15 Photos That Prove Johnny Depp's Daughter is Absolutely Stunning

Her father may be one of the biggest actors on the planet, but Lily-Rose Depp is working hard to step out of daddy’s shadow and into the limelight on her own terms. Lily-Rose is the teenage daughter of Hollywood heartthrob, Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis (the French model and former singer). As celebrity kids go, Lily-Rose is in the top tier of A-list children, but this hasn’t stopped the 17 year old from carving out her own identity. Growing up, Lily-Rose splits her time between LA and Paris, but being raised in constant luxury has not screwed her up like so many kids with famous parents.

The fresh-faced Lily-Rose has had starring roles in a few feature films, most recently in Planetarium and Yoga Hosers in 2016 (in which she starred opposite her dad). But her other occupation for the past few years has been as a model - and considering her amazing genes, she was pretty much born to do modelling.

Alongside Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Lily-Rose’s may have the most attractive parents in Tinseltown, so it’s no surprise that she has grown into such a stunning young woman. Miss Depp has a timeless, elegant beauty about her that we can’t help but be captivated by. As the following photos reveal, she is so utterly photogenic it’s almost criminal. On top of her graceful, delicate features, Lily-Rose also speaks fluent French and has a smart head on her shoulders - talk about a triple threat! Check out 15 breath-taking photos of this multi-talented beauty.

15 Instagram Queen


Lily-Rose Depp currently has 2.5 million followers on Instagram, and judging by this racy pic it’s not hard to see why. Her sultry pout and smoky eyes will no doubt have got her loyal followers a little hot under the collar. Lily-Rose hasn’t been on Instagram long (only signing up to the social media site as of 2014) but she’s already made her impact.

Recently, the stunning 17-year-old used her account to share something pretty big about herself. In 2016, she came out as ‘sexually fluid’ - joining other celebs like Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevigne who say they don’t identify as ‘100% straight’. You may be wondering what daddy dearest thought of his little girl being so open with her sexuality and sharing her world on Instagram. Turns out, JD was typically cool as a cucumber about the whole thing and is super supportive of his smart daughter.

14 Never-Ending Legs


When you got it, flaunt it and that’s just what the up-and-coming young actress/model is doing in this cute shot for Vogue magazine. As well as showing off her tremendous pins, Lily-Rose is also giving us a glimpse of her model attitude and the effortlessly natural style that has won over so many followers on her social media.

Like her model mother, Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose is no stranger to glamorous photo shoots and magazine covers. The fashion world has been a big part of her life while growing up and she’s obviously picked up a style tip or too along the way. Her natural flair for modelling is something that has also helped her get into her other passion - acting. She may have only appeared in a few smart teen flicks so far, but we’re seeing big things for the young French stunner. And when it comes to acting lessons, she has no better teacher than her own pop!

13 Feeling The Love


In this girly, yet teasingly sexy photo shoot, Lily-Rose is pictured with her fellow model and BFF Stella Maxwell (Miley Cyrus' ex-girlfriend and Kristen Stewart’s current squeeze). The pair have been seen cozying up together on each other’s Instagram feed and have been in quite a few photo shoots together - mainly this one for Love magazine in 2015. Other pics in the shoot involved the girls embracing and trying to ‘kiss’ each other while wearing a fake pair of comedy lips for the love theme. Steamy!

Since Lily-Rose came out on Instagram and identified herself as ‘sexually fluid’, there have been rumours the two could be dating. Then again, at 26, the Victoria’s Secret model is almost ten years her senior, so it’s more likely they’re just very, very close friends. They do make a pretty couple, though. Plus, much stranger things have happened when it comes to celebrity age gaps!

12 French Fancy


Ooh la la! Lily-Rose has us all a flutter with this effortlessly beautiful pic. With her cute retro beret and Brigitte Bardot pout, the teen beauty looks every inch the classy mademoiselle every man would wish to wine and dine. Not only does the young model have her mom’s graceful and girly looks, she also appears to have a bit of her dad’s star quality too. She clearly has a love for dressing up in different guises (now, who does that remind us of?).

Her cute French beret and matching navy blue outfit kind of gives Lily-Rose the appearance of Madeline all grown up. Speaking of channelling Madeline and berets, the rising young star can also be seen in a beret in her 2016 fantasy film Planetarium. She starred alongside the gorgeous Natalie Portman as two crime-solving sisters in the 1930’s. Come to think of it, we’re trying to ponder a crime of our own - how is it legal to look this beautiful?

11 Killer Smile


Her resting face is a beautiful sight, but when she’s not posing for serious model shoots, Lily-Rose actually has a smile that can light up the room. She’s pictured here being as photogenic as ever for the press at last year’s Cannes Film Festival and is clearly happy to be spending time in her home country. There aren’t many teenage girls that would appear this relaxed and confident in front of the cameras, but for the stunning young model and actress, this is all she’s ever known.

She definitely appears to be taking it in her stride. She told Vogue in a December interview last year “I never like revealing too much about myself. Once you start giving people that look into your life, they just want more and more”. The press might have the pictures, but they don’t have the girl and maybe that’s why Lily-Rose has so much to smile about.

10 Flying The Flag For Chanel


Lily-Rose is young, French and a timeless beauty, so naturally, she was bound to be the perfect person to represent the Chanel brand. But what’s even more appropriate about her recent deal with the well-loved brand is that her mother, Vanessa Paradis, was also the face of Chanel and the brand’s iconic Chanel No.5 fragrance back in the 90’s

Following in her mother’s proud footsteps, Lily-Rose is now the new face of Chanel No.5 for a new generation of stylish, sophisticated girls everywhere. The Chanel No.5 perfume and Lily-Rose are the perfect match, since it is seen as the ultimate feminine scent. It’s the aroma that all women associate with feeling luxurious, sexy and confident (Marilyn Monroe famously said that it was the only thing she ever wore to bed!). The Chanel brand as a whole is seen as seductive and classy in the eyes of men, whilst also being graceful and empowering. Right on!

9 Pretty Peekaboo


It’s no good hiding behind those flowers, Lil, we can still see how beautiful you are! This pic perfectly sums up where Lily-Rose is in her life right now: no longer daddy’s little girl, but not quite a woman. Her smoky eyeliner makes this quite playful and flirty, but there’s also something really innocent and girly about her.

It’s clear that her parents have helped keep this 17-year-old beauty a little more grounded than most girls her age. In a recent interview with Vogue in 2016 (for which she was the December cover star), she revealed as much, admitting that she has “always felt older” than her years and that she relates more to adults than kids her own age. It’s a good thing this teenage knockout has a strong head on her shoulders - growing up under the constant scrutiny of the paparazzi has a habit of screwing a lot of child stars up.

8 Like Mother, Like Daughter


The fresh faced Lily-Rose is the spitting image of her still youthful and radiant looking mother, Vanessa Paradis (now 44). You might even say they could pass for sisters! If the impossibly pretty teen got her deep brown eyes and cheeky smile from her father, it's obvious she inherited her delicate features and every inch of her graceful beauty from her mother.

This pic of these two radiant French beauties is proof of winning genes, particularly on her mother's side. If the former model and singer's incredible complexion at this age is anything to go by, then young Lily-Rose has nothing to fear about ageing gracefully. This one's destined to remain a stunner. As well as inheriting Vanessa's classic beauty, Lily-Rose also seems to have adopted her mom's quirky fashion sense too. The chic choker shows off her gorgeously long neck and makes her look every inch a French style icon in the making.

7 Pretty In Pearls


This fierce photo shoot pic manages to be both sexy and tasteful - in other words, the perfect kind of modelling picture. At only 17, Lily-Rose is already hot on the heels of her model mom and French beauty, Vanessa Paradis and she’s making big waves on the Paris and New York fashion scene. For starters, the young starlet has been the long-time muse of world renowned fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld and has debuted many of his Chanel creations on the catwalk.

Whether she’s strutting her stuff at glam catwalk events or posing for a hot magazine shoot like this one, Lily-Rose always manages to do it with a maturity and elegance that seems way beyond her years. It’s crazy to think where she could be in the next 10 years - starring in kooky film roles like her dad or becoming France’s next answer to Kate Moss? Time will tell.

6 Geek Chic


Lily-Rose officially dropped out of high school at 15 to pursue an acting career, but in a way it’s kind of a shame - because she’s really rocking the beautiful geek look here. Those dark smoky eyes and deep plum lips give this pic a bit of a ‘naughty teacher’ vibe to it. School would have been a lot more fun if we turned up to detention and came face to face with this image!

This sweetly seductive pic was part of the Chanel eye wear campaign in 2016. Not content with already being the face behind the iconic Chanel No.5 perfume and their range of fashion wear, the legendary French brand of sophisticated style has gone nuts for Lily-Rose in recent years - including her in almost everything they put their name to. In truth, who could blame them? The impossibly pretty teen was clearly born to model. We suddenly want to go back to school...

5 Belly on Show


Take note, Miley Cyrus: less is always more and a little hint of skin goes a long way in our books. This delicate and ultra feminine crop top shows off her beautiful slim figure and reveals just enough of her gorgeous bod to keep you guessing about the rest. It’s not just her cute belly reveal that makes this photo so enticing, though. It also has something to do with her super laid back pose and cool air.

Leaning against a low wall while posing quite seductively, Lily-Rose kind of looks like the new boss that has wandered into an office cubicle and isn’t too happy with what she finds. She has a sultry stare that seems to say “you’d better have that on my desk by Monday, or else!”. The way her thumb is playfully hooked in her jean’s belt band also adds a youthful, girly edge to it.

4 Smart and Chic


Proving that she can look just as stylish at a film premiere as the catwalk, the 17-year-old model looks equally smart and sexy at the Paris premiere of her 2016 film Planetarium. Her low-cut metallic top reveals just the tiniest hint of cleavage while her blazer keeps things sharp and sophisticated. It’s clear that Johnny D’s daughter is all grown up and she’s dressed to kill.

Most young stars tend to stand pretty awkwardly on the red carpet and don’t quite know what to do with themselves, but not Lily-Rose. Miss Depp oozes confidence and quite clearly owns the red carpet (as well as the attention of every man at that premiere). Since Lily-Rose is pretty serious about getting into acting, we’re guessing this won’t be the last time she wows us with a hot premiere look. Who knows, we may even see her in an Oscar gown (although hopefully not before her dad wins one first - awkward!).

3 Beautiful in Black and White


The amazing cheekbone structure on this girl is unreal. Combine this with her full lips and her soft blonde curls and Lily-Rose looks like a certified glamorous movie star from the golden era of Hollywood - and not just because she’s in black and white! She might look as if she were born to be in the spotlight (and with a handful of films already under her belt, she looks set to continue on this path), but this wasn’t one that mom or dad had intended for their little girl.

Father, Johnny and mom, Vanessa did everything they could to keep her out of the spotlight growing up and weren’t too keen about the idea of her following in their famous footsteps. Vanessa Paradis revealed in 2013 that she’d rather her daughter “had the time to be a kid”. Johnny Depp echoed his ex-wife’s concern, admitting that Lily-Rose becoming an actress was “never my dream or desire for her”. They’re no doubt proud as punch now, though!

2 Teasing in a Sheer Dress


Posing for Vanity Fair magazine, Depp looked simultaneously girly and gothic in a sheer frilly number that shows just enough skin to be considered cheeky. Lily-Rose looks stunning in her leg-baring dress, but the tousled ‘bedhead’ hair is what makes it for us. Her rough and ready hairstyle and temptress pout suggest there could be a bit of teen rebel lurking inside her. Ask the French-American beauty herself, however, and you may be a bit surprised.

Despite having incredibly famous parents and flitting between life in Paris and LA, Lily-Rose Depp lives a fairly typical teenager’s life. She gets most of her cooking inspiration from Pinterest and likes listening to rap and pop music, but when it comes to having a rebellious streak, she claims her home life never gave her a reason to: “My parents weren’t very strict. They trusted me to be independent and make my own decisions”.

1 Ravishing in Red


Johnny Depp’s daughter may still be a teenager, but you wouldn’t always guess it from her style. Being the child of a world famous model and movie star, she is definitely not behind on trends, but she always dresses in a pretty classy way for her age. This is a pretty refreshing thing - especially when you compare her to other celebrity kids and wild child's on the scene (we’re looking at you, Lohan!).

Lily-Rose probably has her mom Vanessa to thank for looking stylish without needing to put too much on show. All she’s sporting here is a simple red sweater with her pretty blond locks tied back to flaunt her elegant swan-like neck, but her beauty still takes your breath away. She might be wearing make-up in this pic too, but it’s obvious she doesn’t really need it. Lily-Rose is a stunning natural beauty and pretty flawless with it too.

Sources: Instagram; Vogue; The List.

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15 Photos That Prove Johnny Depp's Daughter is Absolutely Stunning