15 Photos That Prove Katy Perry Used To Be Way Hotter

What happened to Katy Perry? She used to look so much hotter. When she first burst onto the scene, she was ravishing. She was young, fresh-faced, and seductive. Nowadays, that charm is fading away fast. We really hope that Katy Perry will reclaim some of the hotness she once exhibited, because she's totally capable of it. And it's not only her image that's hot, it's also her songs. She has this amazing, sultry voice that really drips with sex appeal. While her music continues to be amazing, her looks have suffered a little bit in recent years. Why is that? Is it just because Katy Perry is aging? Is she stressed out now? Is the fame and the pressures of being a celebrity getting to her? It's anyone's guess, but one thing's for sure, she has definitely looked better.

We've collected 15 photos that show how hot Katy Perry used to be when she was younger. She first burst onto the scene in 2008, and ever since then, she's been a household name in the music industry. When we first saw her, she was this young, wide-eyed newcomer to the music world, and I think that's what made her so appealing. Of course, you might not agree with this at all. You might think that Katy Perry is hotter now than she's ever been. And that's a legitimate point of view, of course. But take a look at these 15 photos from Katy Perry's early career, and try not to be convinced that Katy Perry was hotter when she was younger. It might be harder than you think...

15 2009 Grammy Awards Red Carpet


Although she's never won a Grammy, Katy Perry has been nominated a grand total of 13 times! So she's pretty much a fixture at the awards ceremony. While she hasn't won any Grammys yet, she does take the opportunity to look as hot and sexy as possible when she shows up on the red carpet. This was the case during the 2009 Grammys, one of Katy Perry's first ever. She wore another strapless dress that showed off her amazing cleavage, and no doubt had tons of people staring. The photographers were probably jostling with each other to get a picture of this hot new rising star, and it was obvious that this girl was going places. While this dress is certainly sexy, it's also very classy. The Grammys are a little more high class than other red carpet events, so Katy Perry couldn't really go full sexy mode. But she does manage to mix hotness and classiness in a wonderful way.

14 2009 VMAs Red Carpet Look


Back in 2009, the world was Katy Perry's oyster. She had just burst onto the scene with her hit song "I Kissed A Girl," and was soaking up tons of attention. The single, which had strong lesbian undertones, was undeniably sexual in nature, and that's probably why it was so popular. And just like the strong sexual undertones of her earliest popular music, Katy Perry herself was exuding some strong sexual vibes. This was often the case when she showed up at red carpet events like the 2009 MTV VMAs. She looked ravishing in a strapless silver dress that showed off plenty of that famous Katy cleavage. She looked young, hot, and like someone who was ready to take the music industry by the horns. She looked like exactly what the music industry needed - someone new, someone willing to bring something unique to the table.

13 2009 VMAs Performance


If you thought Katy Perry's dress for the 2009 MTV VMAs was hot, that was nothing compared to what she wore for her performance that night. She chose to wear an unbelievably hot, short dress decorated with fruit and tons of sparkles. She was clearly going for a pin-up girl kind of vibe, and she pulled it off with ease. Katy Perry's look in general really reminds me of pin-up girls and famous beauties from the 50s. So she really hit the mark when she chose this dress. One of the songs that she no doubt performed that night was "I Kissed A Girl." But the song wasn't popular with all groups. There were two groups that took offense to the song, LGBT groups and various religious groups. The religious groups criticized its homosexual themes, whereas the LGBT groups accused her of using bi-curiosity in order to sell records, and appropriating gay culture. But she didn't care - she was on her way to becoming incredibly famous and successful.

12 2009 Europe VMAs


Katy Perry is well-known for her daring outfits during her concerts. And perhaps one of her most adventurous outfits was during the 2009 Europe VMAs. She wore a completely transparent top which showed off tons of underboob and caused the rising star to make adjustments throughout the performance in order to stop her massive boobs from slipping out. It's moments like these that have cemented Katy Perry as a global sex symbol. And one man who took notice of her at this point in time was Russel Brand. They had met in 2009 while filming Get Him To The Greek, and they shared an on-screen kiss (which did not make the final cut). They met again at the VMAs, and later got married. So for a while there, Russel Brand was the only man who was able to fully enjoy Katy Perry's hot, youthful body.

11 Katy Perry In 2010

2010 was the year when Katy Perry solidified her rightful place at the top of the music industry. It was also the year when basically everyone had to agree that she had become a massive sex symbol. GQ Magazine once called her a "full-on male fantasy." Elle Magazine described her body as something that was "sketched by a teenage boy." Maxim magazine gave her the number one spot in their list of top 100 women, making her the sexiest woman alive by their reckoning. And judging from pictures like this one, from 2010, it's not hard to see why everyone was obsessed with this hot young star. With all her amazing color and vibrant good looks, she looks just like a piece of candy. And you better believe she looks hot enough to eat. Katy Perry loves to dye her hair, and blue is one of her favorite colors. This gives her an exotic, sexy look that is 100% intoxicating.

10 2010 MTV Movie Awards


2010 was a great year for Katy Perry. She released a lot more music, and further pushed herself towards career success. But she wasn't just getting involved in music. She was also getting a lot more roles on television. She even played Moe's girlfriend on The Simpsons. In addition, she appeared on Sesame Street, but her appearance was criticized because she wore a shirt that showed off incredible amounts of cleavage. According to many, this was unsuitable for a children's television show. And they probably had a fair point. Katy Perry later made fun of the criticism by wearing an Elmo shirt on Saturday Night Live with even more cleavage. And cleavage was something she was showing a lot of on the night of her performance at the 2o1o MTV Movie Awards, as you can clearly see by this picture.

9 2011 Volkswagen Concert


Another concert that became iconic for Katy Perry was a concert she did for Volkswagen in 2010. She was helping the auto giant launch the 2011 Jetta, and I'm sure she did a great job of getting people interested in the new car. This was largely due to the fact that she looked stunningly hot. She wore a skin tight latex dress that showed off every inch of her curves, and of course TONS of cleavage. She also topped off the outfit with some very sexy heels that made her legs look long, tight, and hot. The surprise concert happened in New York City, and Katy Perry performed her new hit "California Gurls" among other singles, like "Hot N Cold." She got pretty wild on stage, and at one point she even jumped on top of the Jetta and started dancing on top of it. It's this craziness and wildness that I think Katy Perry has been lacking in her recent years, and we want it back!

8 The Smurfs 3D Premiere


One of Katy Perry's biggest roles in the acting world was in the movie Smurfs 3D. She voiced the character of Smurfette, and her fans were very excited for her. This was a major step up for Katy Perry, who had previously acted in cameos and guest appearances. Now, she was going to be one of the lead characters in a major motion picture. With her sexy and sultry voice, she was the perfect choice for the character of Smurfette, the only female in the entire Smurf village. She showed up the movie's premiere in a tiny, scandalously revealing white dress that gave tantalizing glimpses all the way up her legs. Was it the right choice of attire for the premiere of a kids' movie? Maybe not. But her more adult fans must have been very pleased with her appearance! The movie actually did very well financially, but received mostly negative reviews all across the board. Still, Katy Perry didn't care, as this was just another step towards greater success.

7 2011 Rolling Stone Photo Shoot


In 2011, Katy Perry started to do a few high profile photoshoots for a variety of magazines. Everyone wanted a piece of this amazing new star, and they were all fighting for the chance to have her grace their pages. One magazine that managed to convince Katy Perry to do a photo shoot with them was Rolling Stone. But although she was reaching commercial success, her personal life wasn't quite as smooth. After 14 months with Russel Brand, the two divorced. Russel Brand left her a text message saying he was going to divorce her, and then never spoke to her again, according to Katy Perry. And it was her commercial success that was one of the factors in the divorce, as Russel Brand wanted her to have kids and become more involved in activism, but Katy Perry was more focused on her career. But that inner turmoil isn't obvious when you look at this picture, as Katy Perry looks like a girl straight out of a teenage boy's dream.

6 More 2011 Rolling Stone Photo Shoot


Things got even more wet and wild as the Rolling Stone photoshoot progressed. Believe it or not, this is actually one of the less revealing photos. She stripped completely nude and sat on the beach wearing just a pair of fishnet stockings, but unfortunately that photo is a little too naughty even for this website! You can, however, use Google to find the image, and I heartily recommend you do so. You will not be disappointed.

In this image, Katy Perry wears a transparent coat with a tiny yellow bikini, and looks extremely hot with her hair and body all wet. This is definitely one of the hottest photo shoots Katy Perry has ever done, and this is yet another reminder that Katy Perry used to be way hotter than she is now. But if you think the Rolling Stone photoshoot was hot, wait until you see what she looked like in her photo shoot for Maxim Magazine...

5 2011 Maxim Magazine 


Here you have it - probably one of the hottest pictures of Katy Perry, and it was taken back in 2011. This was when she was still in her mid-twenties, and you can really see how hot she was back then. Is it just the cruel passage of time that is causing Katy Perry's looks to deteriorate? She was certainly in her prime back in 2011, as most women are when they're in their twenties. Today, she's 32 years old, and although it will be hard for her, I still think she has the chance to reinvent herself and reestablish herself as a sex icon once more. There are plenty of women who are still sexy in their 30's. Look at Jennifer Lopez! She's almost 50 and is still one totally hot cougar. In this picture, Katy Perry looks totally hot wearing a one-piece lingerie set that shows off every inch of her hot legs, and I love how her hips are totally bare, as well as that delicious space between her thigh and hip.

4 2012 Kids' Choice Awards


As much as Katy Perry is loved by her adult fans, she also has an extremely strong following among kids and teens around the world. She has often been accused of being somewhat immature and child-like, both in her appearance and the type of music she makes. But her strategy is clearly working for her, because she's popular with all age groups. She even surpassed Justin Bieber for having the most Twitter followers, and that's saying something. She performed at the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards, and like always, she was a huge hit. And once again, she looked playfully sexy as she showed up on the red (well, orange) carpet. Her hair was dyed in a delicious mixture of blues and purples, and she wore a sexy short skirt with a neon green top. The top had an interesting texture that made it look like goo was dripping off her. The goo may have been fake, but she was dripping with tons of very real sex appeal.

3 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards


Once again, Katy Perry showed that she could look sexy and classy at the same time when she showed up on the red carpet for the 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards. 2012 was another big year for Katy Perry. This was the year that she started work on her album Prism. A lot of emotion went into this album, as she was still recovering from her divorce with Russel Brand. She admitted that at one point, she even contemplated suicide as a result of the split. She also said that she had felt very "Prismatic," which influenced the naming of the album. The 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards were a great night for Katy Perry. She wore a stunning black dress that was transparent in the cleavage area, but in a tasteful gold tone. The dress screamed "sexy" but also made her look very classy and refined. At this awards ceremony, Katy Perry won two awards: International Video Of The Year for "Last Friday Night," And Your Fave: International Artist/Group.

2 Jake Bailey Photo Shoot


2012 was also the year when Katy Perry did a stunning photoshoot with Jake Bailey. Bailey was a legendary celebrity makeup artist and photographer who worked with Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey, and many other celebrities in addition to Katy Perry. Sadly, this photoshoot was one of the last Jake Bailey ever did, as he committed suicide in 2012. This image is an example of not only Jake Bailey's skill, but also Katy Perry's beauty back in 2012. Katy Perry is completely topless, using just her arms and hands to cover up those amazing breasts of hers, and the sight is incredible. But her flawless face is what really sells this photo. She looks like an angel as the light catches her face perfectly. Everything about this photo proves that Katy Perry was a lot hotter 5 years ago, back in 2012.

1 Jake Bailey Photo Shoot Part Two


This is another iconic photo from Jake Bailey's 2012 photo shoot, and it perfectly captures not only Katy Perry's undeniable beauty, but also her amazing and unique personality. Because as beautiful as Katy Perry is, she's just as beautiful on the inside. And this can be seen from her many philanthropic efforts over the years. In 2013, she became heavily involved with UNICEF. She's also supported musical education in schools, donating the entire proceeds of one of her albums to Little Kids Rock, a charity that helps fund music programs in schools. She's also done a lot of work raising awareness and funds for HIV/Aids. In addition, she's also campaigned and become active in the fight against animal cruelty. So as you can see, she's beautiful both on the inside and on the outside.

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