15 Photos That Prove Madelaine Petsch Is The Most Attractive Riverdale Babe

Hollywood has a plethora of gorgeous female celebrities and it’s always hard to decide which ones are the most beautiful. But when it comes to redheaded female celebrities, of which there’s an obvious shortage in the industry, ranking them may be easier as they are fewer in number. We’re not here to rank all of them though, but instead, to crown the steamiest redhead celeb in the industry right now: Madelaine Petsch.

Madelaine Petsch's main claim to fame is co-starring in The CW's Riverdale (a darker, more CW-ey take of the characters from Archie Comics) as redhead bombshell Cheryl Blossom, the fourth wheel in the love quadrangle (or perhaps an outright four-wheeled lovemobile) between Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper.

Born in Washington on August 18, 1994, Madelaine developed a passion for dancing at the early age of three (or around 1997). She attended dance classes at first, and theater classes soon followed in 1999 when she was 5-years-old. Like with Mean Girls protagonist Cady Heron (as portrayed by Lindsay Lohan), her parents are also from Africa (to be more specific, South Africa). She's a pull-herself-by-her-bootstraps kind of girl who, like Cheryl Blossom, also has one brother.

This feisty redheaded millennial defies this generation's stereotypes or tropes of being an entitled spoiled brat by ironically portraying a character who's exactly that. In a meta sort of way, she's able to showcase the millennial generation's ability to adapt to modern technology by parodying how the baby boomers view millennials in the form of the demanding Cheryl. Here are 15 photos of the gorgeous Madelaine Petsch, who is definitely the hottest girl on Riverdale.

15 She Looks Sublime

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Madelaine's pouty pink lips that match her red fiery head and black strapped dress all collectively epitomize the word "sublime.” What does that mean though? "Sublime" as defined by Dictionary.com as an adjective means "of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe." Madelaine is all that and more for sure. Her sublimity comes from the way she presents herself. Unlike her comic book counterpart, she's quite engaging and bubbly to talk to, especially in interviews. She also presents herself without pretension, so in many ways her "real" self is more Betty-like than Cheryl-like, or even Veronica-like. The funny thing about that is the fact that she initially auditioned for the role of Betty Cooper. Now you're probably imagining what she looks like as a tomboyish girl-next-door blonde, right? Well, she's actually friends and former roommates with co-star Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty on Riverdale. At any rate, Madelaine has such sublime red hair it seems like she was born to play Cheryl all along.

14 Best Jessica Rabbit Anyone Could Ask For

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Jessica Rabbit is the bombshell wife of Roger Rabbit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit fame, which was a landmark film that brought the technique of combining live-action footage with animation into new amazing heights. Also, Jessica is the quintessential independent woman of the 1940s. She's cut from the same cloth as many a femme fatale in the 1940s like Brigid O'Shaughnessy from The Maltese Falcon, Kathie Moffat from Out of the Past or Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct. It's therefore quite the appropriate choice for dress-up for someone like Madelaine. She is, after all, someone who got bit by the acting bug early on, even before Riverdale came along. Her first landmark films are the sci-fi thriller The Hive in 2014 and fantasy horror film The Curse of the Sleeping Beauty in 2016. Of course she'd love complex redheaded characters like Jessica Rabbit (who's not bad, but only drawn that way) and Cheryl Blossom.

13 Has A More Flexible Body Than Most Celebs

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This art school hottie (she attended the Tacoma School of Arts before trying her luck in Los Angeles right after graduation) has amazing flexibility as well, as this photo shows. "Just imagine the possibilities," as many a hot-blooded male would say. A certain plot twist in Riverdale has come to pass involving a famous musician from Archie Comics and Cheryl. This shows to many a viewer that this iteration of Cheryl is more than just an eye-candy bombshell cheerleader. She's also an unabashed queen of the show who engages in Sydney-like shenanigans. For those millennials who aren't in the know, we're talking about Sydney Andrews (no relation to Archie Andrews) of Melrose Place fame. Like Sydney, Madelaine portrays her version of Cheryl as conniving and in control of everything, including her body. She's more Regina George of Mean Girls fame than Karen Smith.

12 Looks Good From The Side And The Back

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This hot celeb has got some buns, hun! In light of the present standards of beauty wherein girls are expected to have "junk in the trunk" (pardon the lewd language), the former competitive dancer is able to conform to these standards by being physically fit and active. She knows how to take care of herself and her body, particularly when it comes to doing those crunches to keep her hourglass figure as curvy as possible and lunges or squats to give her a shapely feminine behins that drives many a man absolutely wild. The actress portraying the fave bad girl of Riverdale was a competitive dancer for more than a decade and a half before she tried her luck in Los Angeles and took up all those odd jobs. She really was born to play Cheryl Blossom, from her fiery red hair to her ability to dance like a real cheerleader.

11 She Rocks Whatever Hairstyle She Has

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She looks great with straight hair. She looks great with 1950s curls. She looks great with almost any of the latest hairstyles of the present youth generation, which is quite like her comic counterpart. The original Cheryl Blossom, like the rest of the Archie Comics cast, had to change hairstyles through the years as Archie Comics adapted to the teenage culture of every new generation. With hair that red and straight, she'd totally rock the part of Jean Grey if ever Marvel and 20th Century Fox (or Disney, in light of the recent acquisition) decided to do another reboot of the franchise. Or she could go 1980s hairspray crazy on her hair if she wanted to look more like the Jean Grey of the comics. She can even pull of the Veronica Lake look, which is, incidentally, the actress that Veronica Lodge's looks are based on. The funny thing here is that the Cheryl Blossom actress was actually intimidated when she first met the Ronnie Lodge actress, Camila Mendes.

10 She Could Pass For An Angel

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As devilish as Madelaine's Cheryl Blossom is, it's important to remember that devils in Christian lore are fallen angels. So it should be no surprise that Riverdale's Queen Bee is quite angelic herself when she smiles. Her character's attraction to both genders is in many ways a reflection of an angel's dual nature. "Shippers" or fans who love coupling together two characters in a show (think Team Jacob and Team Edward of Twilight fame) are particularly all excited with her recent reveal, happy that the show abandoned her Cersei-like vibes with her brother Jason in favor of getting into relationships with other women. This fallen angel or devilish aesthetic is to be expected of the de facto "villain" of the show, like the evil version of the naive rich girl Veronica Lodge. With that said, she's so angelically charming that many Riverdale fans would like more focus on her instead of "Bughead" and "Varchie."

9 She's Never Tiring To Look At

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You're at this point in the list. Are you tired of looking at Madelaine Petsch yet? We aren't. Her ginger hair is our ginger ale, and many other fans of Riverdale or fans of the actress herself would agree. She's a sight for sore eyes, even when she portrays a total tough chick like Cheryl. However, fans assuming Madelaine is a real-life Cheryl are totally wrong. She isn't, judging by what her co-stars, friends, family and many other coworkers have to say about her. She's a total sweetheart, like Betty Cooper from the original Archie Comics. Maddie herself is quick to note that she's only playing a television character — a fascinating one, but also a fictional one nonetheless. Her lines are written for her. When she's off-set, she's your typical weirdo animal lover millennial (every class has at least one).

8 Still Beautiful Without Striking A Pose

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Madelaine looks so much more innocent with lighter makeup compared to her look in the show, with skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood. She has the kind of Hollywood beauty that shines through without striking a pose. She's a natural. This is highly ironic because, as a natural redhead, she was an outcast for the majority of her life. She even acts like a goofball as testament to her outcast past. It's not an act, she really is this goofy. Nonetheless, she has learned many life lessons throughout her journey towards stardom. Even though she has a natural, angelic and innocent look to her, she's wise beyond her years. She has told fans that "it's important to be your own person" and as they grow up, they will quickly discover and appreciate the traits that make them "different.”

7 She Always Looks Fresh And Glowing

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Like a rose (or perhaps a cherry blossom) in the morning with dew on it, Madelaine always looks fresh and glowing. This is especially true when she tones down her Cheryl Blossom makeup and allows her aforementioned sublime beauty to shine through. However, she's more than a pretty face. She's proven time and time again her versatility in acting and in life with her deconstructive roles and rich resume of odd jobs aside from acting. Her fresh and glowing face alone wouldn’t be enough for her to thrive in Tinsel Town. This innocent and bubbly beauty had to reach deep inside her to play Cheryl, a character she loves to portray because of her complexity. As an actress, she views Cheryl as not only her breakout role but also her dream role because Cheryl is so different from her. She loves the many walls and defence mechanisms that this so-called Queen Bee has as well.

6 Exercise Doesn't Want Away From Her Beauty

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As a former competitive dancer, Madelaine is all about physical activity. She's a very physical person, and her gorgeous model-like body and dancer's booty are only parts of a bigger story. She's also vegan, which makes it easier for her to keep herself in shape. Working out is an intrinsic part of Maddie's life. It takes hard work to look like Madelaine, especially with her thin yet shapely body that's thick in all the right places. She looks like the type of girl who jogs around with earphones connected to her smartphone in order to have a soundtrack while she runs. Also, because she's practically been a lifelong dancer, it is second nature for her to move in the rhythm of any beat, especially the beat of her own drum. She leads a healthy lifestyle characterized by hard work for an actress portraying a villain who believes in her own hype.

5 Manages To Look Great In A Hoodie

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She manages to make even a hoodie look alluring, so the sign on the front of the hoodie looks rather redundant or too "on the nose.” A girl in a hoodie in the 2010s is the rough equivalent of a mousy girl with a long plaid skirt and coke-bottle glasses. It has mostly been used as a visual shorthand for the social outcast look. With that said, a beauty like Madelaine has the kind of looks that shine through even in the most confined of spaces, like light seeping through the edges of a container attempting to blot it out. She looks so steaming hot in her hoodie, she makes the "ugly duckling" transformation of Rachel Leigh Cook's Laney Boggs from She's All That look downright subtle. Even the millennial version of the monk cassock or potato sack would look good on her.

4 She Looks Like She Is Fun To Be With

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To recap, "the" Cheryl Blossom was at first really intimidated by "the" Veronica Lodge. Madelaine didn't know what to think when she first came face-to-face with her fellow hottie and rich girl actress, Camila Mendes. However, instead of sparks of rivalry or antagonism between the two natural "predators", the actresses for Cheryl and Veronica instead got along famously. Part of it is because Camila herself is a beautiful, kind and down-to-earth kind of Latina beauty queen of sorts (a benevolent queen). So she's essentially friends with both Betty and Cheryl. It's also because Madelaine herself is a bizarro Cheryl Blossom who's as much of a good girl as Cheryl is bad. While it's hard to judge a girl by her "wacky pose" photographs, she certainly exudes the vibes of a girl who doesn't take herself seriously, which a lot of the time is a great thing.

3  She Literally Wakes Up This Smokin'

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Like many other millennials who don't remember a time when the Internet didn't exist (it’s really hard to imagine now), Maddie is a regular binge-watcher of many series and movies. Her favorites include Christian Bale's American Psycho, Brad Pitt's Fight Club, and American Beauty. She's also a big Rick and Morty fan. With that said, after binge-watching for the whole night and barely getting any sleep, the gorgeous and gifted little dancer from Washington still wakes up as hot as she does in that Instagram picture. No filters, yet she remains this stunning and steamy. There's just something about those kissable lips that make the live-action Cheryl Blossom even more appealing than the cheesecake version of her in the original comics as drawn by Archie Comics maestro Dan DeCarlo. She indeed lives up and exceeds the character of Cheryl by being as complex a character as her in real life.

2 Still Alluring While Reading A Book

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Madelaine has such a great, modern look to her that she can even pull off the sexy bookworm look, or even sexy librarian, or sexy anything. A beautiful girl doing most anything will remain beautiful and will turn that mundane act into something steamy. That's an obvious rule of thumb. She's not just reading for the sake of posing either. She is no poseur or great pretender. She has been a street-smart kind of struggling actress for the longest time that she has held a bunch of different jobs before landing that star-making role. To be more specific, she once worked as staff in a political consulting firm, an attendant at a hookah lounge, a bar as a barista, a hostess and a waitress (of course, since most struggling actors and actresses need to go through this particular job). She is both book smart and street smart, in other words.

1 She's An Animal Lover

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It's fascinating how Riverdale's equivalent of the Evil Queen or Cruella de Vil is an animal lover. She's a lover of little kittens while at the same time sporting the eyes of a cat. She's like a reverse Cruella de Vil, right down to her pun-like name of Madelaine "Pets" Petsch. She might as well be called Madaboutcats Petschlover. She's so much an animal activist that she was featured in a Peta2 Campaign wearing a bodysuit made to look like bok choy (Chinese cabbage). She has also been vegan since she was 14 years old. She's the kind of animal lover that doesn't only like them as pets. She also stands up for animal rights, particularly in regards to the humane treatment of animals used for food like pigs, cows and chickens. She doesn't take her beliefs as lip service. And we adore her for that.

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