15 Photos That Prove Gigi Hadid And Fashionable Yoga Pants Were Created For Each Other

Gigi Hadid has been a model basically her whole life. She began her modeling career at the age of 2 and then she started working with Baby Guess. However, she took a break from the fashion world to focus on school. Her mother is also a former model and Gigi eventually decided to get back to her modeling work and she’s been signed to IMG Models since 2011. In 2012, she was named the face of Guess while she graduated high school that same year. After that, her career has been going upwards only and today, her name is one of the most popular among the world’s most famous fashion models.

Besides being a model, Gigi also pursued a career in acting and she made her debut in a short movie Virgin Eyes in 2011. She is also known for her recurring role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, the world really got to see how beautiful she is when she became a Sports Illustrated model and when she walked the runway for huge fashion names, such as Michael Kors, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Max Mara, and many others. However, what we didn’t have a chance to see on the runway is how awesome she looks in casual yoga pants, so let’s take a look at few pictures that prove Gigi Hadid and fashionable yoga pants were created for each other!

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15 Teamed Up With Reebok

Via Viatamtam.news

Both Gigi and her sister Bella are well-known for their extraordinary beauty, and while Bella teamed up with Nike, Gigi partnered with Reebok. Not everybody can truly rock sportswear, but Gigi had absolutely no problem doing just that as she posed on the top of the building in a pair of tight Reebok yoga pants and a simple Reebok T-shirt. We’ve seen her looking awesome in all kinds of evening gowns, elegant dresses, and other extravagant clothes, but it was pretty refreshing to see her looking so hot in this kind of casual outfit that really highlighted all of her best features. She managed to prove to all of us that she doesn’t need expensive clothes to look awesome in pictures. In fact, a pair of fashionable yoga pants is all it takes for her to look like a million bucks.

14 A Casual Walk

Via pinterest.com

While some celebs have been pretty embarrassed by the pics taken of them while they were just casually walking down the street and not really looking their best, there is absolutely nothing for Gigi Hadid to be ashamed of because she somehow always manages to look stunning. Even when dressed in simple and stylish yoga pants, she still looks hip and fashionable, with all her best features right there on the display. Who wouldn’t want to see a girl on the street looking like this? She probably turns heads everywhere she goes and for all the right reasons, too. A simple black tank-top and some cool, tight pants with zippers are all she needs to look gorgeous on a hot summer day. Black definitely agrees with her and she rocked this outfit without even trying too hard!

13 Staying In Shape

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If there is something Gigi Hadid knows how to do it is how to stay in the best shape possible! So have you been wondering how she does that? Well, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but Gigi doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. She works out every single day and her basic workout is a combination of high-cardio boxing sequences with different strength-training exercises on the mat. However, she likes to mix things up from time to time and that is when she does yoga or Pilates. She suffers from Hashimoto’s disease which causes her metabolism to slow down which can be a reason for weight gain and even depression, but thanks to the right treatment and to her great workout routine, she keeps her body in great shape despite all that.

12 Gigi’s Diet Plan

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Gigi starts her day at 7 a.m. and she takes her time to have a cup of coffee and a nice breakfast in peace. She likes scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast, and she also loves breakfast beans. She usually eats her lunch around noon and it is usually a simple arugula salad which she absolutely adores and eats almost every day. When it comes to dinner, Gigi really loves to cook so when she stays home for the evening, she prepares a meal for herself and she watches her favorite TV shows or movies. If she goes out with friends, she likes to visit Bond Street with her friends where they grab some delicious sushi. Her little guilty pleasure are J.G. Melon’s burgers and she often treats herself to one of those.

11 Gigi On Her Day Off

Via hellogiggles.com

Sure, we all know that the blue-eyed beauty has a very busy schedule most of the time, but there are days when she just takes the time to relax and spend her days off with her friends and family. On days like that, she usually sleeps in and wakes up in the afternoon; let’s just call that a beauty sleep that obviously works! She loves the art and she’s quite artistic herself so she spends her days by doing stuff like working with clay, drawing, painting, and other similar activities. She also enjoys painting her mugs and having coffee at Color Me Mine where she goes with her friends. Of course, just like any other person, there are some days that Gigi simply spends time laying on a couch with her favorite TV show on.

10 Cute And Smart

Via pinkfo.com

So we all know that Gigi Hadid is extraordinarily beautiful. I mean, she doesn’t have 35 million Instagram followers for nothing after all. However, what you might not know is that not only is she super cute, she is also pretty smart! She isn’t exactly in the need for a new job as her modeling career has been going really well, but believe it or not, that was never her dream job. She’s been dreaming of becoming a criminal psychologist and that is, in fact, what she was studying for two years and would like to get back to. She also claims that while she finds good looking guys attractive, that isn’t the most important thing for her. What she really cares about is the guy’s brain and mind!

9 She’s More Athletic Than You Think

Via cutypaste.com

Gigi Hadid is definitely a woman of many talents and while we all know that she works out on a regular basis, what you might not know is how amazingly athletic she actually is. She was a captain of her high school volleyball team and there was a moment when she considered becoming a pro volleyball player. She went to Junior Olympic qualifiers for volleyball but, ultimately, she had to choose between pursuing an athletic and a modeling career – we know what she chose. She was also a talented competitive horseback rider back in the day. Her sister Bella is also an accomplished equestrian so the talent and the love for horses obviously run in the family. And while Gigi decided not to join a professional sports career, she traded it for a boxing ring where she enjoys most of her workouts.

8 The Body-Shaming Crisis

Via pinterest.com

When you look at Gigi, it doesn’t take much to realize that she has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to her body. On the contrary – the girl is hot and there is no denying that. But apparently, not everybody agrees with that and there was a serious body-shaming crisis Gigi went through a while back. Apparently, there was a bunch of comments on her Instagram from people who thought she wasn’t skinny enough to be a model and she decided to respond to that with her own Instagram post where she wrote about how she felt about her body. Thankfully, the mean comments didn’t make her want to change her body. On the contrary, they taught her to accept the differences between different body types and the fact that it is okay that not all people look exactly the same.

7 Who Is Jelena Noura Hadid?

Via pinterest.com

Have you ever heard of Jelena Noura Hadid? No? Well, that is Gigi’s real name. It is quite an interesting story, actually. Gigi’s mom, Yolanda Foster, whom you probably remember from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came up with that nickname when Jelena was just a kid. Later on, Jelena’s teachers had a hard time pronouncing her name correctly and they often called her Helena. When asked how to pronounce her name, Yolanda told them that she sometimes calls her Gigi – and the name stuck. Now the whole world knows Jelena Noura Hadid as Gigi Hadid and one has to admit that that cute nickname really agrees with her. Sure, she isn’t that little kid anymore. As time went by, she turned into a gorgeous young woman, but it is really sweet to know that she brings a little part of her childhood with her everywhere she goes.

6 Gigi’s Love Story

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When talking about Gigi Hadid, it is almost impossible not to mention her relationship with Zayn Malik as the two are one of the strongest young couples in Hollywood at the moment. Their love story started in 2015, shortly after Gigi broke up with Joe Jonas. They made things official on November 29 when they were spotted holding hands in public. In December, Gigi posted the first photo of herself and Zayn together and they have appeared on a number of cute pics together since then, not to mention their two Vogue photo shoots, and a music video. Since then, there have been several rumors about the two breaking up, but as long as Gigi wears her Zayn necklace (you can see it in the pic), we are pretty sure they are still together and going strong.

5 The Star Of Numerous Music Videos

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Besides walking the runway and posing for magazine covers, Gigi Hadid also starred in a number of cool music videos in the period between 2014 and 2016. Thanks to her extensive experience in front of the camera, she’s proven herself to be a great pick for music videos, and she even directed one of them herself! So if you’d like to see her performance, check out one of the 7 videos she’s been in so far; Pillowtalk by Zayn; Bad Blood by Taylor Swift; Flower and Surfboard by Cody Simpson; How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris; Cake by the Ocean by DNCE; and Simplethings by Miguel. She co-directed DNCE’s video Cake by the Ocean and it worked out pretty well; or at least, it worked out better than her relationship with Joe Jonas from the band.

4 Kendall Jenner’s Best Friend

Via havilahs.com

It is a well-known fact that Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are BFFs so they often team up for their workout sessions, as well as for the fun times when they hit the clubs. They met on the fashion circuit and they connected instantly and have been inseparable ever since. However, before they met in person, they were internet friends for quite a long time even before they started modeling. As their friendship grew stronger, they even created their own hashtag #Kengi, usually captioning their pictures together on social media. As time went on, #Kengi became a true friendship goal as more and more people try to be as those two cool girls and have such an awesome relationship with their best friend. Let’s hope it will last forever.

3 Gigi’s Beauty Tips

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If you’ve been wondering if there are some cool beauty tips Gigi would share, you’ll be happy to hear that she shared some of them with the public. First of all, she doesn’t recommend washing your hair every single day because it really dries it out. Also, a lot of time she spends in the Californian sun gives her natural highlights so there is no need for her to visit the hair salon all that often to get her hair colored. When it comes to makeup, she likes things simple and clean so she usually uses a light foundation that brightens her skin, a little bit of blush, and a little bit of mascara. That usually does the trick without trying too hard or putting a bunch of makeup on on a casual day.

2 Gigi’s Interesting Photo Shoot With Her Sister

Via hawtcelebs.com

Even though Gigi has been in the modeling business for quite a long time now - basically her whole life when you think about it – she hasn’t done any nude photo shoots up until now. Gigi and her sister Bella were photographed by Steven Meisel for the March 2018 issue of British Vogue. For the cover, they have both been photographed wearing a gold Versace chainmail gown, but on the inside of the magazine, the sisters posed together for an interesting, black and white photo. Different people have had different reactions to this particular pic. Some think it is simply gorgeous, while the others find it a bit creepy. However, there is no denying that both sisters are extraordinarily beautiful and that there is nothing about their bodies that they need to be ashamed of.

1 Gigi Is Obsessed With Yoga Pants

Via hawtcelebs.com

It is almost impossible to guess how many yoga pants and yoga leggings Gigi Hadid owns! She practically wears them all the time – and she looks pretty awesome in them too! Whether she pairs them with a casual tank top, a moto jacket, a long coat, a pair of sneakers, or a pair of ankle boots, there is no denying that she simply rocks them every single time! Sure, yoga pants aren’t really the best pick for every person as they tend to highlight every single detail on one’s body, but with a figure like Gigi’s, that is actually a good thing. When you look at her pics capturing her wearing all kinds of stylish leggings and fashionable yoga pants, you can easily see that they were simply created for each other! As the matter of the fact, she should probably never wear anything but them!

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