15 Photos That Prove Kim K.'s Lookalikes Are Hotter Than Her

Will the real Kim K. please stand up? When it comes to Kim Kardashian, there is no shortage of opinions. She is worshipped by some and despised by many. Like her, love her or positively hate her, she’

Will the real Kim K. please stand up? When it comes to Kim Kardashian, there is no shortage of opinions. She is worshipped by some and despised by many. Like her, love her or positively hate her, she’s much like an infectious strain of chicken pox on our society… you can run but you can’t hide from the Kardashian fame. She’s been accused of being famous for nothing and she is everywhere— if you’re not a KKW fan, beware because apparently, so are her clones.

But can Xeroxed duplicates possibly be hotter than the original copy? Some of these gals have natural similar looks and with others, it’s rather obvious that effort has been made to look like the big-bottomed reality star. Not that Kim should find room to complain. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is it not?

On an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that aired last year, Kim’s friend Jonathan Cheban tries to make her jealous by bringing Kim lookalike Kamilla Osman over to meet her in an awkward sort of funny-running-into-you way as if we’re to pretend that reality TV isn’t scripted. Anyway, after meeting her would-be double, Kim responds with: “Jonathan can try all he wants to go and replace me but he can’t. Go try, honey. Go try.”

On behalf of Jonathan— we say, challenge accepted!

15 Jo'Anne Patton

We’re kicking off this list by traveling over the pond to meet Jo'Anne— Kim Kardashian's "lookalike in Leeds." She's slightly younger than Kim at 33 and loves her budding career as a Kim K. impersonator! She makes around $40,000 a year working a few times per month with appearances for Kim fans. A nice chunk of her Kim pay goes right back into the side business, however, as she spends around $1,000 a month to maintain the Kim appearance. Besides parties and events where she shows up as everyone’s favorite or most hated Kardashian, she models in which she recreates some of Kim’s more well-known professional photos and Instagram selfies. We think Jo’Anne is perfect for this list because she looks like the approachable girl next door while still having some glam to her and her photos don’t look retouched and Photoshopped to high heaven.

14 Teni Panosian

With dark locks, brown eyes and contoured cheekbones just like Kim, beauty blogger and YouTuber Teni fits right in this list. Also like Kim, she has centered her life around makeup and fashion so these two would probably get along pretty well. Teni runs the beauty site where she loves to provide step-by-step glam makeup tutorials for her loyal following. Apparently, Teni is also interested in becoming an actress and so it’s a good thing that she doesn’t look like Kim naturally. Makeup-free photos show a face that is all her own. But since Teni is a makeup expert, she knows just how to apply what where and how much to pull off the perfect Kim doppelgänger look. Hope she has some makeup remover on hand when she visits Bel-Air or she could get mobbed by photographers and fans! We like Teni for her ability and talent to turn into a reality star lookalike at will while still being able to be herself. No plastic surgery required!

13 Amra "Amrezy" Olevic

Amra Olevic, who goes by the nickname Amrezy or Glamrezy as she is known on Instagram by her massive amount of followers, is a makeup artist superstar. This Europe-born beauty came to America around age 9 and apparently fell head over heels in love with the world of makeup which her fans are perfectly okay with. Amrezy even has a funny connection to the famous family. According to her fans, her boyfriend, Fernando, looks like a male (and adult) version of North West. And for a direct connection, she’s been known to hang out with Kylie Jenner. You could chalk that up to a coincidence or perhaps this European girl who does her makeup so similar to Kim’s and has the dead eye look that Kim does down so well, is harboring some serious Kardashian ambition. Even if true, we still like Amrezy because she's a cool, new European spin on Kim.

12 Ashley M. Borrome

Ashley is another makeup lover turned Instagram celebrity. To her fans, she is Instaglam royalty. And while some of her photos show her looking more of a Kourtney lookalike than a Kim twin, we think this particular photo has strong Kim vibes and to make things even more Kardashian, Ashley happens to be showing off the results of a Kylie lip kit in this pic. While her face isn’t exactly the same, she has the same hair color and slicked-back style that Kim sometimes likes to rock, same eye color but has a better "far away" stare than Kim does in our opinion who can look too cold and bored, more like a mannequin than a model in some of her photos. We give kudos to Ashley’s modelling skills… the cold, dead eye is not something anyone should replicate when pulling off a Kim K. doppelgänger look.

11 Eriana Blanco

Latina fitness model Eriana Blanco has the same basic physical attributes as Kim; long dark hair, brown eyes and large pouty lips. But where the similarity really comes down to is Eriana’s physique. She has the same curvy body shape as Kim. If one can learn anything about the reality star from her selfies, it’s that she loves her waist trainers. It definitely looks like fitness model Eriana has her waist trained smaller than Kim’s. Eriana apparently loves selfies as much as Kim as she smiles into the mirror while showing off a super short silver mini dress that hugs her curves. In another, she shoots a cold glare into the camera while wearing a skintight white swimsuit. Hey, that look seems familiar. She seems to have gotten Kim’s icy daggers look down pat. If she was going for a look that’s Kim K. meets fitness model, we say job well done.

10 Naya Rivera

You know Naya Rivera. And if you don’t, it’s because you never watched an episode of Glee. In any case, Naya’s got her own thing going on and doesn’t need to piggyback off of Kim’s style but you’ve got to admit, the hit TV show star looks an awful lot like the reality star here. Naya might not take that as a compliment seeing as how in 2014 when Kim bared her famous behind for Paper Magazine and shared the photo on Instagram, Naya replied, “I normally don’t. But you’re someone’s mother.” After KKW fans attacked her in Kim’s defense, Naya backed down with a somewhat apologetic hashtag— #instagramgotmeintrouble. We like feisty Naya and her zippy comeback; she’s got the stuff to take Kim on in the world of Instagram, even if she’s not as famous as the mega reality star. The two reportedly used to be pals before the Instagram comment war.

9 Claire Leeson

Claire is a woman from Essex who had a dream of looking like her favorite celeb, Kim K. With the help of plastic surgery and upwards of $20k, it came true and she now looks even more similar to Kim than she already did. However her dream has turned into a Kardashian-colored nightmare! Claire perhaps moved a bit too impulsively on her desire to be a Kim double and now says that she hates the comparison because she’s not being recognized as her own person any longer and wishes that she never wanted to make money by being a Kim-personator. While Claire claims that she only had breast augmentation done to look similar to Kim’s physique, it’s pretty clear looking at 'before and after' photos that Claire looks much more Kim post-surgery. We feel for Claire who says that she made a bad decision in a moment of naivety and insecurity— she was a beautiful girl then and still is today... even if she looks more Klaire than Claire.

8 Claudia Ochoa Felix

Claudia Ochoa Felix is known as the Mexican Kim Kardashian. She’s like Kim in many ways, her long, dark hair, similar sense of personal style and the women share an uncanny, um, physical asset as well. But instead of packing Gucci bags, Claudia likes to pack heat… in the form of a custom-made pink AK-47, for example. Yes, the Mexican Kim Kardashian is an alleged crime boss who happens to share Kim K.’s love for fashion, makeup, selfies and sharing them across social media platforms. By all accounts, Claudia doesn’t seem to be bothered with the Kim K. comparison in the least. Their faces are obviously different but Claudia still ranks high with us on this list because of her Kim-like body language and the Kardashian-esque attitude that comes through in some of her photos. Maybe Claudia could find some mainstream American fame if she were willing to change her name to Klaudia. Kall us krazy but we think Claudia would make a reality show that we'd rather watch.

7 Jelena Karleusa

The name Jelena Karleusa might not mean anything to you but if you spent any time in Serbia from 1995 to now, you’d definitely know. There, Jelena is something of a Lady Gaga. She’s a Serbian pop star with wild ideas, ways for getting attention and is known for making headlines. She’s also multi-talented being a former columnist and a human rights activist, if that weren’t enough. And just one of the humans whose rights she’s been concerned with in the past has been herself! Back when Kim tried to see if it’s true that blondes have more fun, Jelena accused her and her stylists of thieving her style from her Instagram photos. She said that she was the first to go bold and platinum blonde. It’s not just hair. Photos show Kim wearing near identical outfits to those that had been posted first on Jelena’s account. Whether it’s true that Kim hijacked Jelena’s fashion habit or it's just a big coincidence, you’ve got to admit, it's difficult to tell who's who.

6 Melissa Molinaro

Canadian-born Melissa Molinaro is another one who takes her Kim K. appearance all the way to the bank. You might remember her from the Old Navy “Super C-U-T-E” commercial. She looks so much like the reality star that Kim took it upon herself to file a lawsuit against Old Navy in which she hoped to receive somewhere around $20 million topped off with a promise never to use a lookalike model. Kim’s reason for the suit was that she didn’t want people confused on which brands she endorses. Lawsuit or not, the 34-year-old Molinaro (real name: Melissa Smith) was reportedly pleased as punch with the comparison and took it as a flattering compliment. Melissa also shares something in common with Kim, and that is having dated Reggie Bush.

We think this Kim twin is hotter because she is a triple threat, skilled in singing, acting and dancing (she was almost part of P. Diddy’s now disbanded girl group, Danity Kane) whereas Kim is skilled in… hmm, well, never mind.

5 Claudia Sampedro

This Cuban-born beauty has several things in common with Kim K. They both have young daughters and love to share photos of their darling tots online, they both have tons of social media followers (growing thanks to Claudia’s new fans who can’t get over her uncanny resemblance to Kim), they both seem to be quite proud of their larger than life derrières and coincidentally (or most likely not) they both have been romantically connected to Reggie Bush. They also both have been on reality shows. Claudia was a part of E!’s Miami WAGS thanks to her relationship with Julius Peppers of the Green Bay Packers. Claudia is 27, considerably younger than Kim, but interestingly enough, they have birthdays within days of each other in October. Claudia’s been signed as a glamour model for years now but only recently rose to popularity with her role on WAGS and her resemblance to Kim.

4 Lilit Avagyan Bush

If Reggie Bush’s marriage to Lilit Avagyan ever goes south, don’t expect to see him with a blonde or a redhead or anyone over 5'7''. When it comes to women, Reggie has a type he’s sold on and he’s sticking to it... not that you'd need convincing considering how many women on this list of Kim lookalikes he's been involved with. Now Lilit, who’s a 29-year-old dance teacher, does have Armenian heritage so that helps when it comes to her Kimppearance and not all of her photos show her looking so similar to her husband’s most famous ex but we found a couple that are dead ringers for Mrs. West. Her long dark hair and facial features are pretty spot on when it comes to looking like KKW. When it comes to being hotter, we like that Lilit is up and coming in her social media stats and posts sweet-looking and interesting pics whereas the real Kim seems to have gotten cocky at this point. Front-facing camera, point, click, repeat. We’re pretty sure that the new Mrs. Bush doesn’t appreciate reminders of her husband’s ex-wife but apparently, he does!

3 Sonia Ali

Sonia Yasmin Ali (also known as SYA) is a British blogger who denies her resemblance to the reality star. She even said that at first, she never saw it when people pointed it out to her. We think the likeness is obvious but Sonia has a bit more of a youthful glow than Kim. She currently lives in Dubai where she gets hounded with selfie requests constantly. Sonia is close in age to Kim, just one year younger at 34 and even though Sonia and Kim share many facial features such as light brown eyes, olive complexions, long dark brown tresses and a full pout, Sonia does not share Kim’s famous big bum. Unlike some of the other lookalikes on this list, she’s not a Kardashian fan and claims to not watch the show. If she had to choose out of the clan, she says that Kylie is her sister of choice.

2 Metisha Schaefer

No, Kim K. hasn't grown out her hair longer than ever. That's Kim lookalike Metisha Schaefer splashing in the waves. Metisha joins Claudia Sampedro for being on the show WAGS thanks for Metisha’s former relationship with NFL star Larry English. Metisha is from Germany and has done some acting and TV appearances aside from WAGS. She has also appeared in several popular music videos and has worked closely with Chris Brown, Pit Bull, and 50 Cent. As well as being an actress, Metisha has appeared on several covers of men’s magazines such as Maxim as a fitness model, she also happens to hold a college degree and to top it off, she can speak five languages… not too shabby. We like Metisha for this list because she seems like an ambitious go-getter who looks enough like Kim to give the reality star a run for her money!

1 Kamilla Osman

Probably the most well known Kim K. lookalike of them all, 20-year-old blogger and owner of an Instagram account with 155,000 followers, Kamilla openly admits to having a little nip and tuck action on her lips and nose, blaming a deviated septum for the nose job. Seeing as how she's happily cashing in on her Kardashian-ness, we're not exactly buying it. Looking at Kamilla straight on, you can tell she’s not the 35-year-old mother of two but in some of her profile pics, she is #twinning in her head tilt shots and profile pics. Much like Kim, she also has a little girl of her own who is not North’s double but does look enough alike to maybe pass for a cousin. And if she’s good enough for the real Kim’s BFF, Jonathan, she’s good enough for us. She's said that she's sassier and more outgoing than the real deal and her name starts with a K, to boot. We dub her with the forever title of Kimmiest Twinniest in all the land or until the next Kim fan hires a more skilled plastic surgeon.


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15 Photos That Prove Kim K.'s Lookalikes Are Hotter Than Her