15 Photos That Prove Erika Jayne is The Hottest Housewife On TV

Is Erika Jayne the hottest MILF in the world right now? Maybe. One thing I'm sure of is that she's definitely the hottest one on TV right now. Watching her strut around in her sexy outfits is amazing, and it makes you wish you had a housewife as hot as her walking around your house. It's hard to pin down what makes her so amazingly hot. First of all, she's got that classic blonde bombshell look. And in a lot of her photoshoots (which I will show you momentarily) she looks just like a real life Barbie doll. But there's also a certain classiness to her that makes her very sexy indeed. Another thing that makes her very hot is her incredible body. Although she might be getting a little older, her body is just like fine wine - it seems to get better and more delicious with age.

She's the classic trophy wife. And for every single guy out there, she's a real inspiration. Her very existence creates a dream in young guys everywhere, a dream that one day they might have a wife as hot as Erika Jayne. Women like her are a huge part of the American dream. When people think about success, they think about many things: the nice car, the epic mansion, and of course, the smoking hot wife. Erika Jayne is that hot wife. And today you're going to see exactly why she's by far the hottest housewife on television right now. Judging by these pictures, it's clear that no other housewife can even come close to competing with her undeniable sex appeal. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the work of art that is Erika Jayne's body.


15 Music Video

One of Erika Jayne's hottest moments ever was when she released her music video, "How Many F**ks." This proved she was still hot as ever, and the video was so sexually explicit that it was given the "not safe for work" warning. People were warned not to watch this music video at work or around children, because Erika Jayne really lets loose in this one. She wears all kinds of sexy outfits, from this lollipop girl, latex, stripper-inspired getup to even more revealing outfits. There are some part of the music video where her butt is literally hanging out of her skirt, but we can't show you that, of course. But even images like this prove that she's miles ahead of any other housewife on TV right now in terms of sexiness. Read on to see Erika Jayne in even sexier photos...

14 Stretching


Some people forget that Erika Jayne is actually a professional dancer. And you know what they say about dancers... They have the best bodies. It's hard to argue with that fact when you look at this picture of Erika. Doing the splits just wasn't sexy enough for her. She just had to spread her legs as wide as they could possibly go, showing everyone just how flexible her tight little body is. She had guys' imaginations running wild with this one. It's almost unbelievable how she's even doing this with her legs. Guys, this is why you should date dancers. But even if you do, you'd be hard-pressed to find one as sexy as Erika Jayne. This is another reason why I love this housewife - she loves to show off, and she's just so confident in her own body. And confidence is one of the sexiest things to see in a woman.

13 Dancing With The Stars

Erika Jayne was one of the best things to ever happen to Dancing With The Stars. Hot girls like her brought in the views before, but this sexy dancer took it to the next level. We all know that Dancing With The Stars was famous for putting the hottest women in these tiny, extremely revealing outfits that would flap around as the women showed off their dance moves - and Erika Jayne was no exception. In fact, she wore some of the sexiest outfits ever seen before on the show. It was like the woman had no shame. And why should she be ashamed? She was born with one of the hottest bodies around, and she definitely knows how to dance. Why not show off that hot body with some of the sexiest dance moves that a woman could possibly do? This is why Erika Jayne fully deserves her fame. She probably brought in a whole new audience to Dancing With The Stars. I know she got my attention, that's for sure.

12 Everlasting Youth


This is a picture taken from Erika Jayne's own website. You can really see how she looks just like a Barbie doll. She also looks incredibly young, but that's probably due to the fact that this picture was photoshopped heavily. But who cares? As long as she looks hot, I'm not complaining. She also looks like she's really using a lot of makeup. But again, it just seems to make her look even hotter - and younger too, which is important for her. Looking at this picture of her, you'd probably guess that she's in her mid twenties. That platinum blonde hair definitely gives her an air of youthfulness, as well as her incredibly perky boobs. She's definitely one of the hottest housewives around, and I bet she makes guys wish they had her walking around their houses in skimpy little outfits like this. She also probably makes a lot of housewives jealous, too!

11 Talk Show

Erika Jayne has never been ashamed of showing off. This was clear when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The top she decided to wear was... Interesting to say the least. It looked like it was extremely transparent, and it showed off an incredible amount of cleavage. It was clear that Erika Jayne's goal that night was to show all of the people watching just how sexy she could be, even in her mid-40s. This was actually a really smart move from a marketing standpoint. And she's hardly the first to do it. Hell, I think Miley Cyrus wore nipple pasties. It's a way to really get your name out there and be noticed, and if you've got a hot body like Erika Jayne, you'd be crazy not to take advantage of that. I just want to know how Andy Cohen kept his eyes off those amazing boobs while he was interviewing her.

10 Fantasy


Here's another unbelievably hot picture from Erika Jayne's own personal website. This looks like something you'd see in a magazine, and she's really flaunting her sex appeal here. Of course, Erika Jayne is no stranger to posing for magazine, as she's been featured in Billboard magazine, and various LGBT magazines to boot. Speaking of the LGBT community, she's one of the biggest gay pop icons there is. She might not be gay herself, but she's previously stated that she "feels at home" in the gay community, and she's constantly doing concerts at LGBT events. This is why a lot of people admire her, and she's also very active in trying to get people to accept the LGBT community and make sure they get equal treatment. You might not have expected this from a girl that might look like a brainless bimbo, but there's much more than meets the eye when it comes to Erika Jayne.

9 Epic Cleavage

In case you were wondering, Erika Jayne is actually 45 years old. Hard to believe, isn't it? Especially when you look at pictures like these. Just how does she do it? Again, I think the makeup really helps a lot, and the fact that this picture was probably heavily touched up with Photoshop. There has also been speculation that Erika Jayne may or may not have gone under the knife at some point in her life. I wouldn't be surprised if she really did get plastic surgery, that's all I'm saying. One thing that's clearly on display with this picture is that epic, gorgeous, and unrivalled cleavage. That Adidas shirt is unbuttoned all the way down, and Erika Jayne is fully aware of the effect it has on her overall sexiness. It's almost too much to handle, and it's yet another reason why Erika Jayne is blowing the other housewives out of the water.


8 Hottest Mom


If you thought she was showing off ample cleavage in the previous picture, wait till you see this one. That shirt isn't even pretending to cover up anything, and it seems to open all the way down to her waist. This is my kind of outfit... Imagine waking up to this every day... And seeing her do the chores dressed like this... Well, maybe she doesn't actually do the chores. In fact, she almost certainly has someone else do that for her, like a maid. But it's still hot thinking about her down on her hands and knees scrubbing the floors, or wearing an apron and baking you cookies... But she's anything but a traditional housewife. She may be married to a rich, much older attorney, but she's fully capable of bringing in her own income, and she's not really the "stay at home" type.

7 Cocktail Dress

Erika Jayne has always been one to soak up the attention. And she does this in some very intelligent and seductive ways. First of all, Erika Jayne is one of the masters of showing off her legs. She does this by wearing some of the shortest, sexiest dresses you can imagine, and this picture is a clear example of that. This pink little cocktail dress is sexy and does a great job of revealing those long, muscular and undeniably sexy legs. And to make her legs seem even more sexy, she wears some very high and hot heels. It's a well-known fact that high heels make a girl look about ten times hotter, and it instantly reminds guys of a woman's sex appeal. This outfit really sums up Erika Jayne's personality and why she's such a hot housewife on television today.

6 Talented


It's easy to forget that Erika Jayne is actually a very talented singer and performer. That's because her hotness tends to drown out all rational thought, causing people to get lost in their daydreams about her when they see pictures like this of her. But she rose to fame in 2007 with the release of her first ever single, "Roller Coaster." It became a huge dance club track and it was the first of many of her songs to reach the number one spot on the Billboard dance charts. If you weren't familiar with Erika Jayne before you started reading this article, chances are you've heard her music before in the clubs. This level of talent just goes to show that there is more to being sexy than just looking hot - you actually have to be somewhat interesting and gifted to really pull her image off. You don't get to where she is without a lot of hard work, and now that she's finally reached the top, it's great to see her really shine.

5 Scandalous

Just when you think you've seen all the sexy pictures of Erika Jayne's cleavage... This one comes along. She is clearly not wearing a bra and that just makes it all the more sexy. But you didn't really expect a free-spirited, independent, and fiercely sexual women like Erika Jayne to wear a bra, did you? Honestly, it's probably a lot easier for Erika Jayne to not even bother with a bra, because those boobs are just begging to be set free. It would be a crime to contain them within the cruel, misogynistic, and patriarchal confines of a bra. Just think, her 76-year-old husband gets to see this sight every day of his life - and more. Much, much more... But although her cleavage is on display here, there's also a real sense of classiness to her. It's this amazing blend of sex appeal and classiness that makes her so irresistible.

4 #Pantygate


A lot of you probably know Erika Jayne from her time on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. While she was on this show, she caused quite a stir. She definitely wasn't content with just looking pretty. No. It was clear right from the get go that Erika Jayne was going to cause some major controversy. That moment came when Erika strutted out in a designer dress, and after one of the other housewives jokingly asked her for some panties, she revealed she wasn't wearing any. One of the other housewives' husband apparently had a view right up her dress, and later told his wife about it.  And just like that, #pantygate was born.

Speaking about the incident, Erika Jayne said: "I don’t know why it’s such a big deal. I think that something that was small and innocent on my behalf got turned into something else which is disappointing... I’ve said everything I needed to say about it. I’m not quite sure what the motivation is here. I don’t understand why the punishment. It’s unfortunate, honestly, to see women go after other women like that."

3 A Real Star

It might surprise you that "Erika Jayne" is just her stage name. Her real name is Erika Chahoy, or Erika Girardi (her married name). Erika Jayne is kind of like an alter-ego, a stage personality that she adopts. According to her, Erika Jayne is part of her, but not something she keeps switched on all day. Speaking about what "Erika Jayne" is all about, she said: "Erika Jayne is six words: fantasy, love, escape, glitz, glamour, and fun. I think women should live out loud. I think that we should be fearless. I think we should express ourselves. I think we should have fun. And I don’t think anyone should dictate to you when your best days are, or that you are too old to express yourself. You are of worth and value in your 40s, 50s, and 60s. You don’t have to stop doing what you love simply because you’re not 25. I just think that those are old ideas that need to be broken and discarded quite honestly."

2 Instagram


The last few pictures are from Erika Jayne's Instagram account. And it's easy to see that this social media platform is a goldmine for hot pictures of this star. In this photoshoot, this hot MILF is wearing the tiniest little onesie I've ever seen. And the fact that she's surrounded by mirrors make it one of the hottest pictures ever, because of the fact that you can see from virtually every single angle. Can you believe this woman is actually 45 years old? It seems unthinkable. I bet tons of 45-year-old women are super jealous when they see pictures like this. Hell, there are probably women in their late 30s that wish they could look as good as her. So it's no surprise why Erika Jayne gets a lot of hate sometimes... But she'll probably just keep on doing what she's been doing... And who can blame her?

1 Concert

Our last picture shows Erika Jayne in her natural habitat - on stage. Because after all, as previously mentioned "Erika Jayne" is actually her stage name. So it comes as no surprise that the stage is where she fully becomes Erika Jayne. People who have been to her concerts know that she can get very wild when she performs, and it can be an extremely sexy experience. She's known for wearing some of the skimpiest outfits known to man as she struts around on stage, and it's certainly something that helps sell tickets, that's for sure. When will this smoking hot MILF stop? Right now, she shows no signs of stopping, and for her fans this is a great thing. With luck, we'll be seeing many more years of this hottie, and even more hot pictures. And this is looking more and more likely, considering the fact that she's rumored to be returning for the newest season of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. 

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