywood starlet, constantly in the eye of the public, and never able to harbour a moment for herself. Who could not fall in love with such a real-world woman?


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15 Photos That Prove Neve Campbell Is Seriously Underrated