15 Photos That Prove Jennifer Aniston Is Hotter Than Angelina Jolie

Despite her having a sweeter image, if you ask us, she is more attractive than Angelina Jolie ever was.

There is a long history of sex symbols in Hollywood. Generally speaking, they are the celebrities that people lust after the most due to their image is one that is inexorably linked to being highly sexually desirable. It is pretty difficult to argue against the idea that Angelina Jolie has held that title longer than anyone in modern history, if not since the beginning of the film age. Someone that looks like she knows exactly what she wants from someone sexually and isn’t afraid to go and get it, you wouldn’t be the only one if she has been a mainstay of your fantasy life. That said, there is somebody that she has been linked to in the tabloids for years on end now that we think is just a little bit more attractive than her.

Jennifer Aniston is definitely not seen the same way as the woman who her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, seems to have left her for. She isn’t someone that oozes sex from her every pore and there isn’t something about her that seems vaguely dangerous. Instead, she is associated with the lovable characters she has brought to life foremost in our minds, including Joanna from Office Space and Rachel Green from Friends. However, she doesn’t seem like someone who is domineering or controlling, and despite her having a sweeter image, if you ask us she is more attractive than Angelina Jolie ever was. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen photos that prove Jennifer Aniston is hotter than Angelina Jolie.

For this article, we set out to find photographs of Jennifer Aniston that point to just how hot she actually is. Therefore, you will only find images that feature her looking great here, although it is perfectly fine if there are other people in the photograph too, as the looks of these two actresses is all we care about. If you were expecting us to feature photos of Angelina looking particularly bad then you’ve come to the wrong place as our intention here is to celebrate how attractive both women actually are. Finally, we would like to point out that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so you may not agree with our assertion by the time this article is through. Our only hope is that at the very least you will understand our point of view by the time you finish reading it.

15 Along Came Polly

Some movies are destined to be classics and others seem to fall by the wayside. While Along Came Polly wasn’t a box office behemoth, we’re surprised to see that it has largely disappeared from the minds of most people. There are two reasons that is not what we expected. First off, is that it featured a comedic performance by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, something that is a very rare occurrence, and the other is that Jennifer looks amazing in this movie. In this image from it where she is wearing a top that shows off her midriff, Jennifer looks like someone we’d kill to be on a date with. There are lots of times where Angelina looks good in movies but if you ask us, it is remarkable and shows how hot Jennifer is that even when she looks vaguely annoyed we want to be with her.

14 Angelic

Is there anything better than a photo of a world-class beauty looking totally at peace and open to having someone join her on a couch? Well, yes there actually is in our opinion. A photo of a world-class beauty looking totally at peace and open to having someone join her on a couch while wearing a dress that hugs her every curve and shows off her amazing figure. Looking absolutely gorgeous, we can tell that Jennifer has had makeup applied to her face and it even looks like she may have had someone do some photoshop work on her after the fact in this photo. We’ve always preferred it when someone doesn’t look as though they’ve had their face touched up digitally but this image underlines one reason why Jennifer is hotter than Angelina in our minds. Despite having oodles of effort put into her appearance here, she still somehow manages to look low maintenance and like someone it would be fun to spend a Sunday afternoon with. That is a very attractive trait in our minds.

13 Rock Star

The second film we’ve discussed on this list, Rock Star isn’t really any better remembered than the previous one and in this case that isn’t as shocking as it is mostly pretty mediocre. That said, we are pretty surprised that at least one moment from the movie hasn’t prevailed in the minds of film watchers. A movie that tells the story of a nobody that is plucked from obscurity to become a rock star, played by Mark Wahlberg, and how it affects his relationship with his girlfriend, played by Jennifer Aniston, there is an arousing moment. As is the case in real life, the titular rock star has women throwing themselves at him. In the movie that fact results in an off-screen three-way between the two main characters and the random beauty, you see here. How tantalizing of an idea is that? While Angelina Jolie took part in a lesbian sex scene in the movie Gia, which is also mostly forgotten shockingly, we find ourselves more interested in imagining Jennifer in one than watching Angie fake one.

12 High Heels, High Fashion

A photo of Jennifer wearing a “short black Alexander McQueen dress” at the Berlin premiere of We’re the Millers, the actress looks incredible. While there were lots of stars walking the same path as she did that night, there is no question in our minds that the lion’s share of the attention was given to this talented actress considering we can’t look away. Also wearing a pair of high heels that only serve to make her exposed legs look all the more attractive, her outfit that night was pitch perfect. Furthermore, her hairdo looks classy but sexy which is her trademark look. In fact, one of the reasons why we think Jennifer may just be the ultimate woman is that she looks like a person our families would enjoy but we’d love to take to bed. Angelina looks like a hellcat in the sack but we’re far from certain she’d be welcomed by those already in our lives which is a turn off for us.

11 Bruce Almighty

A pretty hilarious movie to be sure, Bruce Almighty’s main character is doing his best to become famous for his contributions to a network news show but is failing his way through life. After questioning god’s wisdom, he is temporarily granted the powers of the almighty creator and as he grapples with the responsibilities laughs ensue. The moment where Bruce forces his main rival at the news station, played by Steve Carell, to spout gibberish is the scene from this movie that seems to be best remembered there is another one that we can’t forget. A man who is lucky enough to have a girlfriend played by Jennifer, there is a sequence of the movie where things get romantic. Like most straight men, Bruce is a lover of boobs and as such uses his newfound abilities to expand the size of his love’s chest. The next morning she has taken note of the change and asks him if he has too. While he denies it, as he doesn’t want her to question it further, the viewers of the movie get to see her fawn over her chest with her hands and then hop in order to make them bounce. If you asked us about Angelina Jolie while we watch that scene we’d probably only be able to wave you off, while paying full attention to what was happening on the screen.

10 Looking Relaxed

Join us, will you, as we walk take a stroll through a mental image that is likely to put a smile on the face of anyone attracted to women. You’ve had a tough day on the job and all you want to do is go home and have a relaxed afternoon on the couch. Despite that, you and your girl have places to be and you find yourself among friends making small talk when all you want to do is zone out and leave your stress behind you. Suddenly you look over at the couch where your girlfriend, Jennifer, can be seen giving you that look and instantly everything is right with the world. After all, if someone that wonderful looks at you like that, what is there to be upset with? This may all be a crazy fantasy that we’re reading into this still image but you have to admit, there is something about Jennifer’s energy here that makes it seem like she has the potential to be the ultimate partner.

9 The Break-Up

Another movie in Jennifer Aniston’s filmography that is remembered mainly for a single moment, in the case of The Break-Up it is a sexy moment focused on her people think of. While we love it when she walks past her ex-boyfriend while wearing nothing as much as the next person, we marvel people don’t pay more attention to something else from the film. Shown wearing a simple white dress at another point in the film, which you can see here, she looks simply exquisite in it and we can’t get it out of our minds. Clinging to her incredible body, the dress gives the viewer a great look at her, especially when it comes to her chest and cleavage. Able to look insanely hot even in a relatively pedestrian outfit, Jennifer doesn’t rely on tattoos or short shorts and skin tight tops to turn the world on.

8 What a Booty

Jennifer Aniston has been famous for literally decades at this point and over that time we’ve noticed a trend. Her looks are paid tribute to but there seems to be a tendency to give the majority of the world’s appreciation to the front side of her body. Don’t get us wrong, if you ask us her figure looks amazing from that side and all the things said about it are absolutely deserved. Our only qualm with the situation, however, is that her rear end doesn’t get its just due. Seen walking away from the camera here, whoever snapped this shot got a great image of her derriere in all of its glory which is something we truly love. Hell, it even looks like she is all too pleased to have her rump captured as she knows she’s got it going on. Looking at this picture, all we can think about is that it seems impossible that Angelina could possibly compete.

7 The Bounty Hunter

One of many romantic comedies Jennifer Aniston has starred in, The Bounty Hunter features her and a bounty hunter she has a history with as they make their way across the country. Due to the fact that he can’t risk her escaping his grasp, the bounty hunter, played by Gerard Butler, has her cuffed to him though out much of the film. When it comes time for them to bed down for the night, however, that likely wouldn’t be comfortable enough to have a good night’s sleep so it makes sense he cuffs her to the bed which is quite large. It has a fringe benefit, luckily for us, as it is the perfect opportunity to see her in a position that brings to mind kinky sex, which is something only a fool wouldn’t enjoy seeing Jennifer take part in. Straddling her co-star in this scene, Angelina Jolie has nothing on her here.

6 Horrible Bosses 2

A comedy franchise that seemed to come out of nowhere, the Horrible Bosses movies focused on a trio of tormented workers who set out to get a measure of revenge on their reprehensible bosses. One of the most consistent jokes throughout the two films is that his pals marvel at Charlie Day’s character who bristles under the constant sexual advance of his female boss. Considering that she is portrayed by the super sexy Jennifer Aniston, the joke makes sense even though we don’t support sexual harassment under any circumstances. Wearing very little clothes here and holding a rather suggestive item, Jennifer looks like a sexual phenom here which shows she can beat Angie at her own game.

5 Paparazzi Bikini

A mainstay of pop culture for years on end at this point, we all need to come to terms with the idea that paparazzi aren’t going away anytime soon. Since they are sticking around and it seems impossible that enough people will eschew their photos to put their careers in jeopardy we might as well enjoy the results. While celebrities are known to spend days obsessing over what they wear on the red carpet and have a legion of people help them look great, the process of what they wear in their everyday lives isn’t the same. Like us, they are just people who throw on clothes they think look good on them but on a regular day they are left to their own devices much more so. That is why a photo taken by a paparazzi can be a much better indicator of how hot a woman actually is. Looking at this picture of her having fun in the sun, all we can say is wow. Angelina may have a body to die for too but Jennifer looks unparalleled in this bikini.

4 Must be Cold

We’re going to try and be delicate here. Over the years Angelina Jolie has appeared in movies with our view of her body unfettered by the impedance of clothing several times. On the other hand, Jennifer has given us short glimpses at her naughty bits but for the most part, wears clothing at every turn. On the face of it, you’d be safe to think that gives Ms. Jolie a huge upper hand when it comes to being fantasy fodder but there is something you’d be forgetting. First off, there are definitely circumstances in which being teased with a look at someone’s body can be more titillating than a full on view. Secondly, Jennifer’s body, as can be perfectly seen in this screengrab from an episode of Friends, seems to want to show off a little. After all, anyone who has seen her work over the years will tell you that there have been many moments in her career where her chest is eye grabbing for stiff reasons.

3 We’re the Millers

Angelina Jolie has played a lot of sexy characters over the years but she has never played a pole dancer quite like the one Jennifer Aniston brought to life in the comedy, We’re the Millers. Hired by Jason Sudeikis’ character to accompany him across the country to pick up an RV full of drugs while posing as his near perfect wife, unfortunately, she spends most of the movie fully dressed. However, early on in the movie, we get to see her dressed like this while doing her thing and in that exact moment, the movie suddenly became an instant classic in our minds.

2 Just A Look

This is an image that can be found on a long list of wallpaper websites, for the purposes of using it as a backdrop on your computer’s desktop. While we can certainly see how wonderful it would be to see Jennifer looking stunning like that whenever we turned on our computer, there is one massive flaw with that idea. A desktop wallpaper is something that you want to enjoy when you notice it from time to time as the majority of the time it is something you ignore while going about your PC work. In the case of this image, it seems improbable that we would be able to go about our daily work when there is an image as magnetic as this one right in front of us. Seemingly in the midst of licking her lips seductively at the person looking at the photo, with just a come hither look on her face she looks hotter to our eyes than Angelina ever has.

1 Who Wore It Better?

A regular feature on websites and in magazines, who wore it better is something where a pair of photos where celebrities are wearing similar or the same outfit are placed side by side for comparison’s sake. We’re guessing that whoever found these two images and noted that the dresses these two were wearing in each photo salivated at the opportunity to place them side by side like this. Both wearing a black dress with slits down the side that make it easy for people to see their legs, if you ask us Jennifer wins this comparison easily. First off, her tanned skin looks much more supple than her competitor. Even more obviously, however, is that she wins out because she doesn’t look like a total weirdo that is jutting her leg out to the side.

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15 Photos That Prove Jennifer Aniston Is Hotter Than Angelina Jolie