16 Photos That Prove Kaley Cuoco Is Overrated

Kaley Cuoco is one of those Hollywood stars that a lot of people have a hard time trying to figure out. She is currently one of the biggest stars in the world, as she is on the most popular TV show right now. Even though she’s one of the highest paid actresses on television right now, it’s hard to tell if she is the kind of person that people will remember several years down the road. She’s been on CBS’ hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory since 2007 and the show is still going strong. As a matter of fact, Kaley and her co-stars have never been more popular than they are now. Kaley Cuoco is on top of the world, and she definitely has a lot of fans who want to know everything there is to know about her.

But is Kaley one of the most highly over-rated female television stars on the small screen? Is there anything that makes her stand out from the crowd? That’s what her critics want to know. Some people find a lot to criticize about her, and she certainly can be quite controversial. After all, when you hear the name Kaley Cuoco, it’s not like it’s a household name.

With that being said, we’ve got 15 reasons and photos why we think Kaley Cuoco might be a tad over-rated. Sure, she’s one of the hardest working actresses in the business, but does she have what it takes for people to remember her name, even after The Big Bang Theory is over?

16 Filthy Rich

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Kaley Cuoco is worth an estimated $45 million dollars. That’s right: she might not be a household name for some, but she’s filthy rich, all thanks to her role as Penny on the highly successful CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. And better yet, she makes the same kind of money that some of her male co-stars make, too. In other words, Kaley is doing a good job of holding it on her own.

According to Deadline, she makes a whopping $1 million per episode. That’s a significant increase from the $350,000 that she used to make several years ago on the show. But you won’t see Kaley flaunting her wealth in front of the cameras. Instead, she donates a good chunk of her money to charitable causes that help animals in need.

15 The Next Jennifer Aniston

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For years a lot of people have been calling Kaley Cuoco the next Jennifer Aniston. After all, the two women have a lot in common; they are both comedic actresses who are best known for their television work. Both are also incredibly funny and talented in what they do.

But there’s one huge difference between Kaley and Jennifer, though. Kaley has settled on the fact that she’s a television actress. She doesn’t pretend that she wants to be more. Jennifer Aniston on the other hand has been trying to break into the movie business with very little success over the years. In fact, Jennifer wants people to forget that she was on Friends for ten years. Kaley knows that she’s good a good thing going for her and that’s why she’s more appreciative of what she has.

14 She’s Athletic

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A lot of people have commented over the years that Kaley Cuoco doesn’t look like your typical television actress. In fact, she’s different in more ways than one. That’s because unlike many other stars you see, Kaley has a very fit and active lifestyle. She’s very athletic and at one point in her life even considered becoming a professional tennis star. You can often catch her playing a pick up game on the court if she’s not on the set of The Big Bang Theory.

What’s more, Kaley also loves horseback riding. In fact, it’s one of her biggest passions in life. She’s also not the kind of celebrity who is obsessed with looking perfect all the time. More often than not she will post photos of herself with no make up on and in sweatpants after a tough workout, too.

13 Her Life Isn’t Perfect

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Kaley has her good days and her bad days just like everyone else and she’s not afraid to admit to it. Unlike other celebrities and actresses who like to put their best face forward, Kaley shows her fans the good, the bad, and the ugly. She’s also well aware that as a television actress, she does have an expiration date just like everyone else. She knows she might not be around forever.

Kaley also says that it doesn’t take much for her to get out of her funk. She once said, “I was having a bad day, and my friend said, 'Go wash your hair.' I thought it was really silly – but it made me feel so much better. It might be a small thing, but it works. Washing it off and starting over.”

12 She’s Not Part Of The In Crowd

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Kaley isn’t the kind of girl who likes to hit all the Hollywood clubs on the weekends or the red carpet for that matter. Instead, it’s quite the opposite. She’s a homebody who would rather spend her time at home with her fiancé and her dogs then pretend that she’s part of the celebrity “in crowd.” According to Kaley, It’s just not her style. She has a hard time trying to mix in with other celebrities in the entertainment world, even though she’s considered to be one of the most successful actresses in the industry.

Kaley once said, “I like to be home on a Friday night. I don't go out. I don't go to clubs. It's not my thing. I sit at home with my glass of wine and watch hours of reality TV.”

11 She’s Very Emotional

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Kaley Cuoco is one celebrity who wears her heart on her sleeve. For anyone who has followed her on social media, they know that. She’s one person who says what’s on her mind, regardless of what her critics have to say about it. She also doesn’t care what others think.

Kaley once said on the record, “You know what, I'm not ashamed of anything that happened. I fall in love really hard, I do. I go deep. That person is it for me. And I love hard, and when it's over, it's over, and some people make mistakes. I wouldn't call it a mistake, it just is what happened in my life, so I'm excited to see what the future holds. It happened, and now I have to say I'm happier than I've ever been.”

10 Does She Want To Quit The Industry?

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As I’m sure a lot of people know, your television career doesn’t last forever. In fact, even Kaley knows that The Big Bang Theory is going to end sooner rather than later, despite its incredible success so far. And once it happens, Kaley might find herself looking for a way out of Hollywood. That, or she could try and transition to the big screen, but even Kaley knows that it won’t be easy. She’ll most likely live a quiet life instead.

Kaley once said, “I've learned after so many years in this business that nothing is set in stone until you're on set. I've been told I was the choice for years and never got hired. So I never go there in my mind.”

9 Hair Controversy

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Several years ago Kaley Cuoco shocked everyone by chopping all of her long, luscious blonde locks off. And according to a lot of her critics, it was a move that could have easily killed her career. That’s because no one was in love with the look. In fact, a lot of people even thought it was unflattering and suggested that she should wear hair extensions until her real hair grows out.

Kaley said that she chopped off her hair because she needed a change in her life and that she wanted to get rid of a lot of bad vibes. Unfortunately, all she did was get even more negative press. While a lot of people like to experiment with their appearance, Kaley’s fans didn’t like seeing such a drastic change in her hairstyle.

8 Dating Superman

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Before Kaley Cuoco married her ex-husband Ryan Sweeting, she was temporarily linked to British actor Henry Cavill. A lot of people thought it was a very odd and unlikely pairing. After all, Kaley Cuoco is a television actor. Henry is a movie screen star, with plenty of box office hits like Batman v Superman.

To make matters worse, each and every time the two were spotted together in public, they looked very awkward. Some gossip blogs even suggested that Kaley and Henry were probably set up by their publicists to help boost their public profiles. Yet, it was obvious that the two had very little in common and it didn’t take very long for their "showmance" to end. It was one mistake that Kaley probably wishes that it never happened just because it was so obvious that their romance was a set up.

7 She Had A Plan B

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Kaley always knew what she wanted to do in life. Her first goal was to become an actress. She also said that if her Hollywood dreams never worked out for her, she could fall back on her tennis career. Luckily for Kaley she never had to fall back on her Plan B. Because of The Big Bang Theory, she’s basically set for life!

Kaley once said, “It's a fine line of doing what's good for your life and what your parents want you to do, but also following your dreams. With my parents, when I was younger, I always had to do two things. If I was acting, I always had to do a sport or something on the arts side of things, along with that. That way, if one fell apart, I always had something else to fall back on.”

6 She Has A Messy Personal Life

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A lot of people call Kaley Cuoco one of the luckiest girls on television. I mean, how many people do you know bring home $1 million pay checks per episodes? And just to think, she’s playing a character that doesn’t even have a last name! And while Kaley has been very fortunate in her career, her personal life has been a bit of a mess. She had an ugly divorce with her ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting. A lot of people also say that Kaley tends to fall in love too fast, and too often. But according to the actress herself, she’s just incredibly romantic. She can’t help but hold on to her men tight and not let go.

She’s even said, “I like old-fashioned romance, when the two people sleep in separate beds but still hold hands all night. Their hands rest on a little table between the beds.”

5 She’s Forced To Deny Rumors Of "Enhancements"

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Is Kaley Cuoco one of the most beautiful women on television right now? Of course, that is something we can leave up for debate. A lot of people say that she’s no Sofia Vergara. But then again, Kaley does have some very special qualities about her. She might look like a lot of other blondes in Hollywood, but she certainly stands out from the crowd.

What’s more, she’s been forced to deny enhancement rumors in the past. She even once said, “I had sinus surgery the day after Christmas and it has been the worst surgery of my life. Very painful, and on top of it everyone of course thought I got a nose job. Which is so funny because if you know me I would have told you I got [something done]. I'm not gonna keep it a secret.”

4 Her Relationship With Johnny Galecki

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Kaley Cuoco managed to date her The Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki for a very long time and what’s more, they were successful at keeping their romance under the radar. In fact, no one knew about their relationship until well after their break up. And while a lot of co-stars have a hard time working with one another after a failed romance, that wasn’t the case at all between Kaley and Johnny. The two have managed to become very good friends and co-workers.

In fact, Kaley refers to Johnny as one of her best friends. He’s someone that she can lean on, especially when the going gets tough. What’s more, Kaley and Johnny also respect each other as co-stars. Along with Jim Parsons, the three The Big Bang Theory stars bring home the same amount on their paychecks.

3 Life Off The Grind

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With that being said though, it doesn’t look like Kaley has any immediate plans to leave Hollywood. Even though she’s not part of the A-list clique, she still enjoys her Hollywood lifestyle with her close friends. Plus, she has every reason to be happy with her life. She’s one of the highest paid actresses in the business! Life has been good for her so far.

Yet, Kaley has admitted that she might try something different in the future. She has said, “My Big Bang Theory costar Johnny Galecki went off the grid. He bought a huge a ranch and goes there every weekend. He keeps telling me to do the same thing, but I don't know if I'm that committed. The Valley is as far off the grid as I'm going to go.”

2 She Refuses To Change

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Kaley knows that she’s in the kind of business that forces you to reinvent yourself every few years. But Kaley is one actress that refuses to change. She also refuses to get caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle. In other words, she wants her feet to remain firmly planted on the ground. She also doesn’t want to forget her roots or where she came from for that matter. It’s the only thing that has managed to keep her sane in the very crazy world that she’s living in.

Kaley once explained it this way: “I will always be the way I was a couple years ago before anything happened. And that's to my parents' credit, my amazing parents who have been around me my whole life and raised me right. I'm very happy with what has happened so far.”

1 Kaley Cuoco’s Future

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Kaley only has a few seasons left on The Big Bang Theory. After that, no one knows what her next step will be. She might totally switch gears and try horseback riding full-time. Or better yet, she might try to get back into the swing of things with her tennis career. Whatever Kaley decides to choose, it’s safe to say that she’ll end up doing what she wants, when she wants to do it. After all, she can afford it.

At the same time though, it’s doubtful that Kaley will go off the grind. Her fans will definitely be seeing her and hearing more of her in the future. And while she might not be able to crack Hollywood, she will probably continue to work closely with her charities. That, and the gossip magazines will still be watching her each and every move.

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