15 Photos That Prove How Much The Cast Of Harry Potter Has Changed

It's hard to believe that Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part Two was actually released seven years ago. It seems that in that time the main cast members of the show have been able to branch off and achieve different levels of stardom all over the world of acting. Many of these former child stars have been able to use their roles in Harry Potter to springboard into a career in films, which has worked out quite well for many members of the cast. There are also a number of former stars who haven't made as much of an impact outside of the popular series but they have also physically changed dramatically.

Even the biggest Harry Potter fans would find it hard to recognize some of these stars now, especially since it has been almost 20 years since the first Harry Potter film was released back in 2001. The final Harry Potter film was then released back in 2011 after a decade of the series taking over cinemas everywhere.

The magical film franchise has recently been boosted once again as many high street stores have promoted brand new lines of Harry Potter merchandise over the past few months, which has allowed the series to once again be brought back into the spotlight. The following list looks at 15 of the most memorable members of the Harry Potter cast and how much they have changed over the past few years. Some of these stars have now reached the point where they are barely recognizable.

15 Alfred Enoch

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Alfred Enoch portrayed Dean Thomas throughout the Harry Potter series, a Gryffindor student who is in Harry's year and is Sheamus Finnigan's best friend. He first appears in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and later becomes a member of Dumbledore's Army. Thomas is one of the students who fights in the Battle of Hogwarts and lives.

After the filming for Harry Potter concluded, Enoch was cast in ABC's How To Get Away With Murd*r before returning to the stage and performing in a well-received production of King Lear. It was recently announced that he will be part of the production of Red at The Wyndhams Theatre later this year. It seems that Alfred is one of the members of the cast that hasn't been able to step into a successful acting career following his stint on Harry Potter, but he has been able to rediscover his love of the theatre.

14 Bonnie Wright

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Bonnie Wright was cast as Ginny Weasley when she was just 10 years old and made her first appearance in a minor role in the first film. Ginny is the younger sister of Harry's best friend Ron and plays a main role in Chamber of Secrets before later becoming integral to the plot of the movie/book overall. Ginny goes on to marry Harry Potter and the couple has three children: James, Albus and Lily.

Bonnie has changed a lot since her days of playing the youngest Weasley child and has moved on to appear in Before I Sleep, After Dark and Those Who Wander. She has also gone on to try her hand at directing a number of movies over the past few years after almost two decades in the acting business. Bonnie also worked as the screenwriter for Separate We Come, Separate We Go, which premiered at The Cannes Film Festival back in 2012.

13 Clémence Poésy

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Many Harry Potter fans will remember Clémence Poésy for her role as Fleur Delacour in the series of films. Of course, Fleur didn't make her first appearance in Harry Potter until Goblet of Fire, but it seems that she has still become a firm favourite among fans of the books and films. Even though Fleur doesn't win The Goblet of Fire, she goes on to marry Bill Wesley and the couple fight at the Battle of Hogwarts and survive. The couple later went on to have three children called Victoire, Dominique, and Louis.

Poésy is someone who has gone on to have an interesting acting career ever since Harry Potter ended back in 2011 and has appeared in films such as 127 Hours and Final Portrait. She also appeared in popular team series Gossip Girl for four episodes as Eva Coupeau before she later appeared in The Tunnel as Elise Wassermann.

12 Evanna Lynch

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Evanna Lynch is one member of the Harry Potter cast that has remained just as popular as she once was when she was portraying Luna Lovegood. Luna was one of the smartest witches at Hogwarts but one that isn't as logical as Hermione. Luna is someone who believes in the impossible, a trait that she uses to help the main three cast members a number of times throughout the books.

Evanna is a member of the cast who has seemingly been floating around the acting world over the past few years with no actual direction. Ever since Harry Potter ended she has appeared in a number of TV series as a guest star but it seems that she has found it hard to commit to a role. In 2014, she was able to star in her first role as the titular character when she portrayed Emily in My Name Is Emily.

11 Matthew Lewis

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Matthew Lewis first appeared in Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone back in 2001 as Neville Longbottom. Neville's character was seen as quite a mediocre character throughout the books even though he is seen to be gifted at Herbology. Despite being seen as one of the characters who would be the least effective in a fight, it was Neville who managed to end Nagini, who was the final Horcrux and his passing then allowed Harry to defeat Voldemort.

Lewis' transformation over the past few years has definitely been an impressive one that has gained him a lot of mainstream attention, so much so that he was able to appear in romantic movie Me Before You back in 2016. Lewis is also set to appear in Girlfriends and Nutritiously Nicola in the next year as he continues to fill up his acting CV and transform into one of the biggest heartthrobs from the Harry Potter cast.

10 Katie Leung

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Katie Leung made her debut as Cho Chang in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, she was Harry Potter's first love interest even though she goes to the Yule Ball with Cedric Diggory instead of Harry. It seems that their relationship doesn't work out because of a number of issues between the two stars at that age, but they do manage to become friends after their failed relationship.

Katie appeared in TV mini-series Run the year after Harry Potter concluded, before later appearing in One Child, Father Brown and The Foreigner alongside Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. Katie later made a return to the stage in Wild Swans and Merchant of Venice, much like a number of other former Harry Potter cast members. Leung has changed a lot since her role as Cho Chang, but it seems that she hasn't had a lot of success on the acting scene.

9 Daniel Radcliffe

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Daniel Radcliffe became a household name when he was cast in the main role of Harry Potter back in 2001. Harry Potter is the main star of the series, whose parents were taken out by Voldemort when he was just a baby. A part of The Dark Lord then rebounded into him and caused the scar on his forehead. Harry doesn't find out exactly why he is always linked to Voldemort until later in the series. Harry goes on to defeat The Dark Lord at the battle of Hogwarts and later married Ginny Weasley.

Radcliffe had already appeared in a few films before he was cast as Harry Potter and has seemingly picked up where he left off after the series ended appearing in The Woman in Black, Viktor Frankenstein and The Game Changers. It seems that Radcliffe has been fighting to get away from the Harry Potter image over the past few years.

8 Emma Watson

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Emma Watson is one of the biggest stars to have come out of Harry Potter and the only female main character. Hermione Granger is the smartest witch at Hogwarts and the best friend of both Harry and Ron, which allows her to help the two boys throughout the series. Hermione goes on to marry her best friend Ron Weasley and becomes the Minister of Magic.

Following the climax of Harry Potter back in 2011, Watson went on to appear in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Bling Ring and starred in one of the biggest films of 2017 when she portrayed Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Watson has been a popular actress ever since her time in Harry Potter and has changed dramatically over the past seven years and is now approaching 28 years old.

7 Rupert Grint

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Rupert Grint was cast in his first main role when he was just 12 years old as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series. Weasley is Harry Potter's best friend who comes from a large family. They aren't exactly among the richest of wizards, something that Malfoy often pulls up whenever he sees Ron at Hogwarts. Harry and Ron are inseparable throughout the series before Ron goes on to marry his other best friend Hermione Granger and the couple has two children called Rose and Hugo.

Rupert has gone on to appear in Cross of Honor and The Unbeatables, as well as starring in his own series called Sicknote, which also stars Nick Frost. Grint also stars in Snatch and Urban Myths and famously starred in the video for Ed Sheeran's "Lego House" back in 2014, which led to a number of fans comparing the two stars to each other.

6 Tom Felton

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Tom Felton was cast as Draco Malfoy when he was just 13 years old and was seen as one of the biggest villains in the books for the first few years before he later is forced to fight alongside Voldemort by his parents. Draco is also the wizard that is supposed to end Dumbledore, but instead, Snape steps in so that Draco doesn't have to attack the headmaster of Hogwarts.

Felton has definitely used Harry Potter as a stepping stone in his career and has since gone on to appear in some huge movies including Rise of the Planet of the Apes, In Secret, Against The Sun and Risen. He has also become a recurring character in popular Superhero series The Flash in season three as Julian Albert who is also known as Doctor Alchemy. Felton was a star before he was cast in Harry Potter after starting his career when he was just 11 years old.

5 Robert Pattinson

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Robert Pattinson appeared in the Harry Potter series as Cedric Diggory and first appeared in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Cedric was seen in Prisoner of Azkaban but wasn't portrayed by Pattinson at that time. Cedric is the Hufflepuff student who is chosen to represent Hogwarts in the Tri-Wizard Tournament but is later tragically attacked by Peter Pettigrew on Voldemort's orders.

Pattinson is one of the most famous former members of the Harry Potter cast since he later went on to star as a main character in the Twilight saga alongside Kristen Stewart. He has also gone on to star in a number of high profile movies over the last few years including Remember Me, Water For Elephants and Queen Of The Desert after his role as Edward Cullen turned him into a heartthrob to tweeners all over the world, something that has seemingly settled down over the past few years.

4 Devon Murray

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Devon Murray portrayed Seamus Finnigan throughout the Harry Potter series and is a fellow Gryffindor student along with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Seamus is best friends with Dean Thomas and is a member of Dumbledore's Army throughout the last few films. Seamus is last seen as part of the Battle of Hogwarts and it is unknown what happened to him after this.

Devon is a star who already had experience in the acting world before he was cast in Harry Potter but he hasn't been able to continue this over the past few years since the actor hit the headlines back in 2016 when he confessed that he had been struggling with depression for more than a decade. Devon has since been able to get his life back on track after reaching the height of his fame when he was just 12 years old.

3 Robbie Coltrane

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Robbie Coltrane has been around the acting world since 1980 but is most commonly associated with his role in Harry Potter as Rubeus Hagrid. The friendly giant is one of the main stars of JK Rowling's series as the one character who always looks out for Harry's best interests as well as the one who first revealed to Harry that he is a wizard in Philosopher's Stone. 

Robbie Coltrane hasn't been as active on the acting scene as he was before his casting in the popular series, but he has been seen in Great Expectations and Effie as well as lending his voice to Disney animated movie Brave back in 2012. Robbie was also nominated for a BAFTA award for Best Actor when he appeared as Paul Finchley in TV film National Treasure back in 2016. Robbie rose to fame when he was 29 years old and it seems that over the past few years he has decided to take a break from his lengthy career.

2 Warwick Davies

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Warwick Davies is another member of the Harry Potter cast who had already become a well-known star before he was cast as Professor Filius Flitwick in the successful series of films. Flitwick is the charms master and the head of the Ravenclaw house as well as one of the main teachers who is seen as part of the Hogwarts staff.

Warwick Davies wasn't someone that J.K. Rowling thought about when it came to Flitwick since she never saw her character with Davies in mind. That being said, Davies added a huge amount of star power to the cast, as he had already starred in a number of box office movies is his career. Davies has since gone on to appear in a number of Star Wars films as well as becoming the presenter of Tenable on ITV over the past few years, so it seems that he has remained in the spotlight.

1 Maggie Smith

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Maggie Smith began acting back in 1956 and was a well-known British acting legend by the time she was cast in Harry Potter back in 2001. Maggie played Professor Minerva McGonagall throughout the series and it seems as one of the best role models that Harry and his friends had throughout their Hogwarts journey.

Maggie Smith was the perfect woman to play this role and it seems that despite turning 84 later this year, Maggie is still regularly appearing in TV shows and movies. Maggie played the role of Violet Crawley on popular British show Downton Abbey up until 2015 and has also appeared in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Quartet and The Lady In The Van in recent years. Maggie was made a dame by Queen Elizabeth II back in 1990 for her services to the performing arts and received the Companion of Honour from the Queen in 2014 for services to drama.

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