15 Photos That Prove Eliza Dushku Needs A Comeback

When a person grows up wanting to be an actor, they want to achieve fame and fortune, and to remain in the limelight. Every actor, once they begin getting roles, is looking for that role that will propel them to superstardom. After that, ideally, they’d want to ride that wave of success, and continue progressing onto even bigger and better things. But for some, that wave’s a rather short wave, and they have a hard time trying to emulate that success. That kind of holds true for Eliza Dushku. She’s in no way disappeared from the limelight, but isn’t quite the woman everyone used to be going gaga over. That’s simply because people don’t really know what she’s doing.

After getting into the industry at the tender age of 10, in her initial movies she starred alongside some stellar names, including the likes of Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. This opened plenty of doors for the young Eliza, and then her career really took an upwards surge when she was cast as Faith Lehane in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thus, Eliza Dushku, the hot, sultry actress was born. Her fan following just increased when she starred in the hit cheerleader comedy, Bring It On, but since then, the queen of the early 2000s hasn’t managed to achieve that same level of success. She’s snagged the odd acting gig here and there, but nothing as high profile. But forgetting Eliza Dushku would be a travesty. She’s sure to remain firmly implanted in your mind after seeing these pics. This hot actress in our eyes. Here are 15 photos to make you reminisce, and to show why she needs to make a comeback sometime soon.

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14 Buffy Days

via: usmagazine.com

I mentioned that Eliza achieved stardom due to her role as Faith in the Buffy the Vampire series. She did, but even in that series, she wasn’t what most people would deem to be a core cast member. Her role wasn’t anywhere near as prominent as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s or Alyson Hannigan’s role, for example. Eliza’s role was recurring, as has been the case for Eliza pretty much throughout her entire career, but it didn’t stop people from going crazy over her. It’s amazing to think that she only appeared in 20 episodes in that hit series, but the fans took to her immediately. She was a teenager when she first got involved with the Buffy series, and over the next five years she was involved, TV audiences got to see her blossom into a fine actress and a beautiful woman. Here’s a pic from her days on the sets of Buffy, where it all started.

13 Don’t Mess With Me

via: afterellen.com

One of the biggest projects of Eliza’s career has been the series Dollhouse. She starred in that series and acted as a producer, so she had plenty on her hands from 2009-2010. It was a couple of hectic years for Eliza, but well worth the effort, as those who watched Dollhouse would surely agree. When she started putting in regular appearances, we got to see her in some seriously alluring outfits, and in a number of sexy predicaments. This is one photo from that series. Need I really say anything about this pic? That sultry pose and that look say a thousand words. She looks drop-dead gorgeous in that red dress, those high heels, and that weapon just adds to it all, gives her an air of danger and mystery which just ads to her s*x appeal. Advertise a TV series with pics like this, and it’s bound to get people watching.

12 Getting Close To Sarah Michelle Gellar

via: afterellen.com

Eliza Dushku’s career might not be up there with some of the best, but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been a part of some memorable scenes. Over the years she’s acquired quite a fan following because of these scenes. Of course, some of those revealing scenes have meant that guys have fallen head over heels for Eliza. They’ve gotten guys ogling and following Eliza as she’s gone about the rest of her career. But she’s also had a number of intense scenes with female costars, and that hasn’t just attracted the guys. It also meant that she’s acquired quite a strong female fan base. This is a still from Buffy. Due to the intense girl-on-girl fight scenes, a lot of people read between the lines, and thought that Faith and Buffy had a serious amount of love for one another. I’m sure everyone would have loved it if things were taken to the next level.

11 Yikes

via: pinterest.co.uk

After her Buffy days, Eliza has become known by most people predominantly as a model. She’s done a number of sultry shoots, and has had spreads in the glossy pages of all the top magazines. This is undoubtedly one of her best and most memorable shoots. She certainly looks like a movie star alright, and a very classy one at that. It’s a tad retro, but Eliza looks absolutely fabulous in this shoot for Maxim. It’s sexy and classy, and Eliza’s demonstrated again that she really does possess the complete package. It’s also worth noting that this pic was taken way back in 2001. That seems like many moons ago now, but Eliza hasn’t changed a great deal – she truly is an ageless beauty.

Just a bit of interesting trivia for you here: Eliza was raised a Mormon and her family’s pretty religious, especially her three older brothers. When they set eyes on Eliza in this skimpy black lingerie, they certainly weren’t happy. This pic really got them fired up, and not in the same way it did for the majority of other people!

10 Bring It On

Bring it on – yes, Eliza, bring it on, because your fans will never tire of seeing you in cheerleading attire. It’s probably among a lot of people’s fantasies to see a drop-dead gorgeous babe like Eliza in her cheerleading attire, doing a sexy little dance, looking all sweet and adorable at the same time. A lot of teenagers must have loved that film for that very reason. But it wasn’t just about Eliza though. Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union were also in that movie – a trio of sultry cheerleaders.

She looks so sweet, just perfect – I don’t think anyone would be able to say no after having Eliza in front of them, strutting her stuff like that. She’d make the cheerleading squad every time.

9 Showcasing That Awesome Figure

via: pinterest.co.uk

Eliza Dushku’s all grown up in this pic. It’s yet another photo from one of her spectacular photoshoots. She looks classy, sophisticated, and also really cute at the same time in this photo. The eyes are of course drawn to her sizzling physique, but her face is also radiating beauty. Those big brown eyes looking at you is enough to make any guy become putty in her hands. I can continue waxing lyrical about Eliza Dushku’s beauty; you can certainly tell why she’s had success as a model. Look at images like this one, and it seems inconceivable that Eliza isn’t a major A-list star on the Hollywood scene, because let’s face it, she’s not. Her face belongs on the big screen, not just on the TV screen; casting directors need to get their act together!

8 Looking Tough In Bring It On 

via: tshirtsonscreen.com

And here’s another movie still from that 2000 movie, Bring It On. You can begin to see why that movie’s such a big deal for Eliza Dushku fans. If you want to recollect, look back to some of her best moments, it’s well worth going through the archives and having a watch.

This is a photo of Eliza, looking super cute as always, wearing the so-called Buddha Rub T-shirt. She was doing anything to make it as a cheerleader, and she even took to wearing certain t-shirts; every bit of luck helps! The t-shirt reads “Rub here for good luck.” There wouldn’t have been too many people who would have said no to that, and if Eliza thought it’d bring her luck, that’s even better. Seeing Eliza in that top must have sent sales of that Buddha Rub t-shirt through the roof. It’s pretty iconic, and she may even still have one in her wardrobe.

7 On The Prowl

via: complex.com

Any person who loves Eliza Dushku will absolutely adore this picture. It’s a snap of Eliza on the prowl, looking seriously sexy and seductive. She’s going for that bad girl look and it only serves to enhance her appeal in this pic. It’s a photoshoot she did back in 2009 for Complex Magazine. That was one steamy photoshoot that showed Eliza off in all of her glory. Pretty much all of the pics were of her posing in skimpy attire, but there were a few in which she was revealing a lot. This one is actually one of the photos in which she’s wearing the most clothing, but it certainly doesn’t take anything away from the way it turned out. This one of Eliza looking, sassy and sexy is also one that sticks out. Complex Magazine certainly has some decent photographers on the payroll!

6 That Smile

via: giantbomb.com

Who wouldn’t fall head over heels for Eliza Dushku upon setting eyes on a pic like this one? It’s a simple photo, but it packs a punch. It’s just a pic from one of her movies of her flashing those beaming white teeth, but boy, does she look gorgeous. That’s all Eliza needs to do to melt hearts: flash that seductive smile – what guy in their right mind would be able to resist? She truly is just drop-dead gorgeous in every which way. Her smile, her face just radiates beauty, but she’s got a killer physique too – Eliza really does possess the entire package. You can see that she’s slim, she’s gorgeous, and has curves in all the right places. It’s little wonder Eliza’s had so much success as a model, and a decent amount as an actress too. She’s undoubtedly one of the hottest actresses around.

5 Sultry Pose

via: whosdatedwho.com

There are quite a few reasons why Eliza Dushku may appear a distant memory to some of you. Firstly, she’s mainly involved in the TV movie scene. Then there are her appearances in various shows and TV series. She’s started doing documentaries, she’s heavily into her charity work, has become increasingly politically active, and she’s also gone back to school in recent years. That’s enough to keep anyone busy. But something that she’s had quite a lot of success in is her modelling career. Yep, her modelling endeavors are pretty much on par with her acting prowess, although perhaps Eliza might not agree. Throughout her years in the limelight, Eliza has posed for a ton of prominent magazines. She’s done FHM, Maxim, and many more. This is a pic from one of her more classier shoots that illustrates why people have continued to love Eliza over all these years.

Killing It In Leather

via: baddogposters.com

Dollhouse, for those of you who haven’t seen it, has Eliza Dushku in some seriously sexy predicaments. It really is the ultimate show to watch if you’re an Eliza Dushku fan. There are a number of scenes that stand out, but one more than most. Here she’s dressed up in sultry bondage attire, complete with a whip, while trying to convince someone to submit themselves to her. The guy refused, which must have taken a great amount of restraint on his part, because Eliza can be quite convincing, and looking like that, I reckon a lot of people would’ve jumped at the opportunity! Eliza served as a producer on the show, so maybe she really is into that stuff.

4 Hot Photoshoot

via: giantbomb.com

This is the type of photo that’s probably found itself adorned on many bedroom walls. For Eliza Dushku fans, this really is the ultimate pic that showcases her talents as a modelling beauty. Everything about this pic is just wow! Let’s start with that look. It’s a look that says she’s coy yet confident, seductive, and someone who knows what she wants. She’s likely to get whatever she wants too, with those big brown eyes gazing at you. Then there’s her physique. She really does have what many people would deem to be the perfect physique for a female model. She’s slim, fit, yet curvy in the right places, and, not that it really matters, she doesn’t appear to have had a ton of enhancements. She’s blessed with a great physique and a tremendous amount of beauty, and she’s certainly made it work for herself.

3 Those High Heels

via: listal.com

Here’s another pic of Eliza in a seriously sexy outfit. Those seriously high stiletto heels definitely add some height to her frame, accentuate those calves, and give Eliza more poise and grace than she already possesses. I wonder whether this was a professional photoshoot, or if she just decided to get dressed up in such attire and strike a sultry pose? I think most people would be hoping that the latter is true.

Eliza looks gorgeous in high heels and knows it too. She’s got a bit of a thing for them, and over the years we’ve seen her strut her stuff numerous times in that precarious looking footwear. But she looks amazing in them, and after all, pain is pleasure. That’s what Eliza said herself in Dollhouse, although she was probably referring to a different type of pain.

2 Steamy In Bed

via: commentwarehouse.com

There are numerous pics that could have made it on this list. There is no shortage of pics out there of Eliza looking like the gorgeous actress she is, showcasing her splendid figure and natural beauty. But this one blew everyone away. It’s another one of her modelling pics, but this one’s of Eliza in bed. It’s a thought that pretty much every Eliza Dushku fan has had in their minds at some point, and she obliged – here it is for all to see. Eliza Dushku getting hot and steamy in bed is something a whole lot of people are bound to find awfully titillating. It’s not just the fact that she’s in bed. That pose, that look, and her attire add plenty to this modelling shoot, and it all serves to make it one of her best pics.

1 Sizzling On The Red Carpet

via: zimbio.com

We all love red carpet appearances. If you’re a fan of a celeb, seeing them on the red carpet gives you a chance to see them at their finest. Celebs use red carpet appearances to dress up to the max, to wow and stun those watching, and give their fans and the paparazzi a real treat. Eliza Dushku certainly did that; she’s a sight for sore eyes. She dressed to impress and looks absolutely fabulous in that sultry and hugely provocative outfit. It’s a pic of Eliza from 2010, when she rocked up to ABC's Dancing With The Stars 200th episode party. Needless to say, looking like that, she was one of the main attractions and stole the show. Eliza’s not one of these stars who’s spotted out and about all too often. So, the paparazzi are often starved of Eliza Dushku action. But when she does, she gets all glammed up, and it’s certainly well worth the wait.

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